Art (Drawings & Photographs Mostly done by me, unless specified)

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By: Austin Seager. Art (Drawings & Photographs Mostly done by me, unless specified). Many Art Types… Here’s A Few. Photography Photo-Editing Drawing Contour 3D Pattern. Art Types Table. Photography. Photography Tips: Right place at the right time Always be ready. Dew Tour. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Art (Drawings & Photographs Mostly done by me, unless specified)

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Art(Drawings & Photographs Mostly done by me, unless specified)By: Austin Seager

1Austin Seager CIS 1020 Final ProjectMany Art Types Heres A Few.PhotographyPhoto-EditingDrawingContour3DPatternArt Types TablePhotographyDrawingContourPattern DrawingsPhoto-Editing3DBlind

Straight Patterns

OutdoorRealisticModified Blind

Realistic Patterns

Extreme AnglesCartoonPhotographyPhotography Tips:Right place at the right timeAlways be ready

Dew Tour

Barstool Leg


Camera Bag

Clock (9:00)

Old Fashioned Telephone





Dew TourPhoto-EditingEditing Tips:Make the themes go togetherSlow and steady pace

Austin Seager

Smart car (Not My Editing)

Smaudi a3 awd (Not My Editing)

Smorsche (Not My Editing)

Smamborghini (Not My Editing)

Smerrari (Not My Editing)

The smorvette (Not My Editing)Smustang (Not My Editing)

Contour DrawingsBlindCant look till its doneModified BlindCan look every once in a while

Hand (Blind Contour)

Hand (Modified Blind Contour)

Lamp (Modified Blind Contour)

Hand (Blind Contour)

Face (Blind Contour)Drawing3D1 Point PerspectiveAll lines lead to one point2 Point PerspectiveLines lead to two different pointsShadingRealistic

3D Room Assignment

Water Bottle Shading Assignment

Town Drawing Assignment

Tree Drawing Assignment

My John Stockton (Drawing)

Twine Shading Assignment

Object Shading Assignment

John Stockton (Original Off Internet)

Shoe Drawing Assignment

3D Hallway Assignment

Ball Shading Assignment

Object shading AssignmentPattern DrawingsStraight PatternsPatterns to make up a nonrealistic pictureRealistic PatternsPatterns that make up a real looking picture

Pattern Assignment

Realistc Pattern Assignment