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AGARTALA MUNICIPAL CORPORATION . Online Building Plan System. New Online Building Plan Permission System:. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Online Building Plan System1New Online Building Plan Permission System:

New Online Building Plan Permission system has been launched in Agartala Municipal Corporation on 22nd July 2013 as a pilot project. In this system the people of Agartala city can get the permission in a more convenient way without any hassle.

All the Building Plans to be approved

Within 7 days from the date of application submission, Minimum human interface,Full transparency, No any inconvenience to public,Online payment gateway Flow Chart of Building Plan Permission of AMC

InternetMunicipal Commissioner / Executive OfficerMayor / Zonal ChairpersonAMCCounterInternet

Steps to get the Building Plan PermissionCitizen Needs to prepare a Plan with the help of any Licensed planner of AMC as per AMC Building Rule. At present there are 19(nineteen) nos Licensed Planners of AMC. The names, address and contact nos of the planners are given in the AMC website : the on line application form with all necessary information attaching with the soft copies of required documents showing in the application.Citizen can submit the application from any PC with internet connection as well as at any counter of AMC Zonal offices with the help of a Counter Clerk.


Steps to get the Building Plan Permission

At first applicant needs to search on internet for Agartala Municipal Corporation site: Then click the services online option as shown. 5Steps of Online Building Plan Permission of AMC

On clicking the services online option this window will appear.On this window clickOnline Building PlanOn clicking this Next window will appear.

There are three(3) options:New PlanView Plan StatusModified Plan after correction, if any.Steps of Online Building Plan Permission of AMC

Online Building Plan Application form

Citizen can apply by filling up the form along with attaching softcopy of all required documents as per Tripura Building Rule, if any discrepancy is found, the system will automatically reject the plan. After approval he can pay online and generate permission with facsimile signature of authority.

Online Application Form

After properly filling up the application form, the applicant shall write the auto-generated verification code.After that he shall put a tick mark on the declaration. Then click the submit button as shown.

Online application receipt copy:

On clicking the submit button, this online Building Plan submission receipt will be generated with the particulars as shown. Applicant shall take a printed copy of this receipt for reference.10

Online application status:

Here is the 2nd option to view the already applied Plan status.The auto-generated serial no. shall be put in the box and click on Go button to see the present status of the application.11

Modification of applied Plan, if any:

Modification is required for those plans which are already applied but has some deficiency,discripancy etc.In this case again go the first page where New Plan was applied. Then click on modified plan after correction, if any.After that the form will appear which is just like a new plan application.12

Online status after modified application:


Online payment :


Online Payment gateway :


Citizen collects the Building Permission: