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Appendicular Skeleton

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Appendicular Skeleton. Ch. 8. Consists of:. Shoulder (pectoral) Girdle Upper extremities Pelvic Girdle Lower extremities. Shoulder (pectoral) girdle. Sternum + clavicle = sternoclavicular joint Clavicle + scapula = acromioclavicular joint Scapula held in place by muscles only - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Appendicular Skeleton

Appendicular Skeleton

Appendicular SkeletonCh. 8Consists of:Shoulder (pectoral) GirdleUpper extremitiesPelvic GirdleLower extremities

Shoulder (pectoral) girdleSternum + clavicle = sternoclavicular jointClavicle + scapula = acromioclavicular jointScapula held in place by muscles onlyUpper limb attached to girdle at shoulder

Clavicle s-shaped boneAttaches sternum to shoulder (bridge between the 2 joints)

Shoulder Girdle posterior scapulaAcromion processGlenoid cavitySpineCoracoid process

Shoulder Girdle anterior scapula

Upper Extremities30 bones eachConsists of:HumerusRadiusUlnaCarpal bones in wristMetacarpals in hand1-5 starts with thumbPhalanges in fingers1-5 starts with thumb

HumerusHeadGreater tubercleLesser tubercleDeltoid tuberosityLateral epicondyleMedial epicondyleCapitulumTrochlea

Radius and UlnaRadiusHeadStyloid process Radial tuberosityUlnaStyloid process

Wrist and HandCarpalsMetacarpalsphalanges


Metacarpals and Phalanges

Pelvic GirdleMade of 2 bonesJoin with the lower extremitiesDifferences between male and female pelvisMaleLarger and heavierLarger muscle attachmentsFemaleLarger pelvic spacesPubic arch greater than 90 degrees

Lower Extremities30 bones eachConsists of:FemurPatellaFibulaLateral and smallerTibiaBigger and medialTarsals in ankleMetatarsals in foot (1-5)Phalanges in toes (1-5)

Femur and PatellaHeadGreater trochanterLesser trochanterLateral epicondyleMedial epicondyle

Tibia and FibulaTibiaMedial and largerTibial tuberosityLateral condyleMedial condyleMedial malleolusFibulaLateral and smallerHeadLateral mealleolus

Tarsals Metatarsals - PhalangesCalcaneusTalusCuboidNavicularCuneiforms