Appetizers Pasta Entrees Pizza .Pasta Entrees We use only the best imported and homemade pastas,

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Text of Appetizers Pasta Entrees Pizza .Pasta Entrees We use only the best imported and homemade pastas,

  • Pasta EntreesWe use only the best imported and

    homemade pastas, freshly cooked al dente.

    PizzaOur sauce and dough are made fresh daily.

    Napolitano (Thin Crust) per garnish4 Cuts 6.25 .958 Cuts 9.95 1.7512 Cuts 12.95 1.95Siciliano (Thick Crust) per garnish2 Cuts 3.95 .554 Cuts 6.95 .958 Cuts 10.75 1.7516 Cuts 15.95 2.25

    Garnish Selections Pepperoni, Sausage,Fresh Mushrooms, Fresh Green Peppers, Hot Peppers,

    Onions, Black Olives, Anchovies, Extra Cheese

    Fresh Norwegian Cod 8.75Fresh Norwegian cod filets caught from the coldest waters, deep fried in our own batter.

    Broiled Norwegian Cod 8.95Fresh Norwegian cod baked in garlic butter, seasonedbread crumbs, splashed with white wine & lemon.

    Hamburger* 6.9510 oz. ground sirloin, cooked to order, served with lettuceand tomato.With bacon add . . . .95With cheese add . . . .55

    Veal Parmigiana 11.95Veal cutlet topped with tomato sauce andmelted provolone.

    Eggplant Parmigiana 7.95Fresh breaded eggplant, deep fried, toppedwith tomato sauce and melted provolone.

    Chicken Cutlet 7.95Fresh breast of chicken, deep fried,With cheese add . . . .55

    Chicken Parmigiana 8.95Chicken cutlets topped with tomato sauce andmelted provolone.

    Grilled Chicken 8.95Grilled breast of chicken with baconWith cheese add . . . .55


    Ala CarteSide Orders of Pasta 5.95With meat 6.95With mushroom 6.95Linguine with Clam Sauce 7.95Gnocchi 7.25Fettuccine Alfredo 7.95Spaghetti Aglio e Olio 6.95Fresh Garden Salad 2.95with above Features only

    Meat Balls (2) 4.25With cheese add . . . . .95

    Hot Sausage 4.25With green peppers and onionsWith cheese add . . . . .95

    French Fries 2.95With cheese sauce 3.75

    Regular Large

    Riannan 10.95 17.95Italian 10.95 17.95Meatball 10.95 17.95Sausage 10.95 17.95Steak 11.95 18.95Cheese 10.95 17.95(Ricotta, Provolone, Mozzarella)Extra Meat, Cheese, Ricotta 2.25 3.75Green or Hot Peppers, Mushrooms .75 1.25

    HoagiesSmall Large

    Italian 7.55 9.75Italian Stallion 7.95 9.95Capacolla 7.55 9.75Steak 8.25 10.25Turkey 7.55 9.75

    Above hoagies all come with melted provolonecheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and dressing.

    Meatball with cheese 7.55 9.95Hot Sausage with cheese 7.55 9.95Extras:Hot Peppers, Mushrooms, Green Peppers add . . . .75Extra Cheese add . . . .95 Extra meat add . . . .1.95


    Soups & SaladsOur Soups Homemade Daily

    Wedding Soup Cup 3.25 Bowl 4.7 5House Favorite.

    Soup of the Day Cup 3.95 Bowl 5.25Toss Small 5.95 Large 9.95Heaping platter of fresh garden vegetables.

    Italian Small 6.95 Large 10.95Garden greens, hot pepper, artichokes andshredded provolone.

    Antipasto Small 7.95 Large 11.95Our Italian salad with slices of genoa,capacolla and pepperoni.

    Classic Caesar 6.95Heart of Romaine, Asiago and imported Romano cheese,and croutons in our House Caesar Dressing

    Add Chicken 3.99 Add Steak 5.49Grilled Chicken Salad 10.95Grilled strips of chicken served over garden greens, hardboiled egg, french fries and shredded provolone.Served with Garlic Bread.

    Grilled Steak Salad 11.95Grilled Certified Black Angus served over garden greens, hard boiled egg, french fries and shredded provolone.Served with Garlic Bread.

    Dressing Your choice of our freshly made House Italian, Ranch,French, Thousand Island, or Sweet and Sour, Fat FreeRaspberry Vinaigrette, Balsamic.Bleu Cheese . . . . . . .75 Dry Bleu Cheese . . . . . . .95

    Casserole 11.95Bed of egg noodles with your choice of meatballs or sausage with our tomato sauce and melted provolone.

    Manicotti 11.95Tender homemade crepes stuffed with seasoned ricotta and baked in tomato sauce and melted provolone.

    Baked Ziti 10.95Pasta tubes covered with tomato sauce andmelted provolone.

    Gnocchi 11.95Tender potato dumplings served with garlic toast.

    Ravioli 12.95Fresh pillows of pasta stuffed with your choiceof meat or cheese.

    Oven hot bread and butter included with entrees.Garden fresh salad with above entrees add $1.95Angel hair or whole wheat pasta can be substituted

    for a minimal charge

    Dinners include salad, side dish of pasta, oven hot bread and butter. Olive Oil can be substituted for butter upon request.

    *Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood,shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness,expecially if you have a medical condition.

    Our Famous

    CalzoneCalzone is a blanket of fresh dough wrapped around your

    choice of meats, cheeses and/or other extras - many calzones include onions.

    Pasta TooFAVORITES

    Provolone 6.95Lightly breaded sticks of provolone, deep friedin hot oil, served with tomato sauce.

    Zucchini 6.95Strips of zucchini, deep fried, topped with romanocheese and lemon.

    Stuffed Bread Sticks 4.95Our Famous breadsticks stuffed with 2 choices: pepperoni and imported cheeses or fresh spinach and cheese.

    Bread Sticks 4.25Fresh dough, deep fried, topped with garlicand romano cheese.

    Stuffed Banana Peppers 7.95Garden fresh peppers, stuffed with seasonedground meat, baked in tomato sauce withmelted provolone.

    Stuffed Mushrooms 8.95Our own crabmeat stuffing baked in mushroom caps,splashed with wine and a light cheese sauce.

    Fresh Jumbo Crab Cake 9.75A sampling of our famous crab cake served with remoulade.

    Garlic Bread 2.957 bun smothered with garlic butter and toasted.

    Pizza Bread 5.257 toasted bun topped with garlic butter or pizzasauce, smothered with shredded provolone.

    Baked Scrod 15.95Fresh Norwegian cod baked in light garlic butter, toppedwith seasoned bread crumbs and splashed withwhite wine and lemon.

    Stuffed Scrod 19.25Our own baked cod, filled with lump crabmeatstuffing.

    Shrimp Scampi 17.25Jumbo gulf, lightly floured, sauteedwith garlic butter, splashed with sherry and seasoned breadcrumbs.

    Stuffed Shrimp 19.95Jumbo gulf topped with lump crabmeat, bakedwith light butter and sherry.

    Fried Shrimp 16.95Jumbo shrimp, breaded and deep friedto perfection.

    Crab Cakes 20.95Lightly seasoned jumbo lump crabmeat, pan fried to agolden brown topped with fresh lemon.

    Hot Turkey Devonshire 14.95Sliced turkey breast with bacon, baked ina light cheese sauce.

    Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana 16.25Fresh chicken breast, breaded and baked inour tomato sauce with melted provolone.

    Grilled Breast of Chicken 15.95Boneless breast grilled with a light marinate.

    Chicken Romano 15.95Boneless breast of chicken, dipped in our specialegg batter, sauteed in butter and lemon.

    Veal Cutlet Parmigiana 17.95Tender milk-fed veal, breaded and baked intomato sauce and melted provolone.

    Veal Scallopene 18.25Thin medallions of veal with peppers andmushrooms sauteed in wine sauce.

    Veal Romano 18.25Thin medallions of veal, dipped in ourspecial egg batter, sauteed in butter and lemon.

    Zucchini Parmigiana 14.95Breaded and fried slices of zucchini, simmered in tomato sauce and melted provolone cheese.

    Eggplant Parmigiana 14.95Breaded and fried slices of eggplant, simmeredin tomato sauce and melted provolone cheese.

    Spaghetti or RigatoniWith tomato sauce 8.95With meat sauce 10.95With mushroom sauce 10.95With homemade hot sausage 11.95With meatballs 11.95Spaghetti Aglio e Olio 10.95Chopped garlic and anchovies sauteed in extravirgin olive oil, topped with bread crumbs and romanocheese.

    Linguine Clam 13 .25Tender clams sauteed in garlic and olive oil, your choice of red or white.

    Lasagna 13.95Fresh beds of pasta layered with seasoned ground meat and rich cheeses.

    Penne Ala Vodka 12.95Al dente pasta tossed in our signature vodkasauce, served with garlic toast.

    Fettuccine Alfredo 13.95Egg noodles gently tossed with butter, rich cream and parmesan cheese.With Chicken 15.95

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    As Pasta Too celebrates over 30 years of servingour extended family, our commitment to you hasnever waivered. Here at Pasta Too, we havealways taken pride in everything we do andremain consistent in the quality of food we serve.In addition to our generous portions, all fromscratch recipes, we only use the highest quality ofproducts available. All at the lowest pricespossible, for this is what you deserve.


    Raymond C. PiacquadioProprietor

    All menu itemsare available to go.

    Take OutOnly

    Family Servings

    Zititomato sauce 24.95meat sauce 29.95mushroom sauce 29.95

    Baked Ziti w/tomato sauce 28.95(1 loaf bread included with each family pasta)

    Meatballs (12 w/tomato sauce) 19.95

    Hot Sausage(12 in sauce w/green pepper and onion) 20.95

    Tossed Salad 22.95

    Quarts To Gotomato sauce 6.95meat sauce 8.95mushroom sauce 8.25Wedding soup 6.95Soup of the Day 7.95Italian Dressing 6.25Ranch Dressing 6.95

    5260 Library Road Bethel Park(412) 831-3400

    OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEKSunday

    1 p.m. - 9 p.m.

    Monday thru Thursday11 a.m. - 10 p.m.

    Friday and Saturday11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

    Pasta Too gift certificates available!12/13

    Children 12 years and under - Eat in Only

    Pasta with Meatball 4.95Ravioli 4.95Chicken Cutlet 5.25

    With french fries

    Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana 5.95With pasta

    Penne Pasta 4.25With butter and romano cheese

    Grilled Cheese 4.75With french fries

    Child Salad .95With above selection

    Child Drink .99Apple Juice .99

    DessertsTower of ChocolateThe Coliseum of cakes, this giant moist fudge filled chocolatecake iced with rich smooth chocolate buttercream is just tootall to stand! Caution chocoholics, may be addicting!!

    CheesecakeWeighing in at 3/4 lb. creamy New York Style cheesecakeserved plain or with our homemade toppings. Be sure to askfor two forks.

    TiramisuWe have imported one of Pittsburghs favorite desserts directfrom Italy, this


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