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<p>DOCTORS MARKETING PROGRAM FOR ORGANIZED PHARMACY RETAIL CHAIN</p> <p>SUBMITTED BYDEEPAK KHANDELWAL PGDM Marketing PG-MM-10005</p> <p>ABOUT COMPANYApollo pharmacy is a part of Apollo hospitals- Asia`s largest healthcare group. The first hospital was started in 1983 by Dr.Pratap Singh Reddy(Chairman) in Chennai. It was 150 beds hospital. Now in Asia there more than 1000 Apollo pharmacy retail outlet are present. In Jaipur the project was came in May 2002 and there were 20 locations selected across the city and the 1st chemist shop was open in Malviya Nagar ,Kabir Marg in June 2002. And now there are total 28 retail shops in Jaipur.</p> <p>OUR VISION To develop a community of care and concern that caters to our customers with the most innovative retail management programs, service and technology.</p> <p>OUR MISSION Our mission is to be a responsive round-the-clock pharmacy retailer to our prospective customers.</p> <p>PRODUCTSMedicines Diagnostics Baby care Personal care Skin care Hair care Health food</p> <p>PRIVATE LABELS</p> <p>ServicesMedication tips 24-hour service Friendly pharmacist Free reminder service Free health camps Helpline services Free health insurance Health newsletters</p> <p>Apollo AdvantageWe refill your prescriptions Genuine medicines Quality</p> <p>ROLE OF OPERATIONS &amp; MARKETING DEPT :Data Collection Service Delivery Incentives Discount Coupon Redemption Control Points</p> <p>Our greatest asset is the Customer! Treat each Customer as if they are the only one!</p> <p>RESEARCH METHODOLOGYOBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT WORKAPOLLO PHARMACY has assigned me this work as a survey of no. of Customer walk in, how much they are Satisfy, doctors tie up and study directed through various policies which promoted sale and company brand image in the market. So my primary objective is to collect the relevant data, which can serve the purpose of the company.</p> <p>RESEARCH DESIGNPrimary Data Feedback given by Doctors, Customer. Written feedback to capture the immediate feedback which was taken in specially designed questionnaire. Interviews &amp; personal interaction. Secondary Data Guidance from the Apollo Pharmacy Staffs. Books, Journals &amp; internet Sites. Tools used Questionnaire Interview Personal Interaction</p> <p>OBSERVATIONTo find out the number of customer walk-in. To find out the sales of pharma and non pharma products. To analyze the doctor`s prescription. To find out whether customer be honoured or not(non- honoured). To analyze the consuming capacity (product) of customer.</p> <p>TABLE-1BRANCH NAME- VIDHYADHAR NAGAR,JAIPURTOTAL NO. OF PRESCRIPTIO NS</p> <p>DAY &amp; DATE</p> <p>PHARMACY NO. OF WALK-INS NO.OF PRESCRIPTIONS NAME 9 AM-1 PM 4 PM-10 PM 9 AM-1 PM 4 PM-10 PMVIDHYADHAR NAGAR VIDHYADHAR NAGAR VIDHYADHAR NAGAR</p> <p>Tuesday, 04-05-10 Wednesday, 05-05-10 Thursday, 06-05-10</p> <p>13 11 14</p> <p>33 29 44</p> <p>6 4 5</p> <p>17 9 11</p> <p>23 13 16</p> <p>TABLE-2DAY &amp; DATETuesday, 04-05-10 Wednesday, 05-05-10 Thursday, 06-05-10PHARMA SALES NO. OF DOCTORS NO.OF PRESCRIPTIONS9 AM-1PM 4 PM-10PM</p> <p>NON-PHARMA SALES9 AM-1 PM 4 PM-10PM</p> <p>16 12 17</p> <p>22 12 19</p> <p>6 4 5</p> <p>16 8 11</p> <p>1 2 12</p> <p>5 3 2</p> <p>TABLE-3DAY &amp; DATE PharmaNO. OF People Entered Honour Nonhonoured</p> <p>NonpharmaNO. OF People Entered Honour Nonhonoured</p> <p>Tuesday, 04-05-10 Wednesday, 05-05-10 Thursday, 06-05-10</p> <p>73 57 75</p> <p>69 53 73</p> <p>4 4 2</p> <p>13 28 13</p> <p>QUESTIONNAIRE1. Ambience of the pharmacy. Excellent Good Average Poor 2 .Friendliness and courtesy of the staff. Excellent Good Average Poor 3 .skill and competency of the pharmacy staff. Excellent Good Average Poor 4 .Communication &amp; detailing Skill of the pharmacy staff. Excellent Good Average Poor</p> <p>QUESTIONNAIRE5.Overall Quality and range of drugs available.Excellent Good Average Poor 8.Have you ever been turned off from Apollo pharmacy for non-availability of medicines? Yes No 7 .On the average, how long you wait in the pharmacy for precuring medicines(in minutes). 15</p> <p>8.Overall ,how would you rate the services rendered in pharmacy? Excellent Good Average Poor</p> <p>ANALYSIS BASED ON QUESTIONNAIREAmbience of the pharmacy:Category Excellent Good Average Poor Total No. of Respondents</p> <p>23 34 30 13 100</p> <p>Friendliness and courtesy of the staff:Category Excellent Good Average Poor Total No. of Respondents</p> <p>17 32 36 15 100</p> <p>ANALYSIS ASED N Q ESTI NNAI ECommunication &amp; detailing Skill of the pharmacy staff:Category Excellent Good Average PoorTotal</p> <p>No. of Respondents 2035 33 12 100</p> <p>Skill and competency of the pharmacy staff:Category Excellent Good Average PoorTotal</p> <p>No. of Respondents 1436 28 22 100</p> <p>CONCLUSIONAfter the keen study of the Apollo Pharmacy of Jaipur it is clear that the areas in which company has its core competency are Home delivery, ATM Facility,24 hours services and these categories have emerging in the market. As we find through this project that awareness level about Apollo Pharmacy is not so high because of Apollo Pharmacy hasnt spent much time in Jaipur. Apollo Pharmacy is rapidly spreading awareness about its brand through its quality products and genuine medicines.</p> <p>SUGGESTIONSCompanys representative should tell the product to their existing customer, who is loyal for the company. Improve their promotional activities. Demand and supply of the all brand. Competitors activates. Apollo Pharmacy retail staff</p> <p>FINDINGSBetter product schemes for the costumer and the doctors. Company reputation in the market. Efficiency of Representative to details the product. Recommendations of the brand by the different approving authorities. Top Potential Hospital. Top Potential Doctors.</p> <p>LIMITATION OF STUDYThe survey was conducted on questionnaire basis. So everything in detail was not available. Only sample of customers are severed because of limited time and economic constraints. To get an appointment with Doctors was a huge task due to their hectic schedules. Time factor was another big issue sometimes even to get a single response one has to wait for 1-2 hours and in many cases ended up with no response.</p>