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Atticus Periodical Issue 4

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Text of Atticus Periodical Issue 4

  • Issue 4The terms and conditions ofmodern marriageSetting social media boundariesThe changing future of share buy-backsBuilding risk management into constructionPutting a stop to fraud

    a lupton fawcett denison till periodical

    Putting a stopto fraud

    Make sure your business is notleft with costly liabilities

  • Contents3. Evolving to keep our clients one step ahead

    Managing Director, Richard Marshall, explains how our business is expanding and evolving to meet the changing needs of our clients.

    4. Collaborating on pricingOur flexible new pricing structure that is enabling us to provide better value to our clients.

    6. The terms and conditions of modern marriageOnce the preserve of the rich and famous, marital agreements are on the rise and look set to change the face of marriage in the UK.

    8. When trade secrets arent secretWhy keeping business information confidential can be harder than you think.

    9. Setting social media boundaries How a better social media policy means better protection for employers.

    10. A well-engineered relationshipJohn Samuel, Group Finance Director of Renew Holdings plc, discusses just what makes his relationship with Lupton Fawcett Denison Till run so smoothly.

    11. The changing future of share buy-backsWhen it comes to share buy-backs theres a new regime for private companies.

    12. To innovate you have to collaborateTaking a look at a unique collaboration between businesses and universities that helps to advance innovation.

    13. Building risk management into constructionGareth Hevey discusses the opportunities for anyone thinking of improving, extending or refurbishing their premises.

    14. Putting a stop to fraudSimon Lockley, Director at Lupton Fawcett Denison Till, outlines the steps any business can take to protect itself against fraud.

    Welcome to the fourth edition of atticus. We have packed this issue with the latest industry insight and clear, impartial advice as we take a look at some of the biggest issues and opportunities facing business today.

    The main aim of atticus is to inform and entertain, but we also hope to give you an insight into Lupton Fawcett Denison Till, and some of our clients and contacts, along the way. We dont intend this to bea technical publication, but we will keep youup-to-date with any changes and trends in the law that we think are interesting or relevant. Finally, we fully expect to evolve and develop this journal over time to better reflect the kinds of articles that you would like to read, so please dont hesitate to let us know what you think and to make any suggestions for future editions.

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    Kevin EmsleyChairman

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    a lupton fawcett denison till periodical

  • As you may be aware, our strategy is

    firmly focused on becoming Yorkshires

    mid-market law firm of choice, and providing

    niche services to clients of all sizes, across the

    region. Naturally, were also happy to export

    Yorkshire quality, attitude and value to

    clients outside the county!

    In keeping with our long-term strategy, I am

    delighted to say that we have taken a further step

    towards our goal through our merger with York firm

    Denison Till. From our point of view, our move into

    York was driven by a firmly-held belief that York and

    North Yorkshire present tremendous opportunities.

    For Denison Till, the merger reflects a desire to be better

    placed to serve their clients needs, and a wish to meet

    the challenges of a continually-changing market.

    Joining forces with Denison Till allows us to

    move three steps closer to our objectives. Firstly, it gives

    us a first class platform from which to serve York and

    North Yorkshire; secondly, it adds three new services

    to our offering, namely Landed Estates & Agricultural

    expertise, Construction Law, and Ecclesiastical Law;

    and thirdly, it allows us to work alongside a like-minded

    group of lawyers and support staff.

    In addition to this merger, we have also recently

    made a number of senior appointments, which will

    strengthen our team and allow us to provide additional

    expertise. This includes welcoming Paul Sykes as a

    Director in the Dispute Management Department,

    together with Jonathan Moore as a Director in

    Commercial Property, both in our York office.

    We have also made three other significant

    appointments in Sheffield: Simon Lockley, who now

    heads up Dispute Management; Julian Rowden,

    our new head of Commercial Property; and Joan

    Pettingill who joins our employment team.

    Our Sheffield appointments reflect our

    continued commitment to growth in Sheffield and

    South Yorkshire, a commitment which was underlined

    further by our recent move into new offices in the

    Synergy building on Bank Street. In previous editions

    of atticus, I have discussed our belief in maintaining a

    well-controlled fixed cost base, to guarantee our clients

    the best possible value for money. Our new Sheffield

    office reflects this principle. Although spacious,

    comfortable and fit-for-purpose, our new office is in

    direct contrast to the opulent marble-floored atriums

    so beloved of many other professional firms.

    While it is great to be able to announce new

    mergers and lateral hires, our strategy is not simply

    about growth. Above all, we aim to create a strong

    commercial offering that meets all of our clients wealth

    creation needs, and provide a suite of personal wealth

    preservation services. We aim to support these with the

    real value and first-class quality that our clients have

    come to expect.

    Our continuing growth and expansion is merely

    an effective way to achieve these goals and provide the

    scale and stability our clients require.

    Naturally, evolution

    is just as important as

    expansion. Alongside growing

    our services and offering, we

    continue to review and refine

    the way we work. With this

    in mind, we are currently in

    the process of improving our

    overall quality and value.

    Over the last few

    months, we have been

    working closely with

    consultants to embed lean

    management and process mapping into our

    firm. This will not only allow us to deliver the

    consistent quality that your business needs,

    but also ultimately reduce our costs and

    improve the way we manage risk. I have no

    doubt that the outcome will be good news for

    all our clients. Naturally, this project will not

    happen overnight, but we are committed to

    what I know will be a long but valuable journey.

    All in all, the last few months have been a

    period of considerable change and development.

    I hope that this brief review demonstrates how

    determined we are to help your business overcome

    its commercial challenges, and how in future our

    drive to become the regions go to law firm can

    make a real difference to your success.

    Evolving to keep our clients one step ahead

    Lupton Fawcett Denison Tills Managing Director, Richard Marshall, explains how our business is expanding and evolving to meet the changing needs of our clients, and how new appointments are enabling us to provide greater expertise.

    A Lupton Fawcett Denison Till Periodical. Issue 4 02/03

    We aim to create a strong commercial offering that meets all our clients wealth creation needs


  • We are conscious that pricing needs to be a more collaborative process. Having listened closely to our clients, it is clear to us that they prefer flexibility and choice. So, in line with this feedback, we have developed a new pricing process that ensures your business always receives good value on your terms. This process is structured around the foll