Amazing leopards by natalie

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<p>Amazing leopards</p> <p>Amazing leopards!By Natalie </p> <p> The cubsThe cubs get carried by their mother in her mouth. Sometimes in photos it looks like the mother is eating her babies but she would never eat her own babies.</p> <p>What they eatLeopards eat a lot. They eat animals such as monkeys, antelope and other animals around that size.(Leopard sneaking up on prey:) </p> <p>Fun fact*Female leopards give birth to two to three cubs at a time. </p> <p>Where leopards liveYou usually find leopards in places such as Africa and Asia.</p> <p> How fast do leopards run?Leopards can run up to 40 miles per hour. (Almost as fast as a cheetah.)</p> <p>resources*I found information in*Some pictures were from flickr. *I also went on *Last but not least, I used a book called Leopards by Sheila Dalton. </p> <p>7</p>