An Introduction to Using English in Business How to Improve Business with Your English Speaking Customers by Scott Hovater.

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  • An Introduction to Using English in Business

    How to Improve Business with Your English Speaking Customers by Scott Hovater

  • Promotion Mix (Part Two)Personal Selling

  • Personal SellingDefinition: Face-to-face presentation and promotion of products and services. Working at a trade show as an exhibitor is one example of personal selling.

  • Steps in the Selling ProcessProspect and Qualify Preapproach Approach Make presentation

    Answer objections Close sale Follow up

  • Promotion Mix (Part Three)Public Relations (PR)

  • Public Relations (PR)A good public relations program has three steps: Listen to the public Change policies and procedures Inform people that you are being responsive to their needs

  • Promotion Mix (Part Four)Sales Promotion

  • Sales PromotionDefinition: A promotional tool that stimulates consumer purchasing and dealer interest by means of short-term activities.

  • Business to BusinessSales PromotionTrade shows Portfolios for salespeople Deals (price reductions)

    Catalogs Conventions

  • Consumer Sales Promotion Sampling Coupons Contests Bonuses (buy one get one free)

    Special events Catalogs Demonstrations In-store displays

  • Interactive Promotion (new)This type of promotion changes the promotion process from a monologue, where sellers try to persuade buyers to buy things, to a dialogue in which buyers and sellers can work together to create mutually beneficial exchange relationships.

  • Promotion Mix in ReviewAdvertising nPersonal Selling nPublic Relations nSales Promotion nValue of Product nInteractive Promotion

  • Why Attend a Trade Fair#-1Finding new sources for products/services (46%) Gathering market information (22%)

  • Why Attend a Trade Fair#-2Looking for strategic partners (19%)

    Keeping an eye on competitors (7%)

    Maintaining contact with existing suppliers (6%)

  • A Passage about Trade Fairs-1As the world shrinks and industrialization spreads, trade fairs have boomed. Indeed, companies are often faced with a choice of dozens, even hundreds, of fairs in their sector, and deciding where to exhibit can cause plenty of headaches.

  • A Passage about Trade Fairs-2The size, location, duration, and influence of the fair, the presence of target customers, competitors, suppliers and other partners, and of course the investment/return ratio all have to be weighed up.

  • A Passage about Trade Fairs-3Reasons for exhibiting range from breaking into new markets to keeping up with the industrys latest developments and, of course, checking out what the competition is up to.

  • A Passage about Trade Fairs-4Fairs also offer a unique opportunity for producers to meet suppliers, distributors, and retailers, while buyers can shop around and make comparisons, all under one roof.

  • A Passage about Trade Fairs-5Although trade fairs are designed for professionals, some are open to the public as well, offering the added advantage of direct consumer impact.

  • A Passage about Trade Fairs-6But fairs are not all sell, sell, sell! They are also popular forums for the exchange of ideas and learning about new developments.

  • Listening PracticeListen to the following questions asked by people at trade fairs. For each question decide if they were asked by an exhibitor (write E) or visitor (V)._____ _____ _____ _____ _____

    _____ _____ _____ _____ _____


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