Artwork tutorial 1 making your image

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1. Finding Images

Google image search, search tools, sizeTry to look for large (or at least medium size images)Ideally the images should have plain backgroundsIdeally, you should be able to see all of the object/person.Save the images to your folder (My Computer, createmusic, Stones)

2. Getting rid of plain backgrounds

Use the magic wand selection tool (not quick select!)Untick anti-alias, set feather as 0.Fiddle with the threshold to make the computer more or less fussy .Hold down shift to add extra selectionsOnce you have all of the background selected, go to Select, InvertClick on Layer, New via CutDelete the background layer from the right hand side. Save the image.

2. Getting rid of busy backgrounds

Use the magnetic selection tool to draw around the object or personUntick Anti-alias, set feather as 0.Left click to start, then run the mouse along the outline of the object/person.If it adds a point you dont want, hit backspace. If it cant find a point, left click to add your own.Draw all the way around the outline till you get back to where you started.Click on Layer, New via cut then delete the background layer.

3. Getting rid of parts of pictures

Use the eraser toolMake sure the eraser is the right size. Fiddly bits will need a smaller brush size.

4. Combining images

Make sure you have took the backgrounds out of every ingredient for your pictureHave all of the images you have worked with open.Drag layers from one file to anotherTo resize layers, choose the move tool. Tick show transform controls.Hold down shift so you dont squash or squeeze the layer.

4. Arranging and combining the layers

On the right hand side, arrange the layers so that they are in the right order from front to back.Save as a NEW FILE NAME! e.g. combined layersHighlight all layers on the right. Click on layer, merge layers to make it all one layerSave as ANOTHER NEW FILE NAME! e.g. merged layers