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Name: Thomas Biggs-Rayner

BTEC Creative Media ProductionAdvert Analysis

Name of Product:lucozade sport :last man standing

Advert Details (what happens?):There are people in a big training facility under going lots of vigorous tests and then going on the tread mill(one side water and the other side lucozade sport) and the people drinking lucozade last longer than the people drinking the water. Around them are scientists recording results and observing them as they run. They are also recording the effort levels, heart beats and breathing rate of the athletes/volunteers. The volunteers are shirtless; this justifies the amount of effort that the athletes are putting in due to the amount of sweat that they are producing

Music & Sound Effects:The only sound effects that are in this advert are the sound of people running on treadmills, the sound of heavy breathing, the sound of rushing water and the over voice.

Text:The only text that it has is YES!! Hydrates and fuels better then water its short and to the point as if to say make the most out of your life and drink Lucozade. this is an effective method because it is easy to remember because there is only a limited amount of text so that will be the main thing that the viewer remember after watching this.

Group Roles:

Audience:The target audience are amateur sports people and also professional athletes. Its is one of the main sponsors of the London marathon, England and Irish rugby and was on of the big drinks/sponsors for the London 2012

Message:The message in the advert is that if you want to make the fullest potential out of your sports its better to drink lucozade because it replaces the electrolytes in your body that you loose from your sweat