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  • 1. ANT 101 Week 1 DQ1Cultural Relativism.Click HERE To Get The TutorialCultural Anthropology gives three distinct meanings of cultural relativism: a moral stance thatrequires anthropologists to suspend moral and ethical judgments when interacting with a culturedifferent from their own, a methodological strategy that allows the anthropologist to pay specificattention to the uniqueness of a culture, and an epistemological position that cultures are uniqueand therefore knowledge about different cultures is almost inherently not comparable. (Sec. 1.3).In your forum contribution:a. Discuss what you see as the strengths and weaknesses of each of these three kinds ofrelativism.b. Identify one belief or practice in another culture that you find puzzling, strange, or troubling,and then discuss the extent that cultural relativism is a useful approach to understanding andinteracting with the people who hold it.c. Discuss the extent that cultural relativism would be a useful approach to understanding andinteracting with people in your own society that did (or do) the same.d. Explore the extent to which whether one is studying in ones own country or in another makesa difference in the applicability of cultural relativism to ones research.Note: If you cant find the tutorial please click HERE toask a question. The tutorial will be posted in 5 minutes byone of our tutors.