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Write the past tense forms of the verbs given below: 1) Bring 2) Eat 3) Keep 4) Sleep 5) Catch 6) Send 7) Get 8) Tell 9) Teach 10) Go 11) Stand 12) Come Write the Present Tense forms of the Verbs given below: 1) Made 2) Knew 3) Hid 4) Sat 5) Bought 6) Left 7) Met 8) Wrote 9) Ran 10) Rang 11) Took 12) Said Fill in the blanks with the verbs ‘has’, ‘have’, or ‘had’: 1) God __________ made big and tiny creatures 2) The poor Raman_____ _________grown old and weak with the age.

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English assignment for children

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Write the past tense forms of the verbs given below:1) Bring2) Eat3) Keep4) Sleep5) Catch6) Send7) Get8) Tell9) Teach10) Go11) Stand12) Come

Write the Present Tense forms of the Verbs given below:1) Made2) Knew3) Hid4) Sat5) Bought6) Left7) Met8) Wrote9) Ran10) Rang11) Took12) Said

Fill in the blanks with the verbs has, have, or had:1) God __________ made big and tiny creatures2) The poor Raman_____ _________grown old and weak with the age.3) Sita and Rita ______________ too many story books.4) The wild dogs ________________ killed all the hens, ducks and sparrows.5) A square ________________ four sides.6) The magic lamp _________________ a genie inside it.7) Trees _________________ thick and strong roots.8) Pooja _________________ been told by the teacher to get pastries for the party.9) You can _________________ save an apple or a banana.10) Shila __________________ to visit the dentist.11) Do you __________________ any answer of my question?12) Hari and Bali __________________ no books with them yesterday.13) September __________________ thirty days.14) Pyramids __________________ the shape of a triangle.15) I _________________ a glass of milk in the morning.

Underline the preposition in the following sentences:1) Mohan is not at home.2) The calf is behind the cow.3) Sanjays balloon is above his head.4) Ritesh watches T.V.after dinner.5) The books are in the bag.6) The boys are coming down the stairs.7) The cat is sleeping under the table.8) Dhwani sat between Shagun and Meena.9) The fruits are in the basket.10) A glass is lying under the bed.11) There was a painting on that wall.12) I saw a large crowd near the post office.13) The mouse is near the house.14) My cousing is coming to India from Italy.15) Hina is standing behind the table.

Choose the correct Prepositions from the given bracket:[beside, on, in, at, over, under, between, infront of, above, near]1) The boat is ______________ the bridge.2) My house is _______________ the temple.3) The birds are flying _____________ the tree.4) A cock is ________ the roof.5) He came _______ 9 oclock.6) The children are ________ the class.7) The horse jumped ___________ ___ the fence.8) The car is parked ________________ the railway station.9) The puppy is sitting ________________ the two boys.10) The cow is standing _____________ the gate.

Connect the sentences with conjunctions from the word box:[ because, and, but, or, while]1) Butterflies are pretty _____________ spotty.2) Seema failed in exam ________________ she did not work hard.3) I can draw _____________ I cannot paint.4) Would you like to have a cup of tea _________ coffee.5) Some apples are red ________________ others are green.

Join the following sentences together by using conjunction:1) Do you like chocolates? Do you like sweets?A:2) A crow can fly. An eagle can flyA:3) She went to bed. She was ill.A:4) God made the world. Man made the country.A:5) Mr.Mehta has a daughter. Mr.Mehta has a son.A:6) I want to play. I have to do homework.A:7) Raman is playing outside. Rohan is playing outside.A:8) Rihana will eat vegetable. Rihana will eat chapatti.A:9) Akshay will go to Mumbai. He wants to meet his sister.A:10) Komal knows Ankita. Komal knows Palak.A:

Fill in the blanks using A, An or The:1) ______ ostrich runs fast.2) We use ______ blanket to keep us warm.3) ________ sun is a star.4) Have ________ nice day.5) ___________ white house is in America.6) ___________ moon is a satellite of the earth.7) This is __________ expensive bike.8) _________ Taj Mahal is in Agra.9) Ricky can ride ______ bicycle.10) _______ GAnga flows in India.11) ________ umbrella save us from rain and heat.12) Riya reads ________ Times of India.13) ________ ant bite can pain a lot.14) The boy got a______ new bat as a gift.15) I saw ________ elephant in the circus.16) ____________ bible is the holy book of Christians.17) He came here __________ hour ago.18) Delhi is on __________ the banks of river Yamuna.19) When did you buy _________ new umbrella?20) I met my friend ________ year ago.

Arrange the following words to make sensible sentences:1) Rails on trains run.A:2) Lives hole snake in a.A:3) Wheels bicycle a two has.A:4) Eggs hens lay.A:5) Milk the brings milkman us for.A:6) In the rises sun east the.A: 7) Capital the India of Delhi is.A:8) Twelve year in a there are months.A:9) Flower rose is beautiful a the.A:10) Nest trees on the birds build.A:

Connect the group of words in Column A with suitable group in Column B to form sentence:AB

1. We shoulda. afraid of dogs.

2. I amb. is a famous cricketer.

3. Sachinc. of this dress is very high.

4. The Priced. sunny and warm.

5. The day wase. should be controlled

6. Angerf. always speak truth.

Rewrite the following sentences using the short forms of the underlined words:1) I am coming to play with youA:2) You are getting very naughty.A:3) I am upset with you.A:4) The will take her to the doctor.A:5) It is raining heavily.A:6) They are going to a picnic.A:7) Sita works with a television company. She is a reporte.A:8) We are still writing. We will finish soon.A:9) You can come with me if you are not busy.A:10) You will have to decide fast.A:

Use s with the nouns given in brackets to fill in the blanks:1) My ____________ frind bought me two bars of chocolate. (father)2) The ______________ rays shone on water. (sun)3) The _________________ bags were very heavy. (children)4) That _________________ tail is bushy. (dog)5) I borrowed ______________________ notebook because I was absent yesterday. (Saksham)6) The pages of the book were torn by ___________________ brother. ( Sam)7) Yusuf went to see his favourite _________________ movie. (actor)8) ___________________ dress was very pretty. (Kavita)

Fill in the blanks with the suitable words from the pairs given in brackets:1) The _______________ shines brightly. ( Son, Sun)2) Children enjoyed the ______________ picnic yesterday. (beach, bitch)3) The rat lives in a ___________.(whole, hole)4) The greengrocer ____________ vegetables. (sells, cell)5) Rita is wearing __________ dress today. (new, knew)6) I _______________ him very well.(no, know)7) The ___________ of the sun hid behind the clouds. (raise, rays)8) Seema _______________ a letter to her friend.(writes, rights)9) I have ____________ _______ pencils in my bag. (too, two)10) India ____________ the world cup.(one, won)11) Raj ate __________________ pizza at the party. (hole, whole)12) The train was an _________________ late. (our, hour)13) We saw a ________________ in the jungle. (dear, deer)14) I went to the market to ________________ some vegetables. (by, buy)15) ____________________ are seven colours in the rainbow. ( their, there)

Find and write words hidden inside each word given below:1) Basket2) Elephant3) Houseboat4) Machine5) Beautiful

Write opposite gender of the following:1) 2) Madam3) Hero4) Cow5) Bride6) Waiter7) Uncle8) Hen9) Hourse10) Landlord11) Daughter12) Dog13) Tiger14) Wife15) Niece16) queen