AMM360A Textile Testing Result Presentation

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AMM360A Textile Testing Result Presentation. By Ho Yi Chiu (Chloe) Winter 2012. Garment Selected for Textile Testing. Harajuku Mini for Target Collection Girls Plaid Sleeveless Ruffle Dress. Fabric A Brushed Cotton 100% Cotton. Fabric B Cotton Homespun - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


AMM360A Textile Testing Result Presentation

AMM360A Textile Testing Result PresentationBy Ho Yi Chiu (Chloe)

Winter 2012Garment Selected for Textile Testing

Harajuku Mini for Target CollectionGirls Plaid Sleeveless Ruffle Dress

Fabric ABrushed Cotton100% CottonFabric BCotton Homespun100% CottonImportant Test ResultsTest #Text NameFabric AFabric B1 Laundering, Colorfastness to3.5 Tensile Strength4.5 Tear Strength5 Dimensional Stability12 Abrasion Resistance (Taber)5/50/5Test #1Laundering, Colorfastness toFiber TypeFabric A RatingFabric B RatingWool (Worsted)55Spun Polyacrylic (Orlon 75)55Spun Polyester (Dacron 54)55Spun Polyamide (Nylon 6, 6)54Bleached Cotton52Filament Acetate55**Results were rated using the AATCC Gray Scale for Evaluating StainingFrom the scale of 1 (high color transfer) to 5 (no color color transfer) Fabric A Performed BetterTest #3.5Tensile StrengthFabric AFabric B8 x 33 x 88 x 33 x 8Yarn being testedWarpFillingWarpFillingBreak Load (lbf)161.580.8387.9580.11Elongation (inch)0.73480.83600.44430.6086Elongation (%)24.49%27.87%14.81%20.29%Fabric A Performed BetterTest #4.5Tearing StrengthTearing StrengthFabric AFabric B4 x 2 Dry87 lbs.60.5 lbs.4 x 2 Wet> 100 lbs.72 lbs.2 x 4 Dry81 lbs.48 lbs.2 x 4 Wet73 lbs.45 lbs.**CPP/AMM Test Method 4.5 was used instead of CPP/AMM Test Method 4because I was unable to obtain digital read-out result for Fabric A (4 x 2 Dry) Fabric A Performed BetterTest #5Dimensional Stability**The best performance resulted from Cool Wash / Cool Rinse / Line DryFabric A Performed BetterFabric AFabric BWarpFillingWarpFillingHot wash/Cool rinse/Hot dry- 7.3%- 1.3%- 8.3%- 2.6%Hot wash/Cool rinse/Cool dry- 9.1%- 2.1%- 8.9%- 3.1%Warm wash/Cool rinse/Hot dry- 5.2%0%- 7.1%- 0.8%Warm wash/Cool rinse/Cool dry- 6.3%- 1.0%- 7.3%- 1.6%Cool wash/Cool rinse/Hot dry- 5.5%- 1.6%- 8.9%- 1.6%Cool wash/Cool rinse/Line dry- 3.7%- 0.8%- 6.3%- 0.8%Test #12Abrasion Resistance (Taber)Fabric A Performed BetterFabric AFabric B# of rev.Weight before testWeight after test% weight loss# of rev.Weight before testWeight after test% weight loss1: Thread Breakage1170.192 oz0.186 oz3.13%240.086 oz0.085 oz1.16%2: 100 Revolution / Rupture1000.191 oz0.186 oz2.62%340.085 oz0.084 oz1.18%3: Rupture1600.187 oz0.178 oz4.81%////ConclusionBased on the observed test results, Fabric A performed better than Fabric B. Therefore, Fabric A is recommended for the specified garment.


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