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  • Panels on the HMT Geodesic Dome Roofachieve superior wind and leak resistancethrough the use of a unique batten barand hidden gasket system instead of themore traditional clamped system withexposed gaskets.

    HMT Geodesic Domes are custom engineeredto accommodate a wide range of shapes,spans, and operating service conditionsincluding cable suspension of aluminumfloating roofs. They are designed in fullaccordance to the latest revision of API 650,Appendix G, and can accommodate specialloading and design conditions, specificationsand requirements.

    Let HMT put our three decades of experiencein the design, manufacture, supply andinstallation of aluminum structures to workfor you today.

    Contact your local HMT representative todiscuss the full suite of products and servicesthat will satisfy all your AST needs.

    The HMT Geodesic Dome Roof features aclear span, all aluminum constructed, lightweight corrosion resistant structure. HMTsexceptionally strong clear span designeliminates the need for interior supportstructures which eliminate floating roofpenetration and reduce vapor emissions.

    Eccentric loads provide a challengingenvironment for dome roofs. Designelements of the HMT Geodesic Dome suchas the unique double web beam designand overlapping panels give this designa very high strength to weight ratio,allowing maximum flexibility and ensuringstructural integrity.

    The utilization of the HMT Geodesic Domewill eliminate rain water infiltration into thestored product, most wind induced vaporlosses, environmental attacks on thefloating roof seals, roof coatings and thefloating roof.

    Geodesic Dome Roof

  • The clear span design eliminates the needfor interior support structures while highstrength aluminum alloys and corrosionresistant materials provide for a longservice life.

    A tension ring is standard on all HMTGeodesic Domes. Properly designedtension rings ensure that the lateral forcegenerated by the dome is not translatedto the tank shell, eliminating the needfor additional tank shell reinforcementor modifications.

    Beams are designed with an extrudedcontinuous threaded bolting slot as inHMTs patented ALUMINATOR aluminumfloating roof. This bolting slot providesmore thread engagement area and morepull resistance than in conventional designs.

    A dedicated geodesic dome engineeringgroup utilizes state-of-the-art designprograms to uniquely customize eachHMT Geodesic Dome to its particularapplication. Panel layouts and finiteelement analysis for all design cases areperformed on each dome.

    HMTs unique overlapping panel designprevents leaking. The overlapping panelsnaturally shed water and are secured inplace with a patented batten bar and

    HMT Inc.24Waterway Avenue, Suite 400TheWoodlands, Texas 77380Ph: +1.281.681.7000Fax: +1.281.419.7689

    Locations worldwide to serviceall your AST needs.

    Visit us at ALUMINATOR is a trademark of HMT Inc.

    HMTs Geodesic Dome RoofsUnique Design Features Include:

    hidden gasket system. This design allowsthe roof panels to flex while keeping sheetsfrom puckering and bolts from leaking.

    The HMT Geodesic Dome reduces windinduced vapor losses, aids in odorabatement and provides significantemission credits.

    The HMT Geodesic Dome requiresminimum maintenance. All componentsare resistant to ultraviolet and ozonedegradation. There are never any coatingsto apply or reapply.

    Floating roof and seal maintenance aredrastically reduced due to the lack of rainwaterand UV exposure.

    A complete line of accessories are availableincluding skylights, patches, doors,vents, etc.

    Installation isperformed byexperiencedHMT personnel.Tanks can evenremain in-service duringinstallation.



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