Animals Form an Integral Part of the Nature

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<p>Why must there be extinctionAnimals form an integral part of the nature's ecosystem. Nature has blessed all to thrive and prosper. But, man being the intelligent of them all took undue advantage to race ahead, and thrust his supremacy over others. Rapid expansion of human population combined with the need for growth has created a situation even beyond the control of human beings. Deforestation and encroachment of lands have led to habitat loss for many animals. It is the most important reason for animal extinction. Tropical Rainforests are inhabited by a large number of animals. Huge demand for forest resources has led to the establishment a large-scale lumbering industry. Clearing of tropical forests for timber resources, for extraction of petroleum and mineral resources, for cash-crop plantations, and subsistence farming has destroyed the natural habitats of native animals. Poaching and wildlife trade in animals and their body-parts have become a reason for extinction of many animals. Tiger bones and horns of rhinoceros are believed to possess healing properties, which are widely used in making traditional medicines in China. Elephants across the world are hunted for their ivory-tusks, which are in great demand in the international market. Animals in Africa are killed for meat trade (consumption of meat of wild animals) and also several animals are captured to be kept as pet.Climatic changes have also immensely affected the living beings. Global warming caused due emission of greenhouse gases and depletion of ozone layer has threatened the existence of one and all. To prevent animal extinction and animal endangerment in the future, we must learn the lessons of the past and try to get rid of as many causes of animal lost as only possible. The exploitation of natural resources that often leads to animal extinction is closely linked to economic progress of the countries where this process occurs. We must find the right balance between human and animal welfare that is the only way forward towards harmony of man and nature. </p> <p>What we can do Animal Extinction is a big problem in the throughout the whole world. I believe Malaysians can do a lot to help prevent it. According to there are 5000 animals that are endangered of becoming extinct, and that at least one animals becomes extinct a year. There are many thing people can do to help prevent an animals from becoming extinct. The reasons why animals becoming extinct is mainly because of habitat destruction. The second main cause of animal endangerment is illegal hunting, fishing, and trapping. Other causes are pollution, and climate change. The main cause of endangered species and extinction is habitat destruction. It is a very big threat because it kills off all the land that the animals were living in and then they have no place to go and nothing to eat. There are many ways Malaysians can help habitat destruction stop. A big way they can help is by recycling, other ways are by reducing pollution, and something as little as planting a tree. Countries are trying there best to stop it, but with everyones help, it will be a lot easier to stop. Illegal hunting, fishing, and trapping is a very big problem for animals that are endangered. It is a main threat, and there is not much people can do to stop it. Many countries have tried their best to stop illegal hunting from happening. Laws have been passed everywhere to stop people from hunting endangered animals, but people still hunt the animals despite the laws. I believe that even though countries are doing their best to stop illegal hunting from happened, that Malaysians should try to help out a little more so that it doesnt happen and there will be no more illegal hunting of endangered animals. Malaysians can do a lot to help endangered animals from becoming extinct. Even doing little things like recycling or planting a tree can help an animal from becoming extinct. Donating to a web site that helps animals from extinction is another way to help prevent it. Also I believe that laws on illegal hunting should become harsher so that if someone does get caught, they will never do it again, and if laws were harsher then I believe less people would even start illegal hunting the first place. If everyone in Malaysia starts taking action in fighting against animals from becoming extinct, I believe that we can make a very big difference.</p>