Apa itu terapi bermain

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Apa itu terapi bermain?

Play therapy refers to a method of psychotherapy with children in which a therapist uses a child's fantasies and the symbolic meanings of his or her play as a medium for understanding and communication with the child.

Children communicate their thoughts and feelings through play more naturally than they do through verbal communication. As the child plays, the therapist begins to recognize themes and patterns or ways of using the materials that are important to the child. Over time, the clinician helps the child begin to make meaning out of the play.

The aim of play therapy sessions is that the child will have opportunities for developing an understanding of how to deal with difficult situations and emotions within a safe environment with a supportive adult. In successful therapy the child learns about themselves and their thoughts and feelings, and can transfer this learning from the playroom into day to day life.

Siapa pengasas terapi bermain?

Kepentingan terapi bermain

Sebagai intervensi asas untuk pelbagai keadaan mental Sebagai alat untuk diagnosis Sebagai mekanisme pertolongan diri (Mok Soon Sang, 2011)

Tujuan terapi bermain

Menolong kanak-kanak menggambarkan masalah yang dihadapi-menyatakan fikiran dan perasaan mereka Membantu kanak-kanak belajar tingkah laku positif Menjalin hubungan antara terapis dan kanakkanak Memperkembang kognitif Memberi persepsi untuk menyelesaikan konflik dalam pemikiran negatif kanak-kanak(Mok Soon Sang, 2011)

decrease those behavioral and emotional difficulties that interfere significantly with a child's normal functioning. improved communication and understanding between the child and his parents. improved verbal expression, ability for self-observation, improved impulse control, more adaptive ways of coping with anxiety and frustration, and improved capacity to trust and to relate to others. to alleviate feelings of low self-esteem, excessive worry, helplessness, and incompetency that are related to their learning problems and academic struggles.

Reasons for treatment include, but are not limited to, temper tantrums, aggressive behavior, non-medical problems with bowel or bladder control, difficulties with sleeping or having nightmares, and experiencing worries or fears. This type of treatment is also used with children who have experienced sexual or physical abuse , neglect , the loss of a family member, medical illness, physical injury, or any experience that is traumatic.

Kebaikan Terapi Bermain

Through play therapy, children learn to: communicate with others express feelings modify behavior develop problem-solving skills, and learn a variety of ways to relate to others


It is recommended that parents explain to the child that they will be going to see a therapist, that they discuss, if possible, the particular problem that is interfering with the child's growth and that a therapist is going to teach both parents and child how to make things better. As described earlier, the child may deny even obvious problems, but mainly just needs to agree to meet the therapist and to see what therapy is like.




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