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Afterhours - Draft Script

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afterhours - unrevised - email me for critics, thanks peeps :D

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Written by Putri Julia Daskian

Page 2: Afterhours - Draft Script


GIRL 1.silent, quiet, observing. used to be idealistic but now leads a dull life. wandering eyes, constantly looking up or away (never down or towards people), long dishelved hair.

GIRL 2.simple-minded, naive compared to the group. having a hard time trying to fit/adapt into the group’s informally exclusive formation. interlocking hands, nervous laughs. short curly hair, rather plain/safe dressing.

GIRL 3. (VIVA/VEEVE?)loud, graceless, the poor little rich girl stereotype. tries hard to look like she was having fun, thus mocked by the group behind her back. her real life situation is hidden behind her public persona. short hair, chain-smoking habit, big eye make-up (think Edie Sedgwick).

BOY 1.calm, mature, laid-back. seemingly casual but is the one who takes care of the group. he seems to have already come to terms with problems of his life. peaceful expression, sarcastic laugh/shrug upon trouble. casual dressing, messy hair, tall and lanky.

BOY 2.pussy-whipped. used to not be into the party scene but had been washed into the majority crowd. has something he keeps looking at and fingering. short cropped hair, everything about his look is dictated by his girlfriend (GIRL 3).

BOY 3.easy-going, cheerful, non-judgmental. the secret emotional sand-bag to everyone in the group. has a liking for recreational drugs, has a trademark smile to amuse the group. silly/thoughtless facial expression, boyish, edgy dressing.

BOY 4.whiny, orderly, enjoys fitting into social norms and being excepted by the group. has a habit of assumption and seeing the bad side in people. semi-formal dressing, clean cut.

girl 3’ security guygirl 1’s parentsgirl 1’s brotherboy 1’s momyoung white manboy 2’s housekeeper

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* the characters still got no name, so you might wanna get used to their codes. i'm also still wondering about the appropriate names, as this is supposed to be in jakarta, but i really suck at writing in indo, and i have no idea how to write scripts in indo. anyhoo. oh except GIRL 3, ‘cause from the beginning i always imagine her as a Viva. or Veeve.

INT. = interiorEXT. = exteriorPOV = point of view(beat) = a moment or two (i’m not even sure this is how you use it right. i just found out about this beat thing a while ago)the rest of the capitalized words are camera movements. don't mind them that much. i sorta also forgot how to write them correctly.

in case u havent noticed, red lines would be my notes.


(mute) / music score: Iggy Pop – Nightclubbing

* i’m still wondering about this one ‘cause i was planning on a muted night club scene to focus on the characters but then i remember babel (the film) has a similar scene too, so i’m in doubt

BIRD’S EYE VIEW:the scene is wild, fun, careless. the crowd is young and hip. everywhere camera turns is young faces laughing and playing around with each other. a group of friends in their early twenties is huddling together, yet occassionally mingling with the rest of the crowd, some they know well of, some they just met tonight.

CLOSING IN:GIRL 3, a very tall, short-haired, overly skinny girl in over-the-top sequin mini dress and crazy make-up, dances wildly and laughs loudly. her friends around her only look with a part-mocking, part-tolerant expression, but the rest of the crowd seems to enjoy her wildness. BOY 2, a guy with better-than-average look and a rather dressy outfit, is hugging GIRL 3 from the back as they interact. GIRL 3 adjusts BOY 2’s shirt, she is in charge of his look and he doesn’t seem to mind. they start making out. BOY 1, a tall and lanky guy in simple t-

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shirt, approaches the group with a suave confident, he jokes and makes funny dance as he’s being welcomed with low-fives by BOY 3 and BOY 4 and nods from the rest. it is obvious that this is how they usually have fun. GIRL 2, a curly-haired girl with plain, almost safe dressing, just back from getting a drink, is stuck in the middle of everyone, seemingly awkward. she tries with a hint of desperation to fit in with the group. her actions went largely unnoticed. GIRL 1, a small, bony girl with loose and oversized clothing, stands among the group, moving calmly as she observes. she has an effortless, shadowy aura around her. she is holding up a cigarette with hanging ash on one hand, moving her head as if she is listening to a soft music instead, she is part of the group but it’s as if she stands alone. her hair is dishelved, she has on dark eye make-up, bringing out her eyes, which are wandering. she eyes her peer group absent-mindedly.

POV GIRL 1:ROLLS from the boys, having fun, PASSES OVER to GIRL 2, who is eyeing the group hopelessly, LANDS on BOY 2 and GIRL 3, who are still making out.

* also in doubt about the make-out scene, i want to make sure they come across as a couple, but too much make-out can look tacky

GIRL 3 breaks away from BOY 2 with a laugh, then starts twirling around the group, who reacts to it in a mild surprise, laughing at her expected wildness. she begins to go over the board, she wants to make sure everyone knows she is drunk and having a good time. as BOY 2 tries to control her, BOY 1 and BOY 3 back away with laughter. BOY 4 puts a hand over GIRL 2, they try to interact, as if it’s a stolen moment to do so as the group’s attention is on GIRL 3. GIRL 1 eyes them, knowingly yet expressionless. BOY 2 manages to control GIRL 3 as she continues to laugh loudly. the rest of the group look at each other, laugh, except for GIRL 1, who keeps staring with no expression. they return to dancing, and BOY 4 breaks off connection with GIRL 2. GIRL 3 reaches out haphazardly to GIRL 1, still intoxicated. GIRL 1 makes no reacting movement straight away, but she stares at her for a while before she shakes her head lightly, and with a small smile she starts dancing with her. BOY 2 stares at them for a while before joining the boys. GIRL 2 tries again to dance with BOY 4, but he is already with the boys. the group continues to dance, with the exception of GIRL 2, who is staring at them, unable to fit in, hopeless.


Page 5: Afterhours - Draft Script

CLOSE IN:the asphalt surface, wih cars and the open night sky on the background. music from inside the night club is pounding softly.

the group walks out from the club building, recognizable only by their footwear. four pairs of boys’ shoes (a pair of oxfords, two pairs of converse shoes, one neat, one worn-out, and a pair of shoes with different colors) huddling together. a pair of crazy high-fashion heels and a pair of black leather boots walk closely together. behind them a pair of mint green ballerina flats follows.


FULL VIEW of the group walking. the boys walk together, chatting and joking around. some of the are putting their jackets on. they do seem like they’ve had few drinks. GIRL 1, smiling thinly, unquivered by the night temperature despite her lack of cover-up, and GIRL 3, still intoxicated, a large balmain-style blazer hanging on her shoulders, holding each other’s shoulders, walking a bit dragged. GIRL 2 follows them a little behind. ocassionally BOY 4 looks back for GIRL 2, but he only smiles thinly. each time GIRL 2 replies with a weak smile.

CLOSING IN:BOY 2 walks in front of GIRL 1 and GIRL 3, stops slowly.

BOY 2 (apparently sober) (to GIRL 3)Babe, I can’t drop you off tonight, ok? I gotta get home soon. Can’t turn around that far to the Central.

GIRL 3 (deeply intoxicated) (gesturing GIRL 1)But what about her?... We come in a package...

BOY 2 (to GIRL 1)Can I just drop you off somewhere you can catch a taxi?

GIRL 1 shrugs. GIRL 1 lets go off GIRL 3.


Page 6: Afterhours - Draft Script

BOY 3 walks towards a car, he is a bit drunk but he still has it together.

BOY 3 (rethorically) (to BOY 4)I’m riding with you, yeah?

BOY 4 makes an assuring gesture. he gestures GIRL 2 awkwardly to the car.

BOY 3 (to the rest of the group)Man, girls... lovely night, lovely high, as always... As usual, He blessed us with a good way to waste our youth, thankfully... (does his characteristic grin)See you kids later, yeah?

the rest of the group returns the cheerful goodbye with enthusiast, but the spirit isn’t as high as they return to themselves. BOY 1 turns around, a bit too quickly it seems, as he holds his head lightly as he feels a small buzz in his head. he starts to walk towards his car.

BOY 2 (to BOY 1)Hey, man, wait! (gesturing GIRL 3)Can you drop her off? It’s on your way back.

BOY 2 starts to protest lightly, but mid-sentence he sighs and signals him to hand GIRL 3 over. BOY 2 walks towards them and helps GIRL 3 beside him. BOY 2 and GIRL 1 quickly leave without any more talk. BOY 1 looks up and realizes they already left. iritated but hopeless, he starts walking GIRL 3 to his car.

ANGLE:Car A, Car B, and Car C one by one line up on the payment booth, then drive away to different routes.


music score: Explosions in the Sky - The Birth and Death of The Sky

* btw it’s sorta helpful to have the music in mind too, as i kinda also use it to support the whole idea. i’ll send out the playlist if you need it

Page 7: Afterhours - Draft Script

POV MOVING CARS:view of the city lights and of activities on the street. the lights of this city at night is certainly quite impressive. yet at this hour, the only human activities are down to few numbers of cars passing by, bikes, UNIFORMED PEOPLE picking up fallen leaves, sweeping, fixing road blocks, BEGGARS waiting for red lights, homeless people. DETAIL SHOTS to underline this irony.


music score continues.

DETAIL SHOT:GIRL 1’s eyes wandering upwards. city lights reflected on her eyes.

DETAIL SHOT:the pair of black leather boots seen earlier is under the passenger’s seat, resting still. the pair of neat converse shoes seen earlier, too, is under the driver’s seat, one foot on the pedal.

GIRL 1 is looking at the city lights through the window in the passenger’s seat, her eyes wide and gleaming, yet her expression still. next to her BOY 2 is driving. they sit in silence, but it isn’t awkward, it’s even almost calm. they’ve apparently known each other for years and are comfortable with each other. BOY 2 is driving. BOY 2 takes a glance quietly at GIRL 1 every couple of seconds. GIRL 1 ignores him, resting her head on the seating belt. BOY 2 watches GIRL 1. BOY 2 inhales and exhales very quietly, his expression unclear. he returns his sight towards the street in front of him. he takes a passing glance at his sports watch, it’s 3:14 a.m. slowly he unbuttons his right sleeve, rolling it up. he takes off his sports watch and puts it aside. the skin under it is damp from the sweat. on his wrist there is a tattoo of the national flag and the word ‘FIGHT’ under it, a decoration that looks awfully unmatched to his otherwise plain, trendy-boy persona. he stares at it, softly fingering the surface. the way he looks at it is like it reminds him of something of the past. BOY 2 looks up again to the street.


music score continues.

Page 8: Afterhours - Draft Script

BOY 1, driving, wipes his forehead and sighs. next to his is GIRL 3, singing along to a song on the radio loudly and drunkenly. he seems to expect her to act this way, but it doesn’t stop it from iritating him, even just a bit. he lights a cigarette to keep his mind off her. GIRL 3 stares at BOY 1, smiling mischeviously. then, truly enjoying his annoyed look, she pulls her leg up, showing off her crazy high-heeled shoe and tickling his chin with the toe, making the cigarette in his mouth bounce. BOY 1 pulls out the cigarette from his mouth with one hand before it falls, then shrugs her limb away softly with the other. he decides for the better to play along and pretend to like her shoe. he manages to convince her to put down her leg. GIRL 3 laughs loudly. BOY 1 looks back to the street, shakes his head lightly, looks lightly iritated. BOY 1 looks back at GIRL 3 with a stern expression, but after a beat he has to supress a laugh that is coming. laughing softly, he picks up a pack of cigarette and gestures an offer to her. she, in a mocking fashion, picks one out and light the joint. for a while the situation is calm.

DETAIL SHOT:the worn-out converse shoes seen earlier under the driver’s seat, adjusting the pressure.

then GIRL 3 decides to roll over, open the window and start screaming and blowing smoke puffs and poke her head outside, although they are driving in a protocol road. BOY 1 realizes in shock, tries to pull her back in while driving. through her antics, he seems more tired than frantic, he actually knows very well that she does this a lot.


music score continues.


the pair of shoes with different colors seen earlier is under the passenger’s seat, tapping along.

BOY 3 is sitting on the passenger’s seat, looks around the street, taps fingers to music with casual smile. he is very oblivious, or he is ignorant, to the awkward situation in the car. as BOY 4 is driving, GIRL 2 takes off her cardigan and adjusts her seat on the back so she is placed between the two boys. BOY 4 and GIRL 2 tries to chat awkwardly, unheard by BOY 3.


Page 9: Afterhours - Draft Script

music score continues and ceases here.

BOY 3, BOY 4 and GIRL 2 are still on the same position as we left them, although they have relaxed a bit. they are engaged in a discussion that is humorous to the boys, but she is still trying to get the joke. BOY 3 is bowing down looking for something. BOY 4 is more relaxed now, he is leaning back to the seat. he is doing something with his handheld, carefully as he drives. he taps it on the steering wheel with frustration.

BOY 4 (to himself)Sick little fucker.

BOY 3 (from under the dashboard)Good one, man.

BOY 4 laughs a little. GIRL 2 doesn’t get the joke as quickly. she takes a moment before deciding to force a laugh, nervously. BOY 4 turns to look at her. she stops mid-laugh. BOY 4 returns his sight to the street, putting his handheld aside.

BOY 4 (hand to his forehead)I can’t believe I just begin to feel the buzz now.

BOY 3 emerges with a bottled water, half-drank. he doesn’t know whose it is, but he shrugs and drinks up anyway.

BOY 3Ahh. We’ll trade later. Mean time, back in the game, man.

BOY 4 (beat)‘Some tissue, please.’

GIRL 2 (hesitant)Uh... ‘That was good.’

BOY 3 (laughs a bit)‘Is that it?’

Page 10: Afterhours - Draft Script

BOY 3 and BOY 4 continue to laugh. GIRL 2 laughs a bit, not as fake as before, but still forcedly. she still doesn’t get the funny part.

BOY 4 (after a beat)‘How much for everything?’

BOY 3Three words, man. Three. Three words after sex.

BOY 4 (unbothered)Fine... ‘What’s the total?’

BOY 3 (thinking) ‘You accept cards?’

BOY 3 and BOY 4 laugh. GIRL 2 starts to look unsure.

BOY 4 (cont’d)‘Master or Visa?’

the boys burst out laughing. GIRL 2 stares at the both of them, clearly disagrees if almost horrified. she is in complete lost of what to do.


Car C is closing in towards the raised path in front of the place. the driver’s door opens rather rashly. a pair of oxford shoes seen earlier steps out of the car. ROLLS UP it’s BOY 4. he opens the back seat door for GIRL 2. from inside the back seat GIRL 2 is collecting her stuff. she gets off the car. BOY 4 and GIRL 2 stand before each other, smiling awkwardly.

ANGLE:BOY 3 gets out of the car nonchallantly, lights a cigarette, leaning against the hood of the car. he is not interested to whatever’s going on between BOY 4 and GIRL 2. GIRL 2 walks toward the gate of her house. the house itself is not in focus. BOY 4 closes the back seat door as he eyes her walking.BOY 3 whistles and signals BOY 4, as he moves to enter the driver’s seat. as he is putting his foot in to the car, he waves casually to GIRL 2. BOY 4, still standing near the driver’s door, waves awkwardly. BOY 4 turns away, drops his head in frown, and moves to the passenger’s door.

Page 11: Afterhours - Draft Script

POV GIRL 2:GIRL 2 unlocks the gate. she lifts her arm, her wrist watch says it’s 3:36 a.m. she opens the gate.

BOY 4 enters the car. the car quickly drives away as soon as, leaving GIRL 2 who is walking in. she gasps, turning quickly around, as she was planning to say something else before she walks in, probably just a friendly good night. GIRL 2 stops mid-sentence, watching the car driving away hopelessly, and sighs as she faces the gate again.

ANGLE:the pair of mint green flat shoes seen earlier turns around and walk in.


music score: Nine Inch Nails – 1 Ghosts I

* yes, will send out the score.

the view shows that this is a smaller street from the previous one, probably towards housing areas.


music score continues.

it is still quiet inside Car A. BOY 2 pulls up in front of a mini market.

BOY 2 (getting out of the car)You want something?

GIRL 1 shakes her head lightly, still staring away. BOY 2 stares at GIRL 1 for a second, then closes the door.


music score continues.

POV PARKED CAR A:BOY 2 looks through the cashier racks quickly, picks out a small colored box from many others, hands it to the cashier with some cash. he ocassionally looks at Car A through the window as he waits for the cashier to register.

Page 12: Afterhours - Draft Script


music score continues.

GIRL 1 takes BOY 2’s sports watch from her side. she stares at it, fingering. she smiles lightly. she puts it back down. she puts her chin on the dashboard, looks up to the sky with empty expression.

POV GIRL 1:the sky and the lights of the mini market, in stillness.

the driver’s door opens from the outside. BOY 2 gets back in the car, stashes some stuff to the back seat, hands GIRL 1 bottled ice tea. GIRL 1 stares at BOY 2. BOY 2 shrugs. GIRL 1 takes the bottle quietly, slowly unwrapping the safety wrap. BOY 2 ignites the car as soon as his hand is free, pulls the car back.


music score continues.

Car B drives in, pulls over to the side. the passenger door flies open. behind the passenger’s door we can see someone throwing up on the street curb, a pair of feet in high heels dangling from the car. the driver’s door flies open and BOY 1 gets out of the car, runs to the passenger door, watches as GIRL 3 vomits. DODGY HOMELESS PEOPLE stare as it happens. BOY 1 tries to ignore them.


music score continues.

BOY 1 is driving, his expression unreadable. GIRL 3, fresh from vomiting, lays unruly on the passenger’s seat, her legs crossed up with one hand over her mouth. her look is just out of this world. she is eyeing BOY 1, her antics stops for a while.

DETAIL SHOTS:GIRL 3’s crazy party outfit, dirty fingernails, greasy hair.


Page 13: Afterhours - Draft Script

BOY 1 looking at the street, casually casting a glance to GIRL 3. it is quite apparent now that he is too tired to mind her antics.

GIRL 3 is still staring at BOY 1. she lets out a small laugh.

GIRL 3 (laughing)Sometimes I don’t know why you try so hard to help everyone, man.

BOY 1 (beat) (eyes locked on the street)Sometimes I wonder why you try so hard to have fun.

GIRL 3 chuckles, albeit without humour. she looks away, through the window over at the street.

GIRL 3 (suddenly sober and serious)Sometimes I wonder why it is so hard to have fun. (turns back to BOY 1) (back to cheeky tone)Especially with uptight assholes like you.

BOY 1 chuckles. the air in the car lightens.


music score continues and ceases here.

the car is silent. BOY 3 is driving with his usual carefee expression, though he realizes BOY 4 is sulking. BOY 3 looks over at BOY 4. BOY 4 is playing with his handheld with a sour expression. BOY 3 elbows BOY 4 casually, signals him a question (‘what’s up?’). BOY 4 keeps sulking.

BOY 3Three words during sex again, man? (no replies)Three words before death sentence?

BOY 4 still doesn’t reply, his expression grows more sour.

BOY 3What’s that, man? Are you tweeting again?

Page 14: Afterhours - Draft Script

BOY 4 (beat) (putting handheld away)I’m just replying stuff.

they both sigh, looking to the street in front of them.

BOY 3 (breaking the ice, laughing)GIRL 3’s shittin’ tonight.

BOY 4 (quietly)As expected.

BOY 3That girl is something. (beat)So, GIRL 2’s not a bad dancer either.

BOY 4 quickly turns to BOY 3, letting out a sarcastic one-laugh.

BOY 3 BOY 4What? Come on, man.

BOY 4 (turning away)You guys don’t like her.

BOY 3 (supressing a smile) (silly tone)Wha—at?

BOY 4You guys don’t approve of her. She’s different from what we’re used to socialize with, and... that’s it. She’s fucked. For you guys.

BOY 3Wha—hahaha-what? (beat)Ok, ok. Well. So we think she’s a bit... off.

BOY 3 bursts out a bit of the smile he’s supressing. BOY 4 looks at him, his expression sour again.


Page 15: Afterhours - Draft Script

But we don’t hate her...I mean, we don’t say it in a bad way... More of a, matter-of-fact opinion, something like that. (beat)So she’s... different. But I mean, I’m cool. You know?

BOY 4 (staring disappointedly at BOY 3)You guys never really enjoy her joining us. You mock her behind her back.

BOY 3 (tries to be defensive)What? I mean—but not... in a mean way.

BOY 4 (looking back to the street) (quietly)Fuck all of you.

they fall quiet for a while. BOY 3 has an innocent look on his face, he’s not sure of what to say. BOY 4 still looks sour.

BOY 3So. You think we should get something to eat now?

BOY 4 (quietly)Whatever.

BOY 3Come on, man.

BOY 4Look, whatever. I’m just really tired.

BOY 3Still bit fuzzy?

BOY 4No, I’m tired of you guys.

BOY 3Us guys?

BOY 4Yeah. You, BOY 2 GIRL 1, GIRL 3, you all think we’re so better. Like we’re an exclusive thing or something.

Page 16: Afterhours - Draft Script

BOY 3Wha-? I don’t remember signing a covenant pact with my own...spit or blood or something.

BOY 4 (beat)Then why don’t you guys like GIRL 2?

BOY 3 (mockingly)What? What the fuck—first of, you’re making things up. And, and you’re crazy. Why is it a problem who we like or don’t like, I mean, I’m not trying to court her. GIRL 1’s not trying to court her. D’ you— (laughs)—you do like her don’t you.

BOY 4That’s irrelevant.

BOY 3Na, irrelevant is your own shit you’re sulking about. If you like her, you like her, don’t go around minding if we want to fuck her too or not.

BOY 4I’m not talking about me and her—I don’t... know if I like her or not. But what matter is that you guys don’t want to accept her so bad you’re being so hard on her.

BOY 3 (laughs as if BOY 4 is being ridiculous)We’re not doing anything! You’re delusional!

BOY 4You call her names. I know you call her names behind her back. (he names a few of them)You always leave her out of the conversation.

BOY 3 (calls out)Does he ever stop whining?

Page 17: Afterhours - Draft Script

BOY 4 (cont’d)The girls act like they’re way better than her, always bragging about their... sexcapades... and... killing sprees...

BOY 3Then you take it with the girls.

BOY 4 (cont’d)Those two girls think they’re so it they look down on everyone while all they’ve ever done is wait for GIRL 3’s father to poop money and they get pathetically drunk.


BOY 3 (beginning to stop being funny)Those girls aren’t like that.

BOY 4Yes they are.

BOY 3 (completely serious)No, they’re not. (shakes head, turn head to BOY 4, still with a smile)They’re not, man.

BOY 4 stares back, not knowing how to reply.

BOY 3 (just out of frame)You want nasi gila or bubur ayam?


Car B is stopping at the security booth on the entrance of a building. the car i being searched. BOY 1 waits, his expression a cross of annoyance and tiresome.

BOY 1 (shaking head) (to himself)Do they really think I care that much I’d bomb this place?

Page 18: Afterhours - Draft Script

the search is finished. BOY 1 drives away.


BOY 1 stops the car in front of an apartment building entrance. BOY 1 looks at GIRL 3, as if trying to make sure.

BOY 1You good to go from here?

GIRL 3 (cheekily)Abso-fuckin-lutely, honey.

BOY 1 (hesitating)You sure?

GIRL 3 nods drunkenly. BOY 1 stares at GIRL 3.

BOY 1I’ll walk you to the lift, ok?

GIRL 3Whatever, honey.

BOY 1Just lemme park up.


Car B parks up. a while later the driver’s door flies open and BOY 1 and takes out the car keys.

BOY 1 (to GIRL 3 as he gets out of the car)Wait there, I’ll help you out.

BOY 1 walks over to the passenger’s door, opens the door for GIRL 3. GIRL 3 is sitting on the passenger’s seat, looks up to BOY 1 cheekily.

GIRL 3My prince charming.

BOY 1 (half-heatedly going along)Come on, princess.

Page 19: Afterhours - Draft Script

GIRL 3 struggles to get out of the car. BOY 1 turns away, looks around while waiting. GIRL 3 puts her feet out, moves to stand up. she falls over to the floor instead. BOY 1 hears the noise, looks over to GIRL 3. upon seeing her he sighs and shakes his head lightly.

BOY 1 (bowing down to get GIRL 3)Are you for real?


the lobby is still lit well, despite the hour. a chandelier hangs from the high ceiling and the furnitures are clean and tidy. it is obviously a high-end residential building. to the left, SECURITY GUY is leaning on the wall, reading LAMPU MERAH tabloid. BOY 1 enters with GIRL 3, clothed with her blazer, her arms around his shoulders, her feet dragged.SECURITY GUY stares at BOY 1.

BOY 1(keeps walking)

I’m just dropping her. She’s passed out.

SECURITY GUY keeps staring as BOY 1 drags GIRL 3 to the elevator.

BOY 1 (keeps walking)

Seriously. She’s my friend. -- ---. 25 B. Lives with her sister. Cat died about last month. Drives a small black Mercedes. Comes home around this time of day every night smelling like sweat, alcohol and second-hand smoking.

SECURITY GUY stares along until they get out of sight. he shakes his head, apparently not surprised at all. he returns to his tabloid.


BIRD’S EYE VIEW of BOY 1 staring at the elevator floor panel. GIRL 3 is hanging head on BOY 1’s shoulder, eyes closed. BOY 1 casually adjusts GIRL 3’s position.


Page 20: Afterhours - Draft Script

BOY 1 is standing in front of a big ornamental wooden door. under the number 25 B on the side, there is the bell button that he keeps pressing. no answer. he presses again. still no answer. he should be iritated, but his facial expression is more tired. he struggles to balance GIRL 3 on his shoulder. she comes to consciousness, looks at him, smiles mockingly.

BOY 1Cut it out, girl. Come on.

GIRL 3 (taking off her blazer)But I thought you get orgasmic pleasure out of helping people...

GIRL 3 drops her blazer. BOY 1 bows down to pick it up.

BOY 1Your sister’s asleep. Keys?

GIRL 3 smirks. BOY 1 stares at her, waiting.

GIRL 3 (starts rummaging her purse)Alright, alright. I got it somewhere here...


the space is spacious, dark, save for some lights from the balcony. the front door opens. BOY 1 drags GIRL 3 inside, tripping lightly over several things in the darkness. he places his car key on the nearest table and walks on. he trips on something and almost falls. she laughs loudly.

BOY 1You’re gonna wake your sister up.

GIRL 3 laughs louder. BOY 1 ignores her.

BOY 1 (walking on)Your room is still the old one, right?

GIRL 3 nods cheekily, laughs again as BOY 1 drags her to her room.


Page 21: Afterhours - Draft Script

the room is also dark except for the bedside table. BOY 1 drops GIRL 3 and her blazer on the bed, sighs in relief. he stares at her for a while, as if trying to decide something. he moves to leave, but stops midways and turn back. he tucks her in.

music score: PJ Harvey – Dear Darkness / Karen O – Worried Shoes

* actually i’m not sure of either. anyway just imagine a soft-spoken guitar/piano music.

GIRL 3 (softly)Good night, cowboy.

BOY 1 (unable to help a chuckle)Yes, yes, yes, good night.

GIRL 3 passes out. BOY 1 folds his arms, staring at her. he is glad his responsibility ceases as she falls to sleep. he then decides to take the blazer and walks to the armoir carefully, avoiding small unseen clutters on the floor. he opens the armoir. the lamp inside lights up as he does. he frowns in confusion. the armoir is nearly empty save for some high heels, two bras, some underpants, a pair of jeans and few crumpled t-shirts. before he can think anymore, a CRICKETING NOISE comes up from somewhere in the room. he turns quickly to find the source. putting the blazer absent-mindedly, he looks around under the light from the armoir. suddenly a cockroach passes by. he jumps.

BOY 1Fuck! What the f—what the fuck!?

he searches the wall for light switch. he knows her room, but not that well. he finds it, turns the light on. the light gives a clear view of the clutters on the bedroom floor. there are boxes and plastics of left-over food, dirty plates and culteries left unattended, and a full and very dirty ashtray. he looks at the mess, taking breaths, getting calmer. he is very confused, for the first time he shows a sign of real shock. trying to calm himself, he finds himself even more confused as he takes in the sight. this is not how he remembers GIRL 3’s place. shaking his head, he starts to make few moves, not being too thrilled about the cockroach. but he keeps hesitating. finally he sighs very deeply, deciding he can’t leave her in this room in such state. he turns to collect the mess, carefully avoiding the dirts and possible cockroach hideout.

Page 22: Afterhours - Draft Script


music scores continues.

BOY 1 is seen through the door walking out of GIRL 3’s bedroom carrying dirty plates and plastics of garbage. he walks pass the door, but the sight of this room catches his eyes. he stops midways, looking in with a curious expression. this other bedroom turns out to be in the same size and with the same features with GIRL 3’s bedroom, only it’s empty and looks like it’s been unused for some time. he frowns, then decides to keep walking.


music score continues.

the room is dark. the lights are turned on by BOY 1 as he walks in. BOY 1 walks toward the dishwasher, puts the dirty plates on it and the plastic bags on the floor. he takes a step back, hands on his hips. he almost decides he’s done enough, again, but something in him says otherwise. he sighs gently. for good measure, he looks around, to his wrist, finally taking out his cellphone from his pocket. it says 3:39 a.m. he makes a decision. he puts the plastic bags into the trash bin. he steps forward and turns on the tap. he starts washing the plates.


music score continues.

through the pathway BOY 1 is seen still in the kitchen washing. there are now more lights from the kitchen and GIRL 3’s bedroom.

ANGLE:BOY 1 walks out of the kitchen, he’s finished washing the dishes. rubbing his wet hands on his jeans to dry them. he’s reached his hand to turn off the kitchen lamp, but his glance falls in the living room. all the lights he’s turned on now gives in a clearer view. taken aback, he leaves the kitchen light on. with a hint of shock in his face, he walks towards the table where he places his car key. he almost trips over a fallen chair, he realizes that was what he tripped on a while ago. ignoring it, he puts down his handheld on the table, and stands for a while. lost in confusion, he takes few steps

Page 23: Afterhours - Draft Script

forward into the center of the living room. the room is empty save for a couch. clutters are everywhere. the tv station set is there with cables out but the tv is missing. on the wall there is a traditional family picture of four with three people’s faces drawn on except for GIRL 3’s. there are things usually found in a living room, but in a strange way; some things are missing that are not vital but quite missed, such as the absence of any table, phone placed on the floor, the dispenser is missing but there are boxes of bottled water on the floor near the plug hole. BOY 1 kneels in front a clutter of magazines. he picks one up, shakes his head. he looks down to find more. casually, he starts to stack them together. as he rummages through magazines and papers, he finds a clutter of printed photos.

* let me know if you think printed photos in 2009 is pushing it a bit. i don’t know anyone who still prints photos, but i ran out of ideas on how to present the pictures to BOY 1.

he sits on the floor and starts flipping through them. there are photos of GIRL 1 & GIRL 3 being silly, GIRL 3 and the boys. upon coming across photos of GIRL 3 & BOY 2, he shakes his head in underestimation. he doesn’t dislike him, but he has less respect for him as he left his drunk girlfriend unattended. he flips through some more and find a photo of the group together. he takes some time staring at this last picture, smiling softly. sighing, he puts them on his side, looking away. he finds his sight on two boxes with clothes inside. curious, he kneels closer to the boxes and finds the clothes are casually folded with handmade price stickers on. he recognize these clothes, they are fancy like the one GIRL 3 likes to wear. he frowns with confusion, he can’t believe he’s finding even more strangeness here. he looks toward GIRL 3’s room in his confusion. he finally realizes something. BOY 1’s handheld suddenly rings. he walks to the table and picks it up.

BOY 1Yeah, Mom. ...no, I’m still at GIRL 3‘s.

on the table there are piles of unopened letters. BOY 1 picks some up.

BOY 1 (cont’d)No, I’m just dropping her off ‘cause she was sleepy. ...No, we weren’t drinking, she was just kinda tired...

BOY 1 pulls up a fallen chair and sits on it. he starts stacking the letters out of boredom. he finds that most of

Page 24: Afterhours - Draft Script

them are letters from several different banks. he frowns, but not severly.

BOY 1 (reading one of the envelopes)No, Mom, I’m good. ...No, I’ll be back soon. ...No, I can’t stay over GIRL 3‘s, she’s—... I don’t know where the other boys are, no, I can’t stay over their places either, look I’ll just go home. ...No, I’m not too sleepy. ...Okay, okay, I’ll drive real slowly Mom. Bye.

BOY 1 hangs up, sighs, stares around. he puts down envelopes now neatly piled. he doesn’t know for sure, but he finally realizes that GIRL 3’s life is not in a good shape as he thought. he starts to get up, stacking stuff randomly on the sofa and the feet of the sofa, before finally getting up and walking away from the center of the room. as he’s leaving, he turns to look at GIRL 3’s room, reminded that he’s left the lights on and door opened.

POV BOY 1:GIRL 3 is sleeping deeply, her blanket has fallen off the bed.

BOY 1 shakes his head lightly, walking back to her room.from the living room he is seen picking up the blanket. he tucks her in again. he stands up and pauses, staring and smiling for a brief moment at her before he moves to turn the light off and gets out of the room, closing the door behind him.


music score continues and ceases here.

the corridor stays the same as before. after a beat, the door flies open. behind the door, the place is again dark and quiet as before. BOY 1 walks out of the place, car key in one hand, GIRL 3’s keys on the other. he pulls out one key out of GIRL 3’s key chain, and pokes his body back in a bit and put the key chain with the rest of the keys inside. he steps out, closes the door, locking it from outside. he then bows down and slips the front key under the door. he stands up, leaves.


music score: Nine Inch Nails – 10 Ghosts II

Page 25: Afterhours - Draft Script

* btw i dont know for sure until what time this place stays open. if you think it’s not gonna work, lemme know.

the park is still filled with few parked cars and several street food vendors even at this hour. the view of the traffic is very quiet, save for small number of cars and the street lights.BOY 3 and BOY 4 are sitting on the street curb, eating nasi gila.

BOY 4 (after gulping)I just don’t get why the girls aren’t being friendly to GIRL 2, that’s all. I mean, they’re all girls, aren’t they supposed to be girly-friendly or something?

BOY 3 (mid-munching) (shaking head and calling out)He just doesn’t stop overthinking this.

BOY 4 stops munching, stares at BOY 3, as if telling him to be serious. BOY 3 shrugs. they return to their food.

BOY 3 (between munches)Why do you care anyway? I mean, if you say you don’t like her, like, why you even bother... you know...

BOY 4 (beat)I dunno, it’s just... annoying.

BOY 3Like, you don’t like us not liking her. (swallows)But you can’t expect us to like everything and everyone you bring to this group. I mean, let’s face it. So, yeah, we are kinda close-minded. In a way. We’re not trying to hate you or, like, make you feel bad or like you have to... choose between us or her or something, just that... (beat)I mean, you can’t make us like her just as we can’t make you dislike her.

BOY 4I never said I like her.

Page 26: Afterhours - Draft Script

BOY 3Oh yeah, I remember, you’re just into the whole world peace thing.

BOY 4I don’t—I mean, I told you, I dunno yet. (beat)Can’t decide. (beat)Can’t... Not really sure if I could, you know...

BOY 3Could what? Do something we don’t like? (beat)Do something out of... the written pact of our covenant?

BOY 3 and BOY 4 stare at each other. both have finish eating.

BOY 4I dunno if I’d enjoy doing something if—

BOY 3 reacts quickly with an underestimating laughter.

BOY 4If—if I get bad reviews about if from you guys. I mean, that’s what friends are for, right, telling you what’s right and what’s wrong.

BOY 3How you know for sure we’re always right? (beat)Anyway you already hate everything we say about her anyway...—

BOY 4Yea, that’s ‘cause you do it in a mean way.

BOY 3Mean?? What mean??? It’s an opinion!

BOY 4You could’ve just told me, ‘man, we don’t like her’. Nicely.

BOY 3I’m a heterosexual, man.

Page 27: Afterhours - Draft Script

BOY 4What the f—. What kind of fucking friendship this is anyway... Can’t talk to each other nicely...

BOY 3 makes a dismissing gesture, looking away.

BOY 3We’re just trying to look out for you, man.

they both stare at the sky in silence.

BOY 3 (out of frame)Kinda shittily, but we try.


this housing street is bright with street lights. the houses are also rather nice and well-kept, although they aren’t too big and luxurious. CLOSING IN on one particular house.

Car A drives in and stops a few meters from that particular house. the passenger’s door flies open. GIRL 1 steps out of the car. she calmly opens the gate, skillfully making no sound at all. she knows well how to do it. she opens one gate and walks in.


music score: Nine Inch Nails – 34 Ghosts IV

CLOSE UP on the floor. a pair of leather boots walk quietly into frame. a pair of hands untie and take them off. the person walks away.


music score continues.

the living room is clean, despite the size. there is a family picture of an aging couple, a boy and GIRL 1 on the coffee table. GIRL 1 walks into frame, passing the living room, going upstairs.

Page 28: Afterhours - Draft Script


music score continues.

GIRL 1 is seen coming into frame from the stairs, walking through corridor, looking onward. there are three doors on the sides of the corridor. she walks towards the closest. she opens the door very carefully, peeking inside.

POV GIRL 1:the BOY in the family picture is sleeping soundly.

she pokes her body inside just far enough, and steps away with a small flashlight. she closes the first door, walking away towards the second closest. again, she opens it very carefully, checking.

POV GIRL 1:the aging couple in the family picture is sleeping, also soundly.

this time she walks in, stopping in front of a tv on one side broadcasting security camera’s view of the front gate. she turns the tv off, then walks out. she closes the second door and walks to the last door. she opens the door, this time less carefully, and walks in. she does all this in a very experienced manner. from inside that room we can hear the sound of the air-con being turned on. then the water tap runs for a while, and then it stops. after a beat, GIRL 1 walks back out and walks through the corridor back, flashlight on one hand, walking out of frame.


music score continues.

ANGLE:GIRL 1 is seen hopping off the stairs, walking towards a shelf. she stops there, opens the door, and pulls out a folded thin cloth. she closes the door, walks to another shelf and pulls out a key. she then walks to a food storage, pulls out two bottles of water. she then walks and stops in front of the electricity panel. she puts down the stuff on her hand and reaches for a bench. she positions the bench under the panel, climbs it and clicks a panel that says ‘pool machine’. the NOISE of the pool machine comes on. she climbs down, repositions the bench, picks up her stuff and walks out of frame.

Page 29: Afterhours - Draft Script


music score continues.

the radio is playing a ‘90s hip hop music in low volume. BOY 2 is sitting on the driver’s seat, staring towards GIRL 1’s place. his shirt has been taken off and spread on the head of the driver’s seat, he is now wearing only plain white t-shirt. he is tapping one finger on the steering wheel. his expression is composed, a normal, calm wait. as he waits, his sight drops to the steering wheel, passing the handheld with a picture of him and GIRL 3 on the wallpaper, and lands on his tattoo. he stares at it again. he fingers the surface again, softly. he sighs very quietly, almost unheard. he returns his sight towards GIRL 1’s place.

POV CAR A:from behind the curtain of the front window, there is a flash of light.

BOY 2 stares at the window.

POV CAR A:the light goes away. then, after a beat, the light flashes for the second time, then goes away again. the curtain is swept aside from inside. GIRL 1 pokes her head from behind the curtain, gesturing at BOY 2. then she quickly disappears. it was a very small sign, almost unnoticed.

BOY 2 keeps staring for a while. then he turns off the engine of his car, collects his things and steps out of the car. he shuts the car door from the outside quietly.


music score continues.

the noise of the pool machine can be heard.

ANGLE:the corridor is lit from the window down the corridor, with its curtain pulled aside, showing the night sky.GIRL 1 walks into frame, carrying her stuff. BOY 1 walks closely behind her. they pass the first two bedroom doors casually. BOY 2 gestures at the folded cloth to GIRL 1, and she lets him take it over. she hands one of the bottled water to him. they walk into her room at the end of the corridor.


Page 30: Afterhours - Draft Script

music score continues in low volume and ceases here.

the noise of the pool machine can still be heard, vaguely.the room is lit with a dim central light. the window curtains are swept aside, showing the night sky. the low, large bed dominates the small room, with fluffy bed and bedcover, making it seem very comfortable. on the wall where the bedhead lies on, posters, prints and photographs are all stuck all over in a very orderly fashion. they are all in monochrome tone.GIRL 1 walks into frame, followed by BOY 2. they are still in silence. she puts down her bottled water on one side of the bed. he closes the door behind him and locks it. she pulls away the bedcover. he walks closer and randomly spread the cloth over the bedsheet.

ANGLE:BOY 2 and GIRL 1 stands across each other as they fix the bed, still in silence. without a doubt, he puts down his bottled water next to his foot, he takes off his t-shirt. she takes off her dress.


music score: PJ Harvey – The Mountain

the noise of the pool machine can still be heard. BOY 2 and GIRL 1 are in bed, in an intercourse, just out of frame.

CLOSE SHOT:the floor, ROLLING from one end to another. shown passing through the frame are BOY 2’s clothing, BOY 2’s bottled water, GIRL 1’s clothing, GIRL 1’s clutters.

CLOSE SHOT:the side wall, ROLLING from one end to another. shown passing through the frame are book shelves, dried painting equipments and several crumpled paintings, posters on the wall.

several CLOSE DETAIL SHOTS of the room as they make love.

* no, there will not be a mushy love scene. i don’t even want them to be seen. just a view of the room to give the idea that they’re doing it.

there is a small clock in the vanity table. it's ticking. it turns 4:00 a.m.


Page 31: Afterhours - Draft Script

music score continues, overlapping with the noise of the pool machine, much more audible from outside the room. it dissolves any sound made from inside the room by BOY 2 and GIRL 1.


the radio is playing the same 90’s music played on BOY 2’s car. BOY 4 is driving again now. BOY 3 and BOY 4 look out through the window at the view, the air is casual as the hour has no more hecticness. they stay silent for a while.

BOY 4 (clears his throat)If, say I do decide to like her... You think the guys are gonna be ok about it?

BOY 3 rolls his eyes and shakes his head, smiling in disbelief.

BOY 3 (calls out)He’s just way over his head with everything.

BOY 4Come on, I’m serious.

BOY 3You wanna talk serious? You wanna hear something serious? You are seriously fucked on your head.

BOY 4 BOY 3Fuck off. Seriously man, seriously—

BOY 3 (cont’d)You’re seriously overthinking everything. I mean, man, if you want to like her, then go like her. If you don’t want to, then don’t.

BOY 4It’s just that I need to know my options first, ok? I don’t want to do anything I’m not gonna like—


Page 32: Afterhours - Draft Script

Or we not gonna like? What’s the fucking difference if we like who you’re liking or not?

BOY 4I’m asking your opinion, as a friend—

BOY 3Yea but you don’t even like our opinion! You just said it, you don’t even like our gang anymore. (calling out)This guy is just too unbelievable!

BOY 4Because they’re rude, they’re immature, and most of all they’re just not right.

BOY 3 (calling out)Are you fucking kidding me? Why did Harry get to meet Sally and I get to be friends with this sick fucker?

BOY 4 (cont’d)—Bottom line is I think your opinion should change first before I can decide anything to do with her.

BOY 3 (cont’d, calling out)I mean, look, he’s just crazy! (stares at BOY 4)You want us to be responsible with your the decision you are gonna make?

they fall into silence. BOY 4 takes glances towards BOY 3 while driving. he tries to reply but can’t come up with anything. BOY 3 waits for an answer, in a mocking expression, almost chalenging.

BOY 3 (turning away, over his question)You know what, I’m tired of your whining. I need to get high again. Let’s go pick up something.

BOY 4 just stares at him. he makes for a u-turn.

Page 33: Afterhours - Draft Script


BOY 1 is driving through a housing area. the radio is playing a blues song. he is driving calmly, slowly, he remembers his promise to his mother. he hums along to the song. he makes for a turn.


music score: Saul Williams – Scared Money

Car B enters the street, driving into frame. as it drives slowly BOY 2 is seen through the front window. his face is serene and he is still moving his head to the music inside his car. he suddenly notices something. as Car B makes for a break, on the other end of the street, in front of one of the houses, a fancy sedan is parked. a YOUNG WHITE MAN, with cropped hair, jeans and white shirt, is putting a black suitcase into the trunk.


the blues song can still be heard slowly, overlapping with the music score.

BOY 1 stares on curiously, pulling the hand break. he feels something is just wrong.

POV CAR B:as the YOUNG WHITE MAN walks away from the trunk towards the gate of the house again, he reaches his hand out. an AGING WOMAN, in her late forties, in floral cotton dress and dishelved, pulled-back hair, hands over another suitcase to the YOUNG WHITE MAN, as she walks out of the house, in a hasty manner. both of them look like they are in a hurry.

BOY 1 stares from inside Car B. he is in a bit of a shock. he recognizes the woman. he continues to watch.

POV CAR B:the man and woman walks hurriedly to the car. the man opens the back door and throws the other suitcase in. the woman looks to her left and right, as if making sure they are unseen.

BOY 1 quickly turns off his lights. he stares on, his expression grows more shocked than confused. he reaches to his back pocket and takes out a handheld. with hesitation, he moves his fingers to press the buttons.

Page 34: Afterhours - Draft Script

POV BOY 1:the clock on his handheld says 4:02 a.m. he goes to his call logs, and dial a contact named ‘Ma’.

BOY 1 puts the handheld on his ear and waits as he stares at the man and woman, his other hand tapping the dashboard impatiently.

POV CAR B:the man has just closed the back door, running towards the driver’s door. the woman feels a vibrate on her dress pocket and pulls out her handheld. she can only look at it for a split second, the man calls out for her, urging her. he is already in the car save for his head. she decides to ignore the call and rushes to open the passenger’s door. she steps in.

BOY 1 still waits for his call to be picked up, still staring, still shock-stricken.

POV CAR B:the passenger’s and driver’s doors slam shut at the same time. in mere seconds the car drives away.


CLOSE SHOT of BOY 1’s handheld, held by his hand, hanging away from his head. from the screen it can be seen that he is stil calling ‘Ma’. it just turns 4:04 a.m.

BOY 1 is still staring at the street, stricken, unable to react. we can hear that his phonecall finally gets into phone message. BOY 1 finally moves his sight, but still stricken. he eyes his handheld, and turns the phone call off. he sighs, lays back on the seat.


music score: Nine Inch Nails – Eraser (Polite)

the noise of the pool machine can still be heard softly on the background.

LOW SHOT of GIRL 1’s bed and wall of photographs behind it. ROLLING IN towards the bed, LANDS ON GIRL 1 and BOY 2, nude, covered by blanket, laying on her bed, staring at the ceiling.GIRL 1 sits up, covering her torso with the blanket, and opens the window next to her. she lights a cigarette and blows out.

Page 35: Afterhours - Draft Script

she stares outside. BOY 2 sits up, puts on his pants. he reaches out for his bottled water, cracks it open and drink up. still sitting, GIRL 1 is also seen drinking up from her bottled water. the pool machine can be heard making a halting sound, then the noise disappears. he puts the bottle next to his end of the bed, laying back down on the bed. he stares at her. she puts out the fire on her cigarette, turns her head towards him. she gestures the cigarette pack to him.


ANGLE:two cigarettes are burning, propped on an ashtray. a female hand takes one. the female, face out of frame, blows out the smoke. a male hand takes the other. also out of frame, he blows out the smoke.

BOY 2 and GIRL 1 are laying down on the bed, now partially dressed, smoking. GIRL 1 is staring out through the window. BOY 2 is staring at the ceiling.

BOY 2 (pointing with cigarette)There are dust spots on your ceiling.

GIRL 1 ignores him. BOY 2 stares away. he takes a deep inhale, blowing out some o’s.(after a beat)

GIRL 1I had a strange dream last night. (beat)I was traveling with my parents. My brother was nowhere to be seen. We were going somewhere far, like the other end of the world. We made a transit somewhere. During our transit time, we decided to walk around and explore the town. It turned out to be the town I used to stay in. I think I went to school there. There was a big boulevard, like the one you see in urban design guide books, and on the right handside, stood my old school building. There was a campus plaza too. And next to the plaza, was where I used to live.

BOY 2 adjusts his head, turns it towards GIRL 1, but his sight stays away.


Page 36: Afterhours - Draft Script

(cont’d)We decided to see the room where I used to stay. Apparently this was my parents’ first time there. Amazingly, the old room where I used to stay still had my name on the door. (beat)We walked closer. We stepped in. The room felt so familiar, but now that I’m thinking about it, I’ve never seen it my whole life. But it was just like I had left them before. Two strangers were there, but they couldn’t use the room because apparently I still left some things there. It was still thirty minutes to our boarding time, so I decided to pack.

BOY 2 now is staring at GIRL 1, who is still staring at the sky outside. he looks mesmerized and tranquil. she takes a deep inhale, and the fire reaches the filter of her cigarette, ash dangling on the end.

GIRL 1 (cont’d)So I went packing. At first there were just few shits, like some pencils and such. The two strangers helped. Then as I pack, I found more and more of my stuff. Stacks and stacks of magazines. Many of them. There were sweaters of all colors, piled according to the color gradation. A mountain of papers and photographs. Old photographs of me and more strangers, but we looked like we were best friends there. There was a set of lampions. They were alive. Their faces were sorrow. I tried to pack them, because they were too depressing, but they kept reappearing. By this time I was sure my plane had boarded, and when I looked my parents were gone. The two strangers were also gone. Stuff just kept popping out and popping out and I kept stuffing them into this black gym bag, and I grew doubtful that all the shits would fit in. That was when I realized the two strangers were drowned by my shits.

silence. GIRL 1 turns over to look at BOY 2 in the eye. she puts out her cigarette.


Page 37: Afterhours - Draft Script

And then I woke up and realized I just slept through my morning shift.

GIRL 1 looks away again. BOY 2 is still staring at her.

BOY 2 (beat)Why don’t you ever paint again, GIRL 1?

GIRL 1I got bored of it.

BOY 2You were so good.

GIRL 1That was then, this is now.

BOY 2 is still staring at GIRL 1. he turns his head towards the ceiling. now the both of them are looking at the ceiling.

GIRL 1You were right. There are dust spots on my ceiling.


the street is awfully quiet. the city lights are still on. Car C drives into the frame, at slow speed.


BOY 4 is still driving. BOY 3 is still sitting next to him. they are both obviously intoxicated by something.

BOY 4This stuff is great.

BOY 3Told you so.


Car C is driving at slow speed, makes a sudden halt for a few times.


Page 38: Afterhours - Draft Script

BOY 4 looks much higher than BOY 3.

BOY 3You’re a fucking wuss. Lemme drive.


Car C stops in the middle of the street, a sudden halt. the passenger’s door flies open and BOY 3 steps out of the car, walking to the driver’s door. he opens it, steps in.

BOY 4 (from inside the car, sliding over)You know, I think it’s safest for us to just pull over for a sec.

BOY 3 ignores him. the car drives away again.


BOY 3 is driving. he stares at BOY 4. BOY 4 is obviously intoxicated.

BOY 3I can’t believe you’re tripping over this shit. It’s just herbal stuff.

BOY 4I’m sensitive to these shits.

BOY 3 rolls his eyes. they ride in silence for a while.

BOY 3Done with all the whining?

BOY 4 (sighs)I’m just thinking about... how honest and open we were in high school, we can just talk about anything...

BOY 3 (calls out)Nope, wrong question, BOY 3, wrong question...

BOY 4 (cont’d)

Page 39: Afterhours - Draft Script

...you remember, when we went to GIRL 1’s show, you know, back in the days, when she still painted... and she still talked with the frequency of a normal person...

BOY 3 (cont’d)... stupid, stupid. What did I tell you about being a smart-ass?

BOY 4 (cont’d)...and GIRL 3 and her sister would take us dancing, and BOY 1 would ridicule us... but we’d all laugh about it at the end of the day... days when we can still talk and do stuff and...stuff... (trails off, too high to continue)...whatever, BOY 3. I’m too stoned to talk about it.

BOY 3 (quietly but still silly)And too unappreciative too, for my taste.

they fall again into silence. BOY 4 eyes the strange bottled water on the bottle holder in front of him. he takes it out, examines it and drinks it up.

BOY 4I’m too stoned to go home.

BOY 3Now you sound like GIRL 3. I’m too bored to go home.

BOY 4What’s the fucking time is it anyway?

BOY 3Ah. Who the fuck cares.

BOY 4 (beat)Haven’t you got anymore things we can do?

BOY 3What, you think I’m your fucking assistant?

BOY 4 sighs. beat. BOY 3 makes for a turn.

Page 40: Afterhours - Draft Script

BOY 4Where are you going? My house’s that way.

BOY 3You said you didn’t want to go home!

BOY 4Well where else are we going?

BOY 3Dunno. I’m just gonna see where the ‘wind’ takes us.

BOY 4 laughs dryly.

BOY 3Come on, man. Don’t you ever just get in the car, put on your favorite music and just... drive?

BOY 4Drive where?

BOY 3Wherever. It’s called ‘going with the wind’.

BOY 4That’s a title of a cheesy film.

BOY 3 ignores him, driving cheerfully.

BOY 4 (beat)So we just drive.

BOY 3 (making a turn)Yep.

BOY 4Going wherever?

BOY 3 (making another turn to emphasize)Uh-huh.

BOY 4You don’t ever get lost driving without direction?

Page 41: Afterhours - Draft Script

BOY 3 (chuckles)All the time, man. All the fucking time.


from the ipod deck, the same blues song heard on Car B can be heard softly. the water tap in the en suite bathroom is on.

GIRL 1 walks into frame, now dressed in a t-shirt, carrying a magazine and a small towel. she throws the towel to land on the other end of the bed, props herself on her bed and starts reading. BOY 2 walks out of the bathroom and into the frame, shirtless, his face wet. he picks up the small towel and wipes his face with it.

BOY 2Isn’t that the magazine where GIRL 2 works?

GIRL 1 shrugs. BOY 2 sat on the edge of the bed, shifting towards her, staring at her.

GIRL 1She’s okay.

BOY 2 laughs softly.

GIRL 1Insightful.

BOY 2 (shrugs, amused)I don’t mind her.

GIRL 1 (beat) (looks at BOY 2, sarcastically)No.

GIRL 1 puts down the magazine and stands up. from the side of the bed she takes a hair clip. pulling back her hair, she walks towards the bathroom. BOY 2 watches as she walks out of frame. he flips through the magazine mindlessly. the water tap is on again. BOY 2 gets up, starts to pick up his scattered stuff and puts them on the bed. as he waits for her, he takes a good look around the room, familiar with it but he still likes it anyway. he sits on the side of the bed next to the window, her side of the bed. there are books stacked next to the bed. he looks around from that angle.

Page 42: Afterhours - Draft Script

POV BOY 2:ROLLING through the room, LANDS ON the book shelves.

he stands up and walks towards it. he reads through the titles, landing sight on one familiar leather-bind book. he recognizes it. smiling, he takes it and starts flipping through. the water tap is off. he glances to make sure, GIRL 1 stays in the bathroom.

POV BOY 2:the book is an expensive sketchbook, old but well-maintained. inside are paintings, drawings, and glued polaroid photos with doodles around them. they are quite good.

BOY 2 looks at them one by one, smiling through each. he is familiar with all these.

POV BOY 2:he stops on a page with a pencil drawing on it. he lifts his other hand. the drawing is of his wrist tattoo.

BOY 2 stares between those two, comparing.

GIRL 1 (from behind him)It’s done very well.

BOY 2 turns around. GIRL 1 is leaning against the bathroom wall. she walks over to her side of the bed, lets her hair loose and puts the hair clip down. BOY 2 smiles thinly.

BOY 2 (gesturing his tattoo)Yea, the guy was good.

BOY 2 walks towards GIRL 1.

BOY 2 (gesturing the sketch book)You drew me a good one, too.

GIRL 1 shrugs. she lights a cigarette. BOY 2 takes out a joint. she lights it for him. she stares at his tattoo. he stares at her for a while, then turns and put his t-shirt on. she looks out through the window. as BOY 2 gets dressed and ready to leave, she cast a glance at the sketchbook he left on the bed. she smiles very thinly.


Page 43: Afterhours - Draft Script

BOY 1 is seen still sitting with the same position. his handheld is even still in his hand, hanging down. it’s 4:34 a.m. the sky has a very light shade of the coming sunrise. he is still staring at the street in front of his house, now completely empty.

ANGLE:BOY 1 lets out a sighs. he stares at his handheld. he still doesn’t know what to do, and he is too tired to think of anything.

POV BOY 1:he opens the call log again. he stops at ‘Ma’, seems to think about something for a while.

BOY 1 presses few buttons on his handheld, then press it on his ear.


music score: Peter Doherty – I Am The Rain

the garage of GIRL 1’s house is quiet. the sky has that early shade, though it’s still dark. GIRL 1 and BOY 2 step out of the side door carefully. she unlocks the gate quietly. his handheld beeps suddenly, it lights up. he quickly press ‘ignore’. he steps out and walk towards his car as she leans on the gate, waiting. Car A makes a u-turn in front of the house. as the car faces the other way, BOY 2 is see through the car window pausing, staring at GIRL 1. GIRL 1 stares back, still quiet, but she is no longer expressionless, it is a friendly, casual stare. BOY 2 nods slightly. he turns to look at the street in front of him. he drives away.GIRL 1 stares at the car driving away for a while until it turns and disappear. she walks back in.


music score continues as the song from radio.

BOY 4 is now taking his turn driving. they are still going without direction. the fuel is low. BOY 3 is next to him, humming to the song, drifting to sleep.

BOY 4Man. Man! Come on!

BOY 3 snaps awake.

Page 44: Afterhours - Draft Script

BOY 4Look, if you want to just go home and rest—

BOY 3Nah, man, we’re doing our ‘going with the wind’ thing.

BOY 4 (cont’d)—well ‘cause we’ve been driving for an hour going nowhere and—

BOY 3Oh my God. Oh my Lord and his apostles and all the lucky women who got to screw the good-lookin’ ones. Why do you always look on the bad side of everything? I mean, this is life experience I’m giving you.

BOY 4 stares as BOY 3 in disbelief.

BOY 4This isn’t life experience. This is fucking wasting my fuel.

BOY 3The bad side, BOY 4, tellin’ you, the bad side.

BOY 4(staring forward)Well there is really nothing good in not knowing what you’re doing, doesn’t really get you anywhere.

BOY 3Here. Lemme drive.

BOY 4No, you’re sleepy.

BOY 3 opens the car door. BOY 4 hits break immidiately. in a couple of seconds BOY 3 is already knocking the driver’s door. BOY 4 lets him in and slides to the side with disbelief. BOY 3 sits on the driver’s seat with a satisfied look. he turns off the car engine.

BOY 3Well.


Page 45: Afterhours - Draft Script

Well. Now what?

BOY 3You know, I think we should go to Bandung.

BOY 4Now.

BOY 3Yea, I think it should be fun. (beat)Come on, man, I can’t stand it if I gotta do nothing to that furry brows of yours. They gotta be freed. Freedom!!!

BOY 4 is bewildered.

BOY 3 (calming down)If anything, it should take your mind off things. You’re tired of our friends. Our capital city friends. Let’s hit the road and see our Bandung friends.

BOY 4 starts to let loose.

BOY 4Well if you put it that way...

BOY 3Nah, actually I was just talking shits. I don’t even know anyone we know who’s still in Bandung now. You need to say, ‘the fuck with all of you’. Shake your shoulders like this. Wiggle your wee-wee for a change. Fuck it to this world, and just do what you like.

BOY 4And that would be going to a city where we don’t know anybody?

BOY 3What, you got a better idea? Eh... Rule-Fucker?

BOY 4 stares at him, then finally he laughs slowly. BOY 3 laughs with him. the humor comes slowly, as they’re letting loose, but surely.


Page 46: Afterhours - Draft Script

Come on, man. Say it.

BOY 4Fine. (beat)The fuck with all of you. We’re having a roadtrip.

BOY 3Fuck with all of you! Say it like you mean it. Come on, Rule-Fucker. Rules, the fuck with you!

BOY 4The fuck with all of you! We’re leaving this city. Fuck you!!

BOY 3Fuck you!! Yeah, Bandung!!

BOY 4Ffffuck yoouuu!!!


Car C reignites. it is almost ready to roll again, but the car goes dead suddenly.(beat)Car C tries again. this time it works. the music from the radio plays again. it drives away.


music scores continues.

BOY 2 is seen driving. he looks like he’s thinking. his handheld beeps the second time, this time he completely ignores it. he stares at his tattoo once more.


BOY 2 stares over his side at his handheld, beeping for the third time. his sports watch next to it says it just turns 4:59 a.m. next to the handheld and the sports watch is a polaroid photo of him, GIRL 1, and BOY 1, with a couple of other strangers, seemingly taken years ago when they were younger. his handheld stops beeping, it beeps no more. he is completely ignoring it, staring at the polaroid. he smiles thinly.

Page 47: Afterhours - Draft Script

CLOSE SHOT of the polaroid photo.


music score continues and ceases here.

BOY 2 takes his handheld off his ear, sighs, seems to be giving up. he stares at his handheld for a while. then, as if deciding something rash, he turns on his car light. and as he dials another number, he makes a u-turn and drives away.


the ipod deck is playing Velvet Underground’s All Tomorrow’s Parties. GIRL 1 is smoking next to the window, leaning against the wall. she is looking outside. the sunrise is coming in few minute now. she turns to look at her bed. her sketchbook lies there, opened. the page shows a scribbling around a square-shape empty space, with cellotapes left on the sides. the corner of her mouth moves slightly, but her eyes turns softer.the door of her bedroom flies open. her BROTHER pokes his head in.

BROTHER (sleepily)Morning.

GIRL 1Morning.

BROTHER (smiling)You keep smoking in the house, I can smell it across the corridor.

BROTHER walks away, seemingly still sleepy. GIRL 1 only nods.

BROTHER (from the corridor)Mom wants us to have a one-day trip to Bandung today. We leave at 9. (beat)I’ll be needing my flashlight back.

GIRL 1 turns her head towards the window again. she blows out a smoke.


Page 48: Afterhours - Draft Script

music score: Velvet Underground’s All Tomorrow’s Parties (from GIRL 1’S ipod deck).

the room is very tidy. on the bedside table there are a handheld, an empty can of sterile milk and a frame collage of GIRL 2’s photos with STRANGERS, most probably people she knows outside the group. GIRL 2 is sleeping. the sunrise casts a ray through the opening. she opens her eyes slowly, woken up by the light. she rises slowly, looking at the source of sun ray. brushing one eye she takes her handheld from the bedside table.

POV GIRL 2:the clock says 5:12 a.m. she checks her messages. empty.she sighs, looking back at the source of sun ray.


music score: Velvet Underground’s All Tomorrow’s Parties (from GIRL 1’S ipod deck).

the corridor is still as BOY 1 left it before. sun rays are beginning to come in from the balcony. there is a thudding sound from behind GIRL 3’s closed bedroom door. a while later, it flies open and GIRL 3 is seen tumbling out of the room, a joint on one hand. she lights the cigarette. as she blows out the smoke, she turns to look at her living room.

POV GIRL 3:the living room, still odd but at least the clutters are gone, all the stuff are stacked neatly.

GIRL 3 continues smoking as she stares at the living room. amused, she smiles, shaking her head.


music score: Velvet Underground’s All Tomorrow’s Parties (from GIRL 1’S ipod deck).

Car A is parked in front of a spacious house with many vegetations. the driver’s door is open. BOY 2 is reaching for his stuff inside the car. he has just arrived. as he emerges, he brings the polaroid photo he took from GIRL 1’s sketchbook on one hand. leaning against the car, door still opened, he stares at it, studying it. he turns his head to the sky. the sun is about to rise. he chuckles to himself. he throws the

Page 49: Afterhours - Draft Script

polaroid photo back into his car, slamming the door, and walks into his house.


music score: Velvet Underground’s All Tomorrow’s Parties (from GIRL 1’S ipod deck).

BOY 1 is driving. the sun is about to rise. he looks ahead, searching for something, he finds it. smiling cheerfully, he drives through, and finally arrives. he stops the car, turning the engine off. with a widening smile in each movement, he unlocks the car and steps out.


music score: Velvet Underground’s All Tomorrow’s Parties (it should turn into a genuine backsound without noise here).

BOY 3 and BOY 4 are staring far off, overlooking something. they are smoking cigarettes. they never turn to look at each other, but there is a shared happiness between them. there is a noise from their left side. they both turn their head.

BOY 3Well well well, look what the wind has blown into our faces. The gang-bangers. Watching sunrise. What a fucking soap.

BOY 1(walking into frame)Hey you crazy kids.

BOY 4Hey, man...

They make some low-fives.

BOY 1 (to BOY 4)Girlfriend not here?

BOY 4 (jokingly)The fuck with you, man.

BOY 1Whoo... Alright... just checking.

Page 50: Afterhours - Draft Script

BOY 3Everything alright?

BOY 1Ah, you know... (beat)As good as it gets.

BOY 1 looks toward the sun. BOY 3 looks at him knowingly for a while, then he returns to his silly expression. he gestures them to Car C. they lean on its side, staring at the sun rising for a while, taken away.

BOY 1 (sighs)So. Who’s gonna call BOY 2?

BOY 4Tried. No answer.

BOY 1 (confused)Weird, me too. Four times. All ignored. Can’t be sleeping, can he, at this hour.

BOY 3Ah. He’s probably just been with her.

BOY 4Oh. The girlfriend. Yeah.

they all stare at the sun, now almost completely rising. BOY 1 shakes his head, again in underestimation, in reply to the conversation. BOY 3, on the other hand, has a knowing expression in his face. he almost say something, but stops just before. shaking his head, chuckling silently, he lays back.

BOY 1 (lookingat his handheld)5:35 a.m., man.

BOY 3Sounds just perfect.

they stare at the rising sun again.

ANGLE:the three boys looking at the sun, now completely risen. ZOOM OUT.


Page 51: Afterhours - Draft Script

By the way, we need a ride home. And maybe some help with the car. We ran out of fuel.

BOY 1Sure. No problem, man.


* i forgot to add, why the music score is important is because if you notice, they’re continuous as we jump from one character’s scene to another. it’s a way to show how the timing’s related with one another, cause i dont wanna use too many clock shoots. hopefully you guys saw this without me explaining it. cheers.

* also i’m still wondering if the location is in jakarta but its written in english, it’ll be tacky. But im at complete lost with bhs indo.