Anglo-Saxon Chronicle & Beowulf

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Anglo-Saxon Chronicle & Beowulf. Karl Kangur. ANGLO-Saxon Chronicle. Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. A collection of annals Summarizes t he history of the Anglo-Saxons. Written in Old English Created late in 9th century (during the reign of Alfred the Great). Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Anglo-Saxon Chronicle & Beowulf

  • Anglo-Saxon Chronicle& Beowulf

    Karl Kangur

  • ANGLO-Saxon Chronicle

  • A collection of annalsSummarizes the history of the Anglo-Saxons.Written in Old EnglishCreated late in 9th century (during the reign of Alfred the Great)

    Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

  • Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

    Nine manuscrips have survivedThe oldest was started at the end of Alfreds reignThe most recent was written at Peterbourough Abbey (a monastery) in 1116Oldes annals are dated at 60BC

  • Anglo-Saxon ChronicleMost important historical source for that period in EnglandManuscripts are also important sources for the history of the English language.


  • BeowulfThe oldest surviving epic poem in the English language.The earliest piece of European literature. Written in Old EnglishOriginally untitled

  • BeowulfMay have been composed as an elegy for a king who died in the 7th century.Written down between the 8th and the 11th century. The original author is unknown.

  • BeowulfStory: Beowulf (a prince of Geats) goes to Denmark to help King Hrothgar get rid of a terrible monster Grendel.Many books, theater plays, and movies have been made of the story.

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    Karl Kangur