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Aerial Expeditions. By. Levon Arzumanyan , Asif Din, Wendelyn Ramos, Andrew Rayment , and Daniel Wong. Mission and Product Objectives. S.W.O.T Analysis. Target Market. Marketing Objectives Relative to Target Market. Product Strategy- Product Description. What? How? Where? Branding?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Aerial ExpeditionsBy. Levon Arzumanyan, Asif Din, Wendelyn Ramos, Andrew Rayment, and Daniel Wong1

Mission and Product ObjectivesS.W.O.T AnalysisStrengths Unique service, not available for anyone else

Ability to charge less that our competitor

Promotion of outdoors, for the health-oriented publicWeaknesses Expensive to operate

Our target market is only a small portion of the total population

Our service might be perceived as dangerous or only for the physically fitOpportunities

Strategic alliances with local equipment stores

Relatively new idea


Our only competitor that does something slightly different, Helijet

Because its a new idea, its not very popularTarget Market

SegmentsAge RangeGeneration X (main focus)37-45Baby Boomers46-65Generation Y16-36

Marketing Objectives Relative to Target Market

Product Strategy- Product DescriptionWhat?How?Where?Branding?What is Aerial Expeditions?How does the service work?Where is the service stationed?Branding?


Distribution Strategy

INSERT MAP OF COAL HARBOURLocation due to strategic alliance with nearby equipment stores

7Pricing Strategy

Maximizing current profitsCost-plus PricingTarget PricingLong Run profitsPromotional Strategy - AdvertisingBell Media Radio StationsNewspaper AdvertisementsTV Commercial

Promotional Strategy- Direct ResponseRequest more informationWebsite or phone numberContest on website

Promotional Strategy- Sales Promotion Timeline

Some passes can be obtainedCoupons and Passes readily availableWhat about Personal Selling and Public Relations?Target Revenue~7500 guests for the first yearBudgeting for 2000 per quarterBudgeting for $1.5 to $2 million in sales 13Budget

Evaluation and Control

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