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  • 8/14/2019 Alan Campbell Israelites Were In America Before Columbus!



    COLUMBUS!by Pastor Alan Campbell

    1992 marked the SOOthAnni-versary of Columbus' voyage ofdiscovery from Spain to whatwas then known as the NewWorld in 1492. No doubt there

    will be those who will exploit thecelebration of this event to em-phasize the Hispanic as op-posed to the Anglo-Saxonelement in American Cultureand society. However it is be-coming an increasingly well-known and documented fact,

    that not only were there NorthEuropeans on the Americancontinent long before the voy-age of Columbus, but also thatPhoenicians/Israelites sailedfrom the Middle East throughthe Mediterranean and acrossthe Atlantic to these shores cen-turies before the birth of Christ.

    I became aware of these ex-citing facts of suppressed his-tory during my first visit to theUnited States in 1984. While at-tending the AMERICA'S PROM-ISE MINISTRIES camp in New

    Mexico that year I was able tovisit the site at Los Lunas, nearAlbuquerque, and see the rock

    with the Ten Commandmentscarved in the ancient script.

    My curiosity being aroused Iwent on to study the booksSaga America and America B.G. by Professor Barry Fell ofHarvard University, also CyrusGordon's Before Columbus andThey All Discovered America byCharles Boreland; from thesebooks and various other re-search items the following factsemerge:


    The term Phoenician is ageneral one, which covers notonly the seafaring peoplesbased in the ancient cities ofTyre and Sidon (on the coast ofmodem Lebanon) but also thesea-roving Israelite tribes ofDan, Asher and Zebulon, whosetribal territories in Canaan wereadjacent to these city states onthe East Mediterranean coast-line. These peoples plantedtrading posts and mercantile

    colonies along the shores ofnorth Africa and Spain, and theyengaged in a flourishing tin

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  • 8/14/2019 Alan Campbell Israelites Were In America Before Columbus!


    trade in the southwest cornerof the British Isles, their shipspassing through the Straits ofGibralter, then known as thePillars of Hercules.

    As long ago as 1913, authorT. C. Johnston in his book Did The Phoenicians Discover America claimed that the Ameri-can continent was discoveredand settled by Phoenicians andHebrews who kept in contact

    with the Middle East for somethree hundred years. Heclaimed that North America wasthe Biblical Ophir, visited by thefleets of King Solomon, and heoutlined some twenty-six pointsof comparison between the civi-lization of the Eastern Mediter-ranean homelands of thePhoenicians and Hebrews andthe Mayan, Inca and Aztec civili-zations in the New World.

    More recent research by Pro-fessor Barry Fell points to Punicor Phoenician inscriptions found

    in New England, Ohio and WestVirginia, and also the discoveryof coinage and trade goods inthe United States which hadcome from the Phoenician cityof Carthage in North Africa.


    The name Celts was the des-ignation given to those peopleswho emerged from the same

    geographical location the so-called Lost Tribes of Israel haddisappeared from at an earlierstage of world history. Thesepeople migrated across Europeto settle in the British Isles andthe coasts of France and Spain.They were a well-organized seapower at the time when JuliusCaesar and his Roman legionsinvaded Britain in 55 B.C.; and,he in fact makes reference to

    their ocean-going vessels. Pro-fessor Fell has now identifiedthe megalithic structures atMystery Hill, New Hampshire asa type of temple/observatorydedicated to the ancient Celticsun-god Bel (it was for worship-ping this same Baal that their Is-raelite ancestors had been castout of Palestine). He claims thatother sites dedicated to thissame deity and to other Celticgods and goddesses have beenlocated in Vermont, togetherwith Celtic burial urns and otherartifacts.


    COLUMBUSIt has been rightly said that

    when the Norsemen/Scandina-vians arrived in North Americain the Tenth Century, they foundthat the Irish had got there be-fore them. Although skepticshave ridiculed the legends ofthe Irish monk Brendan and his

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  • 8/14/2019 Alan Campbell Israelites Were In America Before Columbus!


    journey to America in a hide-covered boat known as a cor-acle, yet a reconstruction ofthe voyage in recent timeshas demonstrated that theroute described in the leg-ends from Ireland to New-foundland, and on to Floridaby way of the Bahamas is in-deed accurate. It also seemslikely that Culdees from theancient Celtic Church in Ire-

    land, fleeing the sea raids ofthe still-pagan vikings, fol-lowed Brendan's route, seek-ing refuge first in Iceland,then Greenland, Newfound-land and finally, deep intoN.orth America, where theydisappear, perhaps givingrise to the traditions commonto the Aztecs, Incas andMayas, of visits by beardedwhite men.

    Legends and traditions alsopersist that a Welsh Princenamed Madog and his follow-

    ers, fleeing from violence andbloodshed in Wales, escapedby ship and, using ancient Celticmaps and charts, crossed theAtlantic and landed on Ameri-can soil at Mobile Bay in 1170A.D.. Moving inland, they builtfortified settlements in Alabama,

    Georgia and Tennessee, givingrise to later claims of discoveryof "Welsh Indians" between the

    mid-1500's and early 1800's.George Catlin believed that hehad traced the descendants ofthese Welsh settlers among theMandan Indians, many of whomwere blue-eyed and whose lan-guage contained elements ofWelsh.


    BY 500 YEARSLess open to question or dis-

    pute than any of the othergroups I have mentioned, is thecoming of the Norse or Scandi-navian explorers and settlerswhose activities in North Amer-ica lasted from before the late 1300's. The nameswhich immediately spring to

    mind are those of Bjarni Herjul-fon, Eric the Red and his sonLeif Ericsson. These Viking set-tlers traveled from Greenland toNew England, which Leif calledVinland because of the abun-dance of wild grapes foundthere; at least one building, theNewport Church Tower, stillstands as evidence of thesepre-Columbian Norse settle-ments.

    CONCLUSIONIn light of these few brief facts

    which I have outlined, it is now

    obvious that the seed of Abra-ham, Isaac and Jacob did in-deed ''spread abroad to the West" (Genesis 28:14) as AI-

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  • 8/14/2019 Alan Campbell Israelites Were In America Before Columbus!


    mighty God had promised.They had in fact discovered,traded with, and even for atime made settlements in

    North America, long beforeColumbus reached the WestIndies in 1492.

    By all means let us pay trib-ute to the achievements Co-lumbus made, but let it not betumed into a vehicle for His-panic propaganda. Let us asChristian Israelites do our bestto bring before our people theincreasing evidence of the pre-Columbian history of America,which clearly shows God'sCovenant people staking claimto their New Promised Landfrom the very earliest times.

    About the author!Pastor Campbell is a graduate

    of London University and head ofReligious Studies at a high schoolnear Belfast, Northern Ireland,U.K.

    He has authored many bookletsand has lectured extensivelythroughout the United Kingdomand the United States.

    We are proud to have him asso-ciated with America's Promise asan Associate Minister. He is a

    regular contributor to our monthlyNewsletter and has many faithfulreaders of his fine columns.

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