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Advertising Planning and Decision Making P&G’s “Thank You Mom” – Campaign’s Case Study Group - 1 Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi 1

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case study of Procter and Gamble's attempt to showcase its products and set through advertising & promotion plan during Winter Olympics.

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Advertising Planning and Decision Making

Advertising Planning and Decision MakingP&Gs Thank You Mom Campaigns Case Study Group - 1Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi11AgendaFramework overviewSituation AnalysisMarketing ProgramAdvertising PlanThe Communication process/persuasionImplementation and impactDepartment of Management Studies, IIT Delhi2Began when P&G sponsored the US team at the WinterOlympics2010Rival Johnson and Johnson had locked up sponsorship in previous yearsIn 2009 P&G acted fast and made a decision over the weekend Called itself the proud sponsors of momsResults$100 million in incremental sales39% increase in brand recallReason to believe that P&G had a winning platformA potential for purpose driven brandingSigned a 10 year global sponsorship for Olympic games

SOURCE: http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2012-04-25/news/31398875_1_p-g-india-olympic-games-kainaz-gazderADVERTISEMENT : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEnRYuqFoPg

Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi3HISTORYAdvertising Planning and Decision MakingSituationAnalysisMarketingProgramAdvertisingPlanImplementationTheCommunication/PersuasionProcessConsumer/Market AnalysisCompetitive AnalysisRole of Advertising, Sales Force, Price, Promotion, Public RelationsObjectives/Segmentation/PositioningMessage Strategy and TacticsMedia Strategy and TacticsFacilitating AgenciesSocial and Legal ConstraintsFramework for advertising planning and decision making4Situation AnalysisHow P&G spotted an opportunityDepartment of Management Studies, IIT Delhi5Market situationWeak growth in developing marketsIncreased promotion activities by competitorsIncrease in price of P&G products due to increase in costsNeed for re-establishing strong consumer value across brandsP&G is a company of brandsLack of a collective identity Is there a way to turn P&Gs scale and reputation into competitive advantageDepartment of Management Studies, IIT Delhi6Marketing ProgramDepartment of Management Studies, IIT Delhi7P&Gs Thank You Mom Olympic marketing programB2Society MarketingApplied at the Vancouver games of 2010 Special Olympics of 2011Major push at 2012 Olympic Games in London.The campaign came to life with the short film,Best Jobvideos of the moms of some of the 150 athletes sponsored by P&G brandsIn-store worldwide retailer program with four million retailersPromotions involved some 34 P&G brandsScaled in dozen of Brand silos in various countriesOngoing beyond Olympics

Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi8Communication and Persuasion ProcessDepartment of Management Studies, IIT Delhi9Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi10

Source: Batra R., Myers John & Aaker D . Advertising Management. New Delhi : prentice Hall

Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi11

Source: Batra R., Myers John & Aaker D . Advertising Management. New Delhi : prentice Hall

Advertisement PlanDepartment of Management Studies, IIT Delhi12Target Audience : Whom are you trying to reach ?Women 18 +Message Strategy: What do you say to them ?Thank You Mom, You deserve the bestObjectivesWin the OlympicsTo get women 18+ to choose P&GTo drive unprecedented global salesMedia StrategyGlobal initiative with localization under Thank You Mom umbrellaFacebook app and page -> https://www.facebook.com/thankyoumomIndividual P&G brand programs e.g. Tide/Ariel Proud keeper of countrys colorSocial Media -> https://www.pinterest.com/thankyoumum/

Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi13ImplementationDepartment of Management Studies, IIT Delhi14Key considerationsHigh risk business environmentA bias to test exhaustively to manage risk and perfect marketing elementsStandard approach : multiple rounds of qualitative and quantitative testingApplying standard approach was impracticalInsufficient lead times prior to activation High complexity and resource intensityP&G followed a do/learn/optimize approach

Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi15Do-Learn-Optimize ApproachDepartment of Management Studies, IIT Delhi16Facilitating Agency: P&Gs CMK organizationP&Gs Consumer and Market Knowledge (CMK) organization Develops renowned gut level understanding of what consumers think and what they wantMakes 5 million consumer contacts in 100 countriesInvests in more than 15,000 research studies every year1000 global CMK professionals in 50 countriesDrive P&Gs competitive advantageDepartment of Management Studies, IIT Delhi17London Olympics 2012https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLeFfJ1XuEkDepartment of Management Studies, IIT Delhi18ResultsDo/learn/optimize approach increased agility, speed to market and optimizationPerceptions of P&G changed to deeply human and personal40% stronger performance than Vancouvers AdsAdditional incremental $500 million to P&G salesGold Effie and the top 2013 Advertising Research Foundation Ogilvy AwardDepartment of Management Studies, IIT Delhi19Video : Sochi Olympics 2014https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnkNijN38iY

Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi20Referenceshttp://adage.com/lp/top15/#thankyoumomhttps://www.pg.com/en_US/downloads/innovation/factsheet_NAOlympics.pdfhttp://thearf.org/images/uploads/documents/2013_Ogilvy-Awards_Case-Study_Procter-Gamble.pdfhttp://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2012-04-25/news/31398875_1_p-g-india-olympic-games-kainaz-gazderhttps://www.pg.comhttps://www.prophet.com/blog/aakeronbrands/124-pgs-thank-you-mom-is-a-model-campaign-in-a-global-worldBusiness to Society Marketing - Kotler's Marketing 3.0http://www.forbes.com/pictures/efkk45edfml/procter-gambles-best-job/Batra R., Myers John & Aaker D . Advertising Management. New Delhi : prentice Hall

Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi21Thank YouDepartment of Management Studies, IIT Delhi22