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Alaina - Nellie Bly

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MCDS 2nd Grade Changemakers

Text of Alaina - Nellie Bly

  • Alaina Wehrly Buckeye

  • she was born may 5, 1890. she loved stories. sometimes after the stories she couldn't fall asleep.

  • she left to go around the world in 1819.

  • She sailed across the pacific ocean to set a record in 1890.

  • 1890:She came home on january 25 with her mom.

  • she used her stories about orphanages to tell readers about families in need. some of those kids were adopted.

  • nellie bly by shannon Knudsen

    website about Nellie bly at


  • One thing I learned About Nelly Bly is that she was one of the first

    women to own a company called Iron Clad.

    My Changemaker is connected to phileas

    frogg because they both travelled around the world really fast.

    I like candy and going on a hike in the wood's.

    This Person is a changemaker because:

    1. she was one of the first girls to be a reporter.2. she had done things no girl has ever done.

    3. she beat phileas frogg's record.

  • it is somebody who can find a solution to a problem in the world.

    It is a big part of the earth filled with water.

    Somebody who takes home a person in need.These people are usually children have birth parents that have died or cannot take care of


    a mill is a place where people make flower.

  • a map of were she travelled.