AP US Government & Politics Exam Review Test Strategy.

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<ul><li><p>AP US Government &amp; Politics Exam ReviewTest Strategy</p></li><li><p>The ExamTime: 2 hours, 25 minutesMultiple Choice: 60 questions in 45 mins.Free Response: 4 questions in 100 mins.Each part is worth 50% of your total score</p></li><li><p>AP Grades5: Extremely Well qualified4: Well Qualified3: Qualified2: Possibly Qualified1: No RecommendationEach college determines the score required to earn college credit.</p></li><li><p>Pacing StrategyIf you want to get a ___, then you need to answer ___ this many of the multiple choice.3: 454: 525: as many as you can</p></li><li><p>2007 National ResultsTotal #of students: 158,8855: 6%4: 19%3: 26.9%2: 32.1%1: 16%Total 3 or higher: 51.9%Mean Score:2.67</p></li><li><p>2007 Randolph Results5:34: 63: 52: 21: 0Mean score: 3.625</p></li><li><p>2006 National ResultsTotal #of students: 143,9805: 8%4: 17.7%3: 29.2%2: 30.6%1: 14.5%Total 3 or higher: 54.8%Mean Score: 2.74</p></li><li><p>2006 Randolph Results5: 44: 93: 112: 31: 0Mean score: 3.5</p></li><li><p>Multiple Choice of the # of wrong answers is subtracted from the # of right answersThis is to adjust for random guessing.There will be one or two Data questions on the test asking you to interpret a graph or chart. They are usually very direct. Do not over interpret the data. Do not over-think the question!There is usually 1 or 2 questions asking you to interpret a map, illustration, or political cartoon. Do not read too much between the lines. The answer is usually the obvious one. When studying for this section it is important to know your facts. However, when you are studying think about why this particular fact is important. Does it influence behavior? Does it affect policy? Etc.</p></li><li><p>Multiple Choice Section Continued..Breakdown of questions by content:I. Constitutional Underpinnings 5-15% (6 )II. Political Beliefs and Behaviors 10-20% (7) III. Political Parties, Interest Groups, &amp; the Mass Media 10-20% (6-7)IV. Institutions- Congress, the Presidency, the Bureaucracy, and the Federal Courts 35-45% (27)V. Public Policy 5-15% (6)VI. Civil Rights &amp; Civil Liberties 5-15% (7)</p></li><li><p>Free ResponseEach question is worth 5-8 points, but each question is equally weighted against the others.Each questions is worth 12.5% of your total grade or 25% of the 50% the Free Response section is worth.Each of the 4 questions will be on different content areas. For example, you will not have two questions on Congress.The graders will not know your name or your school.Each of the questions is graded by a different person.</p></li><li><p>Free Response Section Continued..Allocate 25 minutes per questionSpend one minute tearing the questions apart. Take note of everything it is asking you to do. Underline operative words: evaluate, discuss, describe, analyze, etc.Take another 2-4 minutes outlining your answer.Let the structure and wording of the question guide your answer.A thesis statement is not required, but may help you earn some points.Answer each part of the question directly. If the question says to explain something, be as thorough as possible. You only get credit for correct answers. No deductions are made for incorrect information. If you think something you are saying is correct but arent sure, write it. It cant hurt and it might help!If you are running out of time on your 4th essay, abbreviate and write partial sentences.</p></li><li><p>Data QuestionsLook for patterns and trends in the data. Always look for change over time.Think: What caused this change? What was going on that year?</p></li><li><p>Overall Test-taking Tips:Pace yourself. If you dont know the answer, skip the question and come back to it later.Do not guess! If you cant narrow it down to two then dont guess!Free Response Questions: If you find the questions intimidating, answer the easiest ones first.</p></li><li><p>Studying for the ExamTwo Weeks Before: Review all notes. Study one unit each night. Spend two nights on Unit 4! Review 5 flashcards of cases each night.One Week Before: Study the Review Books. Spend one night on each unit, two nights on Unit 4! Quiz yourself with the note cards. Divide them into two piles: those you know and those you dont. Look over old AP Exams. Could you answer those Free Response Questions?The Weekend Before: Skim the Review books. Pay special attention and spend extra time on Unit 4. Keep studying the note cards of the cases you dont know. Do one last practice exam.The Day Before: Pick one review book and skim the content chapters. Spend extra time on Unit 4! Go through all the notecards- by now you should know them all! Go to bed at a reasonable hour. Get a good nights sleep! </p></li><li><p>One Last Piece Of Advice:If you are a spiritual person it couldnt hurt to pray!</p></li></ul>


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