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May 2018 w An Introduction to Cisco Meraki: Technology Forum

An Introduction to Cisco Meraki

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May 2018Agenda:
• Switches
• Firewall
passionate people to focus on their mission
Meraki for Higher Education
$70M (we hit 110M that year)
Early Adopters
• 92% Customer Satisfaction with our 24/7 In-house Support
WLAN Market Share
420,000+ active customers
45M+ API requests
Intuitive Simple browser-based dashboard Cloud-hosted centralized management platform
Scalable Unlimited throughput, no bottlenecks Add devices or sites in minutes
Reliable Highly available cloud with multiple data centers Network functions even if connection to cloud is interrupted 99.99% uptime SLA
Secure No user traffic passes through Meraki cloud Can fully support a HIPAA- / PCI-compliant network (level 1 certified) Third party security audits, daily penetration testing Automatic firmware and security updates (user-scheduled)
Reliability and security information at meraki.com/trust
802.11ac and bluetooth
of devices
Security Appliances Feature rich security and unified threat
management platform
mission-critical networks
1, 3, 5, 7, and 10 year durations available
Centralized management with network-wide visibility and remote troubleshooting tools
Over-the-web firmware and security updates
24/7 enterprise support and warranty
All features included as standard, no per-feature licensing
Why Meraki is a perfect fit for libraries:
Lean IT Team Tight Budgets Distributed Locations Going Digital
Meraki Win Story: Kent District Library
• 19 locations (soon to be 20) with full network managed by KDL IT
• 1 book mobile with full network managed by KDL IT
• 400,000+ service area population with 200,000+ card holders
• Nearly one million items circulated annually
High Density High performance + clients
Higher Throughput Up to 4.8 Gbps
Current Facts about 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6)
Pre-standard or not ratified as of today (Oct 4th, 2019)
• Expected to be ratified in late CY19
Most client devices today don’t support Wi-Fi 6
• New 802.11ax capable clients are expected to hit the market in late CY19
802.11ax APs are backward compatible with non-802.11ax clients
• Non-802.11ax clients can still benefit from Wi-Fi 6
802.11ax APs require new generation / more powerful chipsets
• Firmware updates cannot upgrade 802.11ac APs to 802.11ax
Overall Meraki Access Point Portfolio...
MS210 PoE+ options
1G SFP Uplinks
Modular Fans
Modular Power
Highly Scalable
L3 Routing
MS355-24X 8 x mGig 16 x 1G 4 x 10G, 2 x 40G
MS355-48X 16 x mGig 32 x 1G 4 x 10G, 2 x 40G
MS355-24X2 24 x mGig 4 x 10G, 2 x 40G
MS355-48X2 24 x mGig 24 x 1G 4 x 10G, 2 x 40G
mGigGig 10G 40G
over 4 billion categorized URLs
Next Generation Firewall Application aware firewalling
Intrusion Prevention
Geo Based Security Allow or block traffic by country
Malware Protection Cisco AMP and Threat Grid
Automatic Updates Software and security updates
delivered from the cloud.
management backend
Medium Branch
Small Branch
Large Branch, Campus or
Z3 Z3C
~5 users 802.11ac Wave 2 Wireless & PoE FW throughput: 100 Mbps CAT 3 LTE (Z3C)
MX64/65 MX67/68 MX67C/68CW
~50 users 802.11ac Wave 2* & PoE FW throughput: 450 Mbps
~50 users 802.11ac Wave 2* & PoE FW throughput: 450 Mbps CAT 6 LTE
MX84 MX100
~200 users
vMX100 for AWS & Azure
Cloud Managed Security & SD-WAN: MX - Highlights
Who should a network manager contact?
What evidence can prove it is somebody
else’s fault?
MI’s FIRST page tells the user which point in the network is failing and causing a degradation
Within 2 clicks, user can drill down to generate specific evidence for the network outage
Cloud Managed Insight: MI - Solving Problems
Physical Security
Easy installation
An optional add-on license for users who have specific, non-negotiable requirements for extended storage
- Camera dual records to cloud and camera storage
- 90 and 180 day 24/7 archive
- Enabled by an optional, per camera license
- Data stored in Microsoft Azure
- Three data regions in NA, EU, Asia
- Works with all cameras
Aggregate APIs
Snapshot APIs
Real-time APIs
Systems Manager
Adding devices is simple:
Manager (SLED Michigan) (415) 432-1182