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Afghan Culture

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Afghan Culture. George, Josh, and Dan. Table of Contents. Geography People Languages Religion Rural Life Sports and Pastimes Education Health Art and Architecture Movie Clip. Geography. Located in central Asia Bordered by six countries China Iran Pakistan Tajikistan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Afghan Culture

  • Afghan Culture George, Josh, and Dan

  • Table of Contents GeographyPeopleLanguagesReligionRural LifeSports and PastimesEducationHealthArt and Architecture Movie Clip

  • GeographyLocated in central AsiaBordered by six countriesChinaIranPakistanTajikistanTurkmenistanUzbekistan

  • GeographyLandlocked nation (slightly smaller than Texas)Total Population: 31 MillionCapital: Kabul

  • GeographyMountainous Hindu Kush: main mountain rangeClimate: cold winters and arid summers

  • PeopleMajor Ethnic GroupsPashtuns- 42%Takijs- 27%Uzbeks- 9%Hazaras- 9%Others- 13%

  • LanguagesMost Afghans are bilingual Main LanguagesDari- 50%Pashtu- 35%Turkic- 11%

  • ReligionThe religion practiced by most Afghans is Islam99% of Afghans are Muslim

  • Rural LifeAbout of the Afghan population consists of farmers and nomadsOnly 12% of land is arable What problems might some farmers encounter?

  • Sports and Pastimes Buzkashi is the national sport of AfghanistanTeam game played on horsebackKite-fightingParticipants try to cut through the strings of their opponents

  • Education67% of boys go to school37% of girls go to schoolConstraints of attendanceLack of teachersDistanceCultural constraintsNot enough schools

  • HealthAverage life expectancy: 421 in 4 children dies before the age of 5Many lack access to basic healthcare

  • Art and Architecture Influenced by western techniques since 1900sCentered at the Kabul Museum Two famous mosques are in Herat and Mazar-e Sharif Famous for its light blue-green tile work

  • The Kite RunnerMovie depicting the hardships and cultural attributes of Afghanistan

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