Asoka's Edicts (Abridged)

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The form, style and content of the earliest writings discovered in India, in the form of inscriptions.

Text of Asoka's Edicts (Abridged)

  • Asoka's Edicts 000-000.jpgAsoka's Edicts 022-023.jpgAsoka's Edicts 024-025.jpgAsoka's Edicts 026-027.jpgAsoka's Edicts 028-029.jpgAsoka's Edicts 030-031.jpgAsoka's Edicts 032-033.jpgAsoka's Edicts 034-035.jpgAsoka's Edicts 036-037.jpgAsoka's Edicts 038-039.jpgAsoka's Edicts 040-000.jpgAsoka's Edicts 040a-00b.jpgAsoka's Edicts 041-000.jpgAsoka's Edicts 042-043.jpgAsoka's Edicts 044-045.jpgAsoka's Edicts 046-047.jpgAsoka's Edicts 048-049.jpgAsoka's Edicts 050-051.jpgAsoka's Edicts 052-053.jpgAsoka's Edicts 054-055.jpgAsoka's Edicts 057-058.jpgAsoka's Edicts 058-059.jpgAsoka's Edicts 060-061.jpgAsoka's Edicts 062-063.jpgAsoka's Edicts 064-065.jpgAsoka's Edicts 066-067.jpgAsoka's Edicts 068-069.jpgAsoka's Edicts 070-071.jpgAsoka's Edicts 072-000.jpg