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  • 1. PAST AND PRESENT 24 Aug1910 ITC incorporated under the name of Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited. 1925 ITCs Packaging & Printing Business Division was set up as a strategic backward integration for ITCs Cigarettes business. 1974 The Companys ownership progressively Indianised, and the name of the Company was changed to ITC Limited (Indian tobacco company). 1975 The Co. launched its HOTEL BUSINESS which was named ITC-Welcome group Hotel Chola.
  • 2. MASTER STROKES OF ITCChairperson - Y C DeveshwarDirectors S.S.H Rehman, A. Singh, K.Vaidyanath, A.Baijal, J.P Daly, R.KKaul, S.H Khan, S.B Mathur, D.KMehrotra, H.G Powell, P.B Ramanujam,B.Sen, R.S Tarneja, B.Vijayaraghavan
  • 3. Lets Put India FirstITCs VisionSustain ITCs position as one of Indias most valuablecorporations through world class performance, creating growingvalue for the Indian economy and the Companys stakeholders.ITCs MissionTo enhance the wealth generating capability of the enterprise in aglobalising environment, delivering superior and sustainablestakeholder value.ITCs Core ValuesITCs Core Values are aimed at developing a customer-focused,high-performance organisation which creates values for all itsstakeholders.
  • 4. SWOT ANALYSIS ITC ITC is one of India biggest and best-known private sector companies. In fact it is one of the World most high profile consumer operations. Its businesses and brands are focused almost entirely on the Indian markets, and despite being most well- known for its tobacco brands such as Gold Flake, the business is now diversifying into new FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)
  • 7. RURAL PROJECTSMangaldeep incense sticks