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This is my exhibition journal! I hope you enjoy it!

Text of Alana PYP Journal

  • 1. My PYP Exhibition Journal
  • 2. Issues and Solutions Our actions can lead to positive change. Issues, problems, issues! There are big and little issues and problems that concern a lot of people. Some problems and issues have obvious solutions while some issues and problems seem to have no solution. In your Exhibition process you will get a chance to apply your skills as an action taker to some of these issues and problems. You will be choosing a real problem(either local or global) and carefully working through to a solution and take some action to help this issue or problem. Working through this Exhibition journal will help you organize your time and resources to discover the best solution to your chosen issue or problem. Good luck!
  • 3. Our actions can lead to positive change. Expectations and Assessment
    • By the end of this Exhibition we will have collected evidence of your learning in many different ways. This evidence will include :
    • Completed PP Student Exhibition Journal.
    • Individual contribution to the group springnotes.
    • Peer evaluations for co-operative learning completed in week 3 and 6.
    • Ongoing individual reflections/evaluations.
    • Persuasive writing piece.
    • Final project/presentation, action and reflection.
  • 4. Inner Journey Expanding your interests Select one of the interests you brainstormed in you journal and discover the different paths that could be explored. Use the model demonstrated in class to help you. Environment Littering Pollution Too many trees are getting cut down. Save paper and recycle paper. Animals losing their homes. Too many people throw their cigarettes, chewing gum etc, on the floor.
  • 5.
    • Brainstorm real life issues or problems that you think need a solution. Look around you and think about the problems that exist in your school, your neighborhood, Zurich, Switzerland, or elsewhere in the world.
    State the Issue or Problem Inner Journey Our actions can lead to positive change. natural disasters environment global warming littering Pollution Politics Libya Egypt Dictators Bulling Cyber bulling Oil Food Exercise Chemicals Water Drugs Smoking Poor families Stealing Slaves
  • 6. Why is this a problem/issue?
    • You have chosen this problem for a reason.
    • How does it affect your life or those around you?
    • How does it affect your feelings or emotions?
    • Why do you think it is important?
    • Why do you feel a responsibility for this problem/issue?
    Inner Journey Our actions can lead to positive change. Natural Disasters How does it affect your feelings or emotions? It affects my feelings because I feel a sad for people that lose their home and their families because there was a natural disaster. I wonder how the people feel and is there a special time of year where lots of natural disasters happen how do they happen. I feel poor for the people in Japan. How does it affect your life or those around you? If there is a natural disaster it affects the whole country. People have a hard time. Why do you think this is important? I think it is important because nature has rights to do what it wants to do. But it is also important that people are safe. The good thing is people can sometimes forecast if something bad is going to happen and warn the people.
    • Our actions can lead to positive change.
    • You have chosen a topic.
    • Has it changed from your first thoughts? How and why?
    • Are you happy with this development?
    • You have been put in a group. Who is in the group?
    • Why are they in your group?
    • Do you think the group can work co-operatively and effectively? How and why?
    • What did you think about your first week of collaboration?
    My topic has changed. It is now rainforest destruction. It changed because I did not fit into the nature disaster group. My group formed because we all did not fit into the our old groups. I am glad that is working so well. We all had different topics first but then we compromised to rain forest destruction. My group is working good and fast. We already have a lot of information. I am amazed that we already have so much information. We are a good team ( Giulia, Noor, Tatiana and me.)
  • 8. Developing Lines of Inquiry
    • You have defined your problem/issue in relation to Form, Function, Causation and
    • Responsibility.
    • Look at the remaining two Concepts to clarify your lines of inquiry
    • Connection How is it connected to other issues/problems?
    • It is connected to global warming because burning
    • forests causes global warming. It is also connects to endangered animals. It is connected because animals get endangered when there home gets
    • destroyed.
    • Perspective What are other points of view?
    • Some people say our action will do not make it but I believe in it.
    Searching and Collecting Our actions can lead to positive change.
  • 9. Our Process Searching and Collecting People to whom we spoke: Name: A representative of WWF We sent a e-mail to a person from WWF. We are hoping for a reply. We got a reply!!!!!!!!!!! Surveys we created and distributed The group surveyed: Number of people surveyed: 41 people answered our survey. Important conclusion we can make from the results: We did a survey because we wanted to know what the 5 th graders know about the rainforest. We wanted to know if they where aware what was happening in the rainforest. Important information from our advisor: We talked about our main idea.
  • 10. Process Reflection These are things I thought about our topic before BUT now I think differently I first thought that my topic was not so interesting and there is not so much things to research. But know I know I have found the right topic it is what I am interested in. The are ideas I had about our problem/issue before AND I still have now We still have the wondering if the rainforest will ever be saved. Could the rainforest vanish from our planet? These are things about our problem/issue that still challenge us and we still wonder about I do not have any wonderings now that exhibition is finished. We would like our audience to leave our presentation with these BIG UNDERSTANDINGS I want them to now that the rainforest has the right to live and be respected. Synthesizing and Connecting Our actions can lead to positive change.
  • 11. Think of Solutions. ACTION
    • Brainstorm a wide range of ideas that could help solve this oproblem/issue
    • Here is your chance to be creative. Write down all possible answers. Do not discard any yet because this is your chance to start thinking outside the box to find a creative solution. Be creative, unusual, fanciful, practical and obvious. S T R E T C H your imagination!
    • Teaching the 2 graders about the rainforest. We thought that we are going to do 2 grade because they have the unit Habitat. We already did a animoto slide show for them. We are going to explain them what deforestation is.
    • Hand out flyers and put posters around the school.
    Our actions can lead to positive change.
  • 12. CHOOSING ACTION Is your action S.M.A.R.T.?
    • Specific
    • Is your action clear
    • Does everyone understand about how your action will happen?
    • Have you covered 5 Ws and the H?
    • Measurable
    • How will you know your action has worked?
    • Attainable
    • Will you be successful taking this action?
    • Relevant
    • Does this action actually relate to your problem?
    • Time-bound
    • Will you have enough time to implement your action?
    We can make a difference Specific yes Measureable yes Attainable Hope so but yes. Relevant yes Time-bound Yes.
  • 13.