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  • 7/31/2019 Alexis Dawes - Desperate Buyers Only




  • 7/31/2019 Alexis Dawes - Desperate Buyers Only


    Desperate Buyers OnlyAn information product creators guide to writing and marketing so that

    people with problems will buy

    Copyright 2006 Alexis Dawes

    Web Profit EngineP.O. Box 516Summerfield, FL 34492-0516

    Notice of rights

    All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmittedin any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying,recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the



  • 7/31/2019 Alexis Dawes - Desperate Buyers Only


    Table of Contents

    My Story 4

    How To Get The Most Usage From This Manual 6

    How To Choose Topics That Attract Readers Like Bee's To Honey - (It

    has NOTHING to do with "Doing What You Love") 7One more great point about selling to desperate prospects... 26

    Quick Content Creation - The Formula to Short, Sweet & Valuable 27Turning free apples into $5 apple juice - how I get free and sell high 27Compiling insider secrets - even when you're on the outside 30The key to writing so readers 'get it,' love it, and take action 34

    Add the cherry on top 35Price it and put it on the shelf 36

    How to Eat an Entire Army of Competitors for Breakfast and Still

    Come Out Smelling Like a Rose 39The 5 Point Fish Hook 41The 5 Point Fish Hook at work 47The 5 Point Fish Hook meets the sales letter 50

    Marketing Survival Guide - How to thrive like an Olympic gold

    medalist in a sea of mere trophy winners 66Anatomy of a $200 a Day Site 71Anatomy of a $2,600 Site 79How to market your information product when there are an abundance of freebie sites 82

    Appendix 83Where do readers congregate online? A sample Elance project description 84Where do readers congregate online? Research results checklist 86Desperately Seeking Problems 87Is This Really a Topic for Desperate Readers? 90Report Outline Templates 94Sales Letter Outline 95Collecting The Cash 96Final Words 98FREE 30 Minute Telephone Consultation 99


  • 7/31/2019 Alexis Dawes - Desperate Buyers Only


    My Story

    I was born a writer. That's just my designated gig it life. But it doesn't meanI always enjoy doing it.

    That's why you'll rarely see my name attached to magazine articles and otherworks that only pay me once. I learned a long time ago that it only costs aweek or so more to sit down and write an entire report, versus a 1,500 wordmagazine article.

    For that extra weeks worth of work, you can get paid continuously formonths or years to come. Whereas an article may yield $500 up front, a

    byline and a nice mimento for your great grandkids to look at in 50 years.Whoopee.

    And I don't have to worry about my self-published reports going out of printand ending up on the remainder aisle for $5, where I'll get a 20 royalty per

    book. I can update them at will, and keep on collecting the same $24.95.

    Granted, it's not the same emotional gratification as seeing your book on thebookshelf at the local Barnes & Noble. But I got over it. I'd rather live inobscurity and have cash in my pocket everyday, than be at the mercy of a

    publishing houses budget slash.

    But it wasn't always such a cakewalk for me. I didn't always have the luxuryof collecting cash everyday.

    In the beginning of my online sales adventures I read the advice of all kindsof authors who taught about writing e-books and that sort of stuff. There'squite a bit of good info out there. But none of it really struck a chord withme.

    I'm not one of those "do what you love and the money will follow" type of

    people. There are certain things I love to do, that I don't care to make moneyfrom. I just want to enjoy the sheer pleasure of doing it, and nothing else.

    So I looked at it from a different angle.


  • 7/31/2019 Alexis Dawes - Desperate Buyers Only


    Instead of wondering how I could profit from the things I enjoyed, I beganlooking at the things that made my life unbearable. I asked myself, "Whatdreadful problems have I overcome, and could teach others to do in thesame situation?"

    That began my path to a new way of thinking, and a far more efficient tacticfor writing. As I considered the difficult challenges that life had set up forme, I realized that a handful of my most pressing problems have hadsolutions that were simple and cut to the chase.

    The thing that often takes us the longest to solve our problems is the actualleg work it takes to find a solution.

    So I figured instead of writing about things that I enjoyed, I would write on

    how to solve very specific, very difficult to solve problems.

    It's really a no-brainer.

    If you have a problem that's making your stomach churn day and night,causing you to lose sleep, get into arguments with your significant other,lose/gain weight, or just plain worry endlessly - it's a serious issue. Youwant a solution, and you want it quickly.

    THAT'S the type of audience I wanted. The one's who needed a problem

    solved, and didn't care for 200-page manuals to get to the solution.

    After my revelation I sat down for an hour and wrote a 6-page report onhow to get a bank account if you've been placed in the ChexSystems. I putup a web site back in November 2004.

    Since then I've written several more information products for desperatebuyers. And I've been generating sales on a daily basis since then. I'mtalking Christmas, holidays, everyday. The money doesn't stop. As long asthe problem exists, I make money.

    So put away all your preconceived notions about the workings of theinformation publishing business. And be prepared to learn a technique thatnearly guarantees you'll always have a productive, cash producing business.


  • 7/31/2019 Alexis Dawes - Desperate Buyers Only


    How To Get The Most UsageFrom This Manual

    1) Read through it once. Don't highlight anything. Don't take notes. Justacclimate your brain with the ideas presented.

    2) Print out page 93 and keep it in your immediate workspace. Even ifyou don't sit down and immediately write your report, this worksheet willhelp you quickly see if an idea you run across is truly worth pursuing.

    3) Choose just one target audience or topic, and become very familiar

    with it. Once you've completed one report based on that target audience,

    you'll know what it takes to crank out others on demand.

    4) Keep your eyes and ears open to solutions for desperate situations.Listen to stories that friends and family members tell you. Can their

    problems/solutions be turned into an information product? Always crosscheck your ideas against the Desperate Reader Worksheet on page 93.


  • 7/31/2019 Alexis Dawes - Desperate Buyers Only


    How to Choose Topics That Attract BuyersLike Bee's to Honey - (It has NOTHING to

    do with "Doing What You Love")

    Online infopreneurs fail for 3 main reasons--

    1) They focus on general topics.

    2) They focus on so-called 'hot' niche topics.

    3) They follow the all-time favorite, and frequently quoted, adage, Do

    what you love and the money will follow.

    I know what I just stated is entirely contrary to what you've probably readand seen elsewhere. But the truth is the truth.

    Normally when you create an information product that's based on one ofthese 3 premises there's no true needfor the information.

    I'm not talking about going to and discovering there are50,000 searches for a particular keyword, and no information products tocover that niche.

    Sure that's a pretty good demand, but not necessarily a need.

    Just because 50,000 people want to know about digital cameras doesn'tmean they 'need' or even want to buy an information product that teachesthem how to take great pictures.

    On the other hand, when you write on topics that people Need to Know, youenter an entirely different realm.

    It's not just a possibility people will need your information - it's a fact. Andthat's what makes all the difference between extreme success andmediocrity.


  • 7/31/2019 Alexis Dawes - Desperate Buyers Only


    A perfect example of this theory at work is my report,How to Get a BankAccount Even if You're in the ChexSystem.

    Having a checking account nowadays is not a luxury, it's an honest togoodness necessity item. The people who buy this report really need theinformation because they must have a checking account.

    And yet if you're in that awful place called the ChexSystems - where youcan't get a bank account nearly anywhere for 5 lo-o-o-ng years - you knowhow vital it is to find a bank or two or three that will give you an accountregardless of your ChexSystems situation. Getting this information is likehaving a Fort Knox vault fly open right in front of you.

    I know this first hand because unfortunately due to a fraudulent check a new

    client gave me, my bank accounts were closed and I was placed in theChexSystems.

    Until I finally found a few banks that offered accounts to ChexSystemsvictims, I was forced to use check cashing centers, and purchase moneyorders to pay my bills.

    My problem is that I have clients around the world who send me checks andmoney orders. And it is IMPOSSIBLE to find a check cashing center that'll

    put their hands on a foreign check.

    It wasn't that I wanted a bank account, it was a NEED - and a very desperateone indeed. And I knew I couldn't be the only one hurting for thisinformation.

    See the immediate difference between writing for a desperate audience,versus the traditional how-to seeker?

    The only reason you should be writing traditional how-to information is ifyou're selling backend products to desperate readers who have already

    purchased from you.

    So how do you choose a topic that centers around a desperate reader?

    Here's my step-by-step formula. Before you complete any of the tasks, it's


  • 7/31/2019 Alexis Dawes - Desperate Buyers Only


    important that you read through each step first. You'll see that some stepshave alternate options, depending on your findings.

    I've created a chart on the following page to demonstrate how to effectivelygo through the steps.

    STEP #1 - Choose your intended audience or topic.People who fish or fishing... scrapbookers or scrapbooking... clothingdesigners or apparel... physical trainers or physical training... mortgage

    brokers or mortgages... you get the hint. It can be almost any intendedaudience or topic.

    Here are 13 suggested audience bases to get your creative juices flowing.

    1) People with bad/poor credit or financial difficulties.It doesn't matter how much information is freely available online related tofixing your bad credit. I know people who sell to this market, and it has

    proven to be nothing but lucrative.

    2) People losing a home.My sister once fell behind on her mortgage. When she was almost to the

    point of foreclosure she searched high and low online for a lender thatwould give her a small loan. She also searched for information that wouldhelp her avoid the foreclosure process.

    When faced with the prospect of losing the largest investment they've evermade in their lives, people turn to the Internet.

    3) eBay sellersOver 430,000 people make their living selling on eBay. These folks are thePowersellers. Needless to say there are always hundreds of thousands moretrying to reach that coveted and highly desired status.

    The problem is eBay has something like 40 million registered members. Soeven if you dismiss the Powersellers (who already do a great deal of sales)there's almost always going to be a great deal of competition.

    What can you teach aspiring or existing Powersellers to help them furtherstand out from the competition? If you have a proven track record as a


  • 7/31/2019 Alexis Dawes - Desperate Buyers Only


    Powerseller you're got a solid case for a report.

    4) Online marketersA lot of people who teach others how to create and sell information

    products are always trying to steer their students away from selling to onlinemarketers. Maybe they want their students outselling them!

    Now here's the truth. Online marketers are indeed rabid buyers. But... youhave to present unique information to them. You really can't just re-hashsome stuff and expect to do well.

    I discovered a cool technique for getting traffic from Google, and I sell it inmy Back Road To Google report. It's not something that other people teach.It's a technique that I basically stumbled upon while promoting my own


    My first month of selling the report I generated close to $10K.

    So it's not that the market is overcrowded, it's that you have to come withsomething new and unique.

    5) Network marketers who aren't making money.Network marketers come and go, come and go. Sometimes they jump fromone opportunity to the next.

    But one thing is for certain. They DO spend a lot of money to better honetheir skills. If you've been successful in this field, there is always room foranother information product.

    6) GamblersGamblers are poster children for desperation - (and I say that with a smile,

    because I love to gamble!).

    There's a never ending influx of new gamblers - (just look at the pokercraze) - they're often on the verge of losing something important (theirmoney), they may have already lost some money and want to get it back,and they're always desperate for more money. Need I say more?


  • 7/31/2019 Alexis Dawes - Desperate Buyers Only


    One thing I've noticed is that gambling secrets type e-books sell really wellon eBay. I've seen win the lottery e-books earn their authors upwards of$10K a month.

    It seems like every few months a new one comes out, and all the gamblersbuy it in droves. If readers leave feedback saying the techniques actuallywork, it's like the ultimate payday for the author.

    7) People going through divorce.Even if you've never been through a divorce, I'm sure you don't have toimagine how messy these things can get.

    There's the division of assets, spousal support, child support, and just anincredible emotional strain that comes with the divorce process. And many

    people do go online looking for divorce resources.

    I recently ran across a site called Their claim to fame isthat they offer an audio/software set on secret divorce planning for men. Iquestion how wise it is to have a physical product like this, seeing howwomen can get into detective mode at the drop of a hat. (I'm a woman, Iknow these things!) But it's certainly a smart selling point.

    8) People with a non-life threatening health problem.Have you ever had a chronic sinus infection? Sweet mother of pearl, if

    you've never had one, you DON'T want one.

    What about foot fungus? Eczema? Smelly breath? Acne?

    People with non-life threatening health disorders often look online forremedies to their problems. Especially if the problem makes them lessattractive or smelly.

    Just be careful what you say when you issue your advice. The FDA reallydoes crack down on people who appear to be giving medical advice, or whomake questionable claims.

    9) People who want a status symbol that they cannot afford.Many people buy reports and e-books that tell them where to find luxurygoo...


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