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  • 7/27/2019 AMORC - The Light of Egypt (July, 1928).pdf


  • 7/27/2019 AMORC - The Light of Egypt (July, 1928).pdf


  • 7/27/2019 AMORC - The Light of Egypt (July, 1928).pdf


    T h e L i g h t o f E g y p t

    T h e St r a n g e St o r y o ft h e


    By Sri. R am atherio


    Privately Issued by Permission of The Departmentof Publication of the American Ministraro for


    The Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis,

    Jurisdiction of North AmericaSUPREME GRAND LODGE


    P RIN TE D IN U. S . A


  • 7/27/2019 AMORC - The Light of Egypt (July, 1928).pdf



  • 7/27/2019 AMORC - The Light of Egypt (July, 1928).pdf



    E V t ' R y i R i D A Y M O R N I N G 8 A . M .

    c2>/ie Story of the cRgsicrudans

    It was nearly eleven o'clock and the guests had been pleasantly enter-tained after dinner with a program of music and song, and now lingered withthe hope that shortly the heavy rain would cease and permit a more com-

    fortable departure for their homes.The large fireplace with its cheery flames and warmth attracted the

    guests, some of whom squatted close to the old screen that held back theoccasional sparks, while others lounged in chairs, or stood near by, in silentconcentration upon the burning logs.

    One by one the brighter lights in the large dining room of the Wentworthhome had been extinguished and only a soft color of orange and blue, fromshaded lamps and burning logs, lighted the countenances of the guests onthis tenth anniversary of the Wentworth marriage. Outside the wind andrain added their mystic tones and notes to the enchantment of the scenewithin.

    Come, Roberts, and tell us the story that you promised at the table.This is the time and place for any story that is really worth the telling. All

    agreed with the invitation extended by Johnson, the new District Attorney,and chairs were moved closer together while Roberts, the physician andadvisor to most of those present, assumed a position in front of them, to theside of the fireplace.

    If you have the time to listen to the whole storywhich will take sometime to tell, I will gladly keep my promise. But I must exact one promisefrom all of you in return; it is that none of you will go forth into the worldand repeat this story without makng sure of your facts. The story is an oldone, but a much abused one; and in thirty years I have heard as many versionseach differing in such details as to make the story either of value or non-sensical. In fact it was because young Deeming, breaking into reportorialwork for the Evening Journal, had expressed himself with some erroneousideas about the Rosicrucians that I promised to tell the real story some time.

    I am sure we can all promise to remember the truth and nothing butthe truth of the story, responded Judge Wentworth, which brought a merrychuckle from the women present.

    Well, then, let me tell you that the Rosicrucians

    Why not tell us what Rosicrucians means, as an introduction, inter-rupted Mrs. Lashburn, the very precis'e teacher of tiie Girls Friendly Gym-nasium, a local social centre.

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    That is just what I was about to do. The Rosicrucians much prefer tohave their name andactivities completelyveiled if the unveiling cannot bedone expertly, or at least efficiently. I mean by this that they do not fancythe unwarranted mystery that some writers and lecturers attach to them, butit is more acceptable than the misunderstanding that results from incorrectstatements found in some encyclopaedias.

    I cannot tell you when the Rosicrucians as a body of men and womenusing the term Rosicrucian, were first organized. One can find traces of themas individuals, and as groups, far back into the dawn of civilization. But I canstart my story with the time when the whole of Europe was suddenlyawakened to tbe fact that the Rosicrucians were well established in the formof an international brotherhood, and in possession of very valuable secretsand principles of nature."

    "Is this a story of some secret cult?" queried Miss Fletcher, the activelittle missionary worker of the Methodist Church.

    Not at all; and that is one of the points I wish to make very plain. The

    Rosicrucians and their groups throughout the world do not constitute a cultnor a religious school, nor can I say that they form a secret society, since weare here discussing them, and I am permitted to tell you anything you wish toknow about them, and they are anxious to reveal anythingany knowledge,any information, they possess. That is hardly the attitude of a secret society.

    You say you are permitted to tell us the story. Does that mean that3'ou are a member of this organization?" asked Deeming.

    I am. And a large number of persons in this city are members. Manyof you deal with them, meet with them, have pleasant contacts with them,and do not know that they are members; not because they hide their identity,but because you have never asked them about the matter.

    I am sure that I have never met one of these very unusual personsbefore, exclaimed Miss Fletcher.

    Oh, yes you have, Miss Fletcher, replied Roberts. You have told us

    this evening how greatly you and many others in your Church admired theexcellent abilities of the Organist who came to your Church last Fall, andhow he had volunteered to teach a class of the Sunday School teachers so asto prepare them for the questions asked by the young folks. You did notknow that this brilliant musician and well informed teacher was a Rosicrucian.But this is all beside the story I wish to tell before the hour passes.

    As I was saying, the whole of Europe, that it is the intellectual orlearned part of Europe, was suddenly mystified in the year 1610 by the wide-spread distribution of seven pamphlets, in several languages, emanating fromhundreds of sources, and announcing, in excellent style and conservativestatement, that the Fraternity of the Rosy Cross was reborn in Cassel, Ger-many. The pamphlets contained an introduction addressed to the progressiveminds of the land, but the appeal was unnecessary, for they at once took to

    themselves the message of the pamphlets and the foolish smiled and scoffed."Never in the history of man had a single message reached so many

    persons and aroused so much comment. The art of printing was still young,and it was the first time that this new art had been used to prove the powerof the press. By what means the pamphlets were so generally distributedto scores of central points for logical dissemination, may never be known.But within ten days the message contained in the Fama, as it is brieflydesignated, was not only being discussed, condemned, ridiculed, praised,admired and rejected, but dozens of other pamphlets attacking or supportingit were keeping the few printing presses of Germany and other countries busy.

    Clergymen of all denominations used it as a basis for a sermon witheither satire or satisfaction. Physicians and chemists were called togetherin general assemblies to determine the number of their own class that might

    be found in agreement or disagreement with the message. The populacerecalled and retold fantastic Rosicrucian stories heard from grandparents.Thousands wrote letters or sent messengers long distances inquiring for moreinformation, and the agents of the government were advised to solve themystery of all the claims set forth in the Fama.

    The original pamphlet was in German, and all others were translationsof it, according to their dates. No name was given, as its author, but it was

  • 7/27/2019 AMORC - The Light of Egypt (July, 1928).pdf



    issued as a message from Christian Rosenkreuz. For a time everyone whodid not know believed that this was the name of some person, and a hunt wasnationally instituted for Christian Rosenkreuz. Even some of the Germans

    did not seem to realize that these two words could be translated intoChristian and Rosy Cross. Then it dawned upon themthe unknowing onesthat the symbol of the fraternity referred to in the pamphlet was a Crosswith a Rose in its centre. Realizing then that the name was only a pennamefor the author, they sought for one of the most learned of the philosophersof the day who could have sufficient knowledge to prepare the astoundingmessage. They finally selected one Valentine Andrea, a worker in behalf ofthe Reformation and a prominent Lutheran clergyman. They were strength-ened in their selection by the fact that the family coat of arms of Andreacontained a cross. Almost over night he was acclaimed the Christian of theRosy Cross who had written the pamphlet.

    The pamphlet itself was really remarkable in its appeal and offer ofuniversal reform in the lives of men and women. It announced that the

    ancient Fraternity of the Rosy Cross was about to begin its new cyclein Germany, and that before many months had passed the hidden or preservedknowledge of the ancients, as well as the foreknowledge of the most illumi-nated minds of many nations, would be at the disposal of those sincere seekersfor the philosophers stone, health, happiness, success in proper undertakings,the transmutation of baser elements into the most refined, the secret of regen-eration, resurrection, and life eternal. It cited instances of the fraternityspower through unusual knowledge, its glorious record in ages passed, itshigh membershi