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August Serendipity

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August news for the Phillip Island RSL

Text of August Serendipity


    Phillip Island RSL Welfare & Pensions Centre

    Phillip Island RSL Welfare & Pensions Centre

    caters for all the Welfare and Pension needs of

    our Veterans, War Widows & Member


    Our suitably trained and qualified Pension &

    Welfare Officers are available to be of


    The inception of the Phillip Island RSL

    Pensions/Welfare Centre is to ensure the

    positive forward direction of our commitment

    to Welfare within the Community of the Phillip

    Island District.

    Appointments are necessary and can be

    made by phoning our Welfare Office on 5952 1004,

    Option 4

    FUNHOUSE THE P!NK SHOW! Friday 10th December 2010

    Phillip Island RSL ANZAC Room

    Doors open 8pm Show starts 8.30pm

    Tickets $30 Members $40 Non Members

    Based on P!nks amazing live performances,

    FUNHOUSE features all P!nks greatest songs!

    August-September 2010

    Vale Board

    Our Condolences

    Penn Boucat

    Lest We Forget Our best wishes are

    with those Members who are

    unwell and in hospital

    If you require assistance from our welfare office,

    please call 5952 1004 and press extension 3

    The welfare department is seeking more volunteers for all areas and drivers to help

    drive service and affiliate members to and from medical and other appointments.

    If you have any available time and would like to be part of our friendly volunteer

    team please see reception to forward your details!

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Melbourne Cup Calcutta Monday 1st November

    6:30pm until late

    Phillip Island RSL ANZAC Room

    Full 3 course meal

    Ownership of two horses in the Melbourne Cup

    Chances to bid on several High Value Items

    Win BIG $$$ on the Calcutta

    Support the Bass Coast Foundation

    Your ticket to a night of fun and laughter

    For more information please see reception

  • PRESIDENTS HISTORY LESSONS All about Irish Whiskey

    The Scots most likely learned about distilling from the Irish (though they are loath to

    admit it). The Irish in turn learned about it, according to the Irish at least, from

    missionary monks who arrived in Ireland in the seventh century.

    The actual details are a bit sketchy for the next 700 years or so, but it does seem

    reasonable to believe that monks in the various monasteries were distilling aqua vitae

    ("water of life"), primarily for making medical compounds and it was distilled as a

    perfume until they discovered it wasnt bad to drink.

    These first distillates were probably grape or fruit brandy rather than grain spirit.

    Barley-based whiskey (the word derives from uisce beatha the Gaelic interpretation of

    aqua vitae) first appears in the historical record in the mid-1500s when the Tudor kings

    began to consolidate English control in Ireland. Queen Elizabeth I was said to be fond of

    it and had casks shipped to London on a regular basis

    The Story Of Guinness

    On the last day of December 1759 a determined young man named Arthur Guinness

    rode through the gate of an old, dilapidated ill-equipped brewery sited on a small strip

    (64 acres) of land on Dublin's James's Street. He had just signed a lease on the property

    for 9,000 years at 45 pounds per annum. His friends shook their heads in disbelief (the

    fact he was a councillor may have helped).

    For ten years, Mark Rains fords Ale Brewery (for such it was) had been on the Market and nobody had shown any interest in it. The Street was already festooned with similar

    small breweries, all attracted to this spot by a good supply of water. Throughout the

    city of Dublin there were about 70 breweries at that time, all, it must be assumed,

    small. Guinness's newly acquired brewery was no more than average. But Arthur was

    about to change all of that. He was 34 years old. He knew that the products of this

    teeming, almost domestic, industry were highly unsatisfactory. At that time, beer was

    almost unknown in rural Ireland where whiskey, gin and poteen were the alcoholic

    drinks most readily available.

    In spite of this and the poor quality of beer available in larger centres like Dublin, it was

    recognised, paradoxically, that brewing - although constantly under threat from

    imports - was probably the most prosperous of the very few industries in Ireland at

    that time. As time went on, a fellow brewer friend sent Arthur a recipe for Porter.

    "Porter" is so named because of its popularity with the porters and stevedores of

    Covent Garden and Billingsgate in London. "Porter" had been developed in London

    some years earlier and was imported into Dublin to the detriment of local brews.

    Arthur Guinness finally had to choose between porter and the traditional Dublin ales.

    Deciding to tackle the English brewers at their own game, Arthur tried his hand at

    porter. He brewed the deep, rich beverage so well that he eventually ousted all imports

    from the Irish market, captured a share of the English trade and revolutionised the

    brewing industry.

    The word Stout was added in the early 1820's as an adjective, qualifying the noun

    "porter". An "extra stout porter" was a stronger and more full-bodied variety. "Stout"

    evolved as a noun in its own right, as did the family name of Guinness. In 1825 Guinness


    Respecting Victorias Veterans

    The Victorian Government commemorates and honours Victorian veterans through a range of initiatives that support veterans wellbeing and promotes understanding of their contribution and legacy, particularly among young people.

    Support for ex-service organisations

    Victorias ex-services organisations (ESOs) are facing a number of key challenges including difficulty in engaging younger veterans and a declining membership and volunteer base. By providing access to effective advice and resources we can support ESOs in meeting these challenges.

    The appointment of a Veterans Sector Development Adviser to support the Victorian Veterans Council to assist ESOs sustain and develop their operations.

    The development and distribution of a resource kit on issues such as managing succession and transition, available relevant services, grant opportunities to build capacity and advice on modernizing volunteering opportunities.

    Providing information sessions in partnership with Consumer Affairs Victoria to support Patriotic Funds Trustees meet their aims and obligations.

    Promoting the wellbeing of veterans Improving veterans' access to quality health and aged care services accommodation , transport and state concessions supports their wellbeing and helps them remain active and involved in their communities

    Upgrading the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital- $15.5 millions has been provided for works at Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital, including $14.5 million for the Centre for Trauma Related Mental Health Services which is a redevelopment of the Veterans Psychiatry Unit and will provide a 20 bed unit for inpatients and outpatients, treating veterans and others suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder , anxiety disorders and major mood disorders

    Making $2 million in funding available from the Victorian Property Fund to expand the suplly of specialist housing to low-income or disadvantaged veterans and/or their dependants

    The $4 million Mens Shed program provides assistance to establish Mens Sheds that

    support the health and wellbeing of veterans and other members of the community through practical activities such as woodwork and by providing a place to socialize with other men

    A range of targeted state concessions to Department of Veterans Affaris Gold Card hold-ers to assist them to remain independent and active in their communities. These conces-sions include exemptions for municipal rates, stamp duty, public transport, taxis, water and sewerage, winter and off peak energy bills, motor vehicle registration, disability parking and TAC Insurance. For more information go to


    Men's Shed

    The Men's Shed is also involved with the Kids are Family festival. There is plenty of activities to do at the festival one activity centre is the Bowen's build-it centre. At the

    Bowen's build it centre kids along with their parents can make a variety of different wood constructions. The Men's shed will be cutting wood to size to help make these

    constructions. They'll be doing this over the 7 weeks ready for the kids to nail it together at the festival. The Men's Shed personnel have also been invited to bring their skills and

    knowledge to help out the kids on the days of the festival.

    Tickets for the festival are now available and offer great value. Your ticket includes:

    Entry to three unique and fabulous fun parks

    All activities included all day Free car parking on site and next door

    7 hours of family fun from 10.00am to 5.00pm each day Welcome to bring own food

    One day family ticket (4 persons) $140.00 Single tickets $40.00

    RSL members gain a 10% discount by entering rsl in the coupon field when ordering

    tickets online. For all information and tickets on the Kids are Family festival go to

    South Gippsland Group

    of Melbourne Legacy


    Friday 29th

    October at

    Phillip Island Golf Club

    4BBB Stableford (Mens, Ladies, Mixed)

    8:30am for 9:00am Shotgun Start

    (early start for visitors travelling)

    $25 per player (includes lunch)

    For registration forms please see Reception

    PRESIDENTS HISTORY LESSONS (Porter) Stout was available abroad, and by 1838, Guinness' St. James's Gate Brewery

    was the largest in Ireland. The brewery was virtually a city in itself with 8,000 workers,

    accommodation, crches, swimming pool etc. With the advent of robot automation,

    the number of workers required has dropped to only 800.

    Greg Mead

    Below is a letter we received from the Victorian State President of ANZAC house. He was shown around the venue and the Mens Shed over the weekend and he was extremely

    impressed with the club and the shed.

    Goes to show we have an RSL to be proud of!


    Men's Shed August Report

    Our Tuesday and Thursday morning sessions continue to attract a regular attendance and

    to carry out a variety of projects using the various items of wood working equipment we

    have assembled in the shed.

    Most of the equipment is new but donations of pre loved tools in good condition have

    added considerably to our strength.

    One of the projects now A work in Progress is the manufacture of several lazy Susan table furniture units for the Senior

    Citizens club. All materials used in this work is supplied by the senior citizens and this work is mainly in the hands of Les McGee and Bruce Talbot.

    Senior students of Cowes Primary school have visited on two occasions now and they have put

    together small timber carry boxes (timber supplied by the school and then cut by shed members) when finished (painted) each student will keep their own


    For those members interested in welding and other metal work we have applied for a grant to extend

    the shed to provide a separate and safe metal working shop and should know if out application is successful

    by mid September.

    Now where are all the would be Woodturners who have indicated interest in this fascinating hobby?

    On the 1st Sunday morning each month the Phillip Island Woodturners attend our shed with their own

    lathes and they are willing to teach and help anyone willing to try their hand. We have 2 lathes permanently in the shed and they sit idle most of the time. It would be good to see them put to use.

    Jock McKechnie


    The Phillip Island RSL are pleased to be involved in the upcoming Kids are Family festival. Kids are family is a new and exciting festival for kids and adults to enjoy fun

    and active experiences together. The festival will be held on 18th and 19

    th of

    September 2010 at three fabulous neighbouring fun parks The Phillip Island Adventure Resort, A Maze'N Things and Koala Conservation Centre.

    At the festival the Phillip Island RSL is fundraising for Challenge. Challenge help children diagnosed with cancer and their families. Each year there are over 200

    newly diagnosed cases of childhood cancer in Victoria while over 1000 are receiving ongoing treatment. A number of Kids are Family challenges have been established to raise money and help Challenge provide resources to support these amazing kids on

    their way to recovery.

    You can help by attending the Kids are Family festival and completing the four challenges that support Challenge! The Phillip Island RSL will donate $2.00 for every

    successful attempt, so you can have a whole heap of fun while making a huge difference to the lives of some amazing kids.

    The four challenges are:

    Reaching the top of the 17m high giant swing

    Popping the balloon in archery

    Reaching the top of the difficult rock wall climbs

    Achieving 10 crates in the crate climb

    The challenges are there for both kids and adults to have a go. Should you achieve the challenge a bell will ring and the Phillip Island RSL will donate $2.00 to Challenge.