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Aperture 2 User Manual

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Introducing Aperture Whats Next?

Part IChapter 1 17 18 19 23 34 35 40 41 43 44 45 48 50 57 61 62 64 65 66 70 73 74 77 78 80 86

Interface and AcquisitionAn Overview of Aperture A First Look at Aperture Creating Projects and Importing Your Photos Photo Editing with Aperture Image Processing Distribution Sharing Images with iLife and iWork Applications Backing Up Your Work The Aperture Interface The Aperture Main Window Browser Viewer Full Screen View Inspector Pane Toolbar Control Bar Import Pane Vault Pane Book Layout Editor Webpage Editor Light Table Heads-Up Displays Changing Views Customizing the Toolbar Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts Setting Aperture Preferences

Chapter 2


Chapter 3

93 94 100 101 103 104 105 105 106 108 108 109 110 111 111 113 119 127 132 133 134 134 135 138 139 141 143 143 144 144

Working with Aperture Projects Basic Components of Aperture Working with Projects Creating and Naming Projects Opening and Closing Projects Creating and Showing Favorite Projects Deleting Images from Projects and Albums Deleting Items from the Projects Inspector Working with Library Files Working with the Library in the Projects Inspector Quickly Accessing Commands Importing Images An Overview of Importing Images File Formats You Can Import into the Library Planning Your Import Strategy Importing from Your Digital Camera or Card Reader Importing Image Files Stored on Your Computer Automatically Naming Your Imported Images Adding Metadata to Images During Import Creating Stacks Automatically During Import Adjusting the Image Files Time When Importing Dragging Files from the Finder to the Projects Inspector Capturing Images as You Work Importing Folders of Images from the Finder Importing Your iPhoto Library Browsing and Selecting Images from Your iPhoto Library Transferring Projects from Another System Making an Immediate Backup Where Aperture Stores Your Managed Files in the Library Migrating Images from Previous Versions of Aperture

Chapter 4

Part IIChapter 5 149 150 153 155 156 157 158 160

Photo EditingWorking with Images in the Browser An Overview of the Browser Navigating Through and Selecting Images Working with Images in Filmstrip View Working with Images in Grid View Working with Images in List View Choosing a Workspace View Navigating Through Images in Quick Preview Mode



161 162 163 163 165 166 168 169 176 176 Chapter 6 179 180 182 182 183 184 185 185 190 191 192 192 193 194 196 206 207 208 209 209 211 214 216 217 218 219 219 221 225 231

Searching for Images in the Browser Rearranging Images in the Browser Sorting Images Rotating Images Creating Versions of an Image Deleting Images from the Browser Dragging Images into Different Projects and Albums Working with Referenced Images Working with Two or More Projects Open Displaying Specific Metadata with Your Images Displaying Images in the Viewer An Overview of the Viewer Showing and Hiding the Viewer Changing the Viewer Background Changing the Number of Images in the Viewer Comparing Images Viewing Stacks Viewing Images with the Loupe Showing Hot and Cold Areas in Your Images Viewing Images at Full Resolution Viewing Master Images Setting Up the Viewer for Onscreen Proofing Viewing Images on Multiple Displays Displaying Metadata Associated with Images Working with Preview Images Quickly Accessing Commands Viewing Images in Full Screen View An Overview of Full Screen View Entering and Exiting Full Screen View Working with the Filmstrip in Full Screen View Working with the Toolbar in Full Screen View Using HUDs in Full Screen View Changing the Display of Metadata in Full Screen View Using Keyboard Shortcuts in Full Screen View Quickly Accessing Commands Stacking Images and Making Picks An Overview of Stacking Images Creating Stacks Working with Stacks Keyboard Shortcuts for Working with Stacks

Chapter 7

Chapter 8



Chapter 9

233 234 236 238 239 240 242 243 244 246 250 257 262 266 267 267 268 269 270 273 277 278 279 281 284 288 289 290 293

Rating Images An Overview of the Aperture Rating System Rating Images Sorting Images by Rating Including Image Rating in Your Workflow Comparing and Rating Images Keyboard Shortcuts for Displaying Images with Specific Ratings Applying Keywords to Images An Overview of Keywords Viewing Keywords Applied to Images Applying Keywords Using the Keywords HUD Applying Keywords Using Keyword Controls and Keyword Presets Applying Keywords Using the Lift & Stamp HUD Applying Keywords Using the Metadata Inspector Applying Keywords to Images in the Light Table Removing Keywords from an Image Importing and Exporting Keyword Lists Working with Metadata An Overview of Metadata, Metadata Views, and Metadata Presets Displaying Metadata with Your Images Turning the Display of Metadata On or Off Viewing and Changing Metadata in the Metadata Inspector and Inspector HUD Working with the AutoFill Editor Working with Metadata Views Working with Metadata Presets Batch Changing Metadata More Information About IPTC Metadata Understanding Badge Overlays Adjusting Image Date and Time Searching for and Displaying Images An Overview of Searching Controls in the Query HUD Searching Across the Entire Library Searching by Image Name, Caption, or Other Text Searching by Keyword Searching by Date Searching by Rating Searching by IPTC Information Searching by EXIF Information

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

295 296 300 301 302 303 305 307 308 309



310 311 312 312 313 315 Chapter 13 317 318 320 321 322 323 324

Searching by Adjustments Searching by Import Session Searching by File Status Searching by Other Metadata Searching by a Combination of Criteria Saving Your Search Results Grouping Images with Smart Albums An Overview of Smart Albums Collecting Images in a New Smart Album Searching Within a Smart Album Revising the Contents of a Smart Album Transferring Smart Album Images to Another Project or Album Deleting a Smart Album

Part IIIChapter 14 327 328 332 333 334 335 337 342 342 346 350 351 360 365 366 367 369 370 371 372 372 373 374 377

Performing Image AdjustmentsAn Overview of Image Adjustments An Overview of Adjustments in Aperture Using the Adjustment Controls Working with Adjustment Tools in the Viewer Performing Adjustments in Full Screen View Applying Adjustments to a Group of Images Working with Adjustment Presets Remove Adjustments Command Using Modifier Keys to Identify Color Clipping Using the Color Meter Using an External Editor Working with the RAW Fine Tuning Controls Understanding How to Read Histograms Making Image Adjustments Working with Automatic Adjustments Using the Auto Exposure Button Using the Auto Levels Combined Button Using the Auto Levels Separate Button Setting the Auto Levels Options Resetting Auto Levels Adjustments Working with the Red Eye Correction Controls Reducing Red-Eye Using the Red Eye Tool Adjusting the Size of Red Eye Target Overlays Adjusting the Sensitivity of Red Eye Target Overlays

Chapter 15



378 379 380 381 381 386 398 399 400 401 402 403 406 406 408 409 410 411 412 412 413 414 416 417 417 419 420 421 422 429 429 432 432 433 435 436 437 438 445 447 451 452 452

Viewing the Corrected Image Without Red Eye Target Overlays Moving Red Eye Target Overlays Deleting Red Eye Target Overlays Working with the Retouch and Spot & Patch Controls Working with the Retouch Controls Working with the Spot & Patch Controls Working with the Devignette Controls Working with the Straighten Controls Rotating Images with the Straighten Tool Rotating Images with the Straighten Controls Working with the Crop Controls Cropping Images with the Crop Tool Displaying the Cropped Image Without the Crop Overlay Cropping Images with th