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America Takes Shape. Unit 1, Lesson 1, PowerPoint 2. Jamestown 1619. Three events occurred that would shape America history. Arrival of women – Jamestown becomes a self-sustaining community. Slaves arrive Colonists elect representative for the first colonial assembly in the New World. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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America Takes ShapeUnit 1, Lesson 1, PowerPoint 2Jamestown 1619Three events occurred that would shape America history.Arrival of women Jamestown becomes a self-sustaining community.Slaves arriveColonists elect representative for the first colonial assembly in the New World.Virginia House of BurgessesAppointment of a Royal GovernorThe Great Massacre of 1622Slaughter of more than 300 settlers.Forced King James to appoint a Royal governor. Did not absolve the House of Burgesses.Puritans vs. SeparatistsPuritansProtestants that wanted to purify the church of England.Tended to be more highly educated, higher ranking members of society.SeparatistsWanted nothing to do with the church of England. Wanted to completely separate.Recruited members from farmers and lower ranks of society.PilgrimsThe PilgrimsMayflower CompactFirst effort at self-government in New England. They would come up with and vote on their own laws.William Bradford Plymouths first governorWas elected within the first year of the colony. Was reelected yearly until his death in 1657.Here Come the PuritansThe Great MigrationIn 1630, nearly a thousand men, women, and children set sail for Massachusetts.

Governor WinthropLeader of these PuritansBroadened the number of individuals that could vote in the General Court (legislature) to include virtually all male church members.Education SystemHarvard est. 1636Est. to prepare young men for ministry.The Old Deluder LawPassed by the Massachusetts General Court in 1647.Required children to be educated so they could fight back the Old Deluder with scripture.

A Legal BlunderSalem Witch TrialsSome 20 women hung for being a witch. One was pressed to death with stones.Convicted based on the testimony of teenage girls.Known as Spectral EvidenceThe Great Rev. Cotton Mather backed Spectral Evidence.The Crucible

New Colonies EruptProvidence, Rhode Island -- founded by Rev. Roger WilliamsProtestants fleeing from strict Puritan rule in Boston.Forced worship stinks in Gods nostrils.Baltimore, Maryland Founded by Lord BaltimoreIntended as a refuge for CatholicsNew Netherlands Founded by the DutchDutch were attracted by the riches of the New World.Pennsylvania Founded by William PennQuakersComplete religious freedomThe Importance of New NetherlandsEngland took control of New Netherlands in 1664 upon capturing the capital city, New Amsterdam.This capture connected the New England colonies to Virginia and Maryland.

Britain vs. FranceThe French and Indian WarGeorge WashingtonAdvanced his military career and made him a hero in the eyes of the American colonials.Benjamin FranklinAlbany Plan of UnionFirst plan for a colonial union under British administration.Americans were proud of being Britons. They helped defeat the French. Expected greater respect and autonomy.

Benjamin FranklinWhen I say such an union is impossible, I mean without the most grievous tyranny and oppression.