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  • 8/9/2019 Apple Apps Final Project


    Acsg-591 Final Project -Rajani Gunda.


    -Rajani Gunda

  • 8/9/2019 Apple Apps Final Project


  • 8/9/2019 Apple Apps Final Project


    Acsg-591 Final Project -Rajani Gunda.

    software and storage devices and as well as maintenance of infrastructure. The most common

     payment is subscription model for cloud computing. SMB will pay the fee only for what they

    use. If they want to remove the subscription so they could easily unsubscribe from the sales


    Deployment models in cloud computing:

    There 4 types of deployment models such as

    1. Private cloud

    2. Public cloud

    3. Hybrid cloud

    4. Community cloud.

    1. Private cloud: In security point of view this private cloud best choice, the enterprise will buy, manage

    their own infrastructure. But one thing organizations must the organizations should follow the regulatory

    standards such as, SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley act), HIPAA, which it may require data to be managed for

     privacy and audits that will govern the corporation. But private cloud is cost effective model when

    compared to the other deployment models.

    (Image retrieved from:


  • 8/9/2019 Apple Apps Final Project


    Acsg-591 Final Project -Rajani Gunda.

    2. Public cloud: The services and infrastructures will be provided by the various clients. This model is

     best for business requirements, SaaS applications can hosted in the public cloud and infrastructure can be

    used for testing the applications.

    Ex: Google is public cloud

    (Image retrieved: ref


    3. Hybrid cloud: This hybrid cloud handles the cloud burst where private cloud cannot handled the load

    spikes need fall back option for load. This hybrid cloud migrated workloads between the public and

     private without creating any inconvenience to the users.

    E: PaaS deployment with API, Microsoft Azure and

  • 8/9/2019 Apple Apps Final Project


    Acsg-591 Final Project -Rajani Gunda.

    (Image retrieved from ref :

    4. Community cloud: This community cloud can be shared by the several organizations. It reduces the

    cost when compare to a private cloud and it shared by the larger group.

    (Image retrieved from ref :


    Services models for cloud computing:

    1. Software as service

    2. Platform as a service

    3. Infrastructure as a service

    Ex:, Windows Azure.

    2. Software as a service: Cloud provider will install and operate application software in the cloud and

    cloud users access the software from cloud clients. In this case users need not manage infrastructure and

    as well as platform to run their applications. Pay as user they want, if they subscribe to that service. SaaS

    is based on the concept of multi-tenancy where a single instance of software can serve different clients

    simultaneously. The end-users often experience the SaaS provision through applications of online

    contents such as Google Applications, Facebook, and Sales Cloud by

    Ex: Microsoft 365, Google apps.

  • 8/9/2019 Apple Apps Final Project


    Acsg-591 Final Project -Rajani Gunda.

    (Image Retrieved from ref:


    2. Platform as a service: Developers will work on this they easily deployed their web based solutions.

    PaaS solution run a window or Linux based OS and it supports specific programming environment suchas, .NET or Java. Platform as a Service (PaaS) evolves as support for the developer in the sense that it

    eliminates the burden of generating and maintaining infrastructure in on-premise systems, and shortens

    the development time with a great number of real-time available tools and services with scaling

    capability. Indeed, this mode of service provides an online platform of complete cycle for web application

    developers to develop, test, deploy and deliver their applications through hosting services

    (Image retrieved from ref :

    3. Infrastructure as a service:  By name itself saying that infrastructures served as a service such as,

    virtual servers, data storage, and database into one platform for deploying and running user’s applications.  

    Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) on the other hand provides computer infrastructure as a service in which

    customers can access online via web interface. IaaS users benefit from a great deal of flexibility in data

    storage and its payment based on the pay-as-you-go concept. With the advantage of latest technology, the

    customers can achieve fast services and time to market of their products. Another advantage is that the

    storage capacity under IaaS is also scalable according to usage demand. Some examples are Smart

  • 8/9/2019 Apple Apps Final Project


    Acsg-591 Final Project -Rajani Gunda.

    Datacenter by Joyent, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). It consist multi-tenant computing, resource

     pooling and hypervisor.

    Ex: AmazonEC2, Google compute engine

    (Image Retrieved from ref:

    Advantages in cloud computing:

    There are 5 types of advantages such as,

    1. Cost efficient

    2. Unlimited storage

    3. Backup and Recovery

    4. Automatic software integration.

    5. Easy to access the information

    6. Quick deployment

    Cost efficient: Multi user facility, Cloud technology is providing cost at very low and, need not to

     purchase software or hardware. Pay as you go, if user needs any upgrades they can scale up with cheaper


    Unlimited storage: If user needs unlimited storage they can get it from the cloud provider with cheaper

    rates and need not to worry about the storage and space availability.

  • 8/9/2019 Apple Apps Final Project


    Acsg-591 Final Project -Rajani Gunda.

    Backup and Recovery: If data stored within the cloud, so backup process is very easy than the storage

    on a physical device. This cloud based storage backup process very easy than traditional methods of data


    Automatic software integration: Usually in software installation user need to put efforts for installation

     process but cloud based software need not to put any efforts it integrated the process as itself when user

    subscribe and easy to access. This can be possible with the software as a service. If we take the Platform

    as service, if we see in on-premise web application it will need server for maintenance purpose but in

    PaaS solutions user need to subscribe to particular PaaS solution then it will integrate itself need not

     purchase any server and data storages. Ex: word press. Small and medium size businesses will get the lot

    more benefit from the cloud technology.

    Easy of access to information: As I explained in above apple apps, if user open an account in, user can access the data, information from anywhere and from any device but only user need

    only internet connection.

    Quick deployment: Cloud computing is offering quick deployment method, within few minutes user can

    opt the method of functioning.

    Disadvantages of cloud computing:

    There are 3 types major disadvantages, those are

    1. Technical issues

    2. Security in the cloud

    3. Attacks

    Technical issues: Cloud implementation facing problems from the power outages, Even some of the

    cloud providers facing the problems and this cloud technology need good internet connection. If user

    login to the server at this time user might be stuck in the network and connectivity problems.

    Security in cloud: Security is the major issue in cloud technology. Company’s sensitive information

    should keep secure from the third party cloud provider. If in case company information leaked to some

    third persons so in this scenario company will be on greater risk, Because of this reason cloud

    implantation is not reliable.

  • 8/9/2019 Apple Apps Final Project


    Acsg-591 Final Project -Rajani Gunda.

    Attacks: Cloud Company vulnerable to external hacker attacks and threats, So cloud provider must be

    aware of this attacks then only this will be resolved. Internet won’t give the complete security and data

    steal by the attackers.

    Issues in migrating from on-site network system to the cloud:

    Challenges in cloud computing:

    Data location: This cloud technology will allow cloud server this will allow reside in the anywhere, it

    doesn’t have any physical location so enterprise might be face the problems with its location for store and

     process their data and application. Enterprise might have some risks for data governance requirements.

    Comingled data: Application can be shared multi-tenant application, even cloud will provide appropriate

    security also still the data will resort in the cloud so it might have chance risks for secure, scalable,

    security and privacy issues.

    Cloud security policy/procedure transparency: Cloud service provider may demand for service level

    agreements if cloud provider owns the data center.

    Cloud date ownership: If cloud service provider own the data center then they will prefer more money

    from the subsequent enterprises.

    Lock in with Cloud service provider proprietary (APIs): Enterprise facing so many problems for

    switching to one cloud service provider to another cloud service provider. If Enterprise lock in with

    vendor, they will face problems.

    Compliance requirement: Enterprises facing problems with the data location, security policy

    transparency and privacy issues.

    Disaster Recovery: Data will be scattered around the multiple servers and geographical areas, So at some

     point hard to find the specific point, but in traditional hosting the enterprise knows exactly where the

    location is of their data so event of disaster recovery can be easy.

    Virtualization and cloud computing:

    Virtualization is to very critical for cloud computing and it delivers services and provides

     platform. Virtualization is consist three types of characteristics which it will make it ideal for

    cloud computing. So those are characteristics are,

  • 8/9/2019 Apple Apps Final Project


    Acsg-591 Final Project -Rajani Gunda.

    1. Partitioning

    2. Isolation

    3. Encapsulation.

    Partitioning: In this virtualization, partitioning will support many types of application and

    operating systems.

    Isolation: Crashes and viruses will be protects by the virtual machine. Cloud it will decouples

    the software from the hardware this could done by the virtualization process.

    Encapsulation: This encapsulation will protect application and it won’t interfere and won’t

    mingle with other applications

    Virtual memory consist lot of disk space and virtual memory can borrow the extra space from the

    hard disk. Virtual software will be perform very well when compare one single virtual memory

     perform more efficient than 20 physical computers. This is most of companies using hypervisors

    and it ideally works with the different sort of operating systems. That is why most of cloud

    computing using this hypervisors.

    Security issues in Cloud:

    There are 5 key issues were observed in the cloud security.

    1. Internal clouds are not inherently secure.

    2. Companies lack security visibility and risk awareness

    3. Sensitive information needs safer storage

    4. Apps are not secure.

    5. Authentication and authorization must be more robust

    1. Internal clouds are not inherently secure: If cloud vendor built an internal cloud, firewall from

    the public internet, if they take just basic precautions. If they don’t provide minimal security

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    Acsg-591 Final Project -Rajani Gunda.

    level, the following year organization budget will be shrinks it will leads to disaster will takes

     place in the organization.

    2. Companies lack security visibility and risk awareness: The public cloud service offers good

    facilities but customers and companies need to take burden for the visibility for the data. So lackvisibility is also considered in the cloud environment.

    3. Sensitive information needs safer storage: Encryption in the cloud is not full security to the

    sensitive information in the cloud storage. In current situation, no one giving proper guarantee

    for the virtual machine solution, so malicious programs will be monitored the guest’s encryption

    and decryption logic.

    4. Apps are not secure: In cloud environment application are not secured. Proper authentication

    authorization for the cloud applications is very critical.

    5. Authentication and authorization must be more robust: It is very critical to maintain for

    authorization and proper authentication in cloud environment.

    Business and economics impact of the cloud:

    1. Rapid software updates and easy modification of software

    2. Cost sharing among the users

    3. Variable computational capacity and increased efficiency.

    4. Energy saving as servers are moved to cloud climates

    Future of cloud computing:

    The public cloud services market is forecast to have grown by 20% in future 4years and it total cost is

    should be expecting 109$ billion worldwide. Cloud has the potential to become the preferred mechanism

    for software delivery, most of the application providers preferring to cloud based approach rather than on-

     premise applications, because most of the organizations looking at alternatives to on-premise

    deployments, so this may increase the cloud adoption. In cloud adoption businesses will need to think

    about the service level agreements.

  • 8/9/2019 Apple Apps Final Project


    Acsg-591 Final Project -Rajani Gunda.

    Even in 2013 to 2015 there was higher rate adoption of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

    The prediction from the Gartner Symposium , the mobile phones will overtake PCs and these will be

    common web access device and tablets growth rate also will increased up to 50% when compare to PCs

    and laptops will be less by 2015.Cloud adoption increases the selectivity, organizations need not to put a

    heavier burden on IT departments. Multiple vendors, IT department transform their work to the cloud


    Few things to be caution when organizations move to cloud environment:

    1. Work with different sort of cloud providers.

    2. SLA agreements

    3. Different disaster recovery plans.

    4. Need to adopt different subscription and billing processes.

    Business and economics of cloud computing:

    Cost of power: This was largest element need to calculate in cloud economics, in presentation situations

    15% to 20% of power is using by the organizations. Small data center need to pay their local rate for

    electricity and big data centers they have data centers in multiple locations so it could be inexpensive,

     because different geographies different electricity rates if they purchase bulk amount.

    Infrastructure labor costs: This cloud adoption will reduces the labor cost and provides larger facilities

    and multiple tasks. Usually single system administrator will manage 140 servers in on-premise model but

    in cloud data center a same administrator will manage thousands of servers. So this will removes burden

    on IT infrastructure so they can focus on their value add activities.

    Security and reliability: Public cloud had lot security issues if organizations go with the large commercial

    cloud providers, those will provide better security rather than typical corporate IT department

    Buying power: Large data center will get the discounts on hardware and software up to 30%.

    Apple Apps 

    Apple iCloud consistently works with its applications on all iOS devices such as, iPhone, iPad, iPod

    touch, Mac or PC to automatically and user’s content will be stored in iCloud and automatically it will

     push it to all of his/her devices. The former MobileMe services such as contacts, calendars, and mail and

  • 8/9/2019 Apple Apps Final Project


    Acsg-591 Final Project -Rajani Gunda.

    all these can be share calendars with friends and family.User can access his/her music, photos, calendars,

    contacts, documents, books, music with iCloud.

    iCloud Compatibility with:

    iCloud features works on different type of devices such as,

    1. Smartphones - iOS 5 or later on iPhone 3GS, later versions.

    2. iPad - iPad, or iPad mini.

    3. Mac - A Mac computer with OS X with lion and later versions.

    4. Computer –  PCs works with Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

    Features and iCloud Apps:

    1. ITunes

    2. Photo Stream

    3. Documents in the iCloud


    5. Calendar, Contacts and Mail.

    6. Apps

    7. iBooks

    8. Backup and Restore

    9. Find My iPhone

    10. iMovie

    11. iWork

    12. Find My Friends

    13. Storage

    14. Privacy and security

  • 8/9/2019 Apple Apps Final Project


    Acsg-591 Final Project -Rajani Gunda.


    1. iTunes in the Cloud: 

    Anyone with Apple ID in the U.S. and select other countries those can use iTunes match and it is

    compatible with iPhone 3GS or later versions, Mac or PC and iOS 5.0 and iPod touch also.User can

    download automatically and if user purchases a new music from the iTunes it will be accessible from any

    of his/her devices when you tap that iTunes. User can access past music, movie, and TV show purchases

    from any of his/her devices without synchronizing process it works wirelessly. If user pause any movie,

    TV episodesfrom any of their smartphone or any other devices after that he/she wants to play those

    episodes from their Mac that could accessand it will automatically play from where you stop in

    smartphone device. If user has not purchase any music albums from the iTunes, but still he/she could

    store their music collection and CDs which purchased from different stores that will be stored in iTunes

    with $24.99/per year.

    26 million songs in the iTunes store, iTunes matches 256kbps AAC DRM free quality. User can store all

    his/her music up to 25,000 songs in iCloud if songs are purchased from the iTunes store with just one

    click tapping the download music from the list of iTunes and need not worry about storage space on their


    iTunes match with these formats of music file such as, AAC, MP3, WAV, AIFF, Apple Lossless and so

    on and playlist will synchronizes with the across all devices. If user create, edit, or delete a playlist on

    his/her mac, PC, iPhone or iPad those changes will sync across anyiTunes match enabled devicewhich

    own by the user.

    Photo Stream:

    User can take a photo on an iOS device. User can import a photo from the his/her digital camera to user’s

    computer and iCloud automatically pushes a copy of that photo over any available Wi-Fi or Ethernet

    connection to the photos app on user’s iOS device, mac, and picture library on user’s PC.This photo

    stream works as same before I discussed in above iTunes. This iCloud Photo s tream service automatically

    uploads the photos and import to the user’s devices and wirelessly transfer them to the all user’s devices

    and computers. If user take the photo on one iOS device and it will automatically appears in all other

    devices.Master photo library keeps a complete set of his/her photos on their mac as simple as turning on

     photo stream in iPhoto or Aperture.This iCloud photo stream sends the copies of photos to user’s iPhone,

    iPad, iPod touch, so these photos can see in their Apple TV without synchronization, email attachments,

    no file transfer. This photo stream photos can be share with Facebook, twitter and Flickr. Flickr this is an

  • 8/9/2019 Apple Apps Final Project


    Acsg-591 Final Project -Rajani Gunda.

    app provided from the yahoo company. Flickr is also cloud based application. If photo stream enabled on

    user’s iOS device, every single photo user can take photo appears in a special photo stream album that

    holds user’s last 1000 photos. User can delete any photo if he/she wants from the photo stream. iCloud

    stores new photos for 30 days, so user cold have plenty of time which he/she wants to keep their save

    their most recent shots handy. User’s computer automatically keeps all the photos that come through the

    user’s photo stream. 

    Documents in the Cloud:

    User could create and edit their documents, presentations on user ’s mac, iPhone,iPad and iPod touch with

    iCloud feature. These documents and presentation can be access from the all his/her iOS devices. User

    need to save them to special folder so user can access the documents and automatically appear

    everywhere.iCloud document consist keynote, pages, numbers this will be work with other

    iCloud push the mail account is hosted at or after that user’s inbox and mailboxes are

    keeping up to date across all user’s devices and computers.


    User can create pages, numbers and keynote with iCloud and it is easier to work from anywhere with iOS

    device. There types tools are there such as, pages, numbers, keynote.


    iCloud, documents from everywhere:

    User can create documents in pages in iOS devices, such as, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. If user does

    any changes in documents it will automatically update in all other devices.

    Easy to start:

    For this pages there are so many templates so user can chose which he/she want. Tables and charts could

     be making with instantly and data linked at this time if user do any changes in spreadsheet or document it

    will automatically update.

    Word Processor:

    User can changes the contextual format adding with text and images. And also user can change the font

    size, color, alignment, bullets, spelling check, adding header, footer, and line paragraph could be work

    with the word processing feature in pages.

  • 8/9/2019 Apple Apps Final Project


    Acsg-591 Final Project -Rajani Gunda.

    Advanced writing tools:

    Word processor will helps in writing, and document will full screen with one click, comments, feedback,

    and collaboration with anyone easier and clear. User can see thumbnails of all his/her pages.

    Powerful page layout:

    3D characters choose fonts, images, resize, adding pictures to your pages. Table, charts everything could

     be done with this.

    Office compatibility and sharing:

    User can open word files in pages and can save to their pages.


    Easy to create dynamic tables, charts, spreadsheets in numbers make perfect sense. The features for

    numbers are

    User spreadsheets everywhere: Edit from everywhere and automatically if user did change in one device

    automatically happen to all devices.

    Easy to start: In numbers, user can build spreadsheets flexible as he/she want anduser can move tables,

    charts, graphics, and text anywhere user want on the page. User can change fonts, sizes, colors, styles, and

     borders and different sort of templates.

    Intelligent tables:

    Layout of each table is independent, in numbers entering the data and change values within cells and use

    sliders, checkboxes, steppers and pop-up list, every formula, and charts instantly update. Easily ca change

    create multiple, resizable tables and those can move them from anywhere on a sheet without affecting


    Impressive charts:

    User can create 2-axis charts with different value scales. And mix line, column and area series in a single


    Office compatibility and sharing:

    User can open excel files in numbers and they save their numbers spreadsheets as excel files.

  • 8/9/2019 Apple Apps Final Project


    Acsg-591 Final Project -Rajani Gunda.


    This app is offering incredible iPhoto, iMovie and garage band apps .


    User can edit the photo with iPhoto ‘11. Facebook enhancements were added in iPhoto and now photos

    could add instantly, photos can be share by this Facebook enhancements features.Email application added

    to this picture interface and user add notes in different type of templates and these can be attached with

    the iPhoto. iPhoto works with popular email services like Gmail, Yahoomail, windows live Hotmail and

    AOL and iPhoto can keep track of all their email messages with photos.

    Letter Cards:

    These letter cards are something looks like elegant look and feel free of a letterpress card. This iPhoto ’11

    can create uses traditional printing techniques with modern digital photography.iPhoto letterpress cards

    are available in 15 beautifully crafted themes complete with envelopers.


    User can easily turn their home videos with iMovie app. And all-time favorites can be seen with this app

    and user can share their videos with everyone. The features iMovie is movie trailers, All-new audio

    editing, one step effects, people finder, sports and news themes, user world premiere.

    Movie trailers: iMovie ’11 user can make his/her own movie trailers from 15 movie trailer templates in

    almost every genre such as, adventure, drama, romantic, comedy and more.

     New audio editing: There are new sound editing tools in iMovie. Sound effects, Voice and music can

    control and iMovie can edited with the audio waveforms for all types of user’sclip arts.

    One step effects:

    User could add visual effects, special effects to videos and after editing user can play instantly.

    People finder:

    User can find stars without digging and iMovie makes it easy to find the stars . User can finds people with

    People Finder identifies the parts with people in them and tells how many are in each scene. It also finds

    the close-ups, medium shots, or wide angles so it's easy to grab video clips.

    Sports and News themes:

  • 8/9/2019 Apple Apps Final Project


    Acsg-591 Final Project -Rajani Gunda.

    User can share story with CNN iReport directly from iMovie and with different sort of sport themes. The

    Sports theme even includes a Sports Team Editor that seamlessly integrates with user’s own player

     photos, rosters, statistics, and team logos into any Sports theme movie.

    World Premier:

    World premier makes user movies in more ways and more places. There are so many features such as,

    high resolution graphics, retina display on new MacBook Pro.


    User will have his/her own recording studio and if user want to learn to play an instrument, write a music,

    or record a song will be with the GarageBand app.

    Safari with iCloud features: 

    iCloud features in safari, so user could keep his/her bookmarks and reading list up to date across all their

    devices. iCloud tab in safari make simple for users, if user open any tab for browsing for something in

    their iphone or iPad and it can be continue when user open his/her mac book it will start where he/she left

    the web page. Safari can save the pages, not only links but also pages, so user can read even when device

    is not connecting to the internet.

    Calendar, Contacts and Mail:


    This iCloud works with the different type of applications such as Mail, calendar or iCal on Mac and

    Microsoft outlook on PC. If user away from the home without his/her computer in this case user access

    his/her mails, contacts, calendar events, notes, reminders, find my iPhone and iWork events could access

    from any computer with

    This iCloud stores everything such as, calendar events, contacts, mails up to date. As usual user can

    access from any device.

    Calendar that keeps up with the user:

    User could update his/her schedule in one place and could make changes from everywhere. This calendar

    schedules and events could be share with other. Team schedules could be maintained in these calendar

    events and these schedules can be access by each and team member.

  • 8/9/2019 Apple Apps Final Project


    Acsg-591 Final Project -Rajani Gunda.

    Mail with iCloud:

    User needs to sign up for and iCloud automatically and it pushes new email messages to all

    your devices. Any email account user can use in iCloud works with mail app on OSX

    mountain Lion and all iOS devices. In this iCloud email address user can set up VIP list so user will get

    those important messages from his VIP list.User has create an account in access all above


    Contacts in iCloud:

    This iCloud make much easy for user can add someone contact on his/her phone then iCloud

    automatically pushes the new contact on his Mac or Outlook on his/her PC. So user no need to connect

    the device to their computer to keep track of all those names and faces.

    Bookmarks, Notes , Reminders:

    In this iCloud stores the web pages, user bookmark pages, user notes, and reminders which had been

    created by the user. All these events can be access from the any device from anywhere.

    App Store:

    App store with iCloud option, if user download a new app on his/heriPhone, then it will automatically

    appears on their iPad and iCloud will synchronizes their devices itself.iCloud will provide the another

     benefit such as, user can place all his/her download at convenient place. If user purchases an app he/she

    could download them again and again without additional charges.

    iBooks with iCloud:

    iBooks with iCloud option user can buy a new book from the iBookstore, iCloud automatically pushes to

    all his/her devices. Once user buys the book from iBookstore, it appears on iBook library on all his/her

    iOS devices. User can highlight the text, take notes, can make it bookmark when he/she purchase the

     book from iBookStore.

    Backup and Restore:

    This iCloud backup and restore app will helps in backup the important files on users iPhone, iPad, iPod

    devices.iCloud automatically backs it up daily over Wi-Fi when device is connected to power source after

    that user can enter his/her Apple ID and password. User’s personal data along with the purchased music,

    movies, TV shows could be restoring on their device automatically.

  • 8/9/2019 Apple Apps Final Project


    Acsg-591 Final Project -Rajani Gunda.

    ICloud backs up: Photos and videos in the camera roll, app data, home screen and app organization,

    messages, device settings, ringtones, purchased music, movies, TV shows, apps and books.

    Find My iPhone:

    User has to sign up for, in iOS 6 they offer and easier way to find and protect a missing iOS

    device. If find my iPhone app turned up in user’s missing device,, use another MY iPhone

    app on another device to locate users on a map, lost mode immediately locks your device with a four digit

     passcode and sends it a message displaying contact number.Then whoever finds it can call to user from

    his lock screen without accesses the rest of his/her device.

    Find My Friends:

    This app will help to share user location with people who are important to him/her. And user can get

    location based alerts, if user located in particular location, when any his/her beloved person is nearer to

    his/her location so they can stay connected together. It keeps the track of family during a day on the ski

    slopes. When user out of town guest or whoever important to you can share your location with them so

    guest knows that you are not at home so this will helps a lot to a family member, or beloved person where

    they located.

    Privacy and security:

    This iCloud takes care on data security and the privacy of user personal information. This iCloud protects

    user data with same level of security and major financial institutions.iCloud secure the data by encrypting

    and using secure tokens for authentication, which it will protect from the unauthorized access.iCloud

    services authentication is handheld using secure token. This token avoids the need to store your iCloud

     password on device and computers. If user accesses the iCloud data from the third party apps his/her

    username and password sent over on encrypted secure socket layer connection.


    5GB free storage for user content such as apps, books, and TV shows etc. If you require more additional

    charges such as, 10GB- $20/per year, 20GB - $40/year, 50GB -$100/year.

    iPhone, iPad, and iPo touch:

    It requires iOSdevice, go to settings menu, tap general, and tap software user can update.

    Turn on iCloud:

  • 8/9/2019 Apple Apps Final Project


    Acsg-591 Final Project -Rajani Gunda.

    When user turn on his iOS device with latest version updates, after that user need to activate his/her

    device and set up iCloud. Set up enter Apple ID.

    Customization with settings:

    In settings uption user can tap and enable individual services in iCloud services.

    Free iCloud email account: email account with ad free and it is not but Apple ID. So user can turn on mail in iCloud

    settings and if he/she want to run those application in Cloud so they could easily tap and turn on those


    Enable automatic download in store se ttings:

    Automatic downloads for music, apps, and books could be enabling in setting option.

    Turn on iCloud for rest of devices:

    Just turn on iCloud in all your iOS devices.

    iCloudsetup in Mac:

    1.iCloud setup in Mac

    2. Turn on iCloud

    3. Enable photo Stream in iPhoto or Aperture.

    4. Enable automatic download in iTunes

    5. Turn on iCloud for the rest of your devices

    1. iCloud setup in Mac: User must need latest version of OS X v.10.7.4 or later versions.

    2.Turn on iCloud: Set system preferences. Click iCloud and enter Apple ID, and select the services if user

    he/she want to enable they can do it.

    3.Enable Photo Stream in iPhoto or Aperture: Open iPhoto’11 with 9.2 version and click Photo Stream

    icon in the left column Then Click turn on photo stream.

  • 8/9/2019 Apple Apps Final Project


    Acsg-591 Final Project -Rajani Gunda.

    4. Enable automatic downloads in iTunes: Open iTunes and choose preferences. Then click store and

    select music, apps, and books.

    5. Turn on iCloud for the rest of all devices: To get the most out of iCloud. Set it up everywhere.

    iCloud setup in PC:

    1. Download the iCloud control Panel

    2. Turn on iCloud

    3. Enable automatic downloads

    4. Turn on iCloud for the rest of your devices

    1. Download the iCloud control Panel: To enable iCloud on user windows PC, first set up iCloud on yourwindows PC. Then install the iCloud Control panel for Windows(Windows Vista with Service Pack 2 or

    Windows 7).

    2. Turn on iCloud:

    From windows start menu, choose iCloud control Panel. Enter the Apple ID you used to create your

    iCloud account and select iCloud services you would like to enable.

    3.Enable automatic downloads: User can enable the automatic downloads in his/her personal computer.

    4. Turn on iCloud for the rest of your devices: iCloud services can access it from anywhere.

    Apple going to hit the four industries in coming years: Those are,

    TV Industry, Auto Industry, IPod as watch and Appliance Industry

    This news published from the TECH.PINIONS. The icloud could show big impact on the PC, Tablet, CE

    (conformity Europeenne, means European conformity.), Telecom, Music and TV industries with their

    iOS, iCloud and SIRI.

    TV Industry:

    TV Industry brings out interactive TV, Just above major PC and CE Company bring out interactive TV.

    Interactive TV –  This is a technology that his team applies siri’s voice comprehension technology to the

    TV user interface and tie it their icloud service and mingle all of user’s content together for viewing on

  • 8/9/2019 Apple Apps Final Project


    Acsg-591 Final Project -Rajani Gunda.

    multiple screens with the TV. Apple approaching a new TV interfaces as well as linking to the unified

     personal content.

    Features for interactive TV:

    If user asks any football player in TV then user will saw make a touchdown and bottom of the screen it

    shows user in his statistics. User need any videos for turkey roast: Siri could search its database and finds

    all of best shows on TV, DVR or the Web and post them on your screen for you to pick. It means

    database. , user can bookmark the roasting turkey videos on MAC or any other iOS systems.

    Siri technology applied to their iPhone. It was good start. And they supposed add this feature all their

     products. If they bring this to all appliances it would be great revolution. Instead of remote voice as

    remote. And it will find ways to mingle broadcast, cable, DVR and internet content manageable channels

    that brings all of it. Together in the cloud and displays it on voice demand on the TV screens throughoutthe home.

    Second major industry: auto industry: The new car and one of the major criteria was ability to

    integrate user phone and its content into the navigation and sound system. Apple began working with the

    auto companies to introduce 7inch iPad with iOS into these cars. 3G chip ins ide and is able to get a

    connection to the internet. Apple supposes introducing voice user interface and content connection in the

    cars. There would be restrictions while driving, but having that on the car’s screen running iOS and siri

    could make the car ’s information system even more relevant. 

    Third Industry: Watch Industry: So many watches introduces into the market such as chronograph

    and satellite watches tied to the automatic clock. But apple has stumbled on something with the Nano.

    Many people use it as a watch. IPod Nano using as watches as and so many companies creating watch

     bands for iPod Nano’s 

    Features for iPod Nano as watch:Bluetooth radio inside and allowed it become a mirrored display to

    user phone, Showing alerts on iPod Nano, Few years ago SPOT watch: consist blurbs, weather and sport

     bulletins was tied to an FM radio link. But this spot was not clicked in the market. After that Microsoft

    killed that product. 

    Fourth Industry- Appliance Industry: Apple applied their iOS operating system and mingles with

    the icloud, so it could turn pretty much any screen integrated into things like a refrigerator, oven or even

    cabinets into smart screen and make them application specify. Apple apps and iCloud ecosystem wants to

    make home with digital lifestyles. Appliance industry is interested in embedding a screen on refrigerator,

  • 8/9/2019 Apple Apps Final Project


    Acsg-591 Final Project -Rajani Gunda.

    also added internet connection to ovens, microwaves, lighting and air conditioning and heating systems to

    make them as smart devices connected to an internet eco system. The iCloud will plays great role in

    appliance industry to deliver a smart homes and smart appliances.  

    Ex: iOS screen embedded into the mirror in my bathroom. As user preparing for work, it could be

     programmed to fetch weather reports, updates news and also it reads daily appointment schedules.

    icloud and its services:

    iCloud does more than store usercontent —  it lets user access your music, photos, calendars,

    contacts, documents, and more, from whatever device user is on. And it’s built into every new

    iOS device and every new Mac.

    Services: iTunes, Photo stream, Documents in cloud, iBooks 

    Backup restore,Safari, my iPhone used for finding of phone,Find my Friends.  

    Apple Cloud VsGoogle Cloud:

    iCloud storage vs Google Storage:

    iCloud Storage Google Storage

    1.iCloud gives 5GB for free, for iCloud services. 1.Google email gets a 7GB for free

    2.If user fills up storage capacity along with thedocuments, user can stop receiving email.

    2.Google docs provideiGB with regard to uploadedand mostly it limitless space for web created


    3. If user receives email with large attachments

    he/she might run out of space with regard to

    documents or pictures. 

    3. 1Gb of room with regard to high – reso photos

    within Picasa

    4.Apple storage price 20$ for 10GB per year 4.$20, with 10GB space per 1 year

    5. iCloud can with compatible with iOS devices 5. User can able to get extra storage with regard to

    iCloud as well as Google.

    Apple Mail vs.Gmail

    Apple Mail Gmail

    1.iOS Lion’s edition associated with 1.In the Google email allows you to archive or even

  • 8/9/2019 Apple Apps Final Project


    Acsg-591 Final Project -Rajani Gunda.

    iCalvs Google Calendar

    iCal Google Calendar

    1.Both calendars produce multiple calendars 1.Both calendars produce multiple calendars

    2.iCloud doesn’t have small sized features suchas,

    assigning a celebration with busy or free period

    2. But Google Cal had these small sized features.

    3.iCloud, user can only work together on a calendar

    with other iCloud customers. User can share iCal

    with Google customers with read only.

    3. In Google calendar customers are not only able

    to collaborate along with Google customers as well

    asif user know more and more people utilizing

    Google calendar compared to iCloud.

    iCloud Address Book vs Google Contacts

    iCloud Address Book Google Contacts1.This iCloud address guide appear almost in OS X

    Lion’s edition. 

    1. Google contacts which search engine since it

    operates on exchange can’t synchronize particular

    areas, it only supports manager, spouse and

    supervisor area.

    2.This iCloud contacts simply sync with iCloud, it

    cannot sync user search engine connections.This

    can be very annoying.

    2. This Google contacts can’t sync some

    areas.itworks above like relationship area.

    3. iCloud address guide potentially more powerful 3. It is potentially less powerful when compare toiCloud address book.

    iCloud Documents vs Google Docs:

    iCloud documents Google Docs

    1.iCloud documents, which keeps user pages, 1.Large benefit of Google doc paper work is the

    offers control keys with plugins. The control keys

    along the best include store and deleted

    remove communication, but it does not provide you

    with the choice to put both control keys in their


    2. iCloud deals effective email administration and

    much easier and much faster

    2.Less effective comparatively with iCloud


    3. User won’t miss majority of Gmail’s advanced

    features in postalmail.application

    3. Comparatively Gmail junk email block some of

    advanced features in the Gmail.

  • 8/9/2019 Apple Apps Final Project


    Acsg-591 Final Project -Rajani Gunda.

    keynote and amounts paper work in sync in

     between all their iOS devices. If user change

    documents, keynote or in the numbers so iOS can

     be saved in impair, and your additional iOS

     products will always possess the most up-to date

    version of that document.

    ability to edit documents right in the web interface,

    as well as collaborate them with other people. But

    this feature is not available in iCloud documents.

    2. User can edit this within pages, term like Libre

    office, and user can easily pull this back and

    extremely easy

    2. In the Google docs also user can edit delete the

    document and it collaborate with Microsoft office


    3. But only bad thing is user should purchase

    iWork app.

    2. User should open an account in Google email

    then they can access to Google Docs.

    iCloud Pictures vs Picasa

    iCloud Pictures Picasa

    1.Music and pictures kept in cloud, and user can

    view from anywhere-iCloud and open to all of their

    iOS products.

    1.In Picasa search engines songs and pictures can

    access from everywhere.

    2. It syncs with all your iOS devices and If user

    want to keep iTunes will make in user computer’s

    library for download up all of their products for


    2. Need Google email account to access picasa.

    Who is the best?

    In terms of use Google’s provider definitely wins in the terms of features and it also integration together

    with user Macintosh as well as iOS products, In case of iCloud easily switch between the different iOS

    devices. In iCal user need with programs such as post mail, iCal and iWork but in terms of Google need

    not install any program user can easily access all features.

  • 8/9/2019 Apple Apps Final Project


    Acsg-591 Final Project -Rajani Gunda.



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