Anthony harrelson of virginia making the world a better place

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Anthony Harrelson of Virginia, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of White Oak Industries, is on a mission to develop a unique method of personalizing vaccinations for deadly diseases. With research in microbiology and biopharmaceutical technologies, the 35-year-old CEO has headed an effort to pave the way for groundbreaking vaccine technology. With several pending patents, his initiative has shown great promise in revolutionizing the treatment of primarily Ebola and HIV.


  • Anthony Harrelson of Virginia - Making the World a

    Better Place

    Anthony Harrelson of Virginia is a man whose life's work revolves around helping others. As

    a scientist with a Ph.D. in Microbiology, he has focused his talent on developing a unique

    method of immunotherapy to improve the lives of those affected by serious, life-threatening


    His current research is focused on creating an HIV Immunotherapy program, as well as an

    Ebola Vaccination program. These programs would incorporate his patent pending vaccine

    technologies that set him, and his company White Oak Technologies Incorporated, apart

    from other researchers.

    White Oak Industries Incorporated is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the

    development and commercialization of fully personalized immunizations for the treatment of

    infectious diseases.

    Anthony Harrelson of Virginia hopes to have both the HIV Immunotherapy program, and the

    Ebola Vaccination Program developed and advanced to human clinical trials in the near

    future. He points out, "No one else has yet to develop a customized immunotherapy using

    the virus from the individual host, but we have."

    His work in the field of medicine is unprecedented and offers promise and hope for many

    affected by viruses such as Ebola and HIV around the globe.

    When Anthony Harrelson of Virginia is not spending time fighting infectious disease, he is

    working on one of many projects with another company he owns and operates, Caster

    Works Incorporated. As a business owner, he understands the value of employing

    competent staff and building the skill set of the workforce in the local community. He firmly

    believes in offering internship opportunities for students in order to grow their skills and

    confidence, as well as guide them in a logical course of their careers of interest.

    Offering opportunities to the local workforce for advancement is only one way this young

    entrepreneur chooses to help his community. He is also a strong advocate of volunteer work

    and giving back to those in need. As a well-educated, successful, microbiologist, inventor

    and businessman, he believes he has led a very blessed and fulfilling life. He has a heart for

    serving others, as he demonstrates on a daily basis through his research and development

    in vaccinations, but also believes in the simple ways of helping those in need. He

    encourages others to devote their time, energy, and talents to get involved in local charitable

    organizations and help lend a hand to the less fortunate.

    In his free time, Anthony Harrelson of Virginia enjoys spending time with family and friends.

    Working in the medical field, he is constantly made aware of the fact that life is short, and

    there are no absolutes. He makes a point to spend quality time with those he cares about

    and to remember never to take them for granted. He chooses to live each day helping and

    loving those around him, knowing that he is playing his part in creating a better world for the