Aegis – (n) protection; patronage *** aEGiS – egg shell protects egg

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Aegis (n) protection; patronage *** aEGiS egg shell protects egg Slide 2 Apprise (v) inform; notify ***advise Slide 3 Bibulous (adj) fond of drinking; inebrious *** bebir = to drink in Spanish Slide 4 Claque (n) fan club; people hired to applaud ***a claque would clap for their team Slide 5 Deracinate (v) uproot; eliminate all traces of; eradicate ***eliminate, eradicate Slide 6 Eleemosynary (adj) charitable; philanthropic *** charity Slide 7 Indigenous- (adj) originating in the nation where found; native; inborn *** in the genes Slide 8 Lachrymose (adj) given to tears; mournful; tearful *** morose Slide 9 Lexicon (n) dictionary of a language; glossary; wordbook *** language Slide 10 Melee (n) confused struggle; violent free-for-all; brawl; scuffle *** Hey, Hey! Stop that MELEE! Slide 11 Microcosm (n) a miniature world; model of larger system *** microscopic cosmos Slide 12 Miniscule (adj) very small, tiny (n) lowercase letter *** miniature Slide 13 Obfuscate (v) to darken; to confuse or bewilder *** to obscure Slide 14 Paternalism (n) policy of treating or governing as a father does with his children *** paternity Slide 15 Polarize (v) to cause to concentrate around two conflicting positions; divide; alienate *** be positioned at opposite poles Slide 16 Purview (n) range or scope of something; jurisdiction *** be in view Slide 17 Sanguine (adj) having a ruddy complexion; cheerful; flushed; rosy *** when we win my face is sanguine! Slide 18 Solecism (n) ungrammatical usage; misusage; blunder; faux pas *** dont sing a SOLO if you have a bad voice! Slide 19 Vassal (n) a subordinate or dependent; a servant (adj) subservient *** my vassal cleans my castle Slide 20 Verisimilitude (n) quality of appearing to be true; realism; lifelikeness *** very true to similar to