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Amherst Media is the leading publisher of instructional photography books written by photographers for photographers. With 24 books published each and every year on topics ranging from wedding, posing, lighting, business and much, much more, there's always something new from Amherst Media!

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In recent years, wedding and portrait photography styleshave become increasingly natural and relaxed. As a result,the whole world has become a studio—with images beingshot everywhere from abandoned buildings, to beaches, tolamp-lit city streets. The varying light in these locations pres-ents great creative opportunities for photographers, but alsosignificant challenges. In this book, you’ll learn how to takecontrol of each situation you encounter and walk away withgreat images your clients are sure to love.



Bill Hurter

128 pages


150 color photographs

index, glossary

ISBN 978-1-58428-228-0

$34.95 list

Order number: 1858

FEATURES:Understanding the nature of light and itsrole in portrait photography

Lighting diagrams that show how classiclighting styles are created

Diffusing and redirecting sunlight andwindow light to create elegantly lit portraits

Adding flash or reflected fill to supplementexisting light

Using existing light as fill with flash orstudio strobes

Supplementing existing light to achieve theperfect lighting effects, indoors or out

Tips and images from top industry pros

Comprehensive glossary that defines termsthat may be new to beginning photographers




Jennifer Baciocco

Fernando Basurto

Marcus Bell

Don Blair

Joe Buissink

Drake Busath

Mark Cafiero

Anthony Cava

Dan Doke

Mauricio Donelli

Gary Fagan

Brett Florens

Al Gordon

Tibor Imley

Kevin Jairaj

Dennis Orchard

Parker Pfister

Joe Photo

Jeffrey and JuliaWoods

Reed Young

. . . and more!


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Today’s wedding photographers face incredible demands,shooting in ever-changing conditions, with no do-overs.

In this new book, Damon Tucci shows you how to rise to theoccasion and produce beautiful, magazine-quality images atevery event. You’ll learn how to conduct a thorough clientconsultation to ensure your clients’ needs are well matchedto your own requirements. Next, you’ll get the inside scoopregarding the equipment you’ll need to get the job done.Tucci also shows you what shots you simply must capture atthe site of the ceremony, during the reception, and off site.Because time is of the essence on the wedding day, you’ll alsolearn how to make the most of your photo opportunities.Simple strategies for posing the bride, groom, couple, atten-dants, and the family are provided, as are helpful discussionson selecting lighting that takes your image to another level.Finally, you’ll gain insight into the Photoshop processes andother software applications that can be used to simplify yourworkload and maximize the appeal of your images.

Step-by-StepWedding Photography


Damon Tucci

128 pages


175 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-237-2

$34.95 list

Order number: 1868

FEATURES:Conducting an efficient and informativeclient consultation

Starting out with the right mind-set andpreparing for an efficient, productive shoot

Posing the bride and groom, attendants, andfamilies for flattering results

Developing a strategy for maximizing yourresults at every phase of the wedding day

Tricks for transforming ho-humbackgrounds and average-looking peopleinto show stoppers

Seven time-saving strategies that willmaximize your capture—and your profits

Making the most of the time constraintsinherent in wedding sessions


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Kirk Tuck

Photographers who shoot on location with traditional stu-dio lighting equipment may spend more time packing

and porting their expensive equipment than designing beau-tiful lighting. Fortunately, Kirk Tuck has found a better way.Using small, computerized, battery-powered flash units andlightweight accessories, Tuck shows you how to get the top-quality results you demand—with a wide variety of subjectsand in a host of locations rife with lighting challenges. You’lllearn how to use simple one-, two-, and three-light setupsand how to modify and control existing light to get thedesired direction, intensity, and sculpting to bring out thevery best in your subjects.

With the technical and business tips and techniques inthis unique book, commercial, wedding, and portrait photog-raphers will find that they can arrive on location with moreenergy, more time to spend behind the camera, and anenhanced ability to focus on the creative problem solvinglocation work requires.

128 pages


250 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-230-3

$34.95 list

Order number: 1860

FEATURES:The advantages of working with minimallighting equipment

How to select and use the tools you needfor indoor and outdoor lighting setups

Modifying and supplementing light to ensurethe desired direction, intensity, and sculpting

Powering up: selecting the right batteries foryour camera and lighting units

Simple one-, two-, and three-light setups

Lighting individual portrait subjects, groups,still lifes, action shots, rooms, and more

Tips for interacting with your businessclients and models/portrait subjects toensure the best-possible photographicresults




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Acclaimed children’s portrait photographer Sandy Puc’leads you through each facet of designing a complete

“kid care” system. From the moment clients enter the studio,Puc’ shows you how to offer the ultimate portrait experi-ence—from greeting your clients as guests to providing anarea with activities for toddlers to teens.

When it comes time for the shoot, Puc’ shows you thesecrets of eliciting the expressions that will melt hearts. Alsocovered are lighting and posing techniques designed to yieldtop-quality results at each and every session. Specific advicefor working with kids of each age group is also included(with tips for creating age-specific products that moms willlove).

A business-savvy professional, Puc’ pairs her creativeimages and customer-service excellence with powerful mar-keting and selling techniques that all boost her bottom line.Armed with these techniques you’ll be well on your way tosuccess!


Children’s PortraitPhotography

128 pages


215 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-234-1

$34.95 list

Order number: 1859

FEATURES:Designing a kid-friendly studio that alsoimpresses parents and creates a great firstimpression

The importance of conducting a thoroughpre-session consultation with a well-trainedstaff member

Tips for working with kids of all ages—fromfussy infants to unenthusiastic teens—anddrawing out expressions that will sell

Strategies for engaging your young clientsand making the portrait experience arewarding one

Enhancing your income with client-pleasinglocation sessions

Powerful marketing and selling techniquesyou can use immediately


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Remaining profitable in today’s mar-ketplace requires a well-conceived

marketing plan and top-notch salesskills. In this book, Kathleen Hawkinsshows you how to achieve those goals.You’ll learn how to supercharge yourstudio’s profits by implementing simpleproduct-bundling strategies and gift-with-purchase programs to enhance your income from each sale.You’ll also learn how to use the Internet to more effectively reachyour desired client demographic, and to create client-loyalty pro-grams to keep clients coming back. Hawkins also discusses theadvantages of branding your business to increase visibility andprofitability. This book also includes sample scripts and lettersthat will facilitate your communications with prospective clients.



128 pages


175 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-232-7

$34.95 list

Order number: 1862

FEATURES:Reaching your desired demographic

Using loyalty-building programs to keepcustomers coming back for years

Amplifying your product line to createthe luxury appeal high-end clients desire


Go behind the scenes with ten topprofessional portrait photographers

and learn the secrets behind their artis-tic and financial success. Every aspect ofthe portrait business is discussed—fromselecting equipment, to working withclients, to sales and marketing tech-niques that really work. Also covered aretechniques for both studio and location portraits, as well asengagement portraits, family portraits, senior portraits, andmuch more. This unique guide is packed with beautiful imagesand helpful insights that will both inform and inspire.

This book features interviews and images from ten top por-trait photographers, including Steven Begleiter, Frank Frost,Suzanne Maitland, Vicki Taufer, Carl Caylor, and more.


128 pages


175 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-229-7

$34.95 list

Order number: 2003

FEATURES:Choosing the right equipment

Tips for capturing great expressions

Effective and evocative lighting strategiesfor photographing your clients

Popular products and pricing strategies


Lou Jacobs Jr.

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Lighting problems are among the few flaws that can’t beeasily corrected in postproduction. Therefore, lighting

skills remain just as critical as ever when capturing great dig-ital images. In this fundamental book, Dr. Glenn Rand pro-vides an intensive study of photographic lighting, describingthe qualities and characteristics of natural and artificial lightand providing a theoretical basis that will allow you to pro-duce the best-possible images in a variety of scenarios—indoors and out—with any subject. You’ll get tips for meter-ing light, creating contrast, setting the mood of the image,and enhancing the dimensionality of the subject. With bothan artistic and scientific focus, this book will teach the skillsyou need to confidently capture images of any subject.

Lighting forPhotography



128 pages


240 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-226-6

$34.95 list

Order number: 1866

FEATURES:Understanding the physics of light and howit affects your photography

Controlling the quality of light for softer ormore dramatic effects

Metering techniques for flawless exposures

Using light to create an enhanced sense ofdepth, accentuate form, and reveal texture

Creating a mood in the image throughlighting

Lighting techniques for challenging subjectsand surfaces, including glass, water, andmuch more

Selecting effective lighting equipment

Tips for photographing portraits, landscapes,still lifes, food, and more


Dr. Glenn Rand

Andrea Bachand Meyer

Aaron Corey

Cynthia Lespron

Chris Litwin

Tim Meyer

Lenka Perutkova

Dr. Glenn Rand

Michael Rand

David Ruderman

Patrick Stanbro


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Photographers often spend tens ofthousands of dollars on the latest

lights, light modifiers, and lighting gadg-ets. As Rangefinder magazine editor BillHurter shows in this book, however,they may be headed down a costly roadto nowhere. Instead of complexity, hesuggests, photographers should seeksimplicity. This creates a look that reads as more “true” to por-trait viewers and has come to be preferred over the more con-trived looks that were popular in previous decades. Packed withincredible images from top photographers, this book is a criticalresource for professional photographers (and aspiring profes-sionals) who want to create more effective portraits and sufferfewer headaches doing so.


128 pages


175 color photographs

index, glossary

ISBN 978-1-58428-233-4

$34.95 list

Order number: 1864

FEATURES:Understanding the behavior of light andhow it affects your photography

Choosing versatile lighting equipment

Techniques and images from dozens ofthe world’s best portrait photographers


Wedding albums are a highly prof-itable product, but they are one of

the most complicated items to design,assemble, and market. Coates presentsan inside look at the process, showingyou the possibilities and offering tips forenhancing your profits. In each chapter,a single photographer, carefully selectedfrom among the best in the industry, discusses the creative choic-es they make for each album and how they market their work tomaximize sales and client satisfaction. By following these strate-gies, photographers can create the “upscale” feel that results inhappier customers and bigger sales.


Wedding Album Designand Sales, 2ND ED.

128 pages


200 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-235-8

$34.95 list

Order number: 1865

FEATURES:Shooting the wedding images with thealbum in mind

Editing images and arranging them totell the story of the day

Designing creative page layouts


Bill Hurter

Bob Coates

Page 9: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog

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Monte Zucker was a photographerfor nearly sixty years, producing

technically outstanding wedding pho-tography and portraits that are oftencredited as genre-defining works. Inaddition, he was recognized throughoutthe industry as a leading portrait in-structor. In fact, many of the most

notable photographers in the industry credit Zucker as the inspi-ration behind their photographic style. In this book, completedshortly before his death in 2007, Zucker presents a comprehen-sive guide to his flawless lighting and elegant posing techniques.

Packed with high-caliber portraits and detailed discussionson every aspect of the photographic process—from equipmentselection and use to posing, lighting, and compositional con-cerns—this book delivers a virtual apprenticeship from a legend.

“This book is certain to improve the quality of your images, and thatmakes it a must-have addition to your personal library.”—Shutterbug

Monte Zucker’sPortrait Photography Handbook

FEATURES:How past trends are shaping the future

Meeting the challenges of location lighting

Posing and lighting techniques formaking every subject look their best

Design tips for beautiful, artful albums

Bill Hurter

Go behind the scenes with top pho-tographers and discover how wed-

ding photography has evolved into oneof the most creative fields in the indus-try. Featuring tips and images fromforty-five of the industry’s premier wed-ding shooters, this book shows you howto choose and use cameras and lighting

equipment, meet the challenges of lighting on location, posingyour subjects, and much more.

Includes techniques and images from Joe Buissink, Jerry D,Monte Zucker, Melanie Nashan, Joe Photo, Dennis Orchard,Parker Pfister, Martin Schembri, Ken Sklute, and more!

“Have you ever wondered what sets pros like Monte Zucker andMelanie Nashan apart from the crowd? If so, the answers

can be found in the pages of this book.”—Shutterbug

The Best ofWedding Photography


128 pages


190 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-213-6

$34.95 list

Order number: 1846

128 pages


200 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-208-2

$34.95 list

Order number: 1837

FEATURES:Determining the most flattering way tophotograph your subject

The fundamentals of good posing

Lighting techniques for studio sessions,window light, and outdoor portraits

Page 10: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog


Bill Hurter

Compiling the hottest tips and imagesfrom top industry professionals, Bill

Hurter covers everything you need toknow about equipment selection, con-structing flattering setups, metering forperfect exposures, and executing flaw-less poses. You’ll also learn how to createan enticing composition, enhance yourimages in Photoshop, and more.

This book features techniques and images from DavidBentley, Marcus Bell, Stacy Dail Bratton, Anthony Cava, BobCoates, Tony Corbell, Jerry D, Mauricio Donelli, Bruce Dorn,Fuzzy Duenkel, Jennifer George, Jerry Ghionis, Claude Jodoin,Larry Peters, Joe Photo, Tim Schooler, Kenneth Sklute, CherieSteinberg Cote, Vicki and Jed Taufer, Monte Zucker, and more.

“A complete, fully comprehensive guide for portrait photographers.Packed with invaluable information.”—Light and Shade

128 pages


175 color photographs

glossary, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-207-5

$34.95 list

Order number: 1844

Location portraiture is a highly desir-able option for portrait clients, and it

multiplies a photographer’s options forcreating highly artistic, storytelling, andsalable images. However, posing portraitsubjects on location requires a skill setthat differs from the one photographersuse in the studio. Without posing stoolsand tables, set lights, and an array of props to tuck their subjectsbehind, a location session can prove more challenging for theunprepared photographer.

In this book, Smith teaches the basics of great head-to-toeposing and shows you the approaches used throughout history tocreate a pleasing rendition of the human form. You’ll also learnhow and when improvising or breaking the rules will yield a por-trait that will please both the client and photographer. With tipsand techniques for posing individuals and groups efficiently yetartfully, this is one posing book no photographer can afford to dowithout.

128 pages


150 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-225-9

$34.95 list

Order number: 1851

FEATURES:Ground, seated, and standing poses

Maximizing the flow of the session toproduce numerous poses in a short time

Using architectural and natural elementsto support the pose


Portrait Photographer’sHandbook, 3RD ED.

FEATURES:Selecting the best cameras, lenses, studiolights, light modifiers, and more

Posing your clients for flattering results

Lighting in the studio, on location,outdoors, and by window light

Page 11: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog

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Bill Hurter

Children are notoriously difficult tophotograph, but this book provides

all of the techniques and insights thatyou need to succeed. Rangefinder editorBill Hurter goes behind the scenes withsome of the world’s top children’s por-trait photographers to explore theiramazing images—and see precisely how

they created them. Packed with practical ideas, strategies, andstunning portraits from the industry’s most highly acclaimedphotographers, this book will both inform and inspire.

This book features techniques and images from Patti Andre,Marcus Bell, David Bentley, Anthony Cava, Jennifer George,Elizabeth Homan, Judy Host, Tim Kelly, Craig Kienast, FrancesLitman, Chris Nelson, Fran Reisner, Tim Schooler, and more!

“Take better photos of babies, small children, and teenagers with help fromthis practical guide.”—PCPhoto

Children’s PortraitPhotography Handbook

128 pages


175 color photographs

glossary, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-203-7

$34.95 list

Order number: 1840

FEATURES:Studio lighting techniques for formaland casual portraits

Posing tips for infants, toddlers,school-age children, and senior portraits

Taking your session outdoors

The Zone System offers you a way tocapture your unique impression of the

world and tell someone else what you sawin the most beautiful visual language: thelanguage of black & white photography.Based on the techniques of legendary pho-tographer Ansel Adams and presented byDr. Glenn Rand of the Brooks Institute,

this book offers a systematic approach that integrates a knowledge oflight, exposure, development, and printmaking. You’ll learn how toprevisualize the scene, place the zones to ensure the widest range oftones in the negative or on the sensor, select the best development/image editing and output options, and much more. The book alsocontains information on perfecting the tonal rendition of colorimages. By implementing these comprehensive instructions for eachphase in a film or digital workflow you can become consistent in theway you work and achieve overall better results in your images.


Zone System Photography

128 pages


125 b&w/color photos


ISBN 978-1-58428-227-3

$34.95 list

Order number: 1861

FEATURES:Tips for getting started quickly with theZone System

Controlling or compensating for thevariables in your workflow

Strategies for a digital workflow

Dr. Glenn Rand

Page 12: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog

FEATURES:Understanding and evaluating the qualityand characteristics of light

Selecting the equipment you’ll need

How to supplement ambient light onlocation for the best portrait effects

FEATURES:Evaluating the model to determine herstrengths and any problem areas

Flattering the body, from head to toe

Strategies for fashion shots, catalogwork, editorial images, and much more

Bill Hurter

Onthe wedding day, capturing a shotin the most effective manner possi-

ble—the first time—is a skill more criti-cal than it is in any other genre. In thisbook, Rangefinder editor Bill Hurtershowcases wedding images from nearlyfifty photographers from all over theworld, discussing how the best of thebest meet common challenges, sculpt their subjects with light,and bring their artistic vision to life. You’ll get tips for workingin a wide array of situations, with single subjects and groups,ensuring the best-possible images.

This book features techniques and images from over thirtyindustry pros, including Becker, Michael Costa, Bruce Dorn,Jerry Ghionis, Charles and Jennifer Maring, Cliff Mautner,Dennis Orchard, Parker Pfister, Joe Photo, Kenneth Sklute,Alisha and Brook Todd, Marc Weisberg, Jeffrey and Julia Woods,Yervant Zanazanian, and many others.

128 pages


200 color photographs

glossary, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-219-8

$34.95 list

Order number: 1852

Billy Pegram

When creating a model’s portfolio,posing is critical to the success of

the images and to the model’s ability tofind work. Each pose must emphasizethe model’s best features, downplay anyproblem areas, reveal her ability to dis-play clothing or products, and, of course,it needs to appeal to her prospectiveemployers. Simultaneously achieving all of these goals exceedsthe demands of typical portrait posing and requires specializedskills. In this book, Billy Pegram teaches you how to tailor yourposes to the model’s target market, reveal each model’s uniqueabilities and beauty, and create images that get her noticed andhired. You’ll learn how to make the model’s legs, feet, and rearlook their best and how to pose the torso, including special tipsfor making the hands appear natural and graceful. You’ll alsolearn how to tailor the model’s pose to suit her specialty—whether it’s fashion, catalog, swimsuit, plus-size, or editorial work.

128 pages


250 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-220-4

$34.95 list

Order number: 1853




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Review the technical and artisticqualities that separate a mere like-

ness of an individual from a true workof art. Rangefinder editor Bill Hurtershows you how to craft exceptional por-traits that beautifully showcase yourclients’ assets, downplay any perceivedflaws, and offer insight into each client’s

true character. This new edition features techniques and imagesfrom a host of new contributors, including Becker, Marcus Bell,Joe Buissink, Bambi Cantrell, Gigi Clark, Mauricio Donelli,Bruce Dorn and Maura Dutra, William L. Duncan, Ira Ellis,Elaine Hughes, Giorgio Karayiannis, Kevin Kubota, TammyLoya, and others.

“This book is a must for anyone interested in creating portraits thatare both marketable and memorable.”—PhotoStockNotes

The Best ofPortrait Photography


128 pages


180 color images

diagrams, glossary, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-223-5

$34.95 list

Order number: 1854

FEATURES:Essential techniques for posing, lighting,exposure, and more

Working with individuals and groups

Compositional strategies for dynamic,attention-getting portraits

Bill Hurter

Learn how award-winning weddingphotojournalists capture the fleeting

emotions and romantic moments of abride and groom’s special day. Hurterdraws on the experience of over thirty-five pros to teach you the skills they useto document each moment as it unfolds.From the pre-wedding preparations, to

the ceremony and reception, wedding photojournalists workalmost invisibly but ever aware of the events, people, lighting,and compositional possibilities around them. In this book, you’llsee how professionals identify the moments that will make greatimages and capture them in an instant.

From start to finish, this book is a key resource for photog-raphers who want to produce creative wedding images that arespontaneous and full of emotion.

The Best ofWedding Photojournalism


128 pages


175 color photographs

glossary, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-122-1

$34.95 list

Order number: 1774

FEATURES:Making the average extraordinary

Emergency backup equipment needs

Using an unobtrusive approach tocapturing key moments as they unfold

Tips and images from industry pros

Bill Hurter

Page 14: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog


Barbara A. Lynch-Johnt and Michelle Perkins

Nearly five thousand entries areincluded in this critical reference,

covering every aspect of photographyand countless genres. This referenceincludes entries pertaining to historicprocesses as well as the latest advancesin digital technology. Written using sim-ple language and including ample illus-trations, this book will help professional photographers and stu-dents of photography make sense of all of the important termsand concepts employed in the field.

Also included is biographical information on prominent pho-tographers, an overview of important photographic movementsfrom the inception of the art form, and a listing of professionalorganizations that are likely to be of use to photographers ofevery level, from beginner to professional. This book is the per-fect complement to any high-school or college photography text-book and will be an ideal addition to any photographer’s library.

144 pages


311 color images


ISBN 978-1-58428-222-8

$39.95 list

Order number: 1857

Kathleen Hawkins

Discover how shooting digitally willenhance your creativity, allow for

better production, fabulous images, andhigher-than-ever profits. Hawkins pro-vides advice on everything from finess-ing your digital capture to addingenhancements in postproduction, tostreamlining your workflow so you canspend more time doing what you love best—creating gorgeousimages that sell. This new edition features techniques for workingwith clients, creating targeted promotions, and adding creativeenhancements to your portraits post capture. It also offers aglimpse into the working habits of highly acclaimed family por-trait photographers from around the country.

This book features interviews with and images from FrankDonnino, Sherri Ebert, Jeff Hawkins, Joann Munoz, Craig Mini-elly, Vicki Popwell, Vicki and Jed Taufer, and Jennifer George.

128 pages


195 color images

sample forms, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-214-3

$34.95 list

Order number: 1847

FEATURES:Using new technologies that will helpyou reach your professional potential

Working with clients before and afterthe session

Streamlining your workflow


Children’s and Family Portraiture2ND ED.

Illustrated Dictionaryof Photography

FEATURES:Terms related to digital photography,image editing, film and darkroom use,historical processes, and more

Entries for prominent photographers,artistic movements, and more

Page 15: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog

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Adetailed knowledge of how lightingworks and how best to exploit it is

key to crafting unforgettable images. Inthis book, Bill Hurter provides detaileddiscussions that show you how the in-dustry’s hottest professionals design andutilize lighting setups that help them tomake the most of every scene or subject,

from portraits, to still lifes, and beyond.This new edition features techniques and images from some

of the hottest photographers in the industry, including MarcusBell, Don Blair, Fuzzy Duenkel, Fernando Escovar, Jerry Ghionis,Gene Martin, Larry Peters, Vicki Taufer, Tim Schooler, MonteZucker, and countless others.

“Packed with practical tips and truly dazzling images, this book willinform and inspire.”—Rangefinder

The Best ofPhotographic Lighting


128 pages


200 color photographs

glossary, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-217-4

$34.95 list

Order number: 1849

FEATURES:Understanding the science of light—andhow it affects photography

Selecting and using lighting equipment

Lighting strategies for portraits,weddings, product shots, and more

Bill Hurter

The demand for images of womenwho are pregnant has never been

greater. Magazines are filled with pho-tos of celebrities proudly showing offtheir pregnant figures, and photogra-phers everywhere are recognizing thecreative and financial potential that pho-tographing this client subset provides.

George outlines the differences between regular and preg-nancy portraiture, exploring maternity photography from a con-ceptual and artistic point of view. She shows you how to select ameaningful location, choose backgrounds, props, and fabrics toenhance the images, and create poses that flatter the pregnantsubject. You’ll get tips for finding and modifying natural light,designing lighting setups, and retouching your images. You’llalso learn to develop a marketing strategy, design marketingpieces, and gain recognition in your community. Includes inter-views with pros noted for their standout pregnancy portraits.

TheArt ofPregnancy Photography

128 pages


150 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-218-1

$34.95 list

Order number: 1855

FEATURES:Posing and lighting ideas that enhancethe beauty of the woman’s fuller form

Retouching and enhancing strategiesyou can use for almost every portrait

Marketing tips for bigger profits

Jennifer George

Page 16: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog



Allison Earnest

Though many factors contribute to a great image—lenschoice, pose, props, etc.—every portrait subject requires

well-executed lighting to enhance their appearance. Thiscareful use of lighting to sculpt the subject in a flattering wayis what distinguishes true artists from mere picture takers.

In this new book, acclaimed photographer and educatorAllison Earnest shows you how to use flash, strobe, ambientlight, window light, and a variety of light modifiers to createprofessional-quality results. The author ventures into terri-tory left unexplored in other portrait lighting books, showingyou how to use lighting to flatter the unique facial shape ofyour client—whether they tend to have a more round, oval,rectangular, long and angular, square, or triangular face.With these techniques, you’ll be able to accentuate the mostappealing features of each subject and elevate the aestheticappeal of your portraits. With problem-solving strategies forminimizing an array of perceived facial flaws, tips for work-ing with individuals and groups, and much more, this bookis not to be missed.

128 pages


175 color images

diagrams, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-236-5

$34.95 list

Order number: 1867

FEATURES:Understanding the qualities of light,methods for controlling light, and how tomeasure the light for accurate results

Tools for lighting design, including flash,strobe, continuous light sources, and lightmodifiers

Portrait lighting basics, including placementof the main, fill, kicker, hair, and backgroundlights

Understanding common face shapes andhow they should be lit for best effect

Lighting techniques for photographingmultiple subjects, and tips for solvingcommon problems in group portraits

Sculpting subjects with ambient light for anatural look




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Light, vibrant and malleable, is the portrait photographer’sgreatest tool. It sculpts the face, adds definition to the

body, and puts a sparkle in the eyes. It creates drama andintrigue or a soft, romantic feel—all at the photographer’swhim.

In this ever-popular book, master photographer Chris-topher Grey teaches portrait lighting from start to finish.Aided by numerous clearly illustrated lighting diagrams,you’ll learn how to position lights for the desired effect.From high and low key lighting strategies, to techniques forsimulating sunlight in the studio, to understanding lightratios and using them to sculpt your subject and create a par-ticular portrait mood, this book will open your eyes to a wideworld of imaging possibilities. Armed with these skills,you’ll be able to create photographs that are more flattering,marketable, and creative than ever before.

“This book will provide insights and techniques on controlling lighteffectively for more flattering, creative portraits.”—PC Photo

MasterLighting Guide


Christopher Grey

128 pages


300 color images

diagrams, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-125-2

$29.95 list

Order number: 1778

FEATURES:Selecting professional lighting equipment

Understanding light ratios and how to usethem effectively

The classic lighting styles—and how tocreate them

Selecting and lighting the background forcreative effect

Versatile portrait-lighting setups that can beused with any subject

Creative ideas for outstanding headshots

Strategies for business, editorial, glamour,and bridal portraits

Numerous lighting diagrams to aid you inre-creating the lighting styles professionalsrely on to make their subjects look theirbest

Page 18: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog


FEATURES:Posing strategies for creating classicportraits that stand the test of time

Creating flattering group portraits

Showing off your subject’s assets for thebest-possible glamour or beauty images

Michelle Perkins

The human body can be one of themost beautiful possible subjects for

photography, but posed incorrectly, eventhe most stunning model can appearunappealing, awkward, and distorted.Professional portrait photographersoften pay hundreds—if not thousands—of dollars to spend a few short hourslearning posing techniques from the masters in the field. In thisbook, highly acclaimed photographers Cherie Steinberg Cote,Rolando Gomez, Tim Kelly, Bill Lemon, Chris Nelson, LoriNordstrom, Billy Pegram, Tim Schooler, Jeff Smith, MonteZucker, and others show you how they create their signatureimages, providing a virtual master class for a fraction of the priceof a single photography seminar.

“Provides tips on how to use proper posing techniques to maximumadvantage in every field.”—Shutterbug


128 pages


175 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-211-2

$34.95 list

Order number: 2002

Michelle Perkins

From commercial imaging, to fashionphotography, to traditional portrai-

ture, the looks that are in style and themeans used to achieve them (especiallywith the advent of digital imaging) areconstantly evolving.In this book, you’ll see how top pho-

tographers produce their appealing andmarketable images. While each photographer approaches this ina unique way, their goal is the same: to create a portrait that sayssomething about the subject and satisfies—and hopefully eventhrills—their client.Packed with incredible images, along with detailed descrip-

tions on how each was created, this book will show you how torefine and enhance your lighting approach for enhanced images.

“Top photographers share tips on how to use light to create dynamicportraits. Each chapter offers an analysis of his or her signaturetechniques.”—PCPhoto

128 pages


200 color images

diagrams, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-190-0

$34.95 list

Order number: 2000

FEATURES:How top photographers light their images

Ideas for getting the best-possibleresults when working on location

Tips for fashion, wedding, and businessportraits, commercial images, and more


Page 19: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog

PHONE: 1-800-622-3278, FAX: 1-800-622-3298 19

Marilyn Sholin

Children are notoriously difficult tophotograph—especially in a studio

environment. In this book, you’ll learnhow to achieve the beautiful lighting andcharming expressions you want, evenwith little ones who find their photo ses-sion a little scary or don’t follow direc-tions well. Sholin covers everything you

need to know to maximize your technical proficiency and ampli-fy the artistry of your portraits. You’ll learn how to outfit yourstudio for your younger clients, ensure a great clothing consul-tation, create effective yet simple lighting, and set your artworkapart using Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop, and popular plug-ins. Sholin also treats you to an in-depth look at some key mar-keting and promotional strategies, ideas for enhancing yourproduct line, and more.

Studio Portrait Photography ofChildren and Babies, 3RD ED.

FEATURES:Tips for creating a child-friendly studio

What to expect during the session

Selecting the right equipment for the job

Creating painterly effects with CorelPainter

128 pages


140 color images

resources, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-212-9

$34.95 list

Order number: 1845

In this book, Marr shows you every-thing you need to know to beginsculpting light in the studio or on loca-tion. First, you’ll learn how to select thelight sources and modifiers that willwork for you—whether you prefer digi-tal capture or film photography. Next,you’ll investigate a variety of lighting

styles and learn when breaking the rules can lead to success.You’ll also learn how to best show texture in still lifes and prod-uct shots, how to work in mixed lighting conditions, and muchmore. Created for advanced amateurs and photography students,this book includes helpful lighting diagrams and practical les-sons with step-by-step text and images so photographers can fol-low along with their own equipment and subjects.

“The exercises presented for each topic make it easy to follow alongusing your own lights and subjects.”—Photo-Seminars.com

Beginner’s Guide toPhotographic Lighting

128 pages


150 color photographs

glossary, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-133-7

$34.95 list

Order number: 1785

FEATURES:Understanding the principles ofphotographic lighting

Metering and exposure techniques

Selecting the equipment that will meetyour specific needs

Don Marr

Page 20: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog


Contemporary children’s portrait pho-tographers strive to create images

that are focused on emotion, relation-ships, and storytelling—images that gofar beyond a simple likeness of the sub-ject. In this book, you’ll learn the ins andouts of accomplishing this goal. You’lllearn how to evaluate your subject’s per-sonality and sculpt your approach to the session with this knowl-edge. You will also get lighting and posing tips that will help youset the stage for capturing natural, spontaneous moments. Tipsfor targeting your desired demographic, developing an efficientworkflow, conducting effective and enticing proofing sessions,delivering your products and more round out this great book.

128 pages


240 color photographs

index, glossary

ISBN 978-1-58428-240-2

$34.95 list

Order number: 1870

FEATURES:Techniques for studio and location shots

Using an organic approach to posing

Tips for more effectively and efficientlyorganizing your business

Practical ideas for effective marketing

In a field where clients grow moredemanding and style savvy every day,

wedding photographers can’t depend onhappy accidents. To capture images thatsatisfy their clients and stand the test oftime, they must learn to inspire expres-sions, modulate lighting, pose the sub-ject in a flattering manner, adjust com-position, and interact well with the couple and their guests.

In this book, Lou Jacobs Jr. interviews ten of today’s top wed-ding pros to garner their advice on capturing great shots andconquering business basics. Each chapter features one artist’sworking habits along with fifteen to twenty of their most popu-lar and enduring images, marrying inspiration and education.


128 pages


175 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-239-6

$34.95 list

Order number: 2004

FEATURES:Marketing and promotional ideas forbigger profits

Tips for scheduling sessions, conductingconsultations, and presenting images

Insights into the inspirations, workhabits, and influences of top shooters


Lou Jacobs Jr.

TheArt ofChildren’s Portrait PhotographyTamara Lackey


Page 21: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog

PHONE: 1-800-622-3278, FAX: 1-800-622-3298 21

FEATURES:Photographing people, cars, products,food, and more

Detailed lighting diagrams

Time-saving tips for producing high-endwork on a tight budget

Robert Morrissey

Land your dream job and get a perfectshot with these expert tips from big-

league shooter Robert Morrissey. You’lllearn to present your image concept toclients, work in tight spaces, light reflec-tive objects, and evoke a mood that whetsthe appetite of the buying public. Thisbook is full of images produced for real

assignments and features detailed diagrams that reveal the tech-nical aspects of the shoot. Morrissey provides tips for setting up ashooting space, selecting an array of cost-saving light units andmodifiers, and even includes cognitive assignments to help yousolve problems and unleash your creativity.

“Includes 135 detailed lighting diagrams to help [readers] re-createeffective lighting effects.The guide features tips on selecting the rightequipment for commercial photography . . . as well as instructions forcreating simple setups to shoot products, interiors, and automobiles.”

—Studio Photography


128 pages


235 color images

diagrams, glossary, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-198-6

$34.95 list

Order number: 1833

Cliff Hollenbeck

Learn how to make big money as afreelance photographer. This book

shows you how to land the jobs youdesire and produce images that ensureyour professional longevity. You’ll learnhow to formulate a business plan, hireand manage a staff, take important legalprecautions, pay your taxes, collect on

your debts, deliver your sales pitch, design an impressive portfo-lio, and get work in the stock photography sector. Whether youare starting your first business or want to jump-start an existingone, this is the book for you.

This new edition features information on copyright protec-tion in the digital age, marketing on the Internet, business andgraphics software, a host of new resources, new images, andmore. � ENHANCED CONTENT AVAILABLE ONLINE

“This is a no-nonsense, hard-nosed, nitty-gritty exploration of a tough,competitive business.”—Popular Photography

144 pages


30 b&w photographs

sample forms, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-216-7

$34.95 list

Order number: 1856

FEATURES:Sample releases, invoices, and collectionletters

Conceptualizing a lucrative business plan

Legal protections, taxes, business codes,and more


Page 22: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog


FEATURES:Detailed diagrams that make it easy tore-create the illustrated techniques

Tips and images for a host of portraitapplications, from traditional to modern

Simple strategies for beginners and pros


Steven H. Begleiter

Providing simple lighting strategiesfor photographing people from all

walks of life—from teens to businesstycoons, to actors, artists, and models—this book allows readers to easily zero inon the type of portrait look they are afterfor their assignment or session, withoutany need to wade through superfluouswritings on the theories of lighting, fussy setups, and the like.

Filled with unique portraits and lighting diagrams, plus the“recipe” for re-creating each image, this book is an indispensableresource you will rely on in a wide range of photographic sce-narios and with an array of portrait subjects.

128 pages


150 color images

diagrams, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-242-6

$34.95 list

Order number: 1872


FEATURES:Developing a marketing plan to increasevisibility and draw more clients

Photographing religious ceremonies,sporting andVIP events, and more

Ensuring a professional code of conduct

Event Photography HandbookWilliam B. Folsom and James P. Goodridge

Event photography offers photogra-phers a new stream of revenue. It

also allows you to grow your business atyour own speed; though you need somebasic equipment to begin, you don’tneed to spend a lot of cash on equipmentuntil you are ready to move on to thenext level.

This book outlines the critical steps you must take in orderto build a thriving business. You’ll learn how to find customersand initiate contact, select the best equipment for the job, andplan and execute the photographic capture of a wide array ofevents—from anniversary photo shoots to business mixers, toribbon cuttings and rodeos, to sporting and VIP events, andmuch more.

128 pages


150 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-241-9

$34.95 list

Order number: 1871


Page 23: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog

PHONE: 1-800-622-3278, FAX: 1-800-622-3298 23



Since 2000, Kevin Kubota’s Digital Photographer’s Boot-camp™ workshops have been a major hit with profes-

sional photographers, consistently selling out venues acrossthe United States. Now, Kubota brings his ever popular, no-nonsense approach to digital capture to a comprehensive,newly revised book.

This intensive volume is designed to give professionalphotographers of all skill levels a veritable “big picture” lookat the working digital studio. Kubota takes you from startto finish—from setting up your camera to ensure the best-possible capture, to taking the image, to managing color forpredictable results and reduced headaches, to organizingyour images, to enhancing them using the latest softwaretools, and finally to printing and presenting the images toyour clients. Step-by-step instructions and ample screenshots ensure that each procedure is easy to follow.

With the same lighthearted, upbeat approach that makesKubota’s workshops a big success, this book offers indispen-sible information, plus a hefty dose of inspiration.

Digital PhotographyBoot Camp, 2ND ED.

Kevin Kubota

128 pages


180 color images


ISBN 978-1-58428-243-3

$34.95 list

Order number: 1873

FEATURES:Techniques for creativity and inspiration

RAW vs. JPEG: the main event

Downloading and storing your images

Recommended storage setups forprofessional photographers

Color management strategies for digitalphotographers

Working efficiently in Photoshop

Essential retouching techniques, from digitalliposuction to swapping body parts andcleaning up the eyes and teeth

Printing and presenting your images,from creating the perfect mood, to onlineproofing and selling, creating DVD proofs,and more


Page 24: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog


In this book, Gomez literally worksfrom head to toe, showing you how to

finesse the subject’s hair and get thebest-possible view of the eyes, nose, lips,and neck. You’ll also learn simple posingstrategies for enhancing the appearanceof the breasts, arms, abdomen, hips, but-tocks, thighs, calves, feet, and toes. Thisbook includes techniques for standing, laying, and sitting posesthat will ensure maximum curves and minimal bulk, makingeach subject look her personal best. Because of the intimatenature of such a shoot, you’ll also depend upon Gomez’s profes-sional tips for communicating with the model and ensuring thatyou are accurately conveying your artistic vision for the pose.With these timeless techniques, you’ll learn how to create imagesthat will please your clients for years to come.


PosingTechniques forGlamour Photography

128 pages


110 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-238-9

$34.95 list

Order number: 1869

FEATURES:Posing the subject to accentuate herbest features and conceal problem areas

Strategies for location and studio work

Communicating with the subject topromote a relaxed, confident mood


Rolando Gomez

With the advent of digital imaging,the popularity of glamour photog-

raphy has reached new heights. Withthis new technology, both professionalsand amateurs can create alluring imagesand maintain complete confidentialitythroughout the photographic process.

In this book, Gomez teaches you allthe skills you need to succeed, making it easy for even beginnersto get outstanding results. Each phase of the creative process isdetailed, from selecting the right scene and clothing, to posingyour subject, to creating a variety of dramatic and flatteringlighting effects. Making the book accessible for even beginners,Gomez focuses on techniques that can be achieved through thecreative, well-planned use of basic photo equipment—and evenprovides tips for getting professional results on a tight budget!

Whether you are new to glamour photography or a seasonedprofessional, the techniques and images in this book are sure toinspire! Contains lingerie, nude, and seminude images.

128 pages


200 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-183-2

$34.95 list

Order number: 1820

FEATURES:Using lighting to create mood and flatteryour subject

Marketing tips for making big money

Tips for producing outstanding portraitson a tight budget


Page 25: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog

PHONE: 1-800-622-3278, FAX: 1-800-622-3298 25

Stephen A. Dantzig

The softbox is a favorite tool ofcountless photographers. These ver-

satile units are available in a wide vari-ety of shapes and sizes and work prima-rily by producing a soft, even spread oflight from every area of the box. Thisquality of light works well for portraits;however, many photographers use them

to produce outstanding product shots and architectural images.In this book, Dantzig provides detailed discussions on the

many benefits of working with softboxes as well as tips for plac-ing and modifying the light, selecting the right softbox size andshape, and combining softboxes with other lights to ensure theultimate control. Loaded with diagrams, this unique book willprove to be an indispensible resource time and again.

“A valuable addition to any working pro’s technical library.”—Rangefinder


FEATURES:Understanding the physics of light

How softboxes work to modify the light

Using softboxes to produce portraits,fashion images, glamour shots, productshots, and interior architectural images

128 pages


260 color images

diagrams, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-202-0

$34.95 list

Order number: 1839

In this book, Bill Hurter, the editor ofRangefinder magazine, teaches you allof the classic rules of posing—as well aswhen and how you should break them.Featuring strategies and techniques forall types of portraiture (from weddingsand families, to children, to high-schoolseniors), you’ll discover a wealth of

ideas for flattering the human form. Corrective posing tech-niques are also provided, helping you to downplay your client’sperceived flaws and make every client look their best. Featuring200 beautiful portraits and advice from fifty top portrait photog-raphers, this book is filled with ideas that will help you createbetter portraits—images that will please your clients and helpyou meet your artistic and financial goals.

“Hurter’s wonderful tips are certain to push your images over the topand away from the ordinary. I highly recommend exploring the

benefits of this book for yourself.”—Shutterbug

The Portrait Photographer’sGuide to Posing

128 pages


200 color photographs

glossary, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-126-9

$34.95 list

Order number: 1779

FEATURES:Posing basics, refinements, and strategies

Corrective posing techniques that willhelp you flatter every client

Techniques for digital and film-basedphotographers

Bill Hurter

Page 26: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog


FEATURES:Finding the right light in any location

Selecting basic equipment

Modifying and supplementing existinglight for the most flattering portraits

Shaping the face and figure with light

Many professional portrait photog-raphers spend thousands of dol-

lars each year on sets and props to creatediverse portrait looks in their studios.As this book shows, however, locationportraits—images shot in parks, on citystreets, in workplaces, or in the client’shome—can actually be some of the mostunique, personalized, and salable portraits a photographer cancreate.

In this book, Jeff Smith shows you how to meet the uniquechallenges of lighting your subject on location. You’ll learn howto select the right lighting equipment for location portraiture andhow to modify ambient light to produce the most flattering por-trait effects. You’ll learn how to create a wide variety of pleasingportrait presentations, coordinate each element of the shot for aseamless look, schedule your location sessions for maximumefficiency, eliminate client no-shows, and ensure the highest-possible profits by presenting your portraits immediately afterthe session.


128 pages


170 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-209-9

$34.95 list

Order number: 1841

Chris Nelson

Increase your profitability as you cre-ate beautiful glamour images that keepyour clients coming back for more.

In this book, Chris Nelson intro-duces you to the five subgenres of glam-our photography, providing you withguidelines for creating images that willsuit every client’s comfort level. You’lllearn to create a comfortable, inviting studio environment; workwith clients to build trust and establish rapport that lets themshine in front of the camera; analyze each client’s figure andfacial structure for a flattering, personalized approach; and howto pose and light lingerie, seminude, and nude images—in thestudio or on location. You’ll also discover a wide range of step-by-step digital image enhancement strategies and get an in-depthlook at the marketing and sales techniques you need to create ademand for your unique brand of glamour photography.

128 pages


200 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-201-3

$34.95 list

Order number: 1836

FEATURES:Identifying the five subgenres of glamour

Building a profitable glamour life cycle

Establishing rapport with your models

E-diets, eye and lip enhancements, andother digital fixes

Master Guide forGlamour PhotographyDIGITAL TECHNIQUES AND IMAGES

Page 27: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog

PHONE: 1-800-622-3278, FAX: 1-800-622-3298 27

Bill Hurter

Wedding photography is one of thehottest, most competitive, and cre-

ative of the photographic genres. In thisbook, Hurter introduces the terms, tech-niques, and strategies you need to jointhe ranks of photographers producingsuperb images with unbridled artistry.Packed with images and insights from

over forty top wedding photographers, this book will help youachieve increased technical proficiency, enhanced creativeexpression, and bigger sales.

This book features techniques and images by Michael Ayers,Stuart Bebb, David Beckstead, Marcus Bell, Clay Blackmore, JoeBuissink, Drake Busath, Ron Capobianco, Anthony Cava, FrankCava, Mike Colon, Mauricio Donelli, Jerry Ghionis, ClaudeJodoin, Kevin Kubota, Joe Photo, Kenneth Sklute, Monte Zucker,and more!

Wedding Photographer’sHandbook

FEATURES:Preparing to capture key moments

Posing, lighting, and capture strategiesfor top-quality wedding photos

Designing a complete digital workflow

Ideas for designing flawless albums

128 pages


190 color photographs

glossary, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-192-4

$34.95 list

Order number: 1827

Working with children is one ofthe most challenging endeavors a

photographer is likely to face. In thisbook, Lou Jacobs Jr. interviews fifteen ofthe industry’s top photographers, shar-ing their approach to children’s portrai-ture. You’ll gain insight into the equip-ment the pros rely on for studio and

location work and will learn a variety of tried-and-true strategiesfor helping kids warm up to the camera, building an efficientlighting setup, solidifying the portrait concept, selecting cloth-ing, and more. You’ll also discover great tips for promoting yourstudio, proofing your images, and establishing rapport withclients that keeps them coming back for more.

Each chapter in this book is illustrated with striking imagescreated by a single photographer, making the volume a fabulouscreative resource as well as an educational tool.

Professional Children’sPortrait Photography


128 pages


200 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-205-1

$34.95 list

Order number: 2001

FEATURES:Winning the subject’s cooperation andconducting an efficient session

Lighting strategies for young subjects

Tips for presenting images, expandingyour product line, and more

Lou Jacobs Jr.

Page 28: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog


FEATURES:Understanding the goals of good posing

Crafting feminine and masculine poses

Standing, seated, and floor presentations

Strategies for individuals, couples, andgroups

Learn the critical skills you need tosculpt flattering poses with minimal

effort for maximum results. This bookis packed with good and not-so-goodposing examples that clearly illustratethe simple steps you can take to flattereach and every client and build moredynamic, salable portraits.

This image-intensive book shows you how to pose every partof the body for a wide range of portrait looks—from casual, tosensual, to formal, for female and male subjects. You’ll learnhow to best present individuals and couples, as well as small andlarge groups. In addition, you’ll find helpful tips and techniquesfor creating special types of images, such as wedding and glam-our portraits.

“Phillips’ lessons are easy to utilize, and that makes this guide amust-have addition to your personal library.”—Shutterbug

128 pages


260 color photographs

glossary, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-170-2

$34.95 list

Order number: 1810

Norman Phillips


FEATURES:Concealing flaws with shadow

Trimming the waist and concealingproblems in the neck and chin area

Addressing your subjects’ age- andweight-related issues

Jeff Smith

Whether it’s acne, protruding ears,not-so-white teeth, a double chin,

or extra weight around the middle,every subject has something about theirappearance they’d prefer not to see intheir portraits. What many photogra-phers don’t realize is that their ability toconceal these flaws in their images canmean the difference between financial success and ruin.

In this step-by-step guide, Jeff Smith shows you how to tack-le the subject’s problem area successfully (and tactfully).

With a combined approach that includes careful lighting, ex-pert posing, and retouching, you’ll be able to quickly and easilycorrect flaws and deliver portraits your clients will love.

“Simple tricks of the trade will enable you to bring out the best inevery subject.This comprehensive book will quickly prove its worth.”—Shutterbug

128 pages


200 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-157-3

$34.95 list

Order number: 1711

CorrectiveLighting, Posing, and RetouchingFOR DIGITAL PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS, 2ND ED.

Page 29: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog

PHONE: 1-800-622-3278, FAX: 1-800-622-3298 29

Marcus Bell

Marcus Bell is an internationallyacclaimed photographer whose

powerful images evoke emotion, demandrespect, and stand out from the competi-tion. In this book, Bell shares a com-pelling combination of gorgeous imagesand hard-won advice on everything fromdeveloping your creative vision, to tailor-

ing your shot list, to flawlessly capturing each and every crucialshot, to producing timeless fine-art prints and stunning albums,and even creating a lifelong photographer–client relationship.You’ll also get tips for capturing the unique mood of each wed-ding, retouching your images and adding creative effects inPhotoshop, and creating an evocative image presentation.

“Internationally acclaimed photographer Marcus Bell uses his yearsof expertise to create this highly informative guide on the

art of wedding photography.”—Shutterbug

Master’s Guide toWedding Photography

FEATURES:Tips for effortlessly managing the shootat any location

Working unobtrusively to captureunbridled emotion

Paper choices, matting, and framing

128 pages


200 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-197-9

$34.95 list

Order number: 1832

Agood pose is critical to the successof any portrait. Though there are

several books on the market devoted toposing adults, they don’t arm you withthe unique set of skills you need to pro-duce flattering, salable images of youryoungest portrait subjects.In this unique book, Phillips draws

upon his own experience and that of some of the other top chil-dren’s photographers, compiling a wide range of portrait exam-ples, insights, and strategies for producing memorable, cutting-edge, and timeless images. You’ll learn how to ensure the best-possible presentation of infants, engage fast-moving toddlers,select appropriate props and locations, and position older kids,preteens, and teens to create unforgettable images that evokeemotion and ensure great sales. Filled with step-by-step tips forposing boys, girls, twins and triplets, and groups, on location orin the studio, this is one book that you’ll rely on time and again.


128 pages


305 color images

diagrams, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-191-7

$34.95 list

Order number: 1826

FEATURES:Posing ideas for babies too young to sit

Selecting the posing aids that are bestsuited to your client

Formal and casual posing for indoor andoutdoor locations

Norman Phillips

Page 30: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog


FEATURES:Tips for posing couples, families, bridalparties, and other small and large groups

Lighting and posing tips from top pros

Color diagrams that illustrate keyconcepts required for polished portraits

Of all of the portrait specialties, pho-tographing groups may well be the

most challenging. In this book, Hurtertakes a critical and detailed look into theart of group portraiture, providing all ofthe information you need to select thebest equipment for the job, find greatlocations, and build effective groupingsthat add a dynamic feel to the portrait. You’ll also learn how toflatter individual subjects and create a cohesive look in the por-trait. Covering tips for working with groups of all sizes, fromcouples to the staff of giant corporations, this book providesstrategies you can rely on to yield unmatched results.

“[From] posing and composition, to technical aspects of focusing andlighting, this handbook addresses concerns for both amateur andprofessional photographers.”—PhotoSource.com

128 pages


150 color photographs

glossary, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-159-7

$34.95 list

Order number: 1740

Kevin Newsome

Trends in children’s portrait photog-raphy have changed dramatically

since the dawn of the digital age. Duringthe ’80s and ’90s, children’s portraitswere dominated by a wide array of propsand sets. Today, a whole new look hasemerged: the photojournalistic portrait.This book shows you how to take advan-tage of your young subject’s animated state to capture imagesthat show their personality and document their particular stageof development. You’ll discover tips for shooting the engagingand profit-enhancing photojournalistic images parents love aswell as the traditional portraits that ensure wall-portrait sales.You’ll also get some hard-earned advice on developing sales andmarketing techniques that will ensure bigger profits.

“Provides advice on adapting the popular photojournalistic style tocapture stunning, modern child portraits.”—Shutterbug

128 pages


150 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-206-8

$34.95 list

Order number: 1843

FEATURES:Commonsense tips for streamliningyour studio’s operations

Maximizing your client consultations

Age-specific tips for capturing subjects’personalities and developmental stages

Children’s Portrait PhotographyA PHOTOJOURNALISTIC APPROACH

Group PortraitPhotography Handbook2ND ED.

Bill Hurter

Page 31: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog

PHONE: 1-800-622-3278, FAX: 1-800-622-3298 31

Jeff Smith

The human form, masterfully posed,can be one of the most beautiful

subjects on earth. Handled poorly, thatsame subject can appear awkward andunappealing. Whether you’re just start-ing out in the business or are looking toexpand your posing repertoire, this bookwill show you how to craft an array of

polished, dynamic poses that accent your client’s best features.Starting with the head and shoulders, you’ll learn to best

pose the parts of the body that appear in every portrait. Posingstrategies for the arms and hands are detailed, with ideas formen and women. Next, Smith provides tips for flattering thetorso, slimming the hips and thighs, and posing the feet.

With corrective posing tips, a look at the various posing gen-res, and even pointers on how not to pose, this is a resourceyou’ll use time and again.

Posing for Portrait PhotographyA HEAD-TO-TOE GUIDE

FEATURES:Determining what poses will best suitan individual subject’s needs

Tips for all types of portraits—head-and-shoulders shots to full-length shots

Tailoring the pose to each subject

128 pages


175 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-134-4

$34.95 list

Order number: 1786

For the subjects, family portraits pro-vide cherished memories of how a

family looked “back then” and docu-ment the family’s growth as new gener-ations are added. For the photographer,however, family portraits are a challengethat will draw on all of your skills. Withthis book, you will master the technical

and creative elements of working with families to produce com-pelling portraits. You’ll learn what qualities good family portraitsshare, how to select the best lenses and camera settings for fam-ily group portraiture, and how to use basic posing strategies toensure every subject looks his or her best. You’ll also learn howto create posing hierarchies and pleasing compositional formsand to conquer the special challenges photographers face whenphotographing families in the studio or on location.

The Best ofFamily Portrait Photography


128 pages


200 color photographs

glossary, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-172-6

$34.95 list

Order number: 1812

FEATURES:Understanding the qualities that define atop-quality, professional family portrait

Indoor and outdoor lighting techniques

Posing strategies for group portraits

Composition tips for dynamic images

Bill Hurter

Page 32: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog


FEATURES:Building a relationship with your subjectfor increased comfort on the shoot

Evaluating poses and tailoring them toeach subject’s appearance and personality

Basic dos and don’ts for posing success

It’s been said that posing is 80 percentmental and 20 percent physical. Thismeans that behind every great pose is aconfident photographer who is able toearn the trust of their client and able toposition each area of the body in a waythat flatters the human form, downplaysperceived flaws, and conveys the person-ality of the client and the intended mood of the portrait. Thisbook provides tips for using posing tools, meeting the challengesof posing on location, and posing with vehicles, pets, and otherstorytelling elements. The book’s final chapter includes special-ized strategies for photographing children, brides, couples, groups,pets, and more.

“Full of excellent example pictures of both good and not-so-goodposes.There is even a special chapter on posing challenges that I foundvery useful. A fantastic photographic resource.”—Photo-Seminars.com


128 pages


90 color images


ISBN 978-1-58428-057-6

$34.95 list

Order number: 1722

J. D. Wacker

Stephen A. Dantzig

Outdoor lighting is much more vari-able than studio lighting, but the

payoffs of mastering the light in such sit-uations are well worth the effort.

In this book, Dantzig provides acomprehensive look at lighting, teachingyou all of the skills you need to producethe very best portrait results. He pres-ents dozens of images (including several before-and-after shotsand multi-image sequences) and shows how each portrait wascreated. Step-by-step text makes it easy to learn how to use nat-ural light; to understand when and how to supplement that lightwith flash fill, barebulb, and strobes; and how to select and uselight modifiers for the most flattering effects.

Numerous detailed lighting diagrams are provided, showingyou how to re-create the lighting styles that top-notch profes-sionals use to produce their perfectly rendered images.

128 pages


200 color images

diagrams, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-185-6

$34.95 list

Order number: 1821

FEATURES:Using simple calculations to predict theeffects of natural light

Modifying light for the best effects

Adding fill flash, barebulb, and strobe toenhance existing light


Page 33: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog

PHONE: 1-800-622-3278, FAX: 1-800-622-3298 33

Renowned glamour photographerRolando Gomez teaches you every-

thing you need to know to create beauti-ful portraits with a touch of Hollywoodglamour and elegance that your femaleclients will be sure to love—and portraitrecipients will adore. You’ll learn how tointegrate glamour work into your stu-

dio’s repertoire to enhance your profits and increase your clientbase. You’ll also learn simple strategies for working with subjectsto ensure their comfort in front of the camera, building an effec-tive lighting setup, selecting the best clothing for the overall por-trait concept, and developing a posing strategy that shows off thesubject’s assets to best effect and downplays any perceived flaws.Finally, you’ll discover numerous time-tested tips for establish-ing your business, setting prices, and marketing your work. Thisbook includes fully clothed, seminude, and nude subjects in avariety of glamour portrait styles.

FEATURES:Ensuring your client’s comfort

Creating a portrait concept that suitsthe subject’s personality

Showcasing your subject’s assets anddownplaying flaws

128 pages


150 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-210-5

$34.95 list

Order number: 1842

Learn how adding team sports pho-tography to your repertoire—or spe-

cializing in this subgenre—can help yourealize your financial goals. Williamsteaches you the skills you need to hit theground running. You’ll learn how toselect the right equipment, find work,hire reliable assistants who will help you

earn repeat business, and how to work with kids, coaches, andschool personnel. Williams also offers hard-earned advice oncrafting and pricing portrait packages, diversifying your productline, making the sale, and delivering the finished portraits. Withtips for improving your business and interpersonal skills, thiswell-rounded, comprehensive book is a resource you’ll rely ontime and again.

“Williams’ advice is certain to help you reach your goal andstay ahead of the crowd.”—Shutterbug

Master Guide forTeam Sports Photography

128 pages


120 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-215-0

$34.95 list

Order number: 1850

FEATURES:Selecting and using digital cameras, flashequipment, and more

Posing tips for individuals and teams

Identifying profit-enhancing packages andproducts

James Williams


Page 34: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog


LightingTechniques forLow Key Portrait PhotographyNorman Phillips

Creating a low key portrait (one withprimarily dark tones) seems simple in

theory, but it presents some unique chal-lenges. This book shows you how to createan effective studio setup, use windowlight, and employ natural light on location.You’ll also learn what colors can be usedin the subject’s clothing, the background,and any props that may be used. Because exposing for a low keyimage is critical, you’ll also learn metering techniques that allowyou to accurately capture each portrait.

128 pages


100 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-120-7

$34.95 list

Order number: 1773

LightingTechniques forHigh Key Portrait PhotographyNorman Phillips

In a high key image, the overall tonalrange is primarily white or light. Whilecreating a high key portrait seems simplein theory, achieving this classic look pres-ents numerous challenges. In this book,Phillips teaches you how to make the mostof every high key portrait. You’ll learnhow to meter for perfect exposures, selectan ideal background (then modify it for increased interest), andcompose client-pleasing, elegant, high key images your clients willlove.

128 pages


100 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-075-0

$34.95 list

Order number: 1736


Legal HandbookNorman Phillips and Christopher S. Nudo, Esq.

Alawsuit can be financially crippling,but establishing the terms of your

photographer–client agreement from thebeginning of the relationship can greatlyreduce the potential for problems. Thiscomprehensive book provides sample let-ters, contracts, and forms, serving as acritical resource for every wedding andportrait photographer. � ENHANCED CONTENT AVAILABLE ONLINE

“Includes sample forms and contracts as well as concise, jargon-freeexplanations of legal concepts for the working photographer.”—PC Photo

160 pages


45 sample forms


ISBN 978-1-58428-148-1

$29.95 list

Order number: 1796

Page 35: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog

PHONE: 1-800-622-3278, FAX: 1-800-622-3298 35

Amiddle key portrait—one with anoverall density equivalent to no

more than half a stop lighter than 18percent reflectance and no more thantwo stops darker than 18 percentreflectance—can be flattering whenphotographing women because it allowsfor the use of soft, gentle tones. A mid-

dle key approach is also great for photographing men, children,and weddings without a high-contrast, dramatic feel. In thisbook, you’ll learn to meet the posing, lighting, clothing, and com-positional challenges inherent in working in middle key. You’llalso learn how Phillips and twelve other pros conceptualize, cap-ture, and finesse their images, how to create specialized images,like fine art or glamour portraits, and more.


128 pages


175 color photographs

diagrams, glossary, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-231-0

$34.95 list

Order number: 1863

FEATURES:Lighting techniques for polished studioor location images

Choosing the right clothing, props, andbackgrounds for middle key portraits

Working with women, men, and kids


Ensure every woman who steps infront of your lens looks her person-

al best with the tips and techniques fea-tured in this unique book. Providingimages and strategies culled from overa dozen contributors, veteran photogra-pher Norman Phillips teaches you all ofthe skills you need to create poses that

flatter the female form. You’ll learn how to attain classic posesthat are well suited to traditional portraits as well as poses thatsuit the more daring, edgy looks that many women prefer. Aidedby numerous detailed lighting diagrams, you’ll also learn how tocreate simple and complex lighting setups, how to modify yourlight sources for increased control, and how to reproduce someof the image concepts favored by those at the top of their field.

This book features techniques and images from fifteen pros,including Edda Taylor, Dave Newman, Michael Ayers, Tom Lee,Rick Ferro, Stephen Dantzig, Jeff and Kathleen Hawkins, andothers.



128 pages


200 color images

diagrams, glossary, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-221-1

$34.95 list

Order number: 1848

FEATURES:Posing and lighting concepts that sculptand flatter the female form

Using highlight and shadow to sculptand flatter each subject’s unique beauty

Strategies for individuals and groups

Norman Phillips

Norman Phillips

Page 36: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog


Professional FilterTechniquesfor Digital PhotographersStan Sholik

Find the filters you need to amplifyyour images and hone your personal

style! Perfect for every photographer, frombeginner to pro, this guide provides adetailed look at traditional (“hardware”)filters and digital (“software”) types.

“Discover how using filters can improve yourshots with some help from this reference book.Tips for using on-camerafilters, choosing a camera filter system, selecting different kinds of filtersand more are explained.”—PCPhoto


Tom Lee

Tackling digital workflow is often citedas the most difficult aspect of digital

photography. This book smooths out thelearning curve and guides you through thecritical techniques you need to succeed.Lee shows you how to ensure the best-possible capture, fine-tune sharpness andexposure, and achieve good, consistentcolor, thereby reducing the amount of time required to processyour images in postproduction. You’ll also learn to retouch images,add artistic effects using Photoshop, and more.

128 pages


150 color images

graphs, charts, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-200-6

$34.95 list

Order number: 1835

The Photographer’s Guide toColor ManagementPhil Nelson

Adigital workflow includes an array ofdevices that can perceive, display, or

render image color differently. This canlead photographers to alter what looksgreat on screen to produce a good print,and that may lead to more image editing,printing, etc., until the print looks right.

This book will help you to easily elim-inate problems and achieve consistent, predictable results.

“Learn how to maintain consistent color management of your imagesthroughout [the] workflow on multiple devices. . . .”—PCPhoto

128 pages


175 color images


ISBN 978-1-58428-204-4

$34.95 list

Order number: 1838

128 pages


150 color images

graphs, chart, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-196-2

$34.95 list

Order number: 1831

Page 37: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog

PHONE: 1-800-622-3278, FAX: 1-800-622-3298 37

Rangefinder’sProfessional Photography

Bill Hurter, Ed.

Rangefinder editor Bill Hurter presentsover a hundred “recipes” from the

magazine’s RF Cookbook series, providinga blueprint you can use to duplicate thefeatured image styles. You can also use thewide range of tips presented as a spring-board for producing your own work.

“[P]hotographers who include Monte Zucker,Tony Sweet, andGigi Clark . . . provide advice on spicing up your wedding and portrait

photography with stunning results.”—Shutterbug

128 pages


150 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-193-1

$34.95 list

Order number: 1828


Ernst Wildi

Learn to create the most dynamic, pow-erful images possible. Straightforward

text is paired with before-and-after pho-tos, showing you how each technique willaffect your photos. This book also coversthe unique concerns inherent in workingwith human subjects, architectural sub-jects, moving subjects, and more.

“This beautifully designed book represents this master photographer’smagnum opus on the subject of composition.”—Shutterbug

128 pages


150 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-179-5

$34.95 list

Order number: 1817


Craig Alesse

Written and fully illustrated in a step-by-step format, this popular book

teaches beginners the basics of using the35mm format. Alesse provides instructionon loading and unloading your camera,focusing, achieving a perfect exposure,working with digital cameras, and more,making this a guide no beginner can do

without. Over 208,000 copies sold worldwide!

“Covers what the camera’s instruction manual left out.”—Popular Photography

108 pages


178 b&w photographs

glossary, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-030-9

$12.95 list

Order number: 1051

Page 38: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog


The Best ofProfessional Digital PhotographyBill Hurter

Learn how the world’s finest photogra-phers craft their images, work with

clients, and raise the bar for other photog-raphers. In this book, you’ll learn aboutthe advantages of working digitally, whatfeatures to consider when shopping for anSLR, how to choose studio lighting equip-ment, and more. You’ll also discover fail-safe tips for preventing color shifts and ensuring consistent colorfrom image to image! Covering a wide array of topics related to allaspects of digital capture, this book offers something for everyone.

Legal Handbookfor Photographers, 2ND ED.Bert Krages, Esq.

Photographers who don’t understandtheir most basic rights regarding what,

where, and when they can photograph arelikely to put themselves at risk. In thisbook, Krages provides solid advice oneverything from photographing on privateproperty or at crime scenes, to dealingwith equipment seizures, helping youmake informed decisions about what and where you can shoot.

“ . . . navigate the often confusing maze of laws and rights with the helpof this informative handbook.”—Shutterbug

128 pages


80 b&w photographs

sample letters, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-194-8

$34.95 list

Order number: 1829

The Best ofAdobe® Photoshop®

Bill Hurter

Unleash your creative potential withthe techniques outlined in this book.

Rangefinder editor Bill Hurter calls uponthe industry’s top photographers to sharetheir strategies for using Photoshop tointensify and sculpt their photos. You’lllearn how to refine each and every aspectof your image editing—from color man-agement, to retouching, to adding traditional and special effects, tooutput. No matter your photographic specialty, you’ll find inspira-tion in the pages of this unique book.

128 pages


200 color photographs

glossary, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-181-8

$34.95 list

Order number: 1818

128 pages


200 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-188-7

$34.95 list

Order number: 1824

Page 39: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog

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Master Guide forUnderwater Digital Photography

Jack and Sue Drafahl

This comprehensive guide from thepreeminent underwater photo duo,

Jack and Sue Drafahl, teaches you how toselect the best underwater equipment,select the best camera settings for aquaticwork, and carefully choose and use thebest lighting strategies. You’ll also discov-er tips for ensuring the proper color bal-

ance, sharp focus, and reducing backscatter. The Drafahls alsoshow you how to adjust your approach to include people in theshoot and to create close-up and super-macro images.

128 pages


250 color images


ISBN 978-1-58428-166-5

$34.95 list

Order number: 1807

Adobe® Photoshop® forUnderwater Photographers

Jack and Sue Drafahl

In this sequel to Digital Imaging for theUnderwater Photographer, the Drafahlsshow you how to use Photoshop and awhole host of plug-ins to solve a widerange of unique image problems specificto underwater photography. You’ll learnhow to use Levels and Curves to correctcolor problems and improve exposure and

contrast; remove backscatter, artifacts, and other distracting imageelements; create actions for high-speed image editing; compositeimage elements, create montages, and much more.

224 pages


220 color images


ISBN 978-1-58428-189-4

$39.95 list

Order number: 1825

Digital Imaging for theUnderwater Photographer, 2ND ED.

Jack and Sue Drafahl

Focusing on the aspects of digital imag-ing that are most important to digital

photographers, this popular guide showsyou how to restore damaged images, cor-rect flaws common to underwater photos,and show off your underwater shots tobest effect. Includes tips for using Pho-toshop and other popular applications.

“This 224-page paperback is chock full of photos explaining thecomputer techniques for top-quality images.”—Undercurrent

224 pages


240 color images


ISBN 978-1-58428-167-2

$39.95 list

Order number: 1727

Page 40: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog




Outdoor andLocation PortraitPhotography

The changing light and complex settings of outdoorand location portraiture pose many challenges forphotographers. Allen teaches the critical skills—from selecting portable lighting to eliminating light-ing and exposure problems to create attractive, con-sistent photos. $34.95 list, 8.5x11, 128p, 150 colorphotos. (ISBN 978-1-58428-077-4) Order no. 1741.

J. J. Allen

CreativeLightingTechniquesFOR STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHERS, 2ND ED.

Achieve complete control over light and shadow for-mation to create images that capture the uniqueshape, color, texture, and character of your subject.Using images from real assignments, the book pro-vides concrete, practical examples to illustrate eachidea. $34.95 list, 8.5x11, 128p, 100 color images.(ISBN 978-1-58428-003-3) Order no. 1666.

Dave Montizambert


Digital PortraitPhotography Studio

Learn to finesse your image capture, optimize yourworkflow, market your work, and run a thrivingportrait studio. This book contains techniques andimages from nearly twenty top digital photographers.� ENHANCED CONTENT AVAILABLE ONLINE $39.95 list, 6x9,224p, 150 color photographs. (ISBN 978-1-58428-171-9) Order no. 1811.

Lou Jacobs Jr.


Get the can’t-miss tips you need to perfect yourlighting in the studio or outdoors, create flatteringposes, and supercharge your marketing. With anincreased focus on working digitally and beautifulnew images, this new edition will help you achieveyour goals. $34.95 list, 8.5x11, 128p, 125 color photos.(ISBN 978-1-58428-142-9) Order no. 1649.

Rick Ferro


Gain insight into the psychology of posing and learnto carefully sculpt your lighting to ensure outstand-ing images that flatter your every client. $34.95 list,8.5x11, 128p, 100 color images. (ISBN 978-1-58428-031-6) Order no. 1697.

“Be sure to add this title to your library.”—Shutterbug

J. J. Allen

Family PortraitPhotographyPROFESSIONAL


Learn to create masterful studio and location familyportraits. In this book, Boursier shows you how tofind the most flattering light, expertly pose familygroups, and enhance your presentation and market-ing skills to command your highest-ever profits.$29.95 list, 8.5x11, 128p, 100 b&w/color images.(ISBN 978-0-936262-75-8) Order no. 1629.

Helen T. Boursier

Page 41: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog

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Marketing & SellingTECHNIQUES FOR


Filled with tips from the pros,sample forms and letters, andbeautiful images, this book showsyou how to update your sales andmarketing strategies to meet thedemands of shooting digitally.$34.95 list, 8.5x11, 128p, 110 colorimages, Hawkins. (ISBN 978-1-58428-163-4) Order no. 1804.

Black &WhitePhotography


The digital darkroom allows forunprecedented control and repro-ducibility—without toxic chemi-cals. This book teaches you howto finesse your files to producequality black & white prints.$34.95 list, 8.5x11, 128p, 150 b&w/color images, Hamilton. (ISBN 978-1-58428-173-3) Order no. 1813.

Wedding PhotographyWITH ADOBE® PHOTOSHOP®

Make your images look their best,add artistic effects, and boostsales. With tips for color correc-tion, retouching, creating savvymarketing pieces, and more, thisbook shows you how to use Pho-toshop to reach your professionalgoals. $34.95 list, 8.5x11, 128p,150 color images, Ferro. (ISBN 978-1-58428-095-8) Order no. 1753.


Natural LightPortrait PhotographyLearn the strategies you need towork with direct sun and use win-dow light, porch light, and shadeto create the simple style andspontaneous, casual portrait feelyour clients are seeking. $34.95list, 8.5x11, 128p, 80 color photos,Box. (ISBN 978-1-58428-045-3)Order no. 1706.


DigitalWeddingPhotography, 2ND ED.

Learn to select the right equip-ment, discuss digital technologywith your clients, increase yourclient base, refine your workflowfor maximum productivity andbigger profits, and much more.$34.95 list, 8.5x11, 128p, 95 colorimages, Hawkins. (ISBN 978-1-58428-110-8) Order no. 1735.


Nude & GlamourPhotography

Create evocative, tastefully ren-dered nude and lingerie images.Lemon analyzes over a hundredof his top portraits, showing youhow to duplicate or adapt each ofhis techniques. $34.95 list, 8.5x11,128p, 110 color/b&w photographs,Lemon. (ISBN 978-1-58428-178-8) Order no. 1816.

Page 42: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog


IntoYour DarkroomStep by Step


Set up and use your darkroom tocreate images that are less expen-sive and better printed than thosemade in a commercial lab. Cleartext and ample illustrations willquickly bring you up to speed.$24.95 list, 8.5x11, 96p, 100 b&wphotos, Curtin. (ISBN 978-0-936262-06-2) Order no. 1093.

BuildYour OwnHome Darkroom


Learn to build a darkroom in yourbasement, bathroom, spare room,or closet. This book includes texton darkroom design, woodwork-ing, ventilation, enlargers, lightboxes, and much more. $17.95list, 8.5x11, 160p, 100 b&w photos,Duren and McDonald. (ISBN 978-0-936262-04-8) Order no. 1092.

Macro & Close-UpPhotographyHandbook

Learn all the skills you need tocapture the details of small sub-jects. Insightful text and amazing-ly sharp images illustrate howeach technique can be used suc-cessfully every time. $29.95 list,8.5x11, 112p, 80 b&w/color photos,Sholik and Eggers. (ISBN 978-1-58428-026-2) Order no. 1686.

Digital InfraredPhotography


Create powerful infrared imageswithout the cost or hassle of usingfilm. With a digital camera, prop-er filtration, and Photoshop, youcan break through your creativeboundaries and increase your prof-its. $29.95 list, 8.5x11, 128p, 100b&w/color photos, Rice (ISBN 978-1-58428-144-3) Order no. 1792.


Fashion and GlamourPhotography

Learn to use light to evoke a mys-terious feel, a playful quality, or asun-kissed portrait look. Dantzigshows you how to select the rightequipment for the session, createlighting setups, and much more.$29.95 list, 8.5x11, 128p, 185 colorimages, Dantzig. (ISBN 978-1-58428-147-4) Order no. 1795.

ProfessionalModel Portfolios


Amplify your client’s potential infront of the camera and in hercareer. You’ll learn how to workwith new models, create diverseportraits, design an effective port-folio, and much more. $34.95 list,8.5x11, 128p, 100 color photos,Pegram. (ISBN 978-1-58428-137-5) Order no. 1789.

Page 43: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog

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Photographing Childrenwith Special NeedsLearn to work with parents, caregivers, andspecial-needs kids for a fun, safe portrait ses-sion. This unique book will prepare you to cap-ture the personalities of each subject with con-fidence. $29.95 list, 8.5x11, 128p, 100 colorphotos, Dórame. (ISBN 978-1-58428-086-6)Order no. 1749.


Get the sales and marketing tips you need tostart a new studio or enhance an existing one.$34.95 list, 8.5x11, 128p, 80 color photos, Haw-kins. (ISBN 978-1-58428-180-1) Order no. 1815.

Professional Secrets ofWedding Photography, 2ND ED.Get perfect wedding pictures with the tips out-lined in this book. Each image is paired withexposure settings and a lighting diagram, allow-ing you to easily re-create these prized portraitlooks. $34.95 list, 8.5x11, 128p, 140 color pho-tos, Box. (ISBN 978-1-58428-087-3) Order no.1658.

Don'tTake My Picture! 4TH ED.This classic guide to taking great point-and-shootimages includes advice on everything from cam-era selection to presenting your photos. Perfectfor the digital or film photographer, this book willput you on the fast track to better images. $9.95list, 6x9, 104p, 100 b&w photos, Alesse. (ISBN978-1-58428-156-6) Order no. 1099.

How to Create a High ProfitPhotography BusinessIN ANY MARKET

Take advantage of every opportunity to boostyour sales and increase profits. Williams offersadvice on creating standout marketing, maxi-mizing customer service, and more. $34.95 list,8.5x11, 128p, 200 color images, Williams.(ISBN 978-1-58428-182-5) Order no. 1819.

The Bride’s Guide toWedding PhotographyGet the wedding photography of your dreamswith tips from the pros. Perfect for brides or asa client sign-on bonus. $14.95 list, 9x6, 112p,115 color photos, Hawkins. (ISBN 978-1-58428-094-1) Order no. 1755.

The Beginner’s Guide toPinhole PhotographyCreate a simple working camera with basichousehold items. The resulting film can beprocessed at home—and you’ll be surprised bythe quality! $17.95 list, 8.5x11, 80p, 40 b&wphotos, Shull. (ISBN 978-0-936262-70-3) Orderno. 1578.


Black &White DigitalPhotographyEnhance your black & white images by ensur-ing the critical elements—contrast, composi-tion, and graphic appeal—are at their very best.$29.95 list, 8.5x11, 128p, 175 b&w/color im-ages, Rice. (ISBN 978-1-58428-149-8) Orderno. 1798.

The Digital Darkroom Guidewith Adobe® Photoshop®

This book shows you how to easily adjust thebrightness, contrast, and color balance of yourphotos to produce beautiful, fine-art photos.$29.95 list, 8.5x11, 128p, 140 color images,Hamilton. (ISBN 978-1-58428-121-4) Orderno. 1775.

ProfessionalTechniques forPet and Animal PhotographyIf you’ve mastered portrait photography andwant to try your hand at pets and animals, thetips and tricks in this book will pave the way tosuccess. $29.95 list, 8.5x11, 128p, 110 colorphotos, Muska. (ISBN 978-1-58428-100-9)Order no. 1759.

Photographic LensesProviding discussions on low-dispersion glass,aspheric lens elements, apochromatic lenses,and much more, this book will show you howto choose and use lenses for enhanced images.$29.95 list, 8.5x11, 128p, 100 color photos,Wildi. (ISBN 978-1-58428-058-3) Order no.1723.

CreativeTechniquesfor Color PhotographyLearn everything you need to know aboutworking with color for dramatic results. Lanecovers the effects of time of day, weather, colortemperature, and filters on the final image,showing you how to create the intense, vividimages you desire. $29.95 list, 8.5x11, 128p,250 color photos, Lane. (ISBN 978-1-58428-104-7) Order no. 1764.

Page 44: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog


Color Correctionand Enhancement


Learn how to expertly restore thecolor and contrast to faded oryellowed prints, eliminate colorcasts, maximize color, ensureconsistent color from image toimage, and more! $29.95 list,8.5x11, 128p, 300 color images,Perkins. (ISBN 978-1-58428-123-4) Order no. 1776.

TraditionalPhotographic EffectsWITH ADOBE® PHOTOSHOP®, 2ND ED.

Use Photoshop to create a widearray of photo-enhancing tradi-tional effects—from solarization,to posterization, to toning andhandcoloring—right from yourcomputer. $29.95 list, 8.5x11,128p, 150 color images, Perkins.(ISBN 978-1-58428-109-2) Orderno. 1721.


Adobe® Photoshop®

ElementsElements offers most of the fun-ctionality of Photoshop at a frac-tion of the price. Make the mostof your images using this power-ful program! � ENHANCED CONTENT

AVAILABLE ONLINE$29.95 list, 8.5x11,128p, 300 color images, Perkins.(ISBN 978-1-58428-138-2) Orderno. 1790.

The Practical Guideto Digital Imaging

Master the terms, techniques,and technologies you need toreap all of the benefits that work-ing digitally offers. This guide isperfect for serious amateurs whowant to quickly gain footing inthe field. $29.95 list, 8.5x11,128p, 150 color images, Perkins.(ISBN 978-1-58428-150-4) Orderno. 1799.



Reach for your camera, and thenreach for the stars! If you’ve everwanted to capture the glory of ashooting star, take a shot of aplanet, or photograph an under-examined subject, this book is foryou. $29.95 list, 8.5x11, 128p, 100color photos, Krages. (ISBN 978-1-58428-116-0) Order no. 1769.

Digital LandscapePhotography


Take your compositional skills tothe next level, make the most oftexture-enhancing highlights andshadows, learn how to get theperfect exposure, employ simpledigital fixes in postproduction,and communicate the true beautyof any natural scene. $17.95 list,9x9, 112p, 120 color images,Perkins. (ISBN 978-1-58428-151-1) Order no. 1800.

Page 45: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog

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PosingTechniques forDigital Portraits

What makes professional portraits sobeautiful? A lot of it comes down tocareful posing. With the simple step-by-step techniques posing guru JeffSmith outlines in these pages, you’lldiscover how easy it is to create moreflattering, professional-looking images! $14.95 list, 6x9,96p, 100 color photos, Smith. (ISBN 978-1-58428-155-9)Order no. 1901.

Digital CameraTricksand Special Effects 101

Learn how to manipulate your digi-tal camera’s settings and use popularimage editing software to producestandout special-effects images. Thisbook provides easy-to-follow instruc-tions for producing a wide variety oftraditional and innovative effects. $14.95 list, 6x9, 96p,120 color images, Perkins. (ISBN 978-1-58428-176-4)Order no. 1906.



Composition, the arrangement of ele-ments within a photo, can make orbreak an image. In this book, you’lllearn to expertly compose portraits,landscapes, and still lifes. Before-and-after shots show how fine-tuning your approach willenhance your images! $14.95 list, 6x9, 96p, 102 color pho-tos, Wildi. (ISBN 978-1-58428-158-0) Order no. 1902.

DigitalPhotography 101

Skip all of the technical jargon andget started capturing images quicklywith this no-nonsense guide to digi-tal photography! This step-by-stepbook covers everything you need toknow to succeed—from selectingequipment, to shooting, enhancing, printing, and archiv-ing your images. $14.95 list, 6x9, 96p, 110 color images,Perkins. (ISBN 978-1-58428-160-3) Order no. 1903.


Photographing Childrenand Families

Capturing the many special momentsfamilies share can be a real challenge,especially when fast-moving kids areinvolved! This book provides simple,two-page lessons that will help youmaster your camera settings, find good light, and createartful compositions. $14.95 list, 6x9, 96p, 110 color photos,Hawkins. (ISBN 978-1-58428-161-0) Order no. 1904.


Nature Photography

Learn to get great exposures, com-pose images that capture the majestyof nature, eliminate focus problems,and create dynamic close-up imagesof tiny subjects like flowers and in-sects. This book’s two-page lessonsare designed to improve your capture of landscapes, ani-mals, flowers, and more. $14.95 list, 6x9, 96p, 100 colorphotos, Kahn. (ISBN 978-1-58428-184-9) Order no. 1908.


Adobe® Photoshop®


Learn how to correct exposure, con-trol brightness, contrast, and color inyour images, add special effects, andmore. Quick, two-page lessons makeit easy to use Elements to enhance allof your images. � ENHANCED CONTENT AVAILABLE ONLINE

$14.95 list, 6x9, 96p, 205 color images, Perkins. (ISBN 978-1-58428-164-1) Order no. 1905.

Digital PortraitPhotography 101

This book will show you how to takebetter pictures of your family andfriends. Beginning photographerswill gain the insight they need tohandle their cameras with confi-dence, master basic posing and light-ing concepts, eliminate common image flaws, and muchmore. $14.95 list, 6x9, 96p, 120 color photos, Hurter. (ISBN978-1-58428-177-1) Order no. 1907.

Page 46: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog




Bill Hurter

Perfect all of your images, simplify your workflow, andmake every wedding shoot a more streamlined, positive,

and productive experience with one hundred easy-to-imple-ment ideas from the pros.

The unique format of this book makes it a perfect refer-ence for photographers who need some quick ideas to jump-start their session or for those who have more time to digestand implement an array of time-tested techniques. With onehundred numbered, standalone sections on a vast array oftopics, you can flip open to any page and come away with awealth of knowledge to enhance your working habits andbuild on your artistry. You’ll get tips for working with nerv-ous brides, remembering key players’ names, making a mas-ter schedule, and posing groups quickly and easily. Strategiesfor posing individuals and couples will give you confidenceand add polish to your images, as will tips for working inopen shade, lighting for the ceremony shots, and creatinglight ratios that sculpt the subject. Instruction for digitalretouching and artistic enhancement make this one book nophotographer can afford to do without.

128 pages


180 color images

diagrams, glossary, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-245-7

$34.95 list

Order number: 1875

FEATURES:Packing your bags for the wedding shoot

Preparing for can’t-miss shots, from thebride’s preparations at home to the cakecutting and bouquet toss

Developing rapport with the bride andgroom—and strategies for remembering thenames of key players

Making quick work of posing andphotographing the bridal party and otherlarge groups

Digital camera settings that ensure less timespent correcting images in postproduction

Essential tips for international travel

Retouching shiny skin, wrinkles, blemishes,and more

Color correction, toning, handcoloring, andother digital strategies for polishing images




Page 47: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog

PHONE: 1-800-622-3278, FAX: 1-800-622-3298 47

FEATURES:Understanding the science of light—and how it affects photography

Selecting and using lighting equipment

Lighting techniques for glass, water, gels,plastics, and more


Transparent andTranslucent Surfaces

Learn to meet the unique challengesof photographing transparent and

translucent surfaces in this comprehen-sive book. Rand provides a theoreticalapproach that will make you confidentin your ability to work with gels, glass,plastics, water, and more, giving you thetools you need to photograph an assort-

ment of subjects in the studio or on location. The book is perfectfor commercial photographers, nature and portrait shooters—hobbyist or pro. With a host of illustrations that mirror and rein-force the key concepts outlined in this book, readers will quick-ly reap the benefits of using their new skill set, whether on acommercial assignment or taking photos for their own pleasure.


FEATURES:The biggest mistakes photographers make

Traits of ultra-successful businesspeople

Eliminating risk, overcoming objections,and closing the sale

Factors that affect your pricing

Power Marketing, Selling,and Pricing A BUSINESS GUIDE FOR


This book outlines the strategies cov-ered in Graf’s popular sales, pricing,

and marketing seminars/workshops.You’ll learn how to market your servicesto the clients you want to attract, createa strong Internet presence, well-designedads, and ensure repeat customers andreferrals. Graf shows you how to use

simple sales and presentation strategies that will make everyprint worth farmore than the price of the paper it’s printed on—and leave your clients feeling that they’ve gotten a great deal. Nomatter your level of sales experience, this book will leave youfeeling more capable, confident, and successful.

144 pages


50 b&w diagrams

sample forms, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-246-4

$34.95 list

Order number: 1876


Dr. Glenn Rand

128 pages


125 color images

diagrams, index

ISBN 978-1-58428-244-0

$34.95 list

Order number: 1874

Mitche Graf

Page 48: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog


FEATURES:Where and when to find butterflies

Camera settings and lenses that ensurethe best butterfly images

Understanding your subject’s feeding,mating, migration patterns, and more

Butterfly Photographer’sHandbook

In this unique book, Folsom presents afield-guide-quality look at the habitsand habitats of North American butter-flies. You’ll get tips for locating and pho-tographing your subject in your back-yard, aviaries, butterfly farms, in thewild, and in botanical gardens andparks. You’ll also learn to determine thebest times to photograph butterflies, as well as how weatheraffects their lifestyles. With an understanding of your subject’snature, you’ll learn how to approach butterflies to ensure theclosest, most spectacular, detailed images. You’ll also get tips forgetting the best-possible composition, correct white balance,proper exposure, sharp focus, and much more.


FEATURES:Posing individuals, couples, and groups

Strategies for studio and locationsessions

Corrective posing strategies foreliminating perceived flaws


In this book, Box provides a posingprimer, then moves on to the heart of

the text—two-page spreads that presentan image or series of images, along withthe precise strategy used to create eachlook. Included are examples for creatingdynamic, leading lines to keep the view-er engaged in the portrait, strategies forlinking the shapes created in a group portrait to create a cohesivefeel, and the use of natural elements to help build the desiredposing concept in location shoots.

The visually intensive approach used in this book makes it aperfect reference that allows readers to quickly re-create a por-trait look that suits their client or subject grouping, regardless oftheir proficiency in technical posing.

128 pages


200 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-248-8

$34.95 list

Order number: 1878

New!DUE MARCH 2009

William B. Folsom

128 pages


175 color photographs


ISBN: 978-1-58428-247-1

$34.95 list

Order number: 1877

Page 49: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog

PHONE: 1-800-622-3278, FAX: 1-800-622-3298 49



Posing can be a challenge for even seasoned portrait pho-tographers. There are so many areas of the subject’s body

that must be finessed—whether simply to best present anattractive feature or to mask a problem area—that configur-ing a pose that suits the client, the mood of the portrait, thecomposition, and the reason behind having the portraitmade can prove to be quite difficult.

This book provides five hundred images from the indus-try’s most heralded photographers, presenting you with avisual reference that you can consult prior to each portraitsession to find a suitable pose. You can also review the col-lection of portraits with a client to gauge their interest inparticular posing styles. Because this book is organized intoposing categories (e.g., head and shoulders, waist up, three-quarter, and full length), photographers can easily zero in ona posing style that suits the subject and the portrait concept.

This visual reference book features poses from twentyphotographers, including Jeff Smith, Jeff and Julia Woods,Tim Schooler, Marc Weisberg, Tim Kelly, and other top pros.

500 Poses forPhotographing


128 pages


500 color photographs


ISBN 978-1-58428-249-5

$34.95 list

Order number: 1879

FEATURES:Five hundred figure-flattering poses,including standing, sitting, and recliningposes

Head-and-shoulders, waist-up, three-quarter,and full-length poses

Stunning indoor and outdoor images fromtwenty of the industry’s best photographers

A strategically organized design that allowsphotographers to find a category of poseand review similar poses serially, withoutneeding to leaf through countless pages

An appendix featuring a crash course onposing basics, allowing even beginningphotographers to understand posing theoryin order to better replicate or adapt apictured pose

New!DUE MARCH 2009

Michelle Perkins

Page 50: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog


50 Lighting Setups for Portrait Photographers . . . . . .22100 Techniques for Professional

Wedding Photographers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46500 Poses for Photographing Women . . . . . . . . . . . . .49Adobe® Photoshop® for Underwater Photographers . .39The Art of Children’s Portrait Photography . . . . . . . .20The Art of Pregnancy Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15Basic 35mm Photo Guide, 5th ed. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37Beginner’s Guide to Adobe® Photoshop® Elements® . .44Beginner’s Guide to Photographic Lighting . . . . . . . .19The Beginner’s Guide to Pinhole Photography . . . . .43The Best of Adobe® Photoshop® . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38The Best of Family Portrait Photography . . . . . . . . . .31The Best of Photographic Lighting, 2nd ed. . . . . . . . .15The Best of Portrait Photography, 2nd ed. . . . . . . . . .13The Best of Professional Digital Photography . . . . . .38The Best of Wedding Photography, 3rd ed. . . . . . . . . . .9The Best of Wedding Photojournalism . . . . . . . . . . . .13Big Bucks Selling Your Photography, 4th ed. . . . . . . .21Black & White Photography Techniques with

Adobe® Photoshop® . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41The Bride’s Guide to Wedding Photography . . . . . . .43Build Your Own Home Darkroom, revised ed. . . . . . .42Butterfly Photographer’s Handbook . . . . . . . . . . . . . .48Children’s Portrait Photography: A Photojournalistic

Approach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30Children’s Portrait Photography Handbook . . . . . . . .11Color Correction and Enhancement

with Adobe® Photoshop® . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44Corrective Lighting, Posing & Retouching

for Digital Portrait Photographers, 2nd ed. . . . . . .28Creative Lighting Techniques

for Studio Photographers, 2nd ed. . . . . . . . . . . . . .40Creative Techniques for Color Photography . . . . . . . .43Digital Camera Tricks and Special Effects 101 . . . . . .45Digital Capture and Workflow for Pro. Photogs. . . . .36The Digital Darkroom Guide with

Adobe® Photoshop® . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43Digital Imaging for the

Underwater Photographer, 2nd ed. . . . . . . . . . . . .39Digital Infrared Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42Digital Landscape Photography Step by Step . . . . . . .44Digital Photography 101 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45Digital Portrait Photography 101 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45Digital Photography Boot Camp, 2nd ed. . . . . . . . . . .23Digital Photography for Children’s and

Family Portraiture, 2nd ed. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14Digital Techniques for

Successful Nature Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45Don’t Take My Picture! 4th ed. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43Doug Box’s Guide to Posing for

Portrait Photographers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .48Event Photography Handbook . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22Existing Light Techniques for Wedding and Portrait

Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2Family Portrait Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40Film & Digital Techniques for

Zone System Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11Garage Glamour . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24Getting Started with Adobe® Photoshop® Elements® . .45Group Portrait Photography Handbook, 2nd ed. . . . .30Heavenly Bodies: The Photographer’s

Guide to Astrophotography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44

How to Create a High Profit Photography Businessin Any Market . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43

How to Start and Operatea Digital Portrait Photography Studio . . . . . . . . . .40

Illustrated Dictionary of Photography . . . . . . . . . . . .14Into Your Darkroom Step by Step, revised ed. . . . . . . .42Jeff Smith’s Lighting for Outdoor and Location

Portrait Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26Jeff Smith’s Posing Techniques for

Location Portrait Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10The Kathleen Hawkins Guide to Sales and Marketing

for Professional Photographers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6Legal Handbook for Photographers, 2nd ed. . . . . . . . .38Lighting and Exposure Techniques for Outdoor

and Location Portrait Photography . . . . . . . . . . . .40Lighting and Photographing Transparent and

Translucent Surfaces . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47Lighting and Posing Techniques for

Photographing Women . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35Lighting for Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7Lighting Techniques for Fashion and

Glamour Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42Lighting Techniques for High Key

Portrait Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34Lighting Techniques for Low Key

Portrait Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34Lighting Techniques for Middle Key

Portrait Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35Macro & Close-Up Photography Handbook . . . . . . . .42Marketing & Selling Techniques for Digital

Portrait Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41Master Composition Guide for Digital Photogs. . . . . .37Master Guide for Glamour Photography . . . . . . . . . .26Master Guide for Team Sports Photography . . . . . . .33Master Guide for Underwater Digital Photography . .39Master Lighting Guide for Commercial Photogs. . . . .21Master Lighting Guide for Portrait Photogs. . . . . . . .17Master Lighting Guide for Wedding Photographers . .12Master Lighting Techniques for Outdoor and

Location Digital Portrait Photography . . . . . . . . .32Master Posing Guide for

Children’s Portrait Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29Master Posing Guide for Portrait Photographers . . . .32Master’s Guide to Wedding Photography . . . . . . . . . .29Minimalist Lighting: Professional Techniques for

Location Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4Monte Zucker’s Portrait Photography Handbook . . . .9The Parent’s Guide to Photographing

Children and Families . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45The Photographer’s Guide to Color Management . . .36Photographer’s Guide to Wedding Album

Design and Sales, 2nd ed. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8Photographic Lenses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43Photographing Children with Special Needs . . . . . . .43The Portrait Photographer’s Guide to Posing . . . . . . .25Portrait Photographer’s Handbook, 3rd ed. . . . . . . . . .10Posing and Lighting Techniques for

Studio Portrait Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40Posing for Portrait Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31Posing Techniques for Digital Portraits . . . . . . . . . . .45Posing Techniques for

Photographing Model Portfolios . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12Power Marketing, Selling, and Pricing, 2nd ed. . . . . .47The Practical Guide to Digital Imaging . . . . . . . . . . . .44

Professional Children’s Portrait Photography . . . . . . .27Professional Digital Techniques for

Nude & Glamour Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41Professional Filter Techniques for

Digital Photographers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36Professional Marketing & Selling Techniques

for Digital Wedding Photographers, 2nd ed. . . . . .43Professional Model Portfolios . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42Professional Portrait Lighting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18Professional Portrait Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6Professional Portrait Posing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18Professional Posing Techniques for Wedding and

Portrait Photographers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28Professional Secrets of Natural Light

Portrait Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41Professional Secrets of

Wedding Photography, 2nd ed. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43Pro. Tech. for Black & White Digital Photography . .43Pro. Tech. for Digital Wedding Photog., 2nd ed. . . . . .41Pro. Tech. for Pet and Animal Photography . . . . . . . .43Professional Wedding Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20Rangefinder’s Professional Photography . . . . . . . . . . .37Rolando Gomez’s Glamour Photography . . . . . . . . . .33Rolando Gomez’s Posing Techniques for

Glamour Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24The Sandy Puc’ Guide to

Children’s Portrait Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5Sculpting with Light: Techniques for

Portrait Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16Simple Lighting Techniques for

Portrait Photographers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8Softbox Lighting Tech. for Pro. Photographers . . . . .25Step-by-Step Composition Techniques

for Digital Photographers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45Step-by-Step Wedding Photography: Techniques for

Professional Photographers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3Studio Portrait Photography of

Children and Babies, 3rd ed. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19Trad. Photog. Effects w/Adobe® Photoshop®, 2nd ed. .44Wedding and Portrait Photog.’s Legal Handbook . . . .34Wedding Photographer’s Handbook . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27Wedding Photography, 3rd ed. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40Wedding Photography with Adobe® Photoshop® . . . . .41

Printed in Korea.


In loving memory of

Thomas J. Alesse,cofounder of Amherst Media


Page 51: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog

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Professional Portrait Photography

Existing Light Techniques for Wedding andPortrait Photography

The Sandy Puc’ Guide to Children’s Portrait Photography

Minimalist Lighting: Professional Techniques forLocation Photography

Film & Digital Techniques for Zone System Photography

The Kathleen Hawkins Guide to Sales and Marketing forProfessional Photographers

Lighting Techniques for Middle Key Portrait Photography

Simple Lighting Techniques for Portrait Photographers

Photographer’s Guide to Wedding Album Design and Sales(2nd ed.)

Lighting for Photography: Techniques for Studio andLocation Shoots

Sculpting with Light: Techniques for Portrait Photographers

Step-by-Step Wedding Photography: Techniques forProfessional Photographers

Rolando Gomez’s Posing Techniques for Glamour Photography

Professional Wedding Photography

The Art of Children’s Portrait Photography

Event Photography Handbook

50 Lighting Setups for Portrait Photographers

Digital Photography Boot Camp (2nd ed.)

Lighting and Photographing Transparent andTranslucent Surfaces

100 Techniques for Professional Wedding Photographers

Power Marketing, Selling, and Pricing: A Business Guide forWedding and Portrait Photographers (2nd ed.)

Butterfly Photographer’s Handbook

Doug Box’s Guide to Posing for Portrait Photographers

500 Poses for Photographing Women: A Visual Sourcebook forPortrait Photographers

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Front cover photograph by Tim Schooler.


Page 52: Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog



Jeff Smith’s Lighting for Outdoor andLocation Portrait Photography$34.95 list, order number 1841

Master Lighting Guide forPortrait Photographers$29.95 list, order number 1778

Jeff Smith’s PosingTechniques forLocation Portrait Photography$34.95 list, order number 1851

100Techniques for ProfessionalWedding Photographers$34.95 list, order number 1875

Portrait Photographer’s Handbook3RD ED.$34.95 list, order number 1844

The Best of Wedding Photography3RD ED.$34.95 list, order number 1837

Master Lighting Guide forCommercial Photographers$34.95 list, order number 1833


$34.95 list, order number 1879

Posing for Portrait PhotographyA HEAD-TO-TOE GUIDE$34.95 list, order number 1786

Children’s Portrait PhotographyHandbook$34.95 list, order number 1840

50 Lighting Setupsfor Portrait Photographers$34.95 list, order number 1872

The Kathleen Hawkins Guide to Salesand Marketing FOR PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS

$34.95 list, order number 1862

Illustrated Dictionaryof Photography$39.95 list, order number 1857

Digital Photography Boot Camp2ND ED.$34.95 list, order number 1873

Monte Zucker’sPortrait Photography Handbook$34.95 list, order number 1846


$34.95 list, order number 1860


$34.95 list, order number 1867

PosingTechniques forPhotographing Model Portfolios$34.95 list, order number 1853

Master Lighting Guide forWedding Photographers$34.95 list, order number 1852

The Beginner’s Guide toPhotographic Lighting$34.95 list, order number 1785

Master’s Guide toWedding Photography$34.95 list, order number 1832

The Best ofWedding PhotojournalismTECHNIQUES AND IMAGES FROM THE PROS

$34.95 list, order number 1774


$34.95 list, order number 1868

Existing LightTechniques forWedding and Portrait Photography$34.95 list, order number 1858

The Sandy Puc’ Guide toChildren’s Portrait Photography$34.95 list, order number 1859