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  • Company Confidential

    Reporting in ALM 11.0 & Assure TotalView Presenter: Shir Goldberg


  • Company Confidential

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    New Reporting Possibilities in ALM 11.0

    Enhanced monitoring of release performance vs. plan

    Track planned release scope and objectives and their

    expected progress throughout release duration

    Graphs are available for publishing on web pages as

    HTML (SharePoint, Wiki, etc)

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    New Reporting Features in ALM 11.0

    Project Reports

    Single configuration for mutiple output formats (doc, docx, html)

    Rich style and layout options using MS Word templates

    Centralized template management

    Release Analysis

    Milestones are placed on the release timeline to define a

    lifecycle of a product

    Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

    Measure your release objectives and analyze bottlenecks

    Set on Milestones to track performance

  • Company Confidential

    New Reporting Features in ALM 11.0

    In Release Scorecard you can easily follow the

    performance of a release based on KPI`s

    KPI Analysis Graphs gives possibility to drill down to find

    root cause of possible problems on release

  • Company Confidential

    New ALM11 Features: Project Reports

    Only in ALM 11

    Rich style and layout options using MS Word templates

    Reports can be created with custom layout and for example

    company logo

    Single configuration for mutiple output formats (doc,

    docx, html)

    Centralized template management

    Enhanced performance

    Project reports can be created based on Baseline

  • Company Confidential

    New ALM11 Features: Release Scope

    Deliverables for your release can be defined by creating

    Scope Items

    Scope Items can be for example

    New feature

    Change for existing feature

    New theme

    Scope Items will be linked to Requirements, Tests, Test

    Sets and Defects

  • Company Confidential

    Define milestones

    Define KPIs for milestone

    Define releases

    Project Planning & Tracking

    Define & Preview Thresholds

    Define Scope

  • Company Confidential

    New ALM11 Features: Milestones

    Milestone is a point in release timeline that signifies the

    completion of a deliverable

    It enables users to track and validate the progress of the


    Milestones can be for example

    Integration between subsystems

    Code freeze

    Release to production

    Scope Items will be associated to Milestones to follow

    release deliverables

  • Company Confidential

    New ALM11 Features: Key Point Indicator (KPI)

    KPI`s will give release stakeholders a clear picture of

    Where are we now?

    Are we reaching the goals set for the Release?

    Predefined KPI`s cover for example

    Passed Test %

    Test Instances Executed %

    Severe Defects

    Measured entities can be filtered by UDF`s and TDF`s

  • Company Confidential

    New ALM11 Features: KPI Thresholds

    Thresholds will give clear indication of what is expected

    on release performance for current milestone

    Thresholds curve is set per KPI to follow the releases progress

    KPI thresholds reflect set objectives. A threshold specifies an acceptable value for a KPI measurument

    on specific time

    For example Requirement Coverage KPI is set close to 100% and

    Severe Defects KPI is set close to 0%

  • Company Confidential

    New ALM11 Features: Release Scorecard

    Release Scorecard view provides the release status at

    one glance

    How KPI Tresholds are met will be indicated on different

    colours: green (OK), yellow (warning) or red (critical)

  • Company Confidential

    New ALM11 Features: Release Analysis Graphs

    Individual Scorecard cells can be opened and it will show

    drill down of a chosen KPI over time

    KPI Type Analysis will give a clear picture of release


  • Company Confidential

    Best Practices of using PP&T

    Use Release Templates in the Template project to

    standardize Releases across projects!

    Decide on terminology, attributes, KPIs that will be used

    throughout the organization

    Limit the number of Scope Items in order to keep

    tracking the release manageable for all stakeholders

    Maximum of 30 Scope Items is recommended

    Maximum amount can be set with a Site Admin parameter

    When rescheduling Milestones, remember to re-adjust

    KPI thresholds as they are not automatically adjusted!


    PP&T Best Practices book from HP

  • Company Confidential

    Known Limitations of new ALM 11 Reporting Features

    KPIs can not be copied between projects (can be shared

    from Templates)

    KPIs are taken once/twice per day

    Historical PPT data will be purged and purged data

    cannot be restored

    PPT data calculations effects performance

    KPIs are calculated once they are defined no past data

  • Company Confidential

    Administrative Aspects of new ALM 11 Features

    Scheduling of Project Planning and Tracking calculations

    should be done in site`s off-peak hours

    Calculation duration can be limited but Release

    calculations that have yet to start are considered failed

    Calculations can be performed every 24 or 12 hours.

    Business demands, database strength and number

    milestones and KPI`s should be considered

    Run Now button allows PPT calculations to be

    triggered manually

  • Company Confidential

    ALM/QC Reporting in General

    ALM/ Quality Center offers four tools for reporting purposes

    Dashboard module

    For creating textual reports or graphs based on field values

    With Graph Wizard you can create an own graph

    Excel-reports (SQL queries to QC database)

    Document Generator for generating project level Word documents

    You can get all project data into a single document

    Can contain pre-defined Graphs and Attachments

    Snapshot of the current situation

    Analysis menu in each module

    Standard Reports and Graphs that can be customized and saved to Dashboard module for future use

    Live Analysis in Test Plan and Test Lab

    Two configurable graphs side by side showing statistics of the selected folder

  • Company Confidential

    Features of the Dashboard module

    Fully integrated Dashboard module to centralize HP

    Quality Center reporting tools including standard reports,

    graphs, Excel reports and dashboard

    Standardized cross-project or cross-module reporting

    and drill-down graphs

    Customizable pages

    Including two tabs:

    Analysis View for generating graphs / reports and viewing them

    one at the time

    Dashboard View for viewing several graphs at the same time

    Possible to create private and public graphs / reports

    Access rights to Dashboard are granted based on the

    usergroups, everybody can view, but selected groups can create

    graphs and reports

  • Company Confidential

    Known Limitations of Dashboard Module

    Different results might be shown in Analysis items and

    Dashboard pages in public folders depending on the

    data hiding definitions for the user group

    By default it is possible to perform any kind of SQL

    statements with the Query Builder of the Excel reports

    (also deleting whole table in database)

    Restrict the allowed SQL commands in the Site Admin!

  • Company Confidential

    Benefits of the Dashboard Module

    Simplified installation, configuration and maintenance

    Dashboard Page lets you compare several reports side

    by side in one view

    Project Reports:

    Rich style and layout option using MS Word templates

    Enhanced performance

    Single configuration for multiple output formats (doc, docx, html)

    Centralized template management (only in ALM 11)

  • Company Confidential

    Live Analysis

    Provides a dynamic quick visual overview of all the tests

    in a folder or test sets in a test set folder

    Live Analysis tab is visible in tree view when folder is


    Graphs are updated on a fly when different folder is


  • Company Confidential

    Document Generator

    A Microsoft Word based solution for reporting that

    enables you to create a hard copy of the data contained

    in a Quality Center project

    Possibility to export data from following modules Requirements

    Test Plan

    Test Lab


    Useful for off-line work

    Created document is always a snap shot of the current


  • Company Confidential

    Excel Reports