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  • Boston GuitarFest 2010 America June 9-13 2010 America Press Release March 29, 2010 Equally exciting, this years Boston GuitarFests Student Affairs Director, Zaira Meneses, also starts her new initiative Guitar and Friends, which will AMERICA AMERICA present a year-round series of concerts, seminars, lectures and other events BOSTON GUITARFEST 2010: June 9-13 aimed at raising the awareness of the guitar and its possibilities among the Co-Sponsored by New England Conservatory and Northeastern general public. These events which will take place all over the Boston area, University. Principle Corporate Sponsor: LA BELLA STRINGS will both lead up to Boston GuitarFest and perpetuate the legacy of the festival. WELCOME! I am delighted to welcome music lovers, guitarists, aficionados, and all As always we are profoundly grateful for the sponsorship of La Bella String of our many friends known and unknown (as Andres Segovia liked company and for our numerous other loyal friends and sponsors who make it to say) to the fifth edition of the cross disciplinary, multicultural event all possible. that we call Boston GuitarFest. I hope to meet and greet both our many returning friends from past This years festival will run from June 9 - 13, 2010, and is organized GuitarFests and to make the acquaintance of many new members of our around the theme AMERICA, AMERICA. Boston GuitarFest V Boston GuitarFest family. is dedicated to the sacred memory of our own great, late Senator Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), who was such a heroic See you all again soon in Boston! drum major for righteousness and also a great friend and supporter of the arts. Among the many things he did in his long and productive Eliot Fisk life of public service the Senator was also gracious enough to give a Artistic Director and Founder, Boston GuitarFest letter of support to Boston GuitarFest, a letter which we once again proudly include on this years website. Registration Details Boston GuitarFest is fortunate to have the use of Jordan Hall, the Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis. Early registration is jewel in the crown of the New England Conservatory, for a majority of recommended. the major events of the Festival. Housing will be available on the campus of Northeastern University at The Festival is many things at once: a music festival with a stellar $75 per night. For more information and to register for housing, visit www. array of exciting concerts; a series of seminars and master classes taught by an incomparable faculty; and a meeting place for all those seeking a deeper message, more enduring values and a more genuine Tuition human interchange than can often be found in the world of todays * Active Student non-credit, Registered/Paid by April 15, 2010: $385 music business. * Active Student non-credit, Registered/Paid after April 15, 2010: $460 * Adult Performance Competition Only: $175 I am thrilled at the quality and variety of this years offerings. A quick * Youth Performance Competition Only: $175 (includes all Sat/Sun festival events) rundown of the featured evening events range from the stellar young * 5-Day Auditor: $285 (includes all festival events) German virtuoso, Franz Halasz, to Fareed Haques Hindi Hoedown * Day Pass: $75 (includes all festival events for one day) project; from American legend David Starobin to cross-over talent, * Active Student for 2 SCE Credits (School of Continuing Education): $1050 Michael Chapdelaine; from Jorge Caballeros stunning Dvoraks 9th Symphony to Benjamin Verderys eloquent American voice; and from Special Rates my own duo recital with clarinet genius Richard Stoltzman to the * Cultural Consortium member discounted rate (subject to verification): festivals concluding final concert featuring Donnell Patterson leading Auditor $190 / Day Pass $65 a Gospel Gala which will celebrate the role of that style in creating the * 2-Day Weekend Pass (Sat/Sun): $135 spiritual soul and solace of our country. Concert Tickets As usual we will sponsor two competitions for classical guitar Afternoon Concerts - $15 General/ $10 Students with ID performance, one for adults and one for young people, as well as Evening Concerts - $25 General/ $20 Students with ID our annual competition for composition. The adult competition format Saturday Evening Concert with Eliot Fisk and Richard Stoltzman - is dedicated to any duo chamber music work for guitar using an $30 General/ $25 Students with ID American theme. 10% Discount on evening concerts for NU/NEC Alumni Purchase tickets online or at the door: This year we are extremely fortunate to have been able to inaugurate a new student scholarship fund established in memory of the eminent FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE architect, Thomas Hiksdal. Contact Robert Ward, Administrative Director, Boston GuitarFest (Northeastern University Music Department) More Information: Robert Ward Download this presskit at:
  • Boston GuitarFest 2010 America June 9-13 2010 America Event Schedule Please check for the latest information. Wednesday, June 9 Concert Arrival and registration Jorge Caballero/ Benjamin Verderys new work, dedicated to the TBAam Location TBA memory of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), to be performed Seminar by the Miscelanea Quartet (salzburg) and 4 Boston area guitarists; KinderGuitar: New Method for Teaching Children, by Leo Garcia dedicated to Ted Kennedy) 2:30pm Pierce Hall, NEC 8pm Fenway Center, NU Concert Pedro Gonzalez (First Prize Winner of Boston GuitarFest 2009 Saturday, June 12 Competition) Master Classes 4pm Jordan Hall, NEC 9am - 1pm Michael Chapdelaine - Pierce Hall, NEC Welcome recption 9am - 1pm Franz Halasz - SB113, NEC Event for all aritsts, course participants and contestants Adult Performance Competition 6pm Presidents Library, NEC Semifinal Round Concert 9am - 1pm Jordan Hall, NEC Franz Halasz/ Fareed Haque Trio (Hindi Hoedown) Youth Performance Competition 8pm Fenway Center, NU Preliminary Round 9am - 1pm Fenway Center, NU Thursday, June 10 Seminar Master Classes One Mans Journey: From Segovia to Sin, by Michael Chapedelaine 9am - 1pm David Starobin - Pierce Hall, NEC 2pm Pierce Hall, NEC 9am - 1pm Ben Verdery - SB113, NEC Youth Performance Competition Adult Performance Competition Final Round Preliminary Round begins 2pm Jordan Hall, NEC 9am - 1pm Jordan Hall, NEC Seminar Seminar The Magic of a Great Guitar String: Eric Cocco of La Bella Strings Sen. Edward Kennedy and Support for the Arts (speaker tbd) 3pm Pierce Hall, NEC 2pm Pierce Hall, NEC Concert Concert Contemporary Chamber Music with Guitar: Boston based artists TBD Contemporary American Works for Guitar Quartet (Quartet 4:30pm Jordan Hall, NEC Miscelanea (Salzburg) Concert 4pm Jordan Hall, NEC Eliot Fisk and Richard Stoltzman Duo Recital Concert 8pm Jordan Hall, NEC David Starobin and Michael Chapdelaine 8pm Fenway Center, N