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  • Our products have been designed to maintain the European pastry tradition in terms of taste while offering the greatest ease of use.

    All products are of the highest quality, made by companies who have applied generations of craftsmanship to bring you the best.

    The result is a guaranteed satisfaction and the pleasure to work with the finest.

    Tradco, Ltd.4609 Lewis Rd. Stone Mountain, GA 30083

    Phone: 678.406.0003 Fax: 678.406.9222

  • MK470SweetTartlet Butter

    Dimensions:2.75 x 0.9 288 unitsAll Natural

    MK430SweetTartlet Butter

    Dimensions:3 x 0.9 165 unitsAll Natural

    MK460SweetTartlet Butter

    Dimensions:3 x 0.9 165 unitsAll Natural


    Tart Shells

    MD105Waffle Cone Savory

    Opening: 1.75Length: 4 160 units

    CSP1Cheese Sticks Parmesan

    Length: 6 168 unitsAll Natural

    Specialty Items


    Mini Hors Doeuvre Shell Savory

    Dimensions:1.8 x 0.5 416 units

  • 1 Mix2 Applications

    Pastry Cream: Combine 1 bag of Pastry Cream Mix with 1 qt. of whole milk.Whisk for 3 minutes on medium-high speed. Refrigerate for 1 hour uncovered.

    Tip: For a lighter pastry cream, start by adding up to 2 cups of water.

    48 fl. oz.

    Classic BavarianCream:

    Combine 1 bag of Pastry Cream Mix with 1 cups of water.Immediately add 1 qt. of heavy whipping cream. Mix well.Halfway, scrape the bowl and finish mixing. 55 fl. oz.


    Pastry Cream

    160-11412 bags of 11 oz.

  • Mousse Mixes

    Flavors RecipeCode: Size bag /case Whisk 1 bag with: Yield

    fl. oz.

    280-185 Neutral5 kg/ bulk

    1Whisk 200 g. mix + 250 g water

    + 1 kg of heavy whipping cream


    280-187 Neutral 7 oz. 129 fl oz. water

    + 1 qt. heavy whipping cream


    280-207 MochaKosher-Dairy

    7 oz. 12 1 qt. heavy whipping cream 42

    280-124 ChocolateKosher-Dairy

    7 oz. 12 1 qt. heavy whipping cream 42

    280-227 White ChocolateKosher-Dairy

    7 oz. 12 1 qt. heavy whipping cream 42

  • 160-11010 bags of 7 oz.

    Yields: 7 fl. oz. each

    Crme Brle

    Candied Fruits


    Bring 1 qt. of half & half to a boil. Combine 1 bag of Crme Brle Mix with 1 qt. of heavy cream. Whisk 2 into 1 and return to a simmer for one full minute. Portion and chill.

    188-172Orange Peels5 lbs. per bagKosher-Pareve

    188-164Lemon Peels5 lbs. per bagKosher-Pareve

  • 6Ready-To-Use, intense caramel flavor, smooth, clean, liquid, easy to mix with other products.

    Ready-To-Use, whisk and brush directly to add shine onto pastries, fresh fruit, danishes, fruit tarts, viennoiseries and rum babas.

    Caramel Sauce

    Neutral Mirror Glaze

    230-18511 lb. Tub

    340-1201 Gallon

  • 7224-105Apple Cinnamon

    Vegetable & Fruit Wraps

    Vegetable and fruit based alternatives to seaweed used on sushi & for creative appetizers

    and desserts.

    No artificial ingredients, colors or flavors. Fat-free, low calorie, full of antioxidants,

    gluten free and vegan.

    24 wraps per package (Dimensions: 8 x 7 inches)

    224-190Tomato Basil




  • Use for marzipan, sabl dough, joconde, frangipani,

    gratin topping and/or as a sauce thickener.

    Almond Flour

    Made with top quality almonds,round taste, no bitterness, fine grain,

    great color and texture.

    172-10525 lbs. case

    172-1075 lbs. case

    290-2055 lbs. case

    50% Almonds

    Almond Paste

  • Fluted1.92 x 0.59

    Round1.98 x 0.59

    Oval2.24 x 0.59

    Square1.77 x 0.59

    Cylinder 1.49 x 0.59

    Round Praline Cup1.14 x 1.33

    Octagon Praline Cup1.06 x 0.98

    Assorted Petit Four Cups

    Assorted Praline Cups

    DM105 Dark ChocolateKosher-Pareve245 units

    (49 each)

    DM102 Dark ChocolateKosher-Pareve400 units

    (200 each)


    Dark ChocolateBamboo Leaves

    Kosher-Pareve2.36 x 0.71

    600 units (200 each)

    Assorted Bamboo Leaves

  • Pastry Alcohols European Quality

    400-310 * Brandy





    400-360 * Curacao Orange

    All 2 Liters * Also available in 20 liter jugs

    400-370Pear William

    400-385 * Kirsch

    400-362Griottes (1 liter)

    400-422 * Rum Negrita

    400-460Scotch Whiskey

  • All items can be special ordered in 20 liter jugs

    Cooking Alcohols


    400-270Port Wine







    All 2 Liters

    European Quality

    400-385 * Kirsch

  • 16.9 fl oz each

    370-120 Regular 370-126 Orange

    370-122 Cherry 370-128 Truffle

    370-123 Chilli 370-132 White

    370-124 Fig 370-140 4 years old

    Flavored Balsamic Creams