Alicia Keys - Fallin'

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Alicia Keys - Fallin'


  • Fallin'

    Verse 1 I keep on fallin'... in and out of love with youSometimes I love ya, uhh, sometimes you make me blueSometimes I feel good, At times I feel usedLovin' you darlin', makes me so confusedChorusI keep on fallin', in and out of love with you I never loved someone the way that i'm lovin' youVerse 2Oh Oh, I.... never felt this way How do you give me so much pleasure,cause me so much pain'Cause when I think I'm taking more than would a fool I start fallin' back in love with you. ChorusVerse 3 I,I,I,I'm Fa-a-allin'I,I,I,I'mFa-a-allin'Fall,fall,fa-a-a-allin'ChorusSolosChorus (x2)