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Antal Consultant Recruitment

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  • 1. Do you have what it takes to be an Antal Consultant? Antal International Network
  • 2. . Antal International Network Since 1993 we have built and continue to build a fully integrated global management recruitment business, created on the principle of sharing information, knowledge & experience for the benefit of our clients & candidates Do YOU want to be a part of our future? Antals Vision
  • 3. Antal International Network
    • Launched in 1993 - grew to 11 offices globally
    • Started franchising the brand in 2002
    • Network comprising over 60 offices
    • Built a blue chip, global client list
    • Secured the biggest recruitment private equity deal in Eastern & Central Europe Moscow office
    • Strategic partnership with SearchPath International in the US
    • Award winning company
    • High Profile Leaders
    • Continued growth through franchising, acquisition & joint venture
    Antal Present & Future
  • 4. Antal International Network Awards
    • Best International Recruitment Firm
    • The Deloitte Indy 100 recognizing sustained growth
    • Real Business & the CBI Growing Business Awards - Finalist Entrepreneur of the Year
    • Finalists for Franchisor of the Year award for 3 years
    • The Sunday Times, Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100, for 4 years!
  • 5. Antal International Network
    • 1) At Antal we share information knowledge and experience for the benefit of our clients and candidateswhat does this mean for YOU?
    • Shared assignments, fees & commissions on top of
    • your own results
    • Discipline Conference Calls between all global offices
    • Access to client lists, and client successes
    • Global Conference and networking opportunities
    • Business visits to other offices
    • 2) International business is what we doits exciting, interesting and FUN!
    • 3) International careers are a reality at Antal theres a real mix of different nationalities in most offices An Overview of the Antal Difference
  • 6. Antal International Network 4) Marketing Initiatives Quarterly Global Snapshot, Newsletters 5) Antal has an established infrastructure 6) Strong brand recognition in many countries we have made thousands of placements with thousands of clients 7) Unrivalled physical network geographic coverage in over 30 countriesno loose associations but a REAL network of offices, of colleagues 8) Management & Career progression up to YOUjob descriptions are availablehowever at Antal we are flexible 9) Training & Development programmes provided throughout each stage in your career no need to have recruitment experience! An Overview of the Antal Difference
  • 7. Antal International Network 10) 24 / 7 access to full training suite basic and advanced techniques 11) Full training offered on bespoke recruitment software to enable you launch your own recruitment desk with ease 12) Innovative Company, with thought leaders in business An Overview of the Antal Difference
  • 8.
    • EMEA, CEE, China & USA; Gives us unrivalled in-country & geographic coverage
    • We share information, knowledge & experience for the benefit of clients & candidates
    • Matrix Portfolio Management (MPM)
    • Four-Way fulfilment methodology
    • Leaders in Rising Star & Generation Y recruitment
    Antal International Network What Makes Antal Different?
  • 9. Antal International Network Shared Business
    • Shared assignments & fees up to 30% on top of your own results
    • Complete access to nearly 50,000 records of client & placement information
    • Regular conference calls across all offices
    • Global conferences & networking opportunities
    • Real time, chat room forum
  • 10. Antal International Network Positioning of your desk speciality
  • 11.
    • Terrific incomethere are no limits to how much a consultant here at Antal can earn, open-ended commission schemes where you can earn what you are worth not what someone decides to pay you.
    • What we do at Antal affects people finding the best place to work in their lives where they can have the highest impact - we literally effect the future performance of our clients....
    • Exceptional training and development opportunities, developing your skills as a recruiter and personal development opportunities.
    • Entrepreneurial environment where your aspirations will be nurtured and allowed to flourish
    • Industry leading initial and ongoing training programmes, best of breed material.
    Antal International Network Why join Antal? The ability to join a world leading recruitment solutions group where your career and advancement prospects are not just exceptional but outstanding
  • 12.
    • Potential to travelRobert Parkinson who joined Antal in 1999 as a researcher in the London office, who then was promoted to consultant working in the Amsterdam office and now is the Country Managing Director for Chinayou chose your next location.
    • Ability to work internationallyevery daywe have successfully placed individuals in over 75 countries, exceptional referral programme allowing you to act internationally.
    • Fun, Fun, Funwe put the F into recruitmentwe work hard and play hard too great networking events, including the show-case event of the year the Annual Conference where you meet and work with your colleagues from all our offices
    • Exceptional clients to work withyou name the brand, we have probably worked with them
    • Above all a real opportunity to take control of your career and excel in your chosen field where your potential will be developed to the maximum
    Antal International Network Why join Antal? The ability to join a world leading recruitment solutions group where your career and advancement prospects are not just exceptional but outstanding
  • 13. Antal International Network
    • Mornings
    • This is your client marketing time, where you will be introducing your APC to decision makers, with the following objectives:
    • To arrange an interview
    • To find an alternative job opening
    • To develop a high level business conversation
    • To find future/shadow job openings
    • To sell Antal International & your expertise
    • Afternoons
    • This is your candidate recruiting time, where you will be using our 4 way methodology to source and find:
    • Candidates for job searches you are working on
    • APCs to market to decision makers
    • Sending sector shots and bulletins (Client Database Mass Marketing)
    A Day in the Life
  • 14.
    • 6 interviews a week, with multiple candidates interviewed at each vacancy
    • 2 client meetings a week
    • 30 40 outbound calls to clients per day
    • 20 approach calls to candidates per day
    • 2 new jobs added to the website per day
    • 5 new contacts added to the database per day
    • Source leads from every client and candidate conversation
    • 2 CVs to 3 decision makers per day. 2 x 3 + 6 CVs out
    • Weekly Sector Shots of great candidates to 20 decision makers
    • Monthly bulletins (by discipline) to all decision makers in that discipline
    • Minimum 1, and a Target of 2 placements per month w