Are the future teachers apt for teaching? Teachers Aptitude Testing

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Are the future teachers apt for teaching? Teachers Aptitude Testing Slide 2 WHAT IS APTITUDE? Intelligence Personality Achievement Exam Intelligence Personality Achievement Exam Slide 3 Warren's Dictionary of Psychology defines aptitude as a condition or set of characteristics regarded as symptomatic of an individuals ability to acquire to acquire training in some (usually specified) knowledge, skill, or set of responses such as the ability to speak a language, to produce music etc. Slide 4 Choice of test Slide 5 Choice of Test Occupational Aptitude Survey Vs. Teaching Aptitude test battery ->Mental Ability ->Attitude Towards Children ->Interest in profession ->Professional Information ->Adaptability Slide 6 What are DIETs? District Institutes of Education and Training Teacher Training Institutes, set up under National Policy on Education 86 Focus on 1.Resource Support 2.Training 3.Action Research Slide 7 Teaching Aptitude predicts Effectiveness Competency Students achievement IQ Input System Output Teachers Schools Students Outcomes Slide 8 AIM Comparative Analysis 1.Rural-Urban 2.UP Vs. Haryana 3.Male Vs. Female Slide 9 Are the future teachers really apt to teach? A Case Analysis: DIET, Gurgaon Slide 10 DIET, Gurgaon Sample Size: 154 Instrument: Teaching Aptitude Test Battery by Singh and Sharma Methodology: Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis Slide 11 Others:Total Number of Students 1.Social Worker who responded: 135 2.Whichever PAYS more Mostly in Government run schools, few in Government Specified Schools Slide 12 Why? More Pay No Incentive for performance; No accountability Hindi Speaking Population Job Security Modeling Teaching Motive To give back to where I come from Slide 13 Field Visit 1.Efficient Functioning 2.Interview Answers: Proud to be in DIET, Gurgaon Slide 14 DIET, Gurgaon: Academic Achievement Admission on Merit; Cut off: 80% Thats why Slide 15 -2.01 -1.25 -0.50 0 0.50 1.25 2 (z scores) Y AXIS 1 UNIT= 20 STUDENTS Frequency Distribution of TEACHING APTITUDE of Students of DIET, Gurgaon Slide 16 Aptitude is positively correlated with Academic Achievement. Is it? Oh, well. There is something called reservation! Slide 17 SCORES IN SUB AREAS MENTAL ABILITY ATTITUDE TOWARDS CHILDREN ADAPTABILITY PROFESSIONAL INFORMATION INTEREST IN PROFESSION Slide 18 -2.01 -1.25 -0.50 0.50 1.25 2.01 Y AXIS 1 UNIT= 10 STUDENTS Frequency Distribution of Mental Ability of Students of DIET, Gurgaon (z scores) Slide 19 Questions arise What is the kind of teacher training in Haryanas one of the best DIETs? Does achievement tests in India make you able? If teachers arent mentally able, how will they teach the children? Slide 20 Mean: 16.25 S.D: 2.09 Slide 21 NEGATIVE SKEWNESS Slide 22 1 ST VS. 2 ND YEAR STUDENTS More 2 nd years in the above average range OF Teaching Aptitude But no such trend in Mental Ability. Slide 23 Subjects Taught in D ed. -> Concentrated Experience (Lack of multiplicity of experiences) Study of Child Psychology and Teacher Function -> Infation in teaching aptitude through Coaching/Social Desirability -> TET Coaching couldnt affect Mental Ability Education Philosophy Education in Emerging India Education Psychology Teacher Function (Role of teachers in primary education) Hindi English Mathematics Social Science (EVS I) Science (EVS II) Physical Education (Games) Art Education Slide 24 BOYS VS. GIRLS Slide 25 Frequency Distribution of TEACHING APTITUDE of boys and girls of DIET, Gurgaon -2.01 -1.25 -0.50 0 0.50 1.25 2 Female Male Girls: Boys Ratio=1: 5 Average: Female: 82.01 Male: 81.84 Sample Size: Female: 120 Male: 24 RELATIVE FREQUENCY (z scores) Slide 26 Frequency Distribution of MENTAL ABILITY of boys and girls of DIET, Gurgaon RELATIVE FREQUENCY (z scores) -2.01 -1.25 -0.50 0 0.50 1.25 2 Female Male Average: Female: 18.12 Male: 17.27 Slide 27 BOYS > GIRLS Are they? More boys are mentally superior. Why? Slide 28 Why? Slide 29 ? Slide 30 Male Vs. Female Part Scores Girls>Boys Interest in Profession Professional Information Boys>Girls Mental Ability Adaptability BOYS=GIRLS Interest in Profession Slide 31 To Do Rural-Urban Comparative Study; Inter-state Comparative Study; Male-Female Comparative Study; Correlation between Aptitude and Achievement ANSWER: ARE THE TEACHERS REALLY APT TO TEACH? RECOMMENDATIONS: POLICY REFORMS 1.RTES TET: IS IT THE BEST INSTRUMENT? 2.TEACHING AS LEADERSHIP