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  • 1. Written by Angelica 7.10.09 Measurement of the acceleration due to gravity with a ticker timer

2. Apparatus

  • dynamics trolley
  • ticker-tape timer, ticker tape, power pack, electrical leads, sticky tape
  • 1 kg mass carrier, 1 kg masses
  • string, pulley, bricks, 5 kg spring balance, plastic bag

3. We can put a 1 kg mass on the 1 kg mass carrier and connected it to the dynamics trolley by means of a string suspended over a pulley as shown in the diagram below. Then set up the ticker-tape timer by connecting it to the A.C. terminals of the power pack set at the recommended 6V.To connected ticker tape to the trolley by means of sticky tape and threaded the ticker tape through the ticker-tape timer. 4. Process

  • Wethen lifted the masses and moved the trolley close to the ticker-tape timer, ensuring that the string was taut. Sarah turned on the ticker-tape timer and Jack allowed the masses to drop to the floor. To turned off the ticker-tape timer and changed the tape. We labelled the used tape trolley only and put it aside to analyse later.then placed a brick on the trolley and they repeated the experiment. We repeated the experiment again with 2, 3 and 4 bricks with appropriate labels for the tape each time. We placed the dynamics trolley in the plastic bag and suspended it on the spring balance to determine its mass. Then determined the mass of each of the bricks, one at a time, by placing them in the plastic bag and weighing them. Then recorded the masses in the table right.


  • Then analyzed the tapes to determine the acceleration in each case.

determined the acceleration by the following method.They ignored the first few dots then numbered the others . 6.

  • Finally, use the formula to measure g