Alchemy Guild   Bulletin...INTERNATIONAL ALCHEMY GUILD BULLETIN Page 1 Alchemy Guild Bulletin International Alchemy Guild (IAG), P.O. Box 22309, page 1
Alchemy Guild   Bulletin...INTERNATIONAL ALCHEMY GUILD BULLETIN Page 1 Alchemy Guild Bulletin International Alchemy Guild (IAG), P.O. Box 22309, page 2
Alchemy Guild   Bulletin...INTERNATIONAL ALCHEMY GUILD BULLETIN Page 1 Alchemy Guild Bulletin International Alchemy Guild (IAG), P.O. Box 22309, page 3
Alchemy Guild   Bulletin...INTERNATIONAL ALCHEMY GUILD BULLETIN Page 1 Alchemy Guild Bulletin International Alchemy Guild (IAG), P.O. Box 22309, page 4

Alchemy Guild Bulletin...INTERNATIONAL ALCHEMY GUILD BULLETIN Page 1 Alchemy Guild Bulletin International Alchemy Guild (IAG), P.O. Box 22309,

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  • I N T E R N A T I O N A L A L C H E M Y G U I L D B U L L E T I N







    MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL DATE The renewaldate for ALL memberships will be each January,commencing January, 2011. IAGnowaccepts allcreditcards(Visa,MC,Discover,Amex)foreaseofmakingmembershippayments.

    COMINGSOON!WatchfortherolloutofthenewALCHEMY HOME STUDY PROGRAM. This is amajoroverhauloftheprogramwithonlineexamsand grading, as well as webinars and onlinemeetings. Check out the website, which


    The Alchemy Guild of DC Roger L. Asterilla,founder of The Alchemy Guild of DC, hasannounced that its new website is:

    Roger is currently conducting biochemicalanalysis,karmicchartprofiles,andtrainingonanindividual basis in EmWave Technology. PleasenotethatonlythoseindividualswhoarepursuingInternal Alchemy are eligible for the EmWaveprogramatthistime.

    WatchfornewsofRogersupcomingpresentationregardingtheBlacksmithTradition, theFirstSonsof the Earth, showing how the Greek myths ofAsteria, Asterion, Asterius, all connect to theBlacksmithandShamanictraditions.


    November 19, 2010 75TH ANNIVERSARYMEETING of the Society for the History ofAlchemy and Chemistry, Royal Institution,Albemarle Street, London, ENGLAND. A tour ofthe Royal Institution is to be conducted byProfessorFrankJamesat12:30p.m.Themeetingwill commence at 1:30 p.m., culminating withdinner at 8:00 p.m. For itinerary, additionalinformation and to register, please

    September 1618, 2011 INTERNATIONALALCHEMY CONFERENCE, Long Beach ConventionCenter, Long Beach, CA. A Must Attend Event!TheLargestGatheringofAlchemistsin500Years!Comediscovertheartof transformationthatwillhelp you make the next quantum Leap in

  • I N T E R N A T I O N A L A L C H E M Y G U I L D B U L L E T I N



    September 11, 2010, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.ALCHEMY THE ART OF TRANSMUTATION ANDTHECREATIVEPATHbySteveKalecFRC,AMORCGrand Councillor forQuebec,will be held at LOLHall,41RosemountAvenue,Ottawa,Ontario.TheSeminarfeeis$20. Forfurtherinformationortopreregister call: 6137458731 or

    November813,2010,FIRSTALCHEMYSEMINAR,Palace Hotel, 77 Drayton St., Nanango,Queensland4615.AUSTRALIA.Presenter:ArthurFehres,aliasArtofferus.ThisuniqueFirstSeminarcombines theory and practical work, elaboratingonthemedicinalPhilosophersStone,referredtoas the Dry Way. This method is different fromspagyricmethodsandother 'wetways, reducingthe operation to days rather than years. Itsexistencehasbeenhintedat,butneverrevealed.Dedicated individuals will be able to prepare atrue alchemical substance since the seminarincludeshandsonpracticalalchemywork.Arthur'snewpublication,BOOKOFREVELATIONTHE PHILOSOPHERS STONE THE EASY WAY,contains much alchemical theory and Hermeticphilosophy.ThisFirstSeminarwillgreatlyexpandones understanding of the theories in the book.Maximum is 20 applicants. In preparationattendantsarerequiredtohavereadthebook.In this day and age the termalchemyhas beenrepresentedbyspagyrists,academics,spiritualistsandmagicianstomeanmanythings.Thisseminargives participants a real understanding and firmdefinitionoflaboratoryalchemy.RossMack,DirectorandPrincipalofTheAlchemySchool (official name pending). For furtherinformationandseminarfees,


    The latest issue of theALCHEMY JOURNAL (Vol.11No.1)isnowavailable.

    The special themed issue engages with thealchemiesofAsiacontentsinclude: Morphogenesis and plant signature: the Tao of

    connectednessbyDr.JosefMargraf; Metallic medicines of Indian alchemy by Robert

    AllenBartlett A Short Stroll to Eternity: Taoism, Alchemy and

    ImmortalitybyJeannieRadcliffe TheTaoofTarot:TheMagicianbyChristinaBjergo TheAlchemyandtheEcstasybyMajaDAoust The Cult of Burmese Alchemy by Dr.Maung Htin

    Aung RasaShastra:TheArtofVedicAlchemybyAndrew

    Mason The Nine Supreme Inner Alchemy Formulas of


    The International Alchemy Conference by DuaneSaari

    Secretof Immortality fromHsiyu chi (or, Journeyto theWest) byWu Chengen and translated byJenniferOldstoneMoore

    Modern Magister: Dr. Josef Margraf by PaulHardacreplus

    ValeHansSchimmerbyDennisWilliamHauck ValeJeanDubuisbyPatriceMaleze94pages,perfectbound,printedinfullcolouronwoodfreebondpaper,inalimitededitionof750copies. Available for USD$15 plus postage, orsubscribe to both 2010 issues of the AlchemyJournalforUSD$30pluspostage.


    TheAlchemy Journal is published by SalamanderandSonsfortheInternationalAlchemyGuild.

  • I N T E R N A T I O N A L A L C H E M Y G U I L D B U L L E T I N




    Occult of Personality peers behind the veil,delivering interviews with serious esotericresearchers from all over the world. In podcastepisode 88, Rubaphilos Salflure discusses hispersonal experiences with the Western mysterytradition in New Zealand, including his interestand training in laboratoryalchemy,hypnosis, theHermeticOrderoftheGoldenDawn(HOGD), theBuilders of the Adytum (BOTA), the Ancient andMystical Order Ros Crucis (AMORC), andFreemasonry.

    Rubaphilos endeavours to dispel the confusionsurrounding alchemy, including both laboratorywork and inner work. He also explains howesoteric spiritual alchemy is synonymous withqabalah, and talks about thePhilosophers StoneandtheElixirofLife.

    InthewordsoftheproducerandhostofOccultofPersonality: I highly recommend RubaphilosSalfluresTheHermesParadigm,BookOne:FirstPrinciples...IfyouareastudentofHermeticsandalchemy, Rubaphilos book is essential reading.Perhaps controversial to some, his insights andexperienceareinvaluableinmyopinion.



    Thisbook is thefirstvolume ina fivebookseriesof 21st century alchemical texts by Rubaphilos availableinalimitededitionof500copiessecureyourcopytoday!


    The Society for the History of Alchemy andChemistryhasestablished thePartingtonPrize inmemory of Professor James Riddick Partington,the Societys first Chairman. It is awarded everythreeyearsforanoriginalandunpublishedessayon any aspect of the history of alchemy orchemistry. The prize consists of five hundredpounds(500). Deadlineforentries isDecember31,2010.

    The competition is open to anyone with ascholarly interest in the history of alchemy orchemistry who, by the closing date of 31December2010hasnotreached35yearsofage,or ifolderhascompletedadoctoral thesis in thehistoryofsciencewithinthepreviousthreeyears.Scholars fromanycountrymayenter,butentriesmust be submitted in English andmust not havebeenpreviouslysubmittedtoanotherjournal.Theprizewinning essay will be published in theSocietys journal, Ambix. One hard copy of theentry,word processed on one side of the paper,should be submitted, along with a copy of theentry on disc.We prefer files to be inMicrosoftWord XP, if possible. Essays must be fullydocumented using the conventions used in thecurrent issue of Ambix. Essays must not exceed10,000words in length, including references andfootnotes. All entries must be submitted with awordcount.

    Send entries to John Perkins, Hon. Treasurer,Centre for Health, Medicine and Society, OxfordBrookes University, Gipsy Lane, Headington,Oxford OX3 0BP, ENGLAND with the wordsPartingtonPrizewrittenclearlyontheenvelope.Each entry should contain a separate title pagegiving the authors name, institution, postaladdress, email address and date of birth (and if

  • I N T E R N A T I O N A L A L C H E M Y G U I L D B U L L E T I N


    relevant the date of completion of their thesis).The authors name and contact detailsmust notappearonthepagesoftheessayastheidentityofthe author will not be made available to thejudges. Essays (no more than one from eachcompetitor) must be received no later than 31December2010.

    The decision of the judges appointed by theCouncilwillbefinal.TheSocietyreservestherightto divide the prize between twoormore entriesofequalmerit,ornottoawardaprizeshouldnoessaybedeemedofsuitablestandard.Thenameofthewinnerwillbeannouncedby30April2011,and all essays will be returned to competitorssoonafterthatdate.

    Travel grants, Chemical Heritage Foundation,Philadelphia

    There isnodeadlinefortravelgrantapplications.Applicationscanbesubmittedatanytimeandareassessedbyan internalCHFreviewcommittee.Atravelgrantapplicationmustcontain:

    Aresearchproposalthatalsodetailshowtheapplicant will make use of CHFs collections(onepage)

    Acurriculumvitae(uptothreepages) Onereferenceletter(applicantsare