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  • 1. An HACEY BOOK ADVENTURES OF PIGGLES 2009 The purpose of this book is to help children understand how to make their environment a better place to live and also encourage them to take actions. Children and parents will find it fun to read, share and enjoy.
  • 2. Written by: Robinson Rhoda Illustrated by: HACEY creativity centre For more information, questions or comment email: or visit All rights reserved.
  • 4. It was the middle of the school break and Piggles was visiting his cousins in Bluelily hills. He would be staying for a few weeks and his cousins had planned many things they would do together. They lived close to Greenwood forest and played a lot among the trees that grew there. Piggles had just woken up when he heard his cousins playing outside. Come on sleepy head called Paul, the eldest of his four cousins, we have lots of places we want to take you to. Piggles got out of bed and went to clean up. He took a bath and brushed his teeth, then went to have breakfast. When the dishes were done, Piggles and his cousins set out to Greenwood forest. The trees were tall and thin, unlike the trees they had in Greenvalley, which were thick and had many leaves. There used to be a lot of trees here, but most of them have been cut down Anne said as they walked through them. Thats awful, Piggles said as he passed a tree stump.
  • 5. Yes, but what can we do? The wood is used to make furniture and for wood to start dinner and a fire when its cold. Soon all the trees will be gone and then well have to look somewhere else. As his cousins pointed out different flowers and animals to Piggles, he could not help but think about what would happen to the forest soon. Bluelily hills had more animals living there than they had in Greenvalley and soon they would have nowhere to stay. There had to be something Piggles could do to save the forest, but what? It was lunchtime when the little pigs came back home. Their mother had made them a picnic basket so they could have lunch in the garden. They kids were delighted and hurriedly set the blanket on the grass under the oak tree. As they
  • 6. ate, a little squirrel scampered up and down the tree gathering nuts to store for winter. What a busy little animal said Piggles by the time winter comes hell have a lot of nuts in store. Thats just Roger, Paul said, He gathers nuts all the time but the problem is he hardly remembers where he buries them. Yeah, giggled Lily, the youngest Hes getting pretty old and forgets things so we feed him during the winter. But where are all the nuts he gathers? asked Piggles a little puzzled. They grow where he buries them. John, who was Pauls twin said. One year during spring, we found little oak seedlings springing from the ground by the house. Roger had buried them there last summer and forgotten all about them. Just then, Piggles had a brilliant idea. He knew exactly how they could save the forest.
  • 7. Just before supper, Piggles left the house and walked by himself to Greenwood forest. He wanted to see if his idea could be done. He walked through the tress searching the grass as he passed by each tree. Just when he thought he would not find what he was looking for, he spotted it next to a flower beneath one of the trees. There in his hand was the answer. Well just do what Roger does, bury them and forget about them, Piggles told his cousins during supper as he showed them the seed he had found in the forest. Theyll grow into big trees and have seeds and theyll be more trees in Bluelily hills then you can imagine. Are you sure this will work? asked John Im sure Roger buried more than one seed. Then well do just that Paul said, standing up Well gather as many seeds as we can and well bury them where the trees should be. But we are just seven, Lily said, Bluelily is bigger than just seven.
  • 8. Well get the other kids from school to join. Im sure their parents wont mind when we tell them, and they could help. The little pigs talked about their plan to save Greenwood forest till it was bedtime. In the morning, they would go to each house and ask them to join in. By mid morning, there were twenty-six children armed with baskets ready to go seed hunting. Some parents went with them to make sure they did not get lost or hurt in the forest and to help with the picking. When it was lunch, the children gathered in the park to know how much seed they had. They had gathered sixteen baskets full of seeds! That was a lot of seeds.
  • 9. I dont think theres enough space in the forest to plant all these seeds, Anne said, a little crest fallen. Then well just have to find space somewhere else Piggles said. The grown-ups were very impressed with what the children had done. Im sure the Mayor of Bluelily hill could find somewhere for you to plant your seeds said Mrs. Bison. They went home hopeful that they would be given somewhere to plant their seeds. Do you think well get a place to plant our seeds? asked Lily when they were in bed at night. I hope so, replied Paul I cant think of any other way we can save the forest. They all slept, dreaming of a new forest full of sturdy trees with lots of leaves. The next morning, when the kids were out in the garden, a message came for the Mayor for them.
  • 10. The Mayor would like to see us, said Piggles as he read the letter. He asked that we meet him for tea this afternoon. We get to have tea with the Mayor, exclaimed Anne This is going to be so much fun. The Mayor was in his garden at home when Piggles and his cousins arrived. Young lads! boomed the Mayor in his loud voice Its good to have you here. Come have some tea. After tea, they sat down to have a little extra cake. This little town is very grateful to you young lads. Youve found a way to save the forest and provide the next generation with a source of wood. The Mayor got up and stood before Piggles and his cousins. We had a little meeting yesterday with everyone in Bluelily hill and weve all decided to make a little contribution to this seed planting youve started. The Mayor called his aid, Mr. Trump, and whispered something into his ear. A few minute later, Mr. Trump came back with a rolled up paper beneath his arm, which he gave
  • 11. the Mayor. He opened it out and it showed a map of all Bluelily hill. You see this area here, said the Mayor, pointing to a rather large area on the map. This is where you and your friends are going to plant all does wonderful seeds youve been collecting. The Mayor turned the map so Piggles and his cousins could see clearly where he was referring. Everyone has agreed to help you with the planting. So by tomorrow be sure to be there in your overalls for some planting. With that the mayor shook each of their hands thanking them, and bade them a good day.
  • 12. Piggles couldnt believe it. It was the next day and they were standing on the large piece of land that the mayor had given them; it was even bigger than Greenwood forest! It had been called Lily Park and everyone who lived in Bluelily hill was there in his or her overalls ready to plant the seeds. Through the morning and most of the day, they planted seeds that would eventually grow into strong trees. They took breaks in between and talked of how nice it would all look when the trees were grown. They decided to make it a tradition in Bluelily hill. For every tree that was cut down, they would plant more in its place. Piggles spent the rest of his stay playing in the hills with his cousins, and sometimes they would go and play in Lily Park and imagine what it would look like when all the trees were grown.