Assignment 8: Narrative theory

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  • 1. Assignment 8: to Identify and explainTodorovs theory in relation to film.

2. Todorov suggested there are 5 stages ofnarrative The first stage is the equilibrium. The movie I have choose is the hunger games. In the hungergames it starts off normal as there who is just hunting leadingher every day life catching food. There is no conflict at the beginning everything is pretty muchnormal. 3. The second stage would be thedisequilibrium Some sort of conflict/disruption would begin in relation to the hunger games the conflict begins when the event of the reaping began. Catness (the main character) sister got chosen to do enter the hunger games.In thisscene Primdiscoversthat Catnesswill beentering thehungergames 4. The recognition of disequilibrium Catness decided to go and do it herself which caused conflict, because Catness did not want her little sister to die. The fight to stay alive in the hunger games, as people were killing other people. Another one would be when Rue died which caused moral panic (a division in society) in & out of the hunger games.Catness isRue huntingis inthetree. 5. The attempt to repair thedisequilibrium Catness tried to fight for her life in order to win the hunger games and the return to her family. Catness get Peter medicine for his cuts and bruises in order to make him better for them to win. Catness gives peter poisonous berries in order to kill the both of them. 6. The new equilibrium The new equilibrium would be when aresolution is made and all the conflicthas ended. In relation to the hunger games it wouldhave been when Catness Won with Peter. Catness got to go and return home toher family in one piece.Catness wonthe hungergames 7. Levi Strauss The genre is dramaFilmOpposite 1Opposite 2 ExplanationCrash He is an opposite from a good person because he was sexually harassing a women. He is good because he doesnt do anything wrongThis is the copHe is goodhe just worksfrom crash because he is and does his just a father best to support and owns ahis family shop. 8. The genre is horrorFilmOpposite 1Opposite 2 ExplanationThe unborn The little boy is evil and kills his sisters loved ones. The girl is good and wants to get help. The character isShe is the good evil as he is person that is looking for tormented and revenge.abused 9. The genre is action FilmOpposites 1Opposites 2explantion Rush hour Jackie is the hero as he saves lives. She is the villain as she causes pain andThis death.Jackie is the character ishero as he is the villain asgood guy. she causespain. 10. Part B: Barthes Theory 11. Barthes Theory: Engima code Action Code Semantic code Symbolic code Cultural Code 12. Enigma code Enigma code is the The puzzles/ mystery of the audience is movie.intrigued as to why In the movie there is the girl always 5ws. sitting on the chair. Who is responsible Why are they there The character Where ? is tied up in a When ?chair, with a head brace on What ?her she looks terrified. For example saw the movie 13. Action code An action code is codes For example of behaviour andthe actions that lead the movie Juice audience to expect certain consequences (based on other stories/films and their A guy has a gun so the conventions)consequence would be hes going to shoot someone with it 14. Semantic CodeThe semantic code is themeanings of characters, objects, locations.We learn from experienceabout these denotations & connotations. Iconographic features work in the same way. 15. Some examples of the semanticcode The colour white (Romance/drama)(Drama,fantasy,adventure &romance.) (Romance,drama)Bridal wars. The colour Twilight white =breaking dawn. innocence & purity/ vulnerability,27 Dresses. peace, & tranquillity. 16. Symbolic codeThe symbolic features consist tosignify oppositions and antitheses For example spider man we have the hero and the villain two complete opposites. The villain The hero, it is evident there will be a battle between good & evil 17. Cultural code:Outside of text and knowledge we commonly share to bringunderstand of the meaning in the text. Often references tothings in popular culture and historical events. We also know Hispanics can sometimes have We know that men like carsa very bad especially the newest and temper which fastest ones. would lead to the chase. 18. Propps Theory 19. Hero The hero is on a quest/search. Traditionally male (but not always) protagonist role is to restore the disequilibrium usually by defeating the villain In this for winning love ofcase heroine (princess) Simbafrom thelion kingis thehero 20. Villain The oppositeto the hero(antihesis) Cause ofdisruption Often threat tosafety ofheroine.Scar from the lion king isthe villain in this case 21. Dispatcher Starts hero on its way (usually to restore the disequilibrium) Often father of heroine He (or she) sends hero off so he can prove his worth (often winning love ofMufasa is the father of Simba so heroine)in this case he is the dispatcher. 22. Donor Helps hero by giving himmagic tool/gift to helpthem on thee journey The tool/gift may be advice,a skill or an object such asweapon. Mufasa gives Simba advice about how to be king. 23. Helper Assists/helps hero inrestoringnormality/equilibrium. Like a sidekick (with forwhole or part of journeycan meet on way) In the case the helper is Pumba and Timon. 24. Heroine Usually female but not always Often in love or ends up with hero. Nala is the heroine because during the movie her life and Sambas are put at risk and she had to save him & herself. Also in the end, they reunite together and get married 25. False hero Brother of king Mufasa, uncle toSimba. Seems caring to Simba. Tempts him but really sets him upto be killed (so he can be king) 26. Part E 27. Diegesis The internal world created by the story that characters themselves experience and encounter. The characters are all engaged in a conversation between themselves. 28. Narrative RangeMarch ofthepenguins Unrestricted narration: A narrative which has no limits to the information that is presented gives as much info as possible, not hiding any pieces of information to audience to audience example a news bulletin. Restricted narration: Only offers minimal information regarding the narrative. Which is usually used in thrillers.Scream 4