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Aug Mon 24 Prep –Year 4 Hockey Clinics Vietnam Veterans · PDF fileVietnam Veterans Many thanks to our ... Year 3 - Making students thinking visible ... Linus Shaw 2W For giving

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  • From the Principals Desk

    Dear Parents, Students and Friends

    Vietnam Veterans Many thanks to our group of our Senior students, Alex Poynter, Anastasia

    Minuzzo, Cailey Noons and Maya Rodwell who all attended the annual

    Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Service at Greensborough Memorial Park

    last Saturday. The group laid a floral tribute on behalf of Montmorency South

    Primary School along with several other schools. I asked Alex Poynter to write

    something for our newsletter.

    From Alex:

    Montmorency South Primary School were invited to send a group of students

    to represent our local community at the annual Vietnam Veterans

    Commemorative Service. The service was held at Greensborough Memorial

    Park, on Saturday August 15th. Each year this service is held on the Saturday

    before the 18th August, which is Long Tan Day. This is the official Vietnam

    Veterans Day and is on the anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan at which

    eighteen Australians lost their lives in combat.

    Most schools in the area were represented and the Vietnam War Veterans

    were delighted to see so many children and families turn up to pay their


    The students learned a little bit of history about the Vietnam War and about

    the sacrifice that many soldiers made.


    TERM 3 Week 6

    August 20 2015

    Whats Coming Up?

    2015 Aug

    Mon 24 Prep Year 4 Hockey Clinics

    Fri 28 P and F Rarebears


    Sun 30 School Working Bee


    Thur 3 District 1500m Event

    Willinda Park

    Fri 4 Leading Image Photos

    Graduation Class 2015

    Captains -Performing

    Arts, Visual Arts,

    Sustainability, Library

    Junior School Council

    Tues 8 District Athletics

    Fri 18 Term 3 finishes



    Mon 5 Term 4 commences 9.00am


    Mon 2 Report Writing Day



    Wed 9 Carols By Candlelight on the


    Thur 17 Last day of school year for


    Fri 18 2015 Evaluation & 2016

    Planning Day for Staff

  • August is ES Month Education Support staff, as we know, do all the vital non-teaching jobs that keep our

    school, Monty South, running. They are a vital link to the delivery of public education

    and an integral part of our school community. I take this opportunity to thank the following staff for their superb efforts in making

    MSPS the fabulous school it is:

    Business Manager Sharon Shaw; Administration Staff Chris Simpson, Pam Watson,

    ICT Manager- Matt Atkins Integration Aides Gail Lewis, Marie Smythe, Fiona

    Toohey, Ingrid Addison-Harris, Cathy Kent, Vicky Mules, Carole Brown, Mick

    Dewdney, Nancy Nolev, Maddie Thomas, Kate Little, Glenn Farrington, Jay Reynolds,

    Librarian Clare Iob, SAKG staff-Jenna Farrington Sears and Cathryn Hulme.

    We will be holding a special lunch on Monday to celebrate the ES contribution to our


    Learning at MSPS Over last year and this year, on a fortnightly basis, I have had the pleasure of being

    able to walk through our school classrooms. Here is a snapshot of some of the

    learning we have found. Year 3 - Making students thinking visible

    Year 3 reciprocal reading teacher focus group


    Aug 21 28

    21 Ruby Johnstone

    Naomi Dique

    Cadel McColl

    22 Elliott Gradzki

    Phoenix Phillips


    Spencer Keyt

    23 Oliver Scott

    Leah Fernandez

    Mia Zapulla

    Jake Zapulla

    26 Eliza Millett

    Noah Dewdney

    27 Charlie


    Alexis McIntosh

    28 Joseph Barker



  • Year 5- Justifying their point of view

    Year 1-Learning Intentions

    More Books for the Library We have just purchased another $4,000 worth of books for our library. Titles include many nonfiction books as well as the ever

    popular fiction.

    Titles include:

    Ice Age and the Woolly mammoth Through the Jungle

    Pharoahs Life on Venus

    Trex and Apatosaurus Moon & Sun Dogs

    Every Drop Counts The Giant Frog

    Big Ted and the Mystery Black Barn Dear Rosie

    Places on Earth Flying Colours

    Yarrambat Primary School Visit After last weeks visit from Beveridge PS, we again hosted staff at our school -this time from Yarrambat Primary School. The

    purpose of this visit was to see our Prep Investigations set up and discuss the whole program with the Prep Team.

    Parents and Friends Our Parents and Friends have been very active and organised a series of events for the school. This has been happening all

    through the 2015 year and I have listed below the events still to come. I would like to thank our P and F Committee, led by

    President, Nicci Green. All through my time at Monty South, the school has had wonderful support from P and F. This year

    again, their efforts have been tremendous and it has enabled us to beautify the area between the Prep end of the main

    building and the Senior classrooms. The P and F role is not only fundraising but also to promote community involvement

    through our parent community. If it was not for this group, we would not have the Movie Nights, the Mothers and Fathers

    Day stalls nor the welcome morning teas that occur at the beginning of the school year. So I wanted to take this opportunity to

    thank them for their great contribution to our school and to urge you to support them in their events.

    Event/Activity Date

    TERM 3

    Movie Night Thurs 23rd July

    Second Hand Uniform Sale Fri 8th August

    Monty South Lucky Draw -

    Rarebears Night Fri 28th August

    Fathers Day Stall Tues 1st Sept

    Tupperware with Celia Tight Wed 16th Sept

    Footy Colours/Hot Dog Day Thurs 17th Sept

    TERM 4

  • Mojo Fundraiser Fri 9th October

    School Disco Fri 30th October

    Icy Poles Each Friday

    Second Hand Uniform Sale To Be Confirmed

    Christmas Carols and Raffle Wed 9th December

    Athletics We held a very successful Athletics Day last Wednesday and I would like to congratulate all involved. Thank you to the

    organisers our PE staff, Chris Cameron, Danni Rowles, and Neil Whitehead for all their efforts, despite being sick in the weeks

    leading up to the event. I would also like to thank the staff for their efforts as they just have such a positive attitude and make

    sure the students are encouraged and supported.

    We received this email from Willinda Park.

    I just wanted you to pass on my thanks to Chris, the staff, parents and students for doing such a wonderful job packing up

    everything, keeping the grounds clean and cleaning the toilets as expected.

    Many thanks again,

    Sue Schnaars :)

    Willinda Park Caretaker

    And of course, we cannot hold these events without support from our parents. Many thanks to:-

    Karen Lloyd

    Elle Phillips

    Amanda Boyd (Ava Grzechnik's Mum)

    Judith Walsh

    Richard Hutchinson

    Neil Mackay

    Zena Nicolson

    Libby Hammond

    Nushin Dehestani

    Liqin Dai

    Lindsay Cook

    And anyone else who just came along and helped-we are truly grateful.

    Reminder WORKING BEE Sunday August 30

    We have chosen to create a concrete car road/ racetrack

    for the students to drive, race and push their cars along at

    playtimes. The teachers have noticed that many of the

    younger students enjoy bringing their cars to school and

    driving along any surface they can, so why not create a

    racetrack for them!

    We will create 2 racetracks- one a figure 8 and the other a

    longer wiggly line that will weave between trees and rocks.

    Both will be on the embankment near the sandpit. Not

    only will this provide more play space, but hopefully will

    add to the usability and look of that area.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Leanne Sheean


  • Our lucky Paper Pickup raffle winners

    YEAR 2 Classroom Clippings The Grade 2 students have been doing a sensational job at expressing their ideas through poetry. This piece from

    Ashwin Siva in 2C is truly phenomenal and the teachers are very impressed. Keep up the great work Ashwin!

    Death School and the Demoncrest poem

    Left is the way to the river Nile

    If you went that way youll be in denial

    Right is not right because there lies the red bench

    If you went that way youd die of quench

    So forward is now your only conception

    But will it lead to death or protection?

    But whatever you do just listen to me

    Because whatever you see is what you shall be

    YEAR 5 Classroom Clippings

    Athletics carnival

    Yesterday, Wednesday the 19th, grades 3 to 6 went to Willinda Park for the annual athletics day. They had lots of activities including shot put, long jump, discus and more. I am sure every student had a great time on this special occasion. Our favourite bit was the teachers and students race. The teachers won by a mile, then Strix came 2nd, Ninox 3rd, Otus 4th, and Tyto 5th. This all ended with a paper pickup. Thank you all the teachers and helpers who came and a special thanks to Danny Rowles for organising and Chris Cameron for running this wonderful event. Congratulations to all the year 5's who made it through to district and good luck.

    In Class

    In class,