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<ul><li><p>Be different. We are.</p><p>Rigorous. Relevant. Real. The Ashridge MBA.</p><p>MB</p><p>A/E</p><p>MB</p><p>A</p></li><li><p>Being Different 3</p><p>Be Different. We are. 4</p><p>The Ashridge Experience 6 </p><p>The Ashridge MBA 9</p><p>Case Study 1 11</p><p>MBA Programmes 12</p><p>Facilities and Resources 14</p><p>MBA Learning Zone 15</p><p>Programme Structure 16</p><p>Our Faculty 18</p><p>Employability Programme 22</p><p>Ashridge Alumni 24</p><p>Meet our Alumni 26</p><p>Case Study 2 28</p><p>Funding your MBA 29</p><p>Admission to the Ashridge MBA 30</p><p>Contents Studying at Ashridge has given </p><p>me a unique experience and a </p><p>totally different perspective, not </p><p>just on business but life</p><p>2</p></li><li><p>There are so many MBA and EMBA programmes to choose from and if Im honest, the marketing material for the various programmes make many promises but ultimately sound quite similar.</p><p>At Ashridge, we truly believe we are different. Our MBA programmes are aimed at experienced managers from around the world. They offer a combination of learning, consulting, facilitation, coaching and research that is directly applied to the challenges faced by organisations. Ashridge is a school for working professionals. Our faculty all combine academic credentials with real world experience. In any given year, we will work with well over 100 companies, public sector organisations and NGOs within executive education. We are ranked top 20 in the world in Bloomberg/Business Week and we are triple accredited through AMBA, EQUIS and the AACSB.</p><p>This focus on practice and impact provides the backbone to our MBA portfolio. It also means that we combine traditional business school subjects with an in-depth focus on the people issues faced in organisations. In the course of the programme, you will engage with issues concerning globalisation, sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship. Classes provide you with an integrated view of business rather than isolated silos.</p><p>Overall, we believe that a holistic view is needed in order to not only formulate the right strategies but perhaps more importantly, to make your strategy come to life in complicated, real-world situations.</p><p>If you are interested in an intense intellectual experience which provides individual attention and a bias for action, I believe that Ashridge is unequalled.</p><p>Being Different</p><p>Kai PetersChief Executive</p><p>EFMD</p><p></p></li><li><p>Be Different.Take the Ashridge MBA and your world will become a different place. Learning through personal experience, in a truly inspirational environment, you will come to see yourself in a new light and gain a new perspective on how you think and act - in both predictable and unpredictable circumstances.</p><p>At Ashridge, we are rigorous: research-informed rather than research-led. You will fi nd us more like consultants rather than lecturers, drawing on our own hands-on business experiences as well as over 50 years of corporate executive education experience. </p><p>You will discover that we are relevant, in-touch with todays business issues and continually updating our content so that it remains timely and is centred around you and your objectives.</p><p>Ashridge will provide you with a highly-developed sense of what really happens in organisations, outside the classroom and inside the workplace and board room. </p><p>You will gain a greater understanding of business as a whole and how big and important themes, theories and disciplines fi t together. Beyond that, as much as learning from us, you will be enriched by the diverse experiences and outlooks of your fellow MBA participants. Every MBA is a unique experience, your experience. </p><p>Yet, while an Ashridge MBA will open your eyes, it wont give you all the answers. Youll complete your MBA at Ashridge being able to think and behave differently, knowing that you will be able to fi nd your own answers and create your own outcomes. Ashridge is a different kind of business school: rigorous, relevant and real. Making a difference thats up to you.</p><p>4</p></li><li><p>We are. Informed by over 50 years experience of working with business leaders from all over the world </p><p> An executive business school, with a REAL and holistic view of management</p><p> Intellectually-grounded and RIGOROUS, not solely research-driven</p><p> Led by faculty who are academics and practicing professional consultants, connected to organisations at the highest level</p><p> RELEVANT to your business and centred around YOU, supporting your learning as an individual</p><p> Truly international, encouraging a diversity of perspectives and points of view </p><p> Global and credible - in the top 1% of over 7000 business schools worldwide with triple accreditation</p><p> Based at an inspiring, tranquil campus that gives you space to think, transform yourself and reach your goals</p><p></p></li><li><p>For centuries, Ashridge has been a catalyst from which economic, social and political change has been generated. Originally a 13th century Augustinian monastery designed for re ection, it was later a residence for both Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. More recently, it was the home of the 3rd Duke of Bridgewater, the Canal Duke and facilitator of the Industrial Revolution. Ashridge opened as a business school in 1959 and now, business leaders from around the world come to Ashridge to renew and refresh their thinking. Its atmosphere is one where tradition meets innovation in one of the most beautiful locations in England. Ashridge combines the best of a business school with an innovative organisation consultancy. We work with thousands of executives across the globe every year. Our faculty comprises business professionals, consultants and researchers who bring in-depth industry experience, latest management theory and practice and real commitment to the learning process. This feeds directly into the design and teaching on the Ashridge MBA. We are not a university and do not offer undergraduate programmes. We focus on providing a personal learning experience for business executives that is relevant and integrated with todays challenging business environment.</p><p>We are real6</p></li><li><p></p></li><li><p>Ashridge gave me understanding and con dence in the full spectrum of business management.8</p></li><li><p>Be different. We are. This is the challenge to you from Ashridge Business School. </p><p>As a world leader in executive development for over 50 years, we have always been able to offer our MBA students a different experience. Our MBA is informed by the insights we gain through our work with over 6,000 executives from around the world every year.</p><p>Our students, typically experienced professionals, describe studying for the Ashridge MBA as a transformational development experience that is relevant, rigorous and real.</p><p>Success in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world requires the ability to keep learning new skills and adapting to </p><p>new ways of working. The Ashridge MBA equips you with the capabilities you need to be successful as a senior manager in a challenging landscape. It enables you to become a more discerning consumer of management ideas and their application. As a result, we help you to make a 360 degree personal impact on your organisation. </p><p>We try to practice what we preach, and weve been busy changing what we do, while retaining the best of what weve done in the past. The curriculum offers insights into all core managerial functions in an integrative way, and develops four themes that preoccupy senior executives: leading change, creating value, embedding sustainability and managing globally. </p><p>Learning at Ashridge is anchored in reality. You work with faculty with real world savvy, and attend masterclasses with experts and company speakers. You tackle real world live cases in which you work in groups to analyse a situation, diagnose a problem, and make recommendations to the senior management of an organisation both in </p><p>the UK and in the international business experience. Your learning culminates in a major real world project, for example internal consulting in an organisation, or developing the business plan for your own venture. For much of the programme we mix full-time and part-time groups to increase diversity, maximise your opportunities to learn from each other, and build a bigger network.</p><p>The programme is based at our stunning Ashridge campus and in London, England. The ideas, experiences, and teaching resources are international and contemporary. In addition to time on campus, you have access to a wealth of digital resources. </p><p>I am delighted to offer you the new Ashridge MBA, and invite you to get in touch to fi nd out how it can make a real difference for you.</p><p>The Ashridge MBAA different view on business and life</p><p>Narendra LaljaniDean of Graduate Studies</p><p></p></li><li><p>An innovative approach with the right blend of practical and theoretical learning10</p></li><li><p>Why did you decide to do an MBA?</p><p>I had 10 years of business experience including 5 years of entrepreneurial experience when I joined the MBA, having worked in highly technical roles in organisations such as Oracle Corporation and SAP labs. I hold a Masters in computer application and I thought that having a business degree would complement my skills and give me a new perspective. When I exited my last business, I thought of going for a formal business education, and decided to study for an MBA.</p><p>Why Ashridge?</p><p>Key factors behind my decision about Ashridge, include its global reputation, small but very experienced class and a very focused and cooperative MBA Admissions Team. </p><p>Any reservations before starting?</p><p>Yes, I was unsure about going back to school after many years and a bit nervous about the return on investment. </p><p>What did you think about Ashridge?</p><p>There was the right mix of professional and experienced faculty and class members. The learning environment was very innovation-oriented. It is also in a fantastic location and I valued the ability to develop a great worldwide network.</p><p>How would you describe the Ashridge approach?</p><p>An innovative approach with the right blend of practical and theoretical learning.</p><p>What were the highlights?</p><p> The programme: It has given me a whole new perspective and approach to evaluate and grow a new business.</p><p> International consulting: A live case study in Argentina, where we worked on the growth strategy of a company called which was acquired by eBay last year. There was good exposure and implementation of key learnings from the MBA.</p><p>How has the Ashridge MBA changed your career?</p><p>I started my current business, Odimax, during my MBA and two of my classmates have now joined me.</p><p>Odimax is a social media intelligence system which enables businesses to keep a close track on their brand presence on social media and help them to position themselves better. </p><p>This business is an extension of my fi nal MBA project where I did a lot of research and viability checking for the future business.</p><p>Has your organisation bene ted?</p><p>Due to increased credibility with my MBA and by implementing the learning in Odimax, we were chosen as one of the ten most promising startups in Europe by start-up accelerator programme Ignite100. Following this we were able to secure our fi rst round of funding. And the story of growth is still going on.</p><p>Case Study 1 Launch of an entrepreneurial venture</p><p>Atal MalviyaFounder and CEO Odimax</p><p>Full Time MBA 2010</p><p></p></li><li><p>Whether you are looking to complete your MBA more quickly over a year, or to undertake your studies alongside your job so that your employer can benefi t at the same time, the Ashridge MBA will offer you the opportunity to develop into a high-performing strategic manager, develop your own business or become a consultant. There is one programme with two routes. </p><p>Full Time MBA students are usually looking for a career change, to develop entrepreneurial skills to set up their own business, or to quickly gain strategic management or consulting skills to achieve the next level in their career.</p><p>Executive MBA (EMBA) students are usually aspiring to achieve the next level in their career but wish to continue working and applying their knowledge as they learn. Its not uncommon for EMBA students to be promoted part way through their programme or at the end of their programme due to the practical nature of the Ashridge MBA.</p><p>Who studies for the Ashridge MBA?</p><p> Those who are looking for a modular general MBA programme, covering all the core aspects of management whilst integrating key themes and challenges affecting organisations today</p><p> Those wishing to embark on an MBA that will provide them with a perspective of how the various functions within an organisation co-exist and operate. It is not for those wanting to become a functional expert</p><p> Those wishing to study for a very practical and applied MBA versus a more traditional, purely academic MBA and therefore willing to engage with out-of-class learning, interactive classroom sessions and peer group learning</p><p> Business professionals looking for an MBA that will offer them the opportunity to apply theory either within their workplace or within the local community as part of the learning experience and to develop powerful decision-making techniques that can drive business today</p><p> Participants who value collaboration and teamwork and who are eager to engage in an interactive high performance learning experience</p><p>How is the programme delivered? </p><p> Executive MBA: Modular design with three teaching blocks per semester consisting of up to fi ve weekdays every two months</p><p> Full Time MBA 50% of the programme delivery is shared with the EMBA class blocks and the other 50% is delivered in teaching blocks interspersed with out-of class learning activities</p><p> The sharing of teaching blocks between Part-time and Full-time students increases international diversity and the opportunity to build networks and share live business challenges as case studies in the classroom</p><p>One Year Full Time MBA andTwo Year Executive MBA Programmes</p><p>How long is the programme? </p><p>Full Time MBA12 months (Starts September)</p><p>Executive MBA24 months (Starts September or March)</p><p>12</p></li><li><p>Masterclasses</p><p>Masterclasses provide you with interactive workshops presented by leading industry experts working alongside our faculty sharing their real experiences. Masterclasses are also open to MBA Alumni in order to provide additional networking value over and above content. </p><p>Masterclasses could cover topics such as mergers and acquisitions, digital marketing, critical thinking and employee engagement. </p><p>International Business Experience</p><p>One of the highlights of the MBA programme, this involves a group visit to an emerging market to meet businesses and explore the challenges and issues of working across diverse cultures and markets. The group will be presented with live issues from organisations and then be expected to develop their consultancy skills defi ning solutions to present back to the organisation.</p><p>Assessments</p><p>Assessments are tailored to the learning objectives of each subject and are therefore...</p></li></ul>