Annual Safety Program Safety & Preparedness

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Annual Safety Program Safety & Preparedness. Power Wellness. Annual Safety Program. Program Overview 3 areas of focus : -911 Emergency/Non-Emergency Medical -Fire Plan -General Safety – Preparedness. OSHA = O ccupational S afety and H ealth A dministration. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Annual Safety Program Safety & Preparedness

  • Annual Safety ProgramSafety & PreparednessPower Wellness

  • Annual Safety ProgramProgram Overview

    3 areas of focus:-911 Emergency/Non-Emergency Medical-Fire Plan-General Safety Preparedness

  • OSHA = Occupational Safety and Health Administration

    Requires all employers to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all employees.The Center OSHA / Safety Manual can be found:1) Service Desk2) Managers office

  • Practice Commitment & Objectives of the Safety ProgramCommitmentPower Wellness is committed to a safe and healthy work environment. As an employer, we insist upon safe work methods and practices at all times. Power Wellness observes all federal, state, and local safety and health regulations. Objectives Establish and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for employees and members.Reduce risk for Power Wellness and its clients.

  • ResponsibilitiesManagement Set a good exampleTake appropriate actions to reduce riskReport concerns to direct supervisor/safety committeeSupport completion of annual safety training

    Employee Follow safe working practicesTake an active role in identifying potential hazardsReport unsafe conditions to direct supervisorSubmit suggestions for improved safetyComplete Annual Safety Training and Quiz

  • Employee TrainingALL employees are required to review the Emergency Preparedness Presentation and take a quiz upon hire and annually thereafter. Training will coverHazardsEmployees rights under OSHAEmployees written protection program (Safety Manual)All protective measures employees must takeRecognizing and reporting injuries and illnessesHow employee will be assisted if these occurOSHA notices will be posted on employee bulletin boards at every center.

  • Required Certifications / TrainingAll Staff CPR/AEDAll staff within the building should be CPR/AED certified.All new staff members should either have their CPR/AED certification upon hiring or obtain it within three months.CPR/AED certification is through the American Heart Association or American Red Cross.Management and fitness teams certified in First Aid.Hazmat training-AnnuallyBlood Born Pathogen training-AnnuallyEmergency Preparedness training-AnnuallyMock Code exercise and evaluations-Quarterly

  • Required Certifications / TrainingLifeguardsLifeguarding (if required by state): Red Cross Lifeguard Training

    Safety Coach/Trainer American Red Cross CPR/AED/FA Instructor

    Facility Manager/EngineerOSHA

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Evacuation Building Evacuation

    Building evacuation will be initiated if the emergency cannot be contained. When an evacuation is authorized all employees will assist.

  • Fire Plan (Code Red)

    All employees in the affected area must respond to a Code Red and assist as directed by the area manager/Manager on Duty (MOD).Activation of the Evacuation plan will be initiated by Executive Director or Manager on Duty when possible.Employees will be expected to have an understanding of the Fire plan in his/her department/work area.

  • Fire PlanEmployees are responsible for demonstrating knowledge of the following:

    R.A.C.E. Steps to take when discovering a fire. Emergency Phone # - Dial 99113) Location of pull boxes, telephones, and extinguishers in their work area.4) Location of fire exits in their area5) Appropriate code designation (Code Red)

    Use of an elevator during a fire is prohibited.

  • Fire Remember R.A.C.E.R Rescue those from immediate dangerA Alarm by activating the nearest pull box and proceed to the nearest phone and dial 911C Confine by closing doors to prevent smoke from spreading. E Evacuate or Extinguish fire if possible.

  • Extinguishers P.A.S.S.P Pull the ringA Aim the extinguisher at the base of the fireS Squeeze the HandleS Sweep from side to side


  • Severe Weather (Code Grey) Tornado Watch Indicates conditions are favorable and a high potential for tornadoes to develop.Tornado Warning Indicates a tornado or funnel cloud has been spotted and is heading for, or is in, the area covered by the warning. Signs of a tornado include: Strong persistent rotation in the cloud baseWhirling debris on the ground under a cloud baseHail / heavy rain followed by either calm, or fast intense windLoud, continuous roar or rumble which doesnt fade.

  • Severe Weather - Tornado Watch During a tornado watch, business operations can continue as normal with an increased awareness.If an employee becomes aware of the threat of severe weather he/she should inform the MOD/direct supervisor.

  • Severe Weather - Tornado Warning All persons will proceed to the locker rooms. Children will be moved to the lobby of the womens locker room. All facilities including those in the locker rooms are to be closed during this emergency. Employees will be responsible for ensuring the safety of patrons by moving them to the safe areas as listed above.

  • Lightening

    If lightening is present by visual or electronic detection inside a 24 mile radius the outdoor pool will be closed. The outdoor pool deck may also be closed at the discretion of the Aquatics Staff to ensure the safety of all staff and members.The Head Lifeguard or Designee will watch for lightening. The outdoor pool can be reopened 15 minutes after the last observed lightening strike.The Head Lifeguard or Designee will announce the reopening of the outdoor pool.

  • Power OutagePower outage is often a result of severe weather. The facility engineer/manager and the director/MOD should be notified immediately of any power outages or surges. The following systems must be inspected upon the suspicion of a disruption in power:

    Building HVACAll computers, servers, IT systemsPool circulation pumps/Pool HVAC systems/heatersWashers/DryersSaunas/steam roomsAll powered fitness equipment, televisions, cardio theaterRefrigerators/Caf equipment

  • Medical EmergencyMobilizeStabilizeDocument

  • Emergency Code Response(Code Blue)If a person is found unresponsive:Call code using walkies or emergency phones (ext 159 or 160)Announce Code Blue give location three timesMember Service Associate will Call 9911 and notify EMS.Announce Code Blue using the overhead PA system and Walkie TalkiesResponding staff will bring the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and First Aid Kit.Designate a person to wait for EMS and notify Emergency Contact person on file if memberComplete the Incident Report and inform the Director.

  • Injury/Illness ResponseNon Life Threatening (Code Purple)Assess the situation and remain with the person until help arrives.Use Walkie or Emergency phones to call for assistance. Give locationService desk will call 911 if call is needed.Offer first aid when able. (R. rest I. ice C. compression E. elevation)After the person is stabilized, transport via ambulance, friend or family member, to hospital or home.Staff should complete the Incident Report and forward to the Director.

  • Bomb Threat (Code Yellow)Attempt to keep the person in conversation and gather as much valuable information as possible.

    If the threat is immediateHave a co-worker dial 911Initiate Evacuation Policy

    If the threat is not immediateNotify MOD and Executive DirectorInitiate evacuation procedures if indicated.After the immediate situation is resolved, initiate incident report and info that can be recalled on the Bomb Threat Reports if applicable

  • Workplace Violence (Code Black)A threat made by an employee, member, or visitor which may result in physical or psychological harm is considered a serious offense and will not be tolerated.

    All employees are required to report threats or acts of workplace violence to their direct supervisor/MOD

    Certain situations may also warrant reporting to the law enforcement agency. If necessary call 911 for any situation you feel poses a threat of harm.

  • Actual Violent Situation or Threat with Imminent Danger

    All staff will respond to the scene to assistMember services staff will solicit building security and/or local police department

  • Workplace Violence, cont.EAP (Employee Assistance Program): EAP professionals trained in workplace violence and crisis intervention respond to the needs of those having experienced a traumatic event.EAP involvement is recommended for any violent situation.EAP Telephone #: 1-888-267-8126

  • Child/Infant Abduction (Code Amber)

    If a missing child or abduction is identified, staff will announce with Walkie and the service desk will make an overhead announcement and contact the police.Each team member is assigned to monitor an exitMember Services-Main entrance/parking lot areaFitness- Any fitness floor exitsEVS- Inside mens & womens locker room emergency exit and outside mens/womens locker room exitLifeguard- Any exits in aquatic areaChildcare Associate- remains in childcareMember services may also man exterior exit (any alternate parking lot exits)

  • Child/Infant Abduction

    Once exits are secure, staff will be assigned to search the buildingThe Director or MOD will assign a staff member to be a Parent Liaison.Client and Power Wellness Operations should be notified as soon as possible if applicableComplete an incident report

  • Now What?Please complete the Safety Quiz specific to your center. The quiz is mandatory for all employees and must be on file.Talk to your Supervisor/Safety Representative if you have any questions!

    Management Responsibilities Include:Each manager and supervisor is required to set a good example by always observing safety rules as part of hi